(2015-08-27) Stay Safe
Stay Safe
Summary: Quinton is going into Bandit territory, Piper is naturally worried. Quinton gets her name right! To her face this time.
Date: 8.27.2015
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Administration Area
Following the road around the curve in it leads to a large area cleared of trees. To one side of the clearing is a parking lot, where several dust covered cars sit, one with it's hood standing open, exposing the engine to the weather.
Several building are in this area: Admin building, First-Aid Building, Restroom Facilities, a hand water pump is near the rest room, a few pails stacked nearby, and a large pole barn, which is always guarded by well armed individuals. Beyond those is the first of many campsites that dot the camp as well as a trail that leads to the river.
Across the clearing the road continues and there are several foot paths that lead in various directions.

It's been a busy morning. Sonny decided that it was time to take Fremont back from the bandits. Resources had to be shared, not hoarded or wasted like what the usurpers in the town were doing. He needed an updated headcount and locations of the bandits though and that meant recon. This morning there is a planning meeting, for all those slated to go on the mission. That's just ended so now its the gathering of what is needed for this mission stage. Horses, being guided by Piper, are being brought to where they can be loaded with what supplies will be needed. She's down to one crutch now, so moving a bit faster. At least well enough to lead horses, but not go one the mission, much to her disappoint. She has stoic face on as she leads them near to the pole barn where all the military equipment and arms are kept.

Quinton's sitting on a table, checking his pistol. He doesn't do it with any persuasion that anyone in the army would, but it's the little he's been taught. He knows he'll get a rifle too, most likely, but he likes to have his pistol with him. Just in case. He was surprised he was asked to go. With last time, Sonny acted like it was a favor when he asked to go. Maybe it's the fact he has sharp ears? Either way, the blonde is finishing up with his gun and looks up as Piper passes. "Hey." He knows that face, so gets up to follow her. '… ok?"

The man is noticed as he gets up and she slows allowing him to easily catchup, not that it would have been hard. The answer is a shrug as she passes the horse leads to the armory guards so they can do the work of loading them up properly. A glance is given to the pistol in his hand. She lifts her shirt enough to expose her holstered one and points to the holster, then to him her stoic face going quizzical. Quinton not accidently shooting himself in the ass seems to be more important than what she is feeling at the moment.

Well, Quin's ass is rather cute (and apparently in high demand), but he waves a hand, "Not…yet…" He'll find one…eventually… The gun is slipped into the back of his jeans for now. The yellow from the mighty bruise is almost all gone. Almost. His head tilts, "Sure?" Seems he's having a harder day than yesterday. One word questions may be his limit. He motions to her, mostly her face, "…upset.."

<FS3> Pied-Piper rolls Mind: Success.

A slight frown at the answer and Piper undoes the holster from the belt and hands it over, pistol and all. They are going into enemy territory it doesn't hurt to have two pistols. And she doesn't need one in camp really, plus she has her rifle back at her tent if she does need a weapon for something. Her gaze goes sidewise briefly when she is called on it, but immediately goes back to him. She leans toward him "Danger." she whispers and points towards town, clearly she is worried. Even more worried than upset that she has to stay behind.

Quinton hesitates, "…Sure?" He doesn't want to take it, but…she is right. The gun and holster are looked at before he nods, "..back.." To fit the man the straps will need to be adjusted as he starts on that as they wait on the horses. But that one word has his eyes coming up. "We'll….safe.." He offers her a smile which isn't quite believable.

Piper nods, continuing to hold it toward him until he takes it. She isn't taking no for an answer. Another nod, she knows he will give it back, she trusts in that. She hopes that his words are true and that they call come back without any extra holes or missing parts, or at least that he does. Especially after what happened last time he went into town. She reaches up to push down lightly on his shoulders, "Low." she says and then lifts a foot and taps the ball of it "Quiet." is she giving him sneaking tips? Well if anyone should, Piper is certainly the one. She's a ghost when she wants to be…and even when she doesn't.

