(2015-08-26) Accident Drone
Accident Drone
Summary: Natasha make a groan worthy word play during a conversation with Quinton and Piper
Date: 8.26.2015
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Miller Campsite

Woods surround this cleared out area. It has three platform tent areas to hold large eight people tents, and a few ground level areas for smaller tents. All of them surround a fire pit that seems to have gotten some recent use. Two picnic tables are also near at hand.

Was it only just a couple of hours ago that the drone was shot down and brought back to camp? Yes, yes it was and since then the techs have taken it over, and breakfast was come and is recently over. The weather has gone from chilly this morning to once again hot. Will it ever make up its mind?

After breakfast Piper returned to her campsite with the flock of kids and Bea. Bea is helping Piper wrangle the children out of their PJs and into their normal clothing so they can go off with them to do their daily lessons. Yes, even the present situation the children still have to go learn stuff. All this is done silently on Piper's part, but Bea and the kids are feeling the area with chatter. Mostly about the mornings activities, but the pregnant woman who was there to help shoot down the drone isn't answering questions.

Quinton's looking satisfied? Happy? Content? Something. It might not have been much, but he feels like they did something today. Sonny's trying to keep everyone close today though, just in case there's any retaliation, and Quin can understand that. So today he's walking without his backpack, and the weather has him back in a t-shirt. Seems the poet is just wandering, maybe looking for someone? The chatter of the kids and Bea gets his attention and he grins big as he steps into camp, "Morning.."

Natasha pops her head out of the tent, looking about at the group of people she's come to somewhat recognize. Stepping out into the warmer air she tugs her small satchel up and onto her shoulder so the strap rests across her chest. Her red mane is tied up in a loose braid falling onto her shoulder and as she smiles at Quinton her gaze moves to Piper. She can see her pregnant state much better than this morning. Natasha hadn't seen anyone give birth since her days in the hospital. It seemed terrifying.

As she helps Becca get the buttons of her blouse buttoned up properly the familiar voice offering greetings meets her ears. Piper glances over her shoulder, giving the man a smile and a finger wave of her hand. A variety of greetings for Quin comes from the children, from a shy Hello from Abbie to a Yo! from Jack. Smoothing Becca's shirt, the woman picks up her crutches from the ground to help her leverage herself back onto her feet from her kneeling position and she turns to wave her fingers in greeting at Natasha as well, but the other woman of course doesn't get the same smile. Stranger danger is strong in this one.

With the kids all ready Bea herds them off to where she gives lessons at, leaving only the infant in his stroller with Piper. "Morning Natasha, Quinton." she greets cheerfully as she departs with the children in tow.

"Morning Martha. You should…talk to Kayla…she was going to school for teaching…" He figured Bea could probably use some help, those kids are a handful! He steps over, like he's going to offer help to Piper, but she's up and steady on her foot/crutches before he can make it there. So instead Quin just asks, "How's the leg…feeling?" There may be a touch of guilt in his voice. Nat gets a smile, "Settling ok?"

Natasha nods to Quinton, not wanting to really say anything as he had asked Piper a question. It was odd to see people walking about with a form of routine that was thriving instead of just surviving. Looking at the kids she couldn't help but smile. They were kinda cute. For kids, that is.

Well he isn't calling /her/ Martha so that's good, so no frowny face is forthcoming from Piper. The question about her leg has her lip curling briefly in answer. That pretty much says it all, it hurts. Thanks to all the activity this morning no doubt. She shifts around a bit, to lean over and grab her pack from the ground, which she hands over to Quinton and points to the picnic table. Inviting him to sit no doubt. She beckons for Natasha to join as well, then hobbles in that direction.

Quinton immediately takes the pack, not wanting Piper to have to carry anything. So much guilt. He nods, sympathetically and his voice goes quiet as he apologizes. "…sorry." Pale eyes turn to regard Nat, "You ok?" Then they flicker over to her tent, she seemed proud of it. The patches get a smile, there's character is those patches.

