(2015-08-27) Bandit Recon
Bandit Recon
Summary: Terry, Quinton and two red shirts (who managed to survive) recon the bandit infested Fremont.
Date: 8.27.2015
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There are dangerous parts of town and then there are really dangerous parts of town. The horses were parked down near the Windmill Restaurant in an out of the way spot in case a quick get away is necessary. The bandit recon party has, consisting of Terry do to his marine experience, Quinton cause he knows the area and guards who are unfortunately wearing red shirts. They have almost ran into one group of bandits wandering around as they make their way to the hospital, but thankfully quick thinking kept them from being spotted. They can see their target, the hospital a few blocks away. Now they just have to find a place to roost, so they can do a proper head count and do whatever else is done in recon missions of this sort.

This is now what Quin does. Gone are the days of poetry readings and book signings. Now it's scavenge, run, duck, hide. He is taking the promise to Piper seriously, staying low and careful as he moves. He's taken lead, knowing the area best. Although he does acknowledge that he's not the most knowledgeable in tactics. "Higher?" The poet glances looking to see what buildings might be best for the lookout position.

Everybody's favorite USMC grunt is all tac'd out: boots, pants, shirt, hat, rifle-bag (good for loot when the rifle's out). He's strong enough to carry the whole kit, and normally he'd be a ghost's sneeze, but it seems the terrain has other plans for the sniper. He almost ends up in a bandit's sights, but a quick backstep pulls him into the clear before he can be spotted. He starts looking for a good sniper's perch, doing some mental math and whatnot, based on past run-throughs of the area. He remembers the hospital, and from there he can extrapolate some things. He starts drawing some things in the dirt, finding it easier to work with something he can actually see. Maybe Quin can offer some insights into things he might have missed.

As they pass through the neighborhood that leads to the hospital the stench is noticed first, sadly it is a familiar one, the smell of decay and rot. The group knows there have been casualties amoung the bandits recently, and then there is the squad that Dax was part of. It's an easy guess where the smell is coming from, but at least they can't see it with the buildings in the way. Their passing disturbs a murder of crows between two buildings no mystery why they are there either.

In the distance the sound of cheers can be heard, and once or twice there have been shots fired.

There are plenty of places to get up above. The best place would probably be one of the taller office buildings, with windows that look down onto the hospital facility. There are several to choose from.

Quinton winces, half sympathy, half disgust at the ravens. This just…sucks. Glancing down, Quinton eyes what terry is doing and then nods. pointing first to a place on his map, and then to one of the office buildings. It's not the tallest, but it's all enough. No need to add an extra set of stairs to run down, if it comes to that. Unless there's any argument, Quin will start to quietly go in the direction of said office building.

Terry checks his rifle one more time, and heads off after Quin, trying to be as quiet and sneaky as possible, so as to avoid any unnecessary noise and issues down the road. He glances around every so often, checking his surroundings, looking at each of the buildings they pass, analyzing for additional perches.

The guards that are with them have nothing to add. They are clearly on alert, there guns held ready in case any surprises jump out at them. They let the other pair take the lead and follow quietly afterward

The building they have chosen has a side door, the handle broken off at some point so the door hangs open and allows not only the elements in but creatures as well. Up the stairs and a few offices later and they are looking down on the hospital parking and side courtyard area. The source of the noise is clear. The bandits are amusing themselves by beating the tar out of each other. A couple dozen men, in scavenged ragged clothes circle two others who are in the midst of a fist fight. From the looks of it one is clearly about to win, beating of some sort must be taking place because some of the crowd is excited while others aren't so much.

Quinton frowns when he gets look at what they're doing. Idiots. A small note book is pulled out and he'll start trying to get a head count, and any identifying marks they can make out of individuals. He's also casual glancing if he can see the duo that shot him, cause…fuck those guys. His voice is very soft, "..patrols…" not that any are visible currently.

Terry unpacks his gun, and sets up his gun and sniper journal, moving back a little bit just to make sure his weapon isn't easily pinpointed, or otherwise affected by the light, assuming it's bright out. He zeroes in on the bandits, and begins jotting down what he can see.

<FS3> Terry rolls Alertness: Failure.
<FS3> Quinton rolls Alertness: Great Success.

A quick survey of the facility across the street will show that there don't seem to be any patrols. The bandits that were seen earlier didn't seem like one, unless they are in the habit of patrolling with whiskey bottles in hand. There are guards posted. One on the parking garage near the mall and the other on the opposite side. There could be others as well.

A few more punches from the larger of the two fighters KO's the other one and the cheering and moaning from the crowd grows louder and then they all seem to look at one individual. The man is pretty non-descript, no one would peg him for a leader but it appears he is. He steps forwarding, looking at the remaining fighter and the one on the ground and gives the whole thing a thumbs down. It's all very gladiatorial really. The crowd goes silent, waiting.

The fighter still standing seems to hesitate looking down at the KO'd man and takes a few steps away.

That's all the leader needed to see. It's a singular motion, like out of a cowboy movie, the leader draws his pistol and BANG! the winner of the fight falls over dead.

Quinton's eyes widen at the homicide that just happened. His hand hovers over the paper, unsure at first how to describe the leader. And more importantly, slightly in shock that he killed the man. His voice is still barely even a whisper, "Are… not all…" Quin's not had luck with words today, and it's still the case. He frowns, shaking his head before starting to jot down more observations.

Terry blinks. "Holy sh.." He doesn't even utter the whole thing. It's that much of a shock. "Damn." He dials in the scope and zeroes in on Mr. Leader, keeping his finger off the trigger for now. He figures he can take the shot, but he won't. They're just here for scouting, right? Anyway, he scopes out the rest of the group, trying to get an accurate head-count, and makes a few more notes in his book.

Judging from the crowd’s reaction the cavalier attitude on the leaders part about the other bandits lives is no surprise. This may have happened before. A few guys come out of the crowd and take care of the bodies. The living one is taken into the hospital proper the other is stripped of anything remotely useful and for the moment tossed aside to be disposed of properly.

From out of nowhere another shot rings out and the guard that was on top of the parking garage topples of the side to the pavement below. The bandit Leader as well as the rest of the bandits are surprised for a moment and then spring into action, grabbing weapons and rush of to go in search of the mysterious sniper.

Quinton's head instinctly turns to make sure it wasn't Terry, but then it's clearly not. "where?" He starts looking trying to see if the bandits are coming their way, or if Camp Hope can identify where the shot come from.

Terry starts scoping out the area, trying to recall his training. If the area's not too 'urban', he can probably start dialing in the sniper's location. Any delay in sound (crack-bang)? Visible muzzle flash? Which way did the guard fall? These factors and more can help to nail down a sniper.

This area is the most urban in all of Fremont, but from the angle the guard fell and the direction the bandits are going northeast, the person who fired the shot must be in that direction.

The bandits do have a bit of organization. The leader is breaking them up into search parties and sending them of mostly toward the northeast, but in other directions as well, just in case. But no one can be seen in that direction. So the recon group has two choices, run while they still can, or hunker down and wait until the search cools down. Either way they will make it back to the horses and to camp with no casualties, where Sonny and a few others are waiting to be briefed on the situation… or just to make sure that they made it back safe.

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