(2015-08-29) Puppies, Poppies, and Pretty Pennies
Puppies, Poppies, and Pretty Pennies
Summary: Terry, Gabriel, and Kayla wander off in search of adventure. Terry makes a new friend.
Date: August 29, 2015
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Two Mile Road Road

This road runs in a straight mile east and west. It cuts through woods and large abandoned farmland. The occassional farmhouse, barn and grain silo can be seen. The area is dotted with small ponds, lakes and streams.

The camp could always use more food, Terry figured, and so with that in mind he put together a survival pack, and passed out a little 'heads up' for folks interested in joining him. The pack contained enough rations to last the better part of a day, as well as a variety of weapons so things wouldn't get boring all that quickly.. hopefully. It is summer. The weather is hot and overcast. Terry's dressed in his usual outfit, except this time he has a waist-pack containing a variety of hunting calls to lure in prey. He's also got a pretty high-end hunting blind set up, with room for multiple people. He fishes a hunting call from his pack, sounds it, settles in and begins the wait, weapon at the ready.

Kayla is no good at hunting - scavenging, however, is something she's good at. Granted, she has much more luck in towns and cities, and tends to find bodies in the woods, but…anything could help, right? So she's tagged along, backpack behind her.

Gabriel is probably not much help in the actual hunting part. Though he can at least help a bit with locating things, and he can help with scavenging, even if it takes awhile. Since he was about to head home anyhow he decided to join the group before heading to his cabin. Tagging along with the others and tapping his stick once in awhile.

*QUACK!* *QUACK!* The hunting call sounds. Minutes pass.. and then a lone duck waddles into view. Terry glances to Gabriel, and to Kayla, before raising his gun… *BANG*.

Kayla manages to not laugh out loud at the sound of the duck call…mostly because she's distracted by a soft whickering nearby. She looks to the other two before she pushes into a nearby bush, pushing the branches back and…coming face to face with a horse. "Well..hello."

Having grown bored with hunting, as surprising as that may be, Terry switches over to 'scavenger' mode. He hunts around for fun things to bring back, and returns to the hunting blind with a flower (which he gives to Kayla), and a penny (given as well, for more luck). A piglet and gander follow behind him, and are placed in a shopping cart he turned up. He keeps the puppy with him, wrapping the adorable noisemaker up in his shirt (which he removes beforehand). The balloon and egg-shell he figures could be of some use, somehow, so he tosses them into the cart as well.

Kayla is sure to move slowly, reaching out for the bridle on the horse. She frowns, and speaking softly, "Poor thing, how long has it been wearing that…?" She starts to urge the mare forward through the bush, towards where the trio is…and she startles slightly as body flops sideways off of the horse, onto the ground - one foot is still caught n the stirrup. "Yuck…we need to dig another grave." As she steps round to the side of th horse, another neigh catches her attention as a foal shows up.

Terry finds a place to settle down nearby as the foal shows up. He cuddles the puppy, trying to be gentle, watching Kayla with the horse. When the horse's rider flops over lifeless, he *almost* jumps out of his skin, but his masculinity kicks in and he just shifts around uncomfortably. "Wow.." is all he says, petting and scritching his puppy friend gently between the ears.

Kayla looks over at the puppy n Terry's arm, about to say something about helping her with the body, when the rest of the farm shows up, tied with strings to the back of the saddle, or attached in cages to its pack. A bull and a goose.

Terry sets the puppy down somewhere he can keep an eye on it, and wraps it securely in his shirt so it feels safe. He stands, and wanders over to the body. "What're we gonna do with this guy?" He wonders aloud, looking at the corpse. "…Hm. I wonder if Doc would like it?"

"NO! No. We're going to bury it." Kayla is firm in her tone as she moves to try and carefully remove the foot from the stirrup. "Like we did the last time I found one." she mutters. Death has become almsot a non-event to Kayla, unless it's someone she cares for.

Terry nods. "Alright.." He agrees, and reaches to help bring the body down, whispering soothingly to the horse as he does so. Once the body is down, he walks over to his gear bag, fishes out a trench-digging tool, and starts working on a small gravesite.

Kayla isn't much help with the digging, what with only one shovel around, but she does move to find two sizable sticks, braiding several lengths of grass together into a cord, and binding the sticks into a cross to ark the grave once it's done.

Hunting Rolls

1 Duck
1 Goose
1 Opossum

Scavenging Rolls

1 Winning Scratch Off Ticket
1 Horse
1 Pen
1 Corpse (buried)
1 Bull
1 Horseshoe
1 Goose
1 Foal
1 Pretty Flower
1 Piglet
1 Penny (tail up)
1 Broken Egg Shell
1 Deflated balloon
1 Gander
1 Cute Lost Puppy
1 Shopping Cart

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