(2015-08-26) Taking Out A Drone
Taking Out A Drone
Summary: The day arrives, Drone hunting..and they get one.
Date: 8.26.2015
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To beat the aliens they needed intel on the aliens. That required either capturing a Silencer, which is a deadly prospect. Or taking down a drone. There had to some kind of communication between the drones and the spaceship which meant that if that signal was hijacked it would be altogether possible to piggyback on the signal and get something useful.

The past few months patrols have been doing double duty, making sure the camp is secure and mapping drone routes. They discovered a pattern. Using that pattern an ambush spot was picked and that is where some of the best marksman of the camp are going…and Quinton too.

It's the crack of dawn and the only noise besides that of nature is the horses the group are riding toward the ambush spot, which is still a mile up the road, in a copse of trees between two fields.

This was Quinton's idea. He just felt it was time to do something. So hopefully they can at least take one down in the least. He's mostly just trying to keep an eye for Silencers.

Piper is no stranger to riding horseback. In her condition it isn't exactly comfortable, but she hasn't voiced any complaints. The rifle she has been given is cradled in an arm and she seems quite comfortable with the heavy weapon. How a woman of her petiteness is going to fire it without being knocked on her ass remains to be seen. She guides the horses easily with the reins in her other hand. She has her stoic face on, which in this case just means the is focused on the business at hand, and not that anything is particularly wrong.

Holden is sitting on his horse. He's awkward, uncomfortable on the horse, clearly unskilled in that area. He is digging around in his satchel, and then messing with something inside of it. There is a little click, and then a sound no one has heard in six months: A squeal and then the electronic sound of static from a speaker. He smirks, and then digs a bit more in the satchel before a second squeal sounds and then the static noise becomes a whispered hiss. He pulls the two walkie talkies from his satchel, putting one to his mouth. He holds the other up so everyone can here his electronic voice broadcast from it, "Luke… I am your father…" Then he laughs.

Natasha was glad to have /her/ horse. She liked the way they moved together, she liked the way her legs squeezed his sides so well and even more, she liked that the size of the beast didn't make her look like a total dwarf. Grinning like an idiot she ran her hands down the neck of the amazing animal and gave him a gentle pat. It was then she saw Holden's radios and she felt her horse flex nervously as his ears were accosted by the unusual sound, "Shhhh.." Natasha hushed as she shook her head at the male. Boys and their toys. The weapon in her lap sits comfortably in her grip. If needs be she would run before shooting yet at east the horse gave a fun vantage point. Or…it made her a fun even larger target from anyone elses vantage point. A bright red headed bullsey.

Terry rolls right along like a real cowboy, smack-dab in-between Holden and Nat. He carries (as usual) a tactical backpack (equipped with military-grade supplies taken with him from home, stored in his car, and then transferred to the backpack), and a sniper rifle. He loves that beast of a weapon.. many hostile targets neutralized with a quick trigger-pull and *puff*, gone. When Holden pulls the Vader impression, the man rolls his eyes. "Good grief, dude.. if anyone's going to be pulling that, it's /me/." He chuckles and grins, spurring his horse along with the group. In the event of a firefight, he'd probably be the first one to be taken down, what with his prior experience and all.

The squeal and subsequent noises has the attention of Sonny, who is leading the group to the ambush boys "Damn boy!" he exclaims "Don't tell me you got a couple of those things working." he is a mix of surprised, glad and impressed "Hope you don't have any plans for the next couple of days. I have two boxes of those things that need to be working and put on the same frequency." that said he looks around as they are near enough. Raising a hand he calls for a stop "Whoa, boy." she reins his horse to a stop and easily dismounts, walking around a bit to survey the area and decide the best angles for firing is.

Quinton's head jerks, surprised. He's also not the most skilled at riding critters, so Holden's not alone. His eyes are wide and he can't help cracking a smile. The young man gets a nod of approval, "Good job." Quin then dismounts as well, not quite as smooth as Sonny and starts looking about, making sure there's nothing obvious out of place, or that would make sense to use. He knows he's not trained in shooting an angles and ambushes. So he just stays quiet, allowing those that are to set this shindig up.

That was an unexpected noise, and Piper starts, causing the horse she is riding shake his head a bit. She glances back her facial expression shifting a bit, maybe she's impressed that he got them to work too. When the stop is called she gently reins her horse to a stop. She glances around at their location a bit before getting off the horse as gracefully as possible, which is not at all really, no grace what so ever.

Holden tosses a glare at Terry, "Right. Because you're the only guy here old enough to be any of our dad's. Noted, Annie." He rolls his eyes and smiles up at Sonny. "I do. Awesome! If it'll help, who should take these now? I was…" He trails of as folks come to a stop, and he looks around as well.