Natasha looks back at her tent an smiles. Each patch on there had the fabric donated by someone she'd met along the way..or lost along the way. She couldn't remember what town or house she'd started collecting sewing supplies but it had become a bit of a fun hobby. Once in awhile someone would ask if they could add something to the outside and she would agree. Small flowers, names, odd designs - it wasn't about being perfectly able to execute a chain stitch, it was more just marking that one was present. Natasha looks to Quinton, gripping the strap of her satchel she says, "I'm alright, just … a lot to take in." Her gaze moves to Piper, "How far along are you?"

Piper gives Quinton a soft shake of her head, she's as much to blame as him. She reaches out a hand to brush it down his arm, as if she could brush off his guilty feelings like lint. She doesn't want to dwell, that's past and right not she just want to get out her feet so she goes to sit at the picnic table, taking her backpack whenever it is handed back to her. A bit of sympathy flashes across her face at the answer from Natasha. It's still a lot to take in and she's only been here a month or so longer. The question though has her biting her lip apprehensively, the rests her hand briefly atop the bulge of her belly and the she answers by holding up six fingers. She easily looks that far along, if not further, her petite stature and small frame making her belly seem that much bigger.

In as many ways as Natasha is shy, there are two areas she isn't and this is one of them, "I'm a doctor." A gentle smile follows, "I apologize for being intrusive, it's second nature in many ways." Looking at Quinton and his almost glowing nature Natasha can't help but chuckle, "I babysat horses, you guys took down the drone. Rather impressively as well."

A silvery laugh comes from the woman at the reaction. A ticklish Quinton, that will be tucked away and noted for later. She grins, nodding in agreement about taking the drone down, but those words that come from Natasha. If there are three words one should never say to Piper, the ones in that statement "I'm a doctor" in the specific order are right up at the top of the list. Her face pales and several slow breaths are taken in an out before she takes an unusual interest in her backpack. Hey at least she didn't freak out like she did with Elijah. Progress!

Quinton shakes his head, while rubbing his arm, like he's trying to now brush off the tickles, "No…we all/ did. It's…it's the only way we're going to win…if we work together…" He actually thinks they're going to win? Optimistic much? Quin knows Piper well enough to understand what reaction is coming(Although he still has no idea why) when Nat says her profession. He looks between the two woman and then rubs the back of his neck, trying to draw attention away from //that topic, "I think…there was another …downed drone…i found a piece of one yesterday." There! Chew on that!

Natasha isn't surprised by the reaction, instead she takes it with a grain of salt and says, "Are they accident prone." A wry smile forms, "An accidentprone drone…accidentdrone…"

Oh look, oreos! Being the guardian of all those children Piper tries to keep snacks for them. Thankfully she had a stockpile before she was injured or she would be running low by now. The cookies are a pleasant distraction for her brain, not as good as other things, but ya know, chocolate. She pulls one from the ziploc bag and then holds the bag out in case anyone else wants one of the cookies. Drone talk works too, she glances up and questioning look sent to Quinton before Nat is glanced at, warily yes, but there is amusement at the rhyming as well.

Quinton winces playfully at the word play. Ouch his poet heart! "That…or someone else has the same idea as us…" That's a good thing, if a little scary. His eyes widen some at the offer, "You sure?" He knows how much oreos are coveted. Even as he asks, he goes for the bag, cause, heck yes. Oreos!

"I'm sure a lot of people have wanted to shoot those down," Natasha glances at the sky, "They're pretty hated."

Her flock especially, but Piper nods, she has never had a problem with sharing her food or her scavenging findings for that matter. At least when she could scavenge. She eats her own in the traditional fashion, twisting it apart and et al, as she listens to the back and forth. Another nod, this time in agreement about the drones, though knowing someone out there has enough firepower to take down a drone that they don't know about…that's unsettling.

"Do you…work with the kids here?" Natasha asks Piper, trying to ease off the tension a bit from her doctor statement.

After brushing the cookie crumbs from her fingers, Piper gives a hand wobble as part of her answer, the pulls a small whiteboard and marker from her backpack. Her sole form of communication for /most/ in a world with no technology or the means to power it. "The children are mine." she writes, holding the board up, not biologically of course, anyone seeing the kids and her know that, Becca (the youngest of the girls) is the right race and they have similiar hair, but that's where the resemblance ends, "I found them, alone, out there." she continues, and then gestures beyound the camp with the marker in her hand. Yeah, she doesn't talk much, if at all, to a majority of people. Most just assume she is mute, and they aren't all that wrong.

