(2015-08-31) It's a Trap!
It's a Trap!
Summary: Kayla brings Holden along to somehow fill in or destroy the spike pit that hurt her brother.
Date: Aug. 31, 2015
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Her brother had shown her where the pit was on the map. From the moment she'd gone into the medical building and seen him and Piper on the cots, spikes sticking out of various body parts, she'd sworn to go find the pit and dismantle it. And today, everyone seems to be out so when she spots Holden, she recruits him for work without telling him precisely what it was for. She'd merely told him that it was important. Vital even!

With shovels in hand, they'd left the camp and started off through the woods. She'd headed out, leading the way, towards the lake but off the beaten path. "Thanks for coming with me," she finally speaks over her shoulder at her escort for the day.

Holden hefts his backpack up a bit on his shoulder, sniffing. "I still don't understand why you need ME." He kicks a rock with his shoe as they walk. "Where are we even going?" He squints as he looks up ahead of them, studying where they're going. "You don't even like me."

"Because I promised Quinton before I wouldn't leave camp alone." Not often anyways. Kayla gris over her shoulder and then blinks. "What? Who said I didn't like you? YOU don't like ME. You left our camp last night when I was teasing you and Quin." she points out as proof.

Holden furrows his brow, glancing her way, "You called me a nerd." He shrugs, "I'm not a nerd." He rolls his eyes, and keeps walking. "Why do you need to do what he says, anyway? Aren't you like, you're own person and whatever?"

"I call Quin a nerd all the time." Kayla offers up in way of defense as she trudges throguh the woods. "I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings." She sounds genuinely apologetic, as well. She shifts her pace so she can fall in beside Holden. "And he's my older brother - he worries."

Holden stops walking, and he tilts his head and looks at her. "…Leia," he says softly to himself. He shakes his head a little, and then speaks up, "I um… I didn't know." He starts walking again.

"Leia?" Kayla blinks, head tilting to the side. She isn't following his reference, whatever he may be meaning. She starts again when he does, quiet for a long moment before she sighs "I -am- sorry, I didn't mean to upset you. You seem like a nice guy." She wisely doesn't say 'kid'. "And the pit should be here somewhere nearby. Careful."

Holden slows his walk. "Forget it. It's fine." He walks around a bit, investigating the area some. "So, what do you know about this… pit." He begins looking around. "And what do you think I can do with it?"

Eying Holden as if she doesn't really believe him when he says it's 'fine' (it is NEVER fine when a woman says it is, so t's got to be the same for guys,r ight?), Kayla's pace slows and moves more carefully. "Someone dug a pit and filled it with spikes…and I thought you could help me fill it with leaves and stuff so we could burn it so no one got stabbed again.

Holden continues looking around. He walks over to the road's edge and he finds a large stick. As he moves around, he pokes places where the ground is possibly not really stable. "Do we know who dug these pits?"

"No, not yet." Kayla peers around a tree and then AhHA's! "Found the one they fell in but…don't know if there are any more." she warns. Shrugging out of her backpack as she steps around the tree to crouch in front of it. She begins to unzip the biggest pouch.

Holden walks over to where she's at, and he kneels beside her. He takes his own backpack off as he looks to see how deep it is. "If we mess with this, will whoever did it come after us at the camp?"

It's not too deep, but there is dried blood visible on several of the wooden sharpened spikes. "If they are doing this already, they are going to be coming after us anyways." Eventually. She pulls her pack open, and brings out a lighter. "What do you think is the best way to go about this?"

Holden furrows his brow, "No no no…" He smiles, "That's a BAD idea." He sniffs, and looks around at the trees around them. "If you start a fire out here, whoever made these might see the smoke." He looks at her, "We'd be sitting ducks." He looks back down at the pit. "This is like… nine… ten feet deep." He points, "Those spikes are just planted in the ground. If we could get down there, we could yank them all out easy enough…" He looks around again, looking for something that might help them. "How do we get out…"

"But someone could still fall in…so how do we fill it?" Kayla turns around slowly, looking at the various bits of nature around them. "I didn't bring rope..did you?"

