(2015-08-25) Differences
Summary: Differences are noticed, but there is one thing the two women have in common.
Date: 08.25.2015
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Camp Road - North

This dirt road heads north toward the river, though the water can't be seen. It's still too far and with too many trees between here and there.

There is a large area mostly cleared of trees with a concrete, rock (more like small boulder) flanked path reading to it. In the area is a large dome building full of windows. Looking in one could tell that it is the dining hall. It has several picnic tables around it. Hanging from a low branches of a couple of trees were left standing are swings, two to be exact.

Anyone who 'knows weather' knows that the rains are coming soon. Cool air meets warm always means rain, and with the beginnings of the seasonal change? It's dropping into the upper 50s, lower 60s at night now; the most obvious of signs, even if one isn't strictly following a calendar.

Harmony isn't one of those who follows the days, the weeks; all numbers and letters to her now. It's the weather she follows. The plants in their cycles tell her everything she needs to know, as far as she's concerned. Now back in her 'usual' attire, that is, flowy skirt and light shirt with a floral shawl wrapped about her shoulders for that early morning chill (she's been up at sunrise1), she's got empty pots in hand, and is making her way in the direction of the Eq center, and the moo-cows beyond. (And BEES!) She's whistling, a bounce in her barefooted steps, even in the rain. ('Singin' in the rain' if one was to try and hear it..) On occasion, she dances around a puddle, only to stomp into the next one with a laugh. It's actually days like these she likes.

Quinton woke up, and while his head is not as clear as yesterday, the dropping temperature is a mixed blessing. Not so much for the hints of what's to come for winter, but when his head is fuzzy, wearing one of his precious sweaters seems to help. And it's finally cool enough for one! It's still early enough that he's rubbing the sleep out of his eyes as he wanders down the road, only half watching where he's going. He may end up going out today, he's not sure if Sonny has anything planned. So his mostly empty backpack is on…just in case.

As if having to walk on crutches wasn't bad enough, having to walk on crutches through the rain and puddles is even worse. That's what Piper is doing, slowly. At least she has a poncho to keep from getting overly soaked. She is heading the opposite direction, toward the dining hall, probably ahead of Quinton, but not for long since she is slow on the crutches and heading toward the singing Harmony. The year hasn't affected her ears, they are trained to tune in to music, so the song from the other woman is picked up on and one she can't help but start to hum along to as she hobbles along.

"'I'm singin', yes I'm singin' in the rain!'" After the bit of lyrics, Harmony puts in the obligatory *do-do-dos* for the song. She looks very much the drowned rat, the way her clothes hang, but she's very much a happy drowned rat from the looks of it. Apparently she's come to terms with the weather, or rather, she's from 'this area', if 'this area' is within 700 or so miles, give or take a few extra hundred.

The camp is large enough and population small enough for her to take notice of the few bodies that are around on the road. In her twirls, Harmony catches the form of Piper on crutches, and the familiar form of the poet.

"Hey!" At least Harmony stops stomping in the puddles?

Quinton can't help a small chuckle, his hands digging into his pockets as he approaches Piper and Harmony. "Morning…" His bangs are dripping into his mostly beard now. He should look for umbrellas while he's out. Piper, being closer, is addressed first, "Breakfast?" he then turns, smirking and shaking a head at Harmony, "Making a mess." Not really, but he's teasing.

A few more measures is hummed by Piper, clearly she is familiar with the song as well. She'd probably be killer at name that tune. A hand is lifted in greeting to Harmony and a tentative smile is offered. She still hasn't gotten comfortable with Harmony's presence yet. When Quinton greets as well she offers another wave to him and a more genuine smile to him and a nod in answer to his question about where she is heading.

"What's good about a day like today unless you can play in it?" Of course, Harmony -likes- doing her chores, too. She likes being in the fields most of the day, tending the plants, the animals. There were days in the spring and summer past that she'd simply sit in the field after her work was done and, well, smoke.

"Breakfast?" It's Harmony's turn to look to the pair, and she nods in Piper's direction, either not noticing or not reacting to that 'shift'. She, too, isn't really all that sure about Piper. Closed, too closed, and it bothers her. (More if she thought about it!)

"Peaches need to be either eaten or canned, so make sure you take some with you. I've got the cream back from the cows this morning, so there's something to put on top. Eggs are in, and the older ones are done from boiling, so pull a couple of those out. I'm only going to put them in salads tonight."

Quinton just chuckles at the two. So very different. He nods indicating, yes, he's going for breakfast too. Full belly makes scavenging easier. At least it makes it more quiet. His smile widens at the news that he might be able to snag an egg or two for lunch. Way better than granola bars! "That's great, thank you."

The pregnant woman mmmms at the mention of the peaches. Most foods still don't sit well on the Piper's stomach, eggs included, fruit though she doesn't have a problem with. Guess that will be her breakfast today. Quinton can have her eggs. Her eyes move between the pair, she knows where the poet is heading so Harmony gets a questioning look.

The two women are so very different. Light and dark. Opposite sides, but yet given a moment in quiet peace, they -do- get along. It's just…

Harmony watches Quinton's reaction and laughs, a happy sound in the rain. "I am not going to let anyone starve here, not if I can help it. And food's good enough. I'm going to start setting out quiche to try and stretch things a little more, but I have to get to the kitchen before I get to the fields." (Somebody's been reading the left behind cookbooks like it was a Sidney Shelden bodice ripper again!) While it's still cool. That gives her the chance to do a little more dinner prep as well, setting things out. At times, she's a whirling dervish, and others, there isn't anything that can move her when she's resting, recharging.