Quinton stays quiet, letting the two girls talk. Instead, he focuses on his cookie. It's twisted off and the cream is eaten first. A soft sigh escapes him and he leans into the table with his hip. So far, a pretty great day. Drone down, oreo cookie.

Natasha grows a little more respect for Piper. She'd met quite a few makeshift families in her wanderings, even she'd had tag-a-longs but not on a permanent basis. In a way she felt like a little less of a person compared to the ones around her. They'd made something here that she could barely understand, "Ah…" Natasha bites her lip, unsure of what to say, "Lucky they found you." Watching Quinton eat his oreo makes her smirk, "You could just eat it instead of playing with it."

There is a glance at Quinton when he sighs, but since it is a sound of contentment Piper leaves him to enjoy it for the moment. Her face takes on a more introspective one at Natasha's words, it's more like the reverse really. She's lucky they found her, but as no knows her story or that of the children, that would hardly be known. She leans over to pull a clothes from the nearby stroller, checking on the sleeping infant in it in the process and then cleans her board in case she needs to answer a question that requires more than a silent gesture.

Quinton's nose wrinkles and Nat gets a quick, "Where's the fun in that?" He then smirks, taking a bite of the chocolate. "I need to find more of this kind of stuff." Greens and hunt only go so far. H elides junk food.

"If I can find the right things, I can make them.." Natasha points to the cookie, "Oreos…I mean…"

Piper's gaze moves back and forth between the pair, her expression becoming a bit vague, maybe wistful. She misses playful banter. The kind she used to have before thinks went downhill, back when she was a diva. An eyebrow quirks though when Natasha mentions that she could make Oreos and then she watches the woman briefly as she excuses herself to go see what she can scrounge up for lunch. When she disappears down the path Piper shrugs at Quinton not sure what to make of the sudden departure.

Quinton stops mid chew, eyebrows going up, "You can make oreos?" That would be….magical. Turning as she leaves, Quin gives the same shoulder shrug back before smiling. "We really do need some …junk food."

Is skeptical, Piper doesn't think they would taste the same, not worse of course, or better, but certainly different. This of course is to complex an idea to share with just a head movement or even facial expression. With the tongue-tying presence gone she tries to speak but only a squeak comes out, so it's just a sigh at her lack of speaking ability and a nod of agreement about the junk food. "Salt & Vinegar chips." she writes across the board since her words are failing her.

The squeak has Quin turn his head sharply, and then he grins. It's a little funny, the noise, not that she can't talk. Leaning over to read as she writes, he nods, "Yes. and pretzels…and cheetos…" He sighs again, popping the remainder of the cookie into his mouth. "I'll….look for some next run…"

Piper wrinkles her nose at him when he finds it amusing. She isn't upset, it's more of a smirky thing. She agrees with all those things, talking about food that can't be had is a bad thing to do with a pregnant woman. She's going have some wicked cravings now. "Tomorrow?" she asks on the board, since she knows about Sonny's restriction on going out. The question she writes though has her looking at her wounded leg, thinking. And not the good kind of thinking either. The I wonder how far I could get on this leg kinda thinking.

"I'll go tomorrow." Quin has no problem casually mentioning to Bea that Piper was thinking about leaving, if he has to. His head quirks, giving her a look that's asking her to not make him do that. "I'll try to find…stuff…ok?" He offer a small smile, unintentionally(maybe) giving her puppy dog eyes.

She knows that tone, and looks to give silent argument but those /eyes/. She doesn't have to fortitude to resist them, not in the children or in grown men apparently, she gives her own sigh and nods, no argument from her. Troy then wakes up, and not to pleasantly, but with a whimper then a cry. Piper is on top of that quickly, leaning to scoop the baby up then gets to her feet, using the table to push herself up. Quinton gets a smile and she does it again, the arm caress thing that made him twitch and laugh before. Then with crutch under one arm and babe in the other she hobbles toward her tent to get the little one settled.

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