Holden looks up the road, and he slowly smiles, rising. "Heh…" He looks at her. "Maybe we don't have to fill it." He begins walking up the road, and he gestures at the dead car about a football field distance away from them.

Kayla turns and blinks in the direction Holden motions. And then she grins…and slowly begins to chuckle. "You are -brilliant-!" she chirps at the younger man when she sees what it is he's motioning to. "So long as it isn't completely seized and we can move it."

Holden nods, "If there are still keys in it, we can put it in neutral and hopefully just push it." He looks her way when she calls him brilliant, and he smiles, looking away, clearly that meant something. As they reach the car, he makes his way to the driver's door. "I was valedictorian at my high school. Got into Berkley," he says absently as he pulls the handle and opens the door. "Would you believe, I was doing my internship at Google when the power went out? Not that it did me any good out here."

"Berkley? Impressive." Kayla moves to try and check the other doors in case the drver door doesn't open. "How old -are- you, anyways?" she asks with a little less tact than she probably could have.

Both doors were unlocked. Holden flops into the drivers seat and he looks for the ignition. He finds it, but there's no keys. "I'm twenty." He looks over at her as she opens the passenger door. "I know. I look ten," he sighs. Looking back at the ignition. "Well…" He purses his lips, "Think if I get under this thing," he looks back at her, "you can keep it from rolling on me?"

"I thought seventeen or eighteen," Kayla admits with a faint blush. She moves around to look in the door he'd climbed in moments before, and nods. "If you get out, I promise I know the difference between brake and clutch."

Holden laughs, "It's an automatic. No clutch." He yanks the parking brake, "But the brake is good." He hops out of the car and then begins crawling on his back under the front of the car. Being small is handy right now. "Lemme know when you have the foot brake, too, yeah?"

"I was kidding." Kayla's nose wrinkles as her attempt at humour falls completely flat. She waits for Holden to get out before she drops into the seat he'd vacated. Pressing her foot down as far as it'll go on the brake, she calls, "Got it!"

"Cool. Hang on," Holden calls out. The car moves just a little as he's tugging on the transmission cable beneath the car. He pulls as hard as he can, "Arrrrggghhh!!!!" And then there's a snap as it comes off. Then there are two more clicks as he pushes the lever on the transmission twice to drop it into neutral. "Okay, stay put. I'm crawling back out. It's in neutral." And he starts to shimmy back out.

At the aaarrrrghhh! Kayla tenses. "Holden? HOLDEN?!" She sounds worried, but she keeps her foot on the break. She doesn't want to make anything worse. And then he speaks and she exhales deeply, her heart only now starting to slow down.

Holden slips out and pushes up to his feet at the front of the car. "I'm okay. I just… I didn't have a knife." He walks over to the driver door, not noticing he's apparently cut his palm on the cable he yanked out. There's a bit of blood running over his hand. "It's in neutral." He sniffs, "Guess we push now, huh?"

"Youa re -not- okay!" She's used to worrying over her brother this way, so it seems natural to notice blood on another too. "How badly did you hurt yourself?" She keeps her foot on the break, not getting out yet.

Holden furrows his brow, "Me?" He shakes his head, "No, I'm not hurt. I didn't…" He lifts his hands to inspect them. They're dirty, and indeed, he's bleeding. "Oh." He sighs, "Crap." He wipes the blood off from his hand and looks at his palm. "It's cut," he says, showing her. "I'll live." He sighs, and he walks to the back of the car. "You steering then, Clutch?"

Kayla opens her mouth to say something about his hand but snaps it shut as he gives her a nickname. She smirks, before easing up on the breaks and carefully stepping out. Grabbing hold of the steering wheel with one hand, she places her other one against the doorframe. "Let's go."

Truth be told, Kayla is likely pushing with as much muscle as Holden. Maybe more. He's not a big fella. He pushes, grunting just a little, and indeed, the car begins to move. "So…" he says, between heavy breaths, "What was he like…?" Push. Push. "…Before, I mean?" Push Push.