The inquiring look from Piper gains a headshake, her hair not moving now that its been plastered. Great feat, that! She holds up the pots, "Need to go back to visit the cows and get some potting soil. I've got some seeds I want to try and start. Found a bunch out with the bees." Bees! How -thrilled- is she about them? Very. (No, she hasn't yet petted any of them. Or named them.) "If it works, we won't have to fully rely on our canning and dried meatstocks." And yes, the MREs are there, but Harmony pretends they're not. They're emergency rations as far as she's concerned, or rations to be sent out with scavenging parties for either 1. food, or 2. trade. Her smile shifts a little lopsidedly, "I don't want to have to eat the meat."

Piper gets a big smile from the poet, "I had some…peaches…last night. They were really.." Oh…today's not as good as he had hoped for, the word slips away. He inhales, looking away, his jaw clenching some. But when Harm laughs, he looks up and offers a small, almost sheepish smile, "I know." And he does, he won't starve. But then his head turns to look at an approaching Sonny. It's almost intuitive than he starts walking, and then man is waving Quin away from the woman to whisper about something. Quin's frowning slightly at the older man's words, but nods. Pale eyes flicker over to the two woman and he smiles, crooking a thumb at himself and the out towards the gate. A clear, 'gotta go, duty calls' kinda motion. And with that, unless there's a call, he takes off jogging towards the way out.

Terry comes jogging along the road, humming 'Eye of the Tiger' to pace himself. He passes by Quin, offering a wave as the two travel in opposite directions. He stops near Piper and Harmy. "Morning, you two. How's it going?" He starts jogging in place, keeping up his activity.

The poet's smile is returned and again she nods to him as she knows what he is trying to say at least. The trio stand in the rain, not seeming to care about the water falling from the sky. Piper at least is wearing a poncho, leaning on the crutches she is forced to use while her leg is healing. Silent as always, her eyes watch Quinton as he goes to talk with Sonny and follow him briefly as he runs off, then move back to Harmony. Another questioning look is given and to augment it she makes a buzzing noise, like a bee!

Harmony's face lights when Quinton smiles and she chuckles when that smile shifts to something a little more sheepish. She presses her lips together in a slightly tighter, but playful smile, green eyes gleaming. "Uh huh." It's only Quin that keeps him from the food. There's no reason to subsist on granola bars.

When Sonny starts up the path, the flower-child offers him a wave, but the hand falls the moment she watches the men talk. Her expression opens to curiosity, but the moment Quin declares that he's off to forage, Harmony mumbles, "I hate that. There's folk that can do that, going into harm's way. He's too…" Gentle. Kind. She takes a deep breath, and she, too, watches his progress as he departs, not turning about until he's mostly out of view. Then, Sonny gets her thoughtful attention before she pulls her attention away.

Oh, hey! "Morning." A smile rises again, this one in amusement. "Kitchen's not yet open, so running there will get you nowhere." She's teasing.

Harmony's got her empty pots in hand, getting ready to take the walk back out the Eq center, the rain not fazing her in the slightest, nor is she making any attempt to stay the least bit dry. It's a 'no win' as far as she's concerned, and she doesn't mind it. Piper is given a grin and she nods. "Yes, bees. The only way to get any real good canning done, to use wax. It'll take time to get the wax, but it'll come. And honey." So they're not reliant on the eventually dwindling supply of sugar. "Got 'em yesterday. They're in the cow fields right now." Harmony snaps her fingers and adds, "I need to see what things are close by for them to eat."

"Anything I can do to help?" Terry inquires of Harmony, offering a nod and a wave to Sonny as he appears. He finishes his cardio workout, and starts stretching as part of his cooldown routine, the rain feeling oh so good on his skin. It reminds him of the cold showers he took back in the day, except these feel.. right? Natural? They feel good, at least.

There is a slight frown given to Harmony at something she says, clearly Piper has an opinion about something, but even though she opens her mouth no words are forthcoming. To bad her whiteboard is safe in her pack which is unaccesible under her poncho. Shifting to the side isn't easy on crutches so the woman just sort of leans heavier on one crutch, her eyes watching Terry, her wariness obvious. She was fine, now she is a bit skittish.

"How good are you at shoveling manure?" Harmony's question is offered with a bright smile as she looks up at Terry. That's exactly what she has to do, after a fashion.

She didn't miss the frown, and rightly or wrongly, she 'sees' some sort of disagreement. "He's a man, but he's a poet. There's all sorts that make up this world, and not everyone is right to a task. I know beggars can't be choosers, but for god's sake…" and she lets her words drop. "I don't have to like it."

It's not hard, at least for the other woman, to catch the slight shifts, the posture, and her tones are bright once again as she turns to Terry. "Could use the help?"

"You see these?" Terry flexes his guns, grinning. "I didn't get these by sitting around. I can shovel with the best of 'em. Just tell me where I'm taking from, and moving to.." He nods. "I'm all warmed up, and ready to roll!"

If she were capable of replying Piper would, but she can't speak her mind or say how she worries for him as well. The fact that he goes out doesn't bother her, it's that he goes out alone that does. She only stares breifly at Harmony, words left unsaid, letting the subject drop as well…like she has a choice. When Terry flexes the woman's brow furrows, as if she can't beleive that he just did that and the words that follow has her giving a slight shake of her head.

Harmony watches Terry with distinct bemusement. She likes arms, loves watching arms, and she chuckles and shakes her head. "C'mon, Tarzan." She's teasing him, and turns to head into the direction of the cow fields. "I won't need you for long, though."

Her gaze slips towards Piper, and she shrugs lightly. Everyone has a strength. Some more literal than others. "I'll be back later. The doc's supply of stuff needs to get a good look at, and if you want, I wouldn't mind the help there." Herbs.

Now, Harmony's ready to go and she takes the first couple of steps away, not resisting the urge to jump a puddle.

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