Natasha looks about the group and follows suit. Swinging her leg over the horse she drops down onto the ground with a gentle clomp. Once upon a time it would have been odd to set out with a group of strangers, yet in this day it was a necessary thing for survival. Natasha couldn't count the number of times a stranger had saved her ass, or vice versa. That being said, it helped to keep your distance from said strangers until you knew if they were the kind to go all stabby stabby on you when things got rough. Stabby stabby was never her favorite thing to deal with. Looking at Terry she quirked her brow before returning her attention to the horse. Was he old enough to one of their dad? Odd. He didn't look it.

Terry dismounts his horse, approaches Sonny, and begins speaking in hushed tones with the older man. You want someone well-versed in shooting, angles, and all that? Terry's pretty damn good. Two heads are better than one, regardless, since one's a trained USMC Scout Sniper.

"Enough kids." Sonny warns. He's old enough to be everyone's grandfather "We have a job to do and it ain't bickering with each other." He gestures to the red-headed Natasha, she seems good with the horses "Tie up the horses down there." he points down the field where they can graze safely. "We don't want them running off on us when we start firing." When Terry comes up to them there is some conferring between the two.

Quinton hands the reins of his horse over to Nat, giving her a soft smile and a quiet "Thanks," before he wanders a few feet further, just eyeballing the area. Basically being a look out.

Keeping the rifle cradled in her arm, Piper wanders around steering clear of /everyone/ though watching them in that silent manner of hers. She's waiting patiently, to be told where to position herself. Not assuming anything at the moment.

Holden wanders up beside Sonny. He quietly offers the man one of the walkie talkies, and he waits for an indication of who should get the other. Otherwise, he's quiet.

Natasha looks at the reins in her hand. If anything was to go off right now, she'd be going for quite the fun ride. If onlys she knew how well trained these beasts were. If they were drop reined she could literally trust them to stay as long as their leather is on the ground. However if they aren't…they'd be gone in a heartbeat. Not willing to take a risk with Quinton's horse, Natasha picks an area off to the side and ties them lightly in place. Rifle in hand she quietly watches the group. She's not one to jump in unless needed plus, she's more handy in the shadows.

Terry finishes his little conversation with the older man, and heads off to find a good shooting perch, hauling his rucksack and rifle with him. Once he finds his perch, he settles in and starts configuring his rifle for drone-spanking.

"Solid plan." Sonny says as Terry walks off to take his position. The former Army Ranger turns to the rest "As for all of ya'll.." he starts to give everyone their orders, where to position themselves, and what not. He then goes to take his own position.

But before he gets too far Sonny takes the walkies from Holden, keeping one and handing the other to Quinton since Terry is already off securing his own position. "Good job." he tells Holden and then goes to his spot.

Quinton takes the talkie with a nod. The poet's pale eyes are scanning the sky as he starts walking to his position, but then his head tilts and his whole body pivots 90 degrees. An arm comes up, pointing out the drone before the buzz is loud enough for the others to pick up on, "There." He then moves into position, getting ready himself.

Limping slowly to her position, Piper takes her position. If her recently wounded leg is giving her any pain she isn't showing it, though she does seem a bit paler than usual. She's been given a place near a double trunk tree, where she can brace herself and keep from getting knocked back when she fires her rifle. As soon as Quinton points the drone out her gun comes up and she begins to sight down the scope so that when it comes into range she can start firing.

Holden finds a place to duck down behind a large bush, and he waits.

Natasha watches the others scatter and realizes that she really has no idea what anyone else is doing. So…she kinda just hangs out with the horses and pulls out her journal, making random notes about the situation.

Terry settles into his perch, reviewing the extensive notes he took of the area, passing the time until the drones start showing up. Once he sees Quinton's indication that the drones are coming up, he chambers his first round, dials in the sights, and goes all sniper-zen. Game time!

"Good ear." Sonny mutters as he to brings his own rifle up to get ready to take a shot at the thing.

The drone makes a buzzing kind of noise as it zips through the air toward where the group has arranged themselves. If the patrols are correct it will be banking west, and pass right past the area they are hiding in. And be in excellent range to be fired upon in 5…4…3…2…

The horses don't like the noise of the drone at all. The begin to get a bit skittish at the sound.

Quinton's used to his pistol more than the shot gun, so he takes his time, getting the drone in his sight and then following till it feel comfortable. He takes a shot, hitting the metal flying UFO with a sharp ping of metal hitting metal.

Inhale in, exhale out, squeeze the trigger. The bullet comes flying from Piper's rifle, the recoil of such a large weapon throwing the petite woman back against the trunk of the tree. The bullet strikes true, hitting the drone dead center of the side of it.

Holden winces a bit with each gunshot, but he just stays hunkered down. If he doesn't move, he can screw this up, right? …

Natasha has found a way to distract the horses but with each shot she can see them flinch. Thankfully the shots, taken at enough of a distance, aren't as loud as they would have been up close. It's because she's with the animals she keeps her rifle at her side. Firing it would mean risking chaos. Petting the mane of her ride she whispers quiet soothing things to him. Her eyes glance to the drone, curious to see what happens next.