Quinton can't help a small smile. He's actually pretty quiet and sneak when he tries. He just doesn't try in camp. His bangs flop slightly with his nod, "I will." He then glances toads the camp and the back to piper, "Watch…Kayla?" For what? He doesn't specify, but there's a worry in his eyes.

"Better." she says with that tone of finality, even though it is whispered. With them being far enough away and the sound of the horses whickering and stamping feet only Quinton can hear her. The question he asks is a sobering one, he doesn't need to explain. He was making similar demands when he was shot and thought he was going to die only then it was his stuff. She doesn't want to think about that but nods, making an X over her heart with a finger.

<FS3> Quinton rolls Mind: Good Success.

Quinton fingers go up in a scouts honor . Was he a scout? He doesn't remember much of when he was shot, in fact, he's still not sure who sang to him. He thought it was Jade, but after hearing Piper, now he's not sure. The promise gets a genuine smile and he nods. He then frowns slightly and clearly struggles briefly before, "Thank you…Piper…"

Her eyes widen in surprise, sure it's not her actual name, but as far as she is concerned its the only one he knows. There is a brief moment of elation where she looks like a hug is forthcoming, after the surprise is over, but it doesn't happen. Instead she tries to act casual, it /shouldn't/ be a big deal (should it?) and she tries to play it off, but she's an easy read, her eyes are always a giveaway.

Quinton's eyes dart away, a slight pink to his cheeks. It's embarrassing, names shouldn’t be hard. Oh look! The horses! He takes a deep breath, "Hopefully…not long…out…" The gun holster is slipped on, but it's still too small, and he briefly looks stuck before he starts trying to shrug it off to adjust it more.

Piper smiles, a small genuine one, but leaves it at that. She glances at the trouble he is having with the holster and pats his hands away to do it herself. It's like a bowtie, always easier to do if you aren't the one looking down at it and trying to figure out if that part goes over or through. A sighed yes of agreement comes at his words and she glances up and taps under and eye and points to him before going back to fixing the holster. She probably /isn't/ saying she is going to follow behind and watch out for him…probably.

Quinton stands there still as she adjusts the straps. His eyes first on her hands and then they slide away to look over her shoulder at the horses. but her tapping gets his attention and he'll grab her hand, "No." God, what is wrong with this woman?!?! "You…here." Of all days for him to not be able to talk, "You …" and then he just shakes his head, "No." Now he's going to have to go tell sonny…somehow.

Should she be surprised by the reaction? No. Is she? Yes. Piper doesn't pull away just cants her head at him, trying to gauge…something. With her free hand she points in the direction the gate lies in "Two Mile?" she questions in that same whispered tone. She means the road, well within her two mile limit. With a good pair of binoculars she can watch for trouble from there and call in the calvary if needed. Though the group will probably take a walkie-talkie in case help is needed.

Quinton's face crunches up, confusion clear. Why would she even risk that? He knows it's not his call, so he drops her hand, shaking his head slightly, "Tell." And then he points in the direction that Sonny should be. He'll stay with the horses, she needs to tell sonny, like, now.

He's not the only confused one, but hers doesn't show up until he points to where Sonny is loitering near the admin building talking with others that are going on the mission. Piper looks to Sonny and then back, figuring something is getting lost in translation, even if it wasn't she couldn't tell Sonny anything, he is one of the many she can't vocalize too "I'll stay." is that what he wants to hear? She hardly wants an argument to be their last conversation so will back down this time.

Quinton now just looks confused, pale eyes blinking at her, didn't she…what…huh? He takes a deep breath, still frowning but will nod. Hopefully this won't be their last conversation, unless Piper knows something Quin doesn't? Finally he nods and just softly says, "…safe." Her? Him? Camp?

There is a quick search of his face, she's still unsure of the facial hair, but hasn't made any faces or commented on it so it must not bother her too much. She's finished with the adjusts of the holster and glances back over her shoulder as Sonny calls for everyone going on the mission to mount up and head out. Piper sighs and turns back to him and reaches up to gently cup his fuzzy cheek "Safe." she repeats, what else can she say, she then moves out of the way so he can head out with the group and do his best to not get shot up.

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