Kayla groans as she pushes, and almost cheers as the car begins to roll. It isn't fast, and t isn't smooth, but it IS happening. "Huh? Oh. Quin?" Kay's burst of cheer at the moving car fades quickly. "He wasn't -too- different…well, in some ways. He could write amazing poetry like you and I breath. He was social, and a bit of a ladies man - he wasn't…uncomfortable like he is now. He liked himself…"

Holden nods, still pushing. "He's still a ladies man…" He rolls his eyes, "Whole damn camp wants in his pants, you know…" He leans his shoulder against the trunk, trying to get better leverage. "Poetry… I wouldn't have guessed that…" He pushes some more, "What um… What about you?"

Kayla almost chokes as shhe tosses a look back to Holden. "Yeah, I know…but he used to flirt back. He used to be comfortable with girls.." She trails off, and sighs. "He was a famous poet. Had more than one book published. He was a big deal…before." She continues to push, pulling hard on the wheel to get the car out onto the main path. "Me? I was studying to be a teacher. Didn't get to finish."

"Wow," Holden says about Quinton. "Does he still write?" He keeps pushing, "Teacher… Cool… What… What did you want to teach…?"

"Elementary," Kayla puffs quietly. The car is HEAVY, okay? "And sort of. Not like he used to. and he gets mad if I ask. I think…I think he's frustrated. With himself." She seems to find it easier to talk about her brother rather than herself. "Nearly there."

"Elementary…" Holden repeats. "Kids are cool." He shoves a bit more, "Turn the wheel as much as…" huff. Huff. "As much as it'll go… Just a little to the right and… we're there…"

Kayla does as instructed - she'd already been starting to turn it when he'd given the instruction, so it was easy to do. Perspiration dots her forehead as she continues to push. Getting the car lined up with the hole, she lets go of the wheel and steps back. A quick shove closes the door and she hurries around back to join Holden pushing. "One…two…THREE!"

Holden pushes harder on her count, and the car lurches forward, the front wheels dropping into the pit. Holden falls face first to the dirt with an, "Ooof!" A moment later, the entire car follows the weight of the front end, and crashes down into the giant hole, coming to rest with the back end of the car sticking up out of the hole a few feet, a bloody handprint on the trunk from Holden.

Kayla crouches quickly to try and help Holden up, making sure he's okay. "You okay?" she repeats quietly as the noise of the crash of the car fades into the forest. "Such a great idea."

Holden nods, standing up and dusting his knees off. "I'm okay…" He takes a moment to catch his breath, looking back to where they started, then to where the car is now. He grins, "No one will not see it now." He walks over and looks down into the pit, where most of the spikes have been crushed or knocked over. Then he chuckles, and says in a gravelly voice, "It's a trap!"

Kayla blinks and then bursts out laughing. "Okay, fish face." she returns. She doesn't know the character's actual name but she knows who Holden is talking about. She returns to where she'd left her backpack and swings it back up onto her shoulder. "That took way less time than expected…guess I have time to scavenge on the way home."

Holden fully laughs then, "There you go! Nerd!" He grabs his backpack as well. "There were a couple of cars and a minivan not too far back. They didn't look too picked through," he offers as he starts to walk back toward the camp.
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Kayla flushes but grins at the laughter from her partner in vandalism. "Sure, sounds good." She's only too happy to try anything - added bonuses are always good!

After some time, Kayla and Holden get back to the next group of cars. They spend about an hour going through everything, finding that mostly everything has, indeed, been picked over. As the prepare to go, there's a sound in the distance. Holden tilts his head, looking at Kayla. "Was… Was that a rooster?"

Kayla straightens as she hears what Holden hears, and turns to him with wide eyes. "I think it was. You…don't think people left the farm we passed untouched…do you?" she wonders, quietly. They couldn't be that luck. Could they

Holden shakes his head, "No. That'd be whacked." And yet, there's that rooster call again. He scratches the back of his neck, "Roosters bite," he says, concerned.