Drone sighted. One more check of his notes. Inhale, exhale, front-sight, trigger-press, follow-through. The bullet from Terry's rifle zips through the air (you can *almost* hear the opening notes of "Danger Zone" by Kenny Loggins)… and nails the drone dead center. His spread-legged stance allows him to absorb the better part of the kickback. His shoulder might be sore tomorrow if he has to take another shot..

Bam! Sonny fires his own weapon right along with everyone else. Like the rest he hits his target.

The quiet morning air is suddenly filled with the sound of gunfire as bullets rip through the air and smash into the drone flying by. Each bullet rips through the casing, tearing at things inside and causing it to veer this direction and that one, until it slams into the canopy of a tree, causing both limbs and the drone to fall smashing to the ground.

Quinton is up and running towards the fallen drone. He's much faster than he looks. He has no idea if these things can grow legs and run away or what. And his aim isn't as good as everyone else's, he's aware. So closer he goes, he figures someone will need to poke it, right? if the pail of branches isn't quivering or moving(Or catching fire, the poet slows the closer he gets.

The almost very pregnant Piper isn't running anywhere. She can barely walk on her wounded leg, running is impossible. So she just stays put though does manuver herself so she can watch both the others that go to check out the drone and the surroundings, just in case.

Watching Quinton take off makes Natasha raise her brow. Knowing the horses are safe she takes off after him, following him at less of a hurried pace but still …she's not walking.

Terry holds position, figuring SOMEBODY should provide cover in the event that thing is still live, and it's just wounded and lying in wait. He zeroes in the scope so he can maybe get a better look at the thing.

Shouldering his rifle Sonny heads over to where the drone crashed and begins to pull branches off the drone and toss them to the side. He's told old to worry about it blowing up in his face. If it does, it does. He's lead a good life.

As the drone is uncovered the damage it took becomes evident and it took even move in the crash. The bullets easily ripped holes in it so the insides can be seen and the crash probably made them larger and added more dents and scratches to it. He crouches down and begins to examine it closer.

Quinton will move to help Sonny, he's pretty sure the older man is more important to camp than he is. Maybe he an push him down or something if it blows. but luckily it doesn't. Quin's head tilts, looking over the man's shoulder, "Is it….still active?' Can sonny even tell?

Piper continues to hang back, watching the Sonny and Quinton, and whoever else is there checking out the drone. She too keeps her rifle handy just in case it is needed.

"If it is, I doubt that its c-comfortable.." Natasha knows it has no feelings but still, the drone was a mess.

Terry continues to hang back at his sniper perch, zeroing in on the survivors converging on the downed drone, looking for a thumbs-up, a 'high' sign, something to let him know mission accomplished. No sign given yet, so he zeroes back in on the drone. Damn, if only he had some sort of walkie-talkie or something.

Sonny thumbs on the outside of the thing, it make a strange dull ringing noise, not the kind of noise at earth metal would make "I think we did enough damage to make it harmless." he peers inside and makes a thoughtful sound "Look at this." he tells Quinton and moves aside so the poet can look in "Those look familiar?" he points to a few glowing small orbs that are hooked up to various other parts inside the drone. Giving Quin a chance to look, Sonny glances around, giving the others the all clear sign.

Quinton takes a moment to look over at Nat, "Good." It's the first time he's said anything even remotely not nice about something. But hey, if it's alien, he hopes it's uncomfortable. Or in agony. He's not a fan. The poet turns back to sonny, and then ducks his head slightly to look inside the alien tech. "Huh." Really, he's a poet. "How …there wasn't any signs of another downed drone…" he looks to Sonny, "If a drone…lost one of these…wouldn't…wouldn't have to be damaged?" Where was the rest of it then?!!? Quin takes a deep breath finally looking around as the sunshine starts to warm the air, 'I…I think we should get this back…" Terry and Holden get a hand motion to come over.

Getting the sign from Sonny makes Piper relax her gun, lowering it so it is pointed to the ground, instead of having it ready to fire. She remains at her tree though. She has no desire to see the drone up close and personal if she doesn't have too. She isn't so far that she can't hear every word being said and she seems a bit concerned about the implications that are being brought up.

"Uhm.." Natasha looks at the horses, "How do we…g-get it…" She stops talking and then asks, "What can I do?"

Terry appears next to Sonny a few seconds later, having secured his rig back at his perch, figuring he can pack up when the group prepares to leave. "So, what've we won, eh?" He ponders aloud, peering curiously at the remains of the drone, drinking in all of the details.

The questions that are being posed leave Sonny looking worried, he was probably thinking them himself "I'm admit it does bring up more questions than it answers." he nods to Terry and claps the marine on the upper arm at the question "We won this round." he points to the horses "I have a large sling in my saddle bags that we can rig up to take this thing back to camp." which answers Natasha's question. "Okay let's get this thing rigged and us saddled up and back to camp. The sooner our guys disect this thing the better." with that he heads back to the horses, fully expecting every /able/ bodied person to help get the drone back to camp in one peice.

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