(2015-08-31) Silencer in the Bushes
Silencer in the Bushes
Summary: Qera is met. Quinton gets in the way of the shoot and Gabriel listens in.
Date: 8.31.2015
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Bateman's Berry Farm

Bateman's Berry Farm is just want you would expect, acre upon acre of berry bushs. During the months of April, May and June strawberries and blueberries grow and ripen. In July and August, the strawberries and blueberries are done and rasberries and blackberries begin to ripen. There is also an orchard that has rows upon rows of peach and apple trees. The peaches begin to ripen end of June and the apples mid-August.

The fields are overgrown and see more deer and other animals than humans, but they are still growing and probably will for decades to come.

The sun is lowering in the sky and with the later hours in the day the temp. drop and with it came a drizzling rain that falls in spurts. Thankfully at the moment it is between such activity, letting the two men and single female travel to the orchard without getting too damp. The woman in question, clearly pregnant, barefoot and still nursing a leg wound, rides horseback, with a couple more horses being lead or even possibly ridden by the two men. She carries a rifle, cradled in her arm. They are in african lion (zoo escapees) territory so it is better to have it ready just in case one decides the people or the horses would make a good meal.

Quinton's no longer sporting his beard, someone(Kayla) made a joke so off it came. the baby faced poet is walking along side the horses, felling a little more grounded and able to protect not on horseback. His pale eyes keep scanning the area, not wanting another encounter with the big cats. But, food has to be gotten, and the orchards as best a place as any. He will make a glance to make sure Piper’s ok, before looking to Gab. Quin must be brave, he's out with a pregnant woman and a blind man. They're doomed.

Gabriel is also opting not to be riding upon a horse. His stick at his side and is set down generally gentle, with the occasional one just a tad harder. Doing what he can to pay attention to the surroundings as well. Not seeming to consider his condition to be hindering in at least offering a head's up in case someone, or something, approaches them. Listening to any chance in how the others of his company are moving or behaving. For now not seeming to mind what company he is in.

The clippity clop of approaching hooves sends a head buried in amongst a field of berries poking up to check out the commotion. Icy blue eyes affix upon the trio before ducking back down and shifting around as though she were a child caught with her hand in a cookie jar. Another glance; A woman on horseback, two more down by the horses side walking along together. The woman is clearly toting a rifle and it seems one of the men is packing some heat as well, a sidearm and a shotgun by the looks of it. Qera is in no position to deftly slip away from their emanate arrival, which will be fairly close to where she was foraging herself. She doesn't have any of her guns on her person at the moment, only a 7" survival knife and a concealed karambit in a jacket pocket. A gamble, but she slowly rises up from her squat from the lined berry bushes and raises her hands up into the air, not high, just enough to show she doesn't have anything in them…except berries. Plenty of berries are still clutched in one hand and even with the cautious action she still manages to reach over and plop another in her mouth as she tries to hoist a hearty smile to the crew. "Hello." is stated plainly followed by a few chews over said berry.

Surprised or not gets the same reaction from the woman on horseback. She is a firm believer in stranger danger so when the strange woman pops up from the berry bushes the rifle automatically comes up in business like fashion. Piper's eyes widen, eyes lock with the woman and she shakes her head a few times, denying what she sees. Will she freak out, won't she? To early to tell, what she isn't doing is talking..or putting the gun down. She keeps the weapon aimed left of center, a kill shot, not her usual shoot to wound aiming.

Quinton's fairly alert, but he was scanning the other direction when Qera does her impression of a jack in the box, 'Whoa! Hey!" His hand goes up as he steps around to get in front of Piper and Gab. Capable or not, Gab's still blind , and Piper's still preggo. In his experience, people don't say hello before shooting him, so he makes an assumption. Let's see if he ends up with a bullet(maybe from Piper). The raised hand actually is to Piper, but his eyes stay on the other woman as he stops shot gun down, "Hey…we're just….getting food…no need for aggression.." on anyone's part. "You need to be careful…there's some .." he can't say lions, she won't believe him, "wild animals around that attack."

