(2015-08-30) Concerns
Summary: Holden shares some concerns he has about Camp Hope with Quinton. Kayla shows up to see her brother.
Date: Aug. 30, 2015
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Not the best day for scavenging, but no drama so Quin will take it. It's after dinner, and the poet already has a fee going and his guitar out. There may be a bottle of something clear at his feet. He's strumming…something. Whatever it is, he's butting the poor melody. Badly.

Holden wanders slowly up to the fire. He has his hands shoved deep in his pockets. He sniffs, squinting a bit as he looks at the other young man, and then he moves to sit on one of the large rocks by the fire. He doesn't say anything, just kind of watching Quinton mess with that guitar.

Quinton's well aware he's not very good at the instrument. There's a frown as he tries stretching his hand and placing it a little differently on the guitar's neck. It doesn't help. Holden's sitting gets his attention, "…hey."

Holden watches Quinton for another moment, and then he responds, "Hey." He sniffs, and then he scratches the back of his neck, kind of nervously. "I um…" He sighs, "So… Um… Harmony seems nice."

Quinton stops mid pluck, his pale eyes slowly going upwards to meet Holden's, "…Yes…she is."

Holden opens his mouth to say something else. Then he stops. He looks back at the fire, scratching his forearm. He sniffs again, and then shrugs, "I dunno… What do you think?" He glances at Quinton. "You think a princess and a guy like me…?"

Quinton unknowingly echoes the movie, "…no." He then sighs, setting down the guitar and picking up the bottle, "She's not…" he frowns, not sure how to handle this. "I…don't know….if she…" Quin studies the bottle briefly before offering it up, "She's special.." That's probably not helping.

Holden looks at Quinton. "Oh." He slowly nods, "I get it. You're… Heh, you're Luke, huh." He sighs, "Well… you two'll be like… cute together, I guess." He sighs again, and tosses a little stick from the grass by his feet into the fire.

Quinton frowns, "No…I'm Quinton." He's seen StarWars, but didn't get the connection. He is aware enough to pick up the cute coment though and shakes his head, "No…It's…she's.." crap. "I don't…know…She said, but…" Since Holden didn't take the bottle, he'll unscrew it himself and take a sip before admitting, "I'm broken…she…deserves better than that…"

Holden furrows his brow a bit, "Oh come on, man. Autistic isn't broken, man. My cousin Sheldon, he was… Well, he was a really successful accountant. I mean, that's not helpful now, sure, but, what I'm sayin' is, you have a difficulty, sure, but you aren't BROKEN." He offers a reassuring smile, "You aren't. Don't say that."

Quinton blinks and sighs, "I'm not …autistic…." He takes anoterh sip, "I survived…the fever.."His blonde bangs sway slightly as he shakes his head, " It's….messes with my….spech." He motions to the side of his head. "It is broken…wasn't…I wasn't like this before." h then shrugs,

Holden tilts his head, "You-" He smirks a little, "Oh." He then laughs, "So, what, the fever?" His nose twitches, as he leans forward some, interested.

Quinton frowns, unsure how that's funny, "The Red Tsunami." The sickness that killed most of humanity. Anotehr sip of moonshine before he screws the cap back on, setting it at my feet. "Some…some days are better than others.."

"Well, that's true for everyone now, I guess," Holden notes. He inhales deeply, and then sighs yet again. "This place is a death trap, you know?" He purses his lips a bit, watching the smoke rise. "We stay here, we have no future."

Anotehr frown, "It's…the safest place I've found." And the best people so far. "We…found a wood stove…we can…bunk in the dinning hall." Quin's assuming he meant the cold.

Holden shakes his head, "No. No, no no no no…" He stands, and he slips his backpack off, unzipping it and digging inside for a minute. "Look… no, see, look…" He pulls out a rolled up, shiny mat made of rubber. He unrolls it, revealing an 11x17 dungeon master mat with printed hexagons. He's drawn the entire camp on it, to scale with the hexes, in dry erase marker. "We're a collection of tents. A building with a stove. That's it, man." He shakes his head, "Do you need me to draw the attack lines on here???"

Why is there suddenly a map? Quin blinks, "Uh.."Pale eyes dart around, looking at the camp, "hat…what do you want us to do, Holt?" He's not sure what attack lines… "You…forgot the wall…" That's being built. Maybe that will help?

Holden shakes his head, a little aggravated, "No, Q, no. That wall is just trapping us, man." He grumbles, "Arrgh. Dude. We have no infrastructure here. No where for our shit to go. We'll all end up with E coli or salmonella or any number of like a hundred diseases you get from poop. Poop, dude. Poop." His eyes widen a little, and he shakes his head, "Nevermind that there are no electric wires here. We have NO way to transmit power and plug in, even if we could turn it back on. There's no telephone or fiber optic here, so we can't tap into communications if they return…" He shakes his head fervently, "This place is already dead, Q! We can't stay here."

Quenton is sitting by the fire with his guitar and a bottle of alcohol. Holden is kneeling beside him with a rubber dungeon master mat that has a dry erase drawing of the camp drawn on it, using the preprinted hexagons. They are talking.

Quinton's sitting with a bottle of moonshine at his feet and his guitar in his hands.Somethign the younger man says seems to resinate and Quin tilts his head, "So…what do you think we should do?" He glances up from the map, not completely sold, but willing to listen.

Holden sighs, and he slumps a little onto the ground. "I don't exactly know…" He shakes his head, looking away. "When we were in that neighborhood the other day… That made me start to think about this stuff." He shrugs, looking back at Quinton, "I don't have the answer. But… maybe we find a neighborhood? Like, a wealthy gated community or something? Somewhere with basic infrastructure already in place that we could isolate and maybe work on getting functioning…" He sighs for about the hundredth time, and begins rolling his rubber mat up. "I don't know. I just know, there's nothing here. That's gonna be a problem at some point."

It's been a long day but Kayla is back from whatever she'd been doing. It's been quiet this evening, ad she's made it back to camp to find…"Are you two nerds playing that Dungeon thing?" Kayla can't see what's drawn on the map, but she can see it. As she speaks, she skirts the long way around them towards her tent.

Quinton's frown stays, but he's at least listening," You should…talk to Doug." His head turns and the frown turns into an eye roll, "What the hell are you talking abut, Kayla?" Dungen what?

Holden tosses a quick look at Kayla, "Dungeon's and Dragons." He pushes up to his feet and picks up his backpack. As he rolls the mat and places it into the bag, he nods at Quinton. "I will. I'll talk to him first thing tomorrow." He looks at Kayla, "I'm not a nerd. The correct nomenclature is 'geek.'" He rolls his eyes at her, "Later, Q." And he begins to walk up the path.

Kayla opens her tent, leans in and grabs something. When she closes her tent and turns around, she moves to join them at the firepit, a bottle of liquor in her hand. Quinton would recognise it. "That geeky dungeon dragon game nerds play." Kay shrugs as she snags herself a seat and motions to the map in front of Holden. "Yeah, that." she agees with Holden as she cacks open he bottle. "Hey, I'm sorry, I was teasing. You don't have to leave!"

Quinton's head tilts, 'Dungens and Dragons?" He's heard of it, at least, but then glances at the rolled up map again. "Later , Jethro…It's not a bad idea, really." He offers the leaving Holden a nod and small smile before looking at Kayla. "Be nice.”

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