"They do? Can you bi te without teeth…or do they have teeth?" Kayla is such a city girl! "Come on…we have to go check." Because Ccamp would hate the if they didn't and they should have.

Holden sighs, "They carry rabies…" he says, to no one in particular. There's a little grumble, and then he hurries after her. "Wait up!"

Kayla isn't about to let soeone else get there first. "The rooster is -calling- to us." she explains with a wink over her shoulder. "Besides. If it -is- untouched, I'm sure we can find a cage to chase it into or something."

Holden huffs, "I value my fingers…" He follows her along, keeping up alright. "Why can't I ever be the one to find the beer?"

Kayla laughs at that, and shrugs. "I never find that stuff either." It takes a few minutes, but when they get to the farm, Kayla pauses…and then follows the rooster's call to a barn. "Help me with the door…"

As they approach the barn, he whines, "I got a bad feeling about this…" He watches her, not helping until she asks him to. He moves up and grabs the heavy wood door beside her, and when she's ready, he helps her pull.

The door groans as it opens, and Kayla waves away dust that falls from the rickety structure. "Why don't you wait here then?" she suggests, even as she movs to slip nto the barn. She is gone for only a brief moment before, "Holy shit!"

Holden hurries inside when she curses. "What is it? Are you…" and then he sees all the animals. "It's a zoo…" He looks at Kayla. "These belong to someone. You think maybe those army guys?" He begins walking over to look at the caged roosters and the chicken. "Do we take them?"

Kayla is standing over, stroking the forehead of a young foal. "I didn't see anyone at the farm, did you?" The rest of the barnyard occupants are looked over with amazement. "What do you think?"

Holden sighs. He looks around at all the animals. A pig, even. "Well… If there's a bright center of the universe, we're on the planet that's farthest from," he says, tiredly. "Seems that way now, anyway." He looks back over at Kayla and he shrugs, "Finders Keepers?" Grin.

Kayla bites her lower lip to keep from laughing out loud. She nods, firmly. "They might have forgotten where they put them and not come back and THEN what would happen to these poor things!" She pats the foal's head one last time before moving around the barn to start finding ropes and bridles. "Might as well tie them to one another, and the cages….uh. I think if we loop rope through the tops we can each carry a side, like a handle?"

Holden smiles fully then. "Hope they like bacon," he says as he walks over to where the chicken and roosters are. He hefts their cages and stacks them near the door.

"Ohhh, pork chops wth mushroom cream sauce." Kayla groans at the idea. Pure pleasure. She makes quick work of looping rope around the necks of the foal, sheep and three sows and the cow. "I think it may take us a while to get back." she adds with a grin "We better start now."

Holden makes a little uck face, "Why would you ruin perfectly good pork chops with mushrooms?" He hacks a bit, being dramatic. He shakes one of his feet, "Ugh. Some days I wish I had been wearing more comfortable walking shoes during the apocalypse." He sighs, and then begins to tie off the rooster cages onto the cow's back. "We're gonna be heroes."

"I brought in a horse and her foal, and a bull, and a goose and a chicken the other day…and some other stuff." Kayla pauses, and frowns before shaking her head. "I don't remember what but…this is the rest of the farm, it seems!”

Holden laughs, finishing off the knot and then beginning to walk out of the barn. "Someone out here REALLY hates you," he notes, grinning. "Let's get these things back to camp then. I need to find Doug, still. I was hoping to spot him at dinner."

Kayla hurries to catch up, leading the foal, who walks along nicely - the cow, sheep and pigs on the other hand are a bit more stubborn and make the going slow. "We need to get you cover alls and a cowboy hat."

Holden gives her a playful glare. "Watch your tongue, Clutch. Animals hate me. And I don't feel much different back at 'em." He slows his walk a bit so she can keep up. "I look stupid in hats, too," he adds, finally smiling again.

Kayla snorts softly. "I'm going to come up with the worst nickname for you, and I'm going to make sur that everyone calls you it!" she threatens with a grin as she leads her chain of animals home.

Holden just shakes his head. "Just keep leading your flock…" He smiles, and they head off down the road toward camp.

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