(2015-08-25) One Fish, Two Fish
One Fish, Two Fish
Summary: Natasha and Terry spend some time by the lake.
Date: 08.25.2015
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Gated Road

A long dirt round flanked by deep woods is blocked by a stockade style gate that has gone grey from years of weathering. At the gate stand a couple of guards ready to stop anyone that isn't clear to enter the camp proper.

Besides the guards, the only signs of life is the occasional sound of birds and other animals in the distance.

Terry comes wandering out of the camp, a middling-quality fishing pole in one hand, and a can of worms in the other. He strolls slowly along, taking his time, not in any sort of rush. The air is clean, the grass is green, life is good.

Toying with a bowl of soup she'd created, Natasha looks up at the man. Her brow tweaks curiously as she examines his gear, the intent obvious to anyone who knows what a fishing pole is. Where do you go fishing around here? What kind of fish? Are they small…big? If she wasn't so damned shy she'd ask but instead she shoves a spoon full of vegetables into her mouth and simply stares at him. Perhaps stares a little too curiously as she is aware it might come off…creepy.

Terry glances over and notices Natasha giving him a once-over. He offers a friendly wave, and wanders over. "Hey there. I was just on my way out. Figured I'd scout the area, and see if I could rustle up some fish to make into a decent meal." Beat. "You're welcome to join me, if you want." He flashes one of his 'charming' smiles.

There was no way Natasha was missing out on this. She nodded her head eagerly, "Uhm…one moment." Disappearing for a moment she returns her soup to a safe location before scurrying her little red headed tail back to his side. With a smile she nods her head towards the exit and then holds out a hand, "I can carry t-the worms if you want…you have quite a bit already in …hand…"

Terry nods. "Alright." He hands over the can of worms. "Ready?" He waits until she's good and ready to go, and then heads off in search of a place from which to cast his fishing line. "…Sure is beautiful out here, isn't it? Nature… Wow."

Lake Front

As one approaches the area a cabin can be easly spotted with a small slope down to the lake. The lake area being nicely set up for bathing, and a small trail leading to the fishing area. The cabin itself looking to be in good shape. A nice garden of herbs and spices can be seen and a fenced and caged area for the chickens. They get to roam easily enough. During night being kept in the cabin itself, or whenever no one is home. Just to keep them safe from bandits. The window is barred on the inside. Letting light in but making it hard to break in.

Natasha arrives from the Dirt Road.

Natasha has arrived.

Natasha follows along taking in the sights. This was so so different than back home. One could almost forget the world was such a mess, "Beautiful…" She muttered, "It seriously is.."

Terry wanders down the road, and then up to the water's edge. He finds a nice tree-stump on which to sit down, spends a minute getting a knot out of the line, and then looks to Natasha. "No arguments there. May I have a worm, please?" He holds out a hand.

With a grin she looks into the can, finds a nice juicy looking one and pulls it out. Examining the squirming creature, Natasha says quietly, "Look tasty." then hands it over to you, "Have you had much luck here before? I mean fishing.."

Terry shakes his head. "Eh.. not recently, no. I still keep coming back, though. Figure my luck's gotta change eventually." He baits the hook, whips the line back and lets it fly out into the water, the bait hitting the water with a *plink* and immediately sinking under its own weight.

Finding a log to perch herself on Natasha watches the line quietly, "At least one out of those ten times you have to catch something, even if its an old shoe."

"Whoa!" Terry blinks, reeling in a *huge* Northern Pike. He sets the fish down on a nearby rock, figuring it's the least dirty thing within reach. He casts out again, three more times, and thrice more he hits the jackpot, reeling in three small bluegills. "These are delicious. I haven't had pike since before I enlisted.. Bluegill, though, I don't think I've ever had." He tests his luck again, and casts out one more time.

"Bluegill is easy to cook, just …has pesky little brittle bones. I can help, if you w-want that is," Natasha eyed the fish and smiled. They did look good and her mind wandered to soup, fish tacos, breaded fish…fish patties….or even just grilled plain.

"Please, be my guest. I know how to eat fish, but cooking it is a bit out of my league yet. I'm more of a hunter than a fisher.." Terry gets a bite on his line, and starts reeling it in. "Holy moly," he utters, eyeing the striper he reeled in. He sets that out, and casts out twice more, bringing in two catfish. "Oh hell yeah. We definitely feast like kings tonight." He seems pleased with himself.

Natasha gets a little more excited, "I..I'm more of a cook than a hunter. I mean I can if I have to, but…" A small shrug follows, "..uhmm .I…I can help you filet and debone them. Is there a certain way you like your fish cooked?"

Terry shakes his head. "I like mine cooked, that's pretty much it. I'm not a fussy eater. I learned to make do with what I had, way back when…" He nods. "So, however you think is best to serve the fish, I'll eat it and be thankful." He smiles.

Natasha nods, she gets what he means. A smile forms on her lips. There's a little bit of determination on her part to make it a meal that he'll more than simply just eat to survive. Food is meant to make you feel more than just fed, "Okay.." Natashsa says with a gentle nod of her head. She watches the water quietly. A gentle breeze catches her hair and she reaches to tie it up into a messy bun.

Terry offers the makeshift pole over. "Why don't you give it a go?" He smiles. "Show me what you're made of. I think they might be wise to my ways.."

"I.." Natasha pales, "I wouldn't even know how …I mean what if I break it"

Terry shrugs. "I'll just build a new one." He smiles, holding out the pole. "I didn't buy it, I made it. Not like it cost me anything. Go ahead."

Natasha takes the pole, clearing her throat lightly she feels the line and then picks a fresh worm for the hook, "O-okay.." Nervously she pulls her arm back and lets the line 'plop' into the water. Edging herself closer she watches the ripples.

Terry whistles appreciatively. "Very nice haul." He blinks. "D'oh." And off he goes, back toward camp. A few minutes later, he returns with an ice chest, and begins loading the caught fish into it. "There we go. That should keep things at least somewhat fresh."

Natasha laughs, "They would have been fine hung and just carried." She watches him and then recasts the line, "How..long have you been with the camp?" It's odd for her to be asking questions, she's worried it'll be intrusive. Focusing on the water she bites her lip and waits to see if the fish are tired of being caught.

Terry shrugs. "I've been poking around the city, found this at a bait shop. Figured I shouldn't let it go to waste." He watches the hook pierce the water, waiting to see what comes up. "I might need a bigger ice chest."

Natasha winces, "I…" She grins at the trout, "I can carry this one." Handing the rod back she says, "Sorry…that was fun though."

Terry rolls his shoulders. "Hey, no worries. This was fun. We might just have to come back later and see if the fish bite more.. C'mon, we should get back to camp before they loose the hounds on us." He chuckles, and smiles. Of course, he accepts the rod.

"Hounds?" Natasha looks at Terry, "Really?"

Terry blinks.. and then laughs. "No, not really. It's a figure of speech. I mean, they might send someone out to look for us, see where we've run off to.."

A laugh follows and the red head smirks, "I know." Picking up her trout she winks and head down the road.

Fishing Rolls

1 Large Northern Pike
3 Small Bluegill
1 Large Striper
2 Small Catfish
2 Small Crappe
2 Small Striper
1 Small Trout

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