Starting to slow down as he hear something, or perhaps feel it through the ground if Qera is being very loud. Either way, as the hands go up Gabriel is carefully listening to what it is that is moving. Not hearing the sound of metal he instead tries to listen to see if she is alone or not. The fact that Piper is quiet does help him out to listen. Nodding towards the woman, letting Quinton do the talking, as the other man is moving to get in front of Gabriel and Piper. Slowly moving and while Quinton talks with the woman, and piper is aiming her weapon, he will just keep his attention around them, just to be on the safe side. Be it for animals or more people.

A nervous laugh tittles from Qera as those berries that were once so confidently clutched before now come tumbling down to the ground as that rifle is locked on to her. The steely face and wide eyes from the woman don't lead her to believe she is one that is very trusting, and why should she be. "I…uh…*ahems*…Are these your berries?" A hard swallow follows but she looks fairly calm considering she could be ripped open by a bullet. How ironic really that it could come from someone like her. She seen kindred before so it doesn't alarm her so much as make her wanna pee her pants for not rethinking the whole gamble thing. A man scurries around and gets inbetween them and it's then, only then that Qera's gaze shifts away from those of the mounted woman, over to the man that is now…speaking to her of all things. A cough as it chokes her up a bit before she can respond, but it is clear from his speech, this field isn't theirs. "Umm.. I'm unarmed." Is all she can think of saying for the moment before she cuts those blue orbs down to her feet to look over all the dropped berries. Wasted.

There is no trust in Piper's eyes, though there is clear warning in thier dark orbs. Though since Quinton is focusing on the other woman that bit goes unnoticed. It's pretty clear though that the only thing that has saved Qera's life is the fact that her companion is blocking her shot. Just has it is clear that the pregnant woman knows exactly what Qera is. Of course she realizes the reverse is true too, which could explain the fear that is also in her eyes. Is it possible the two humans don't know? Regardless the rifle remains in position, though her finger is off the trigger. She doesn't want to accidently shoot the poet.

Quinton nods softly, "As much as it can." Ownership of anything is debatable now a days. "Look…there's plenty…you can ..eat." He's not going to have someone starve. That's just…inhumane. Finally he'll glance over his shoulder at Piper, "We're not going to shot unless we're shot at." Is that an order, or a plea? Gab gets a glance, but he can't communicate anything that he needs to with a glance. So back to the unknown in front of him, "Are you alone?"

Gabriel doesn't say much, as for any feeling towards the woman or Piper not lowering the rifle, he doesn't say. Just trusting that the other two has that in control as he put his attention towards elsewhere. Though the words from Quinton to Piper has Gabriel nodding as well. More to himself than anyone else.

A slow kick at those berries, before Qera's gaze is directed back at the woman. Oh she knows. She sees it building behind those eyes. She feels the desire from the woman to kill her, but what are you going to do. She may as well have been caught on the toilet because it's out of her hands for the time being. She breaks away from the stare and makes no attmept to hide the fact that she is looking around off to her right now. Nope nothing good over that way. This man is talking again though. She looks at him. "I thought maybe I was taking from you. That's all." A bit of a grin comes across Qera's face however to that remark to Piper, "I don't think she likes me much." It should be noted that her hands are still in the air, she hasn't dropped them as that would be ridiculously stupid given the circumstance. "I'm alone. Just me and these berries. They're good berries too." She smiles and tries to make light of everything. Perhaps it will put the two that are on alert at ease. It's only now that she is really noticing that the quiet one doesn't seem to be able to see, "What's wrong with your friend? He blind?" Her eyes run up his visage and back down the arm with that cane, then back to the woman.

Piper's eyes dart from Qera to Quinton when she is addressed, but the weapon doesn't waiver. Her looks are deceiving, she knows how to handle the weapon. Luck is with the other woman today though. Were anyone else with Piper, or if she was alone things would have worked out differently. The business end of the rifle slowly lowers centimeter by centimeter until it's pointing more to the ground. She still hasn't said a word though, much like Gabriel beside her. A nod is given to Quinton, though it is plain that she isn't very happy about it.

They'd all be in a very different boat if Quin was having a bad day. Thankfully he's able to get his words out enough for no bullets. His pale eyes flicker off in the direction she looks, but then it goes back to Qera and narrows at the remark about Piper. There's a flash of annoyance of Quin's face, "His blind, not deaf." Quinton sighs and the nods to Qera, "If you're by yourself…then take what you want." and then there it is, he offers her a soft smile, trying to show they're not planning on mowing her down…as long as she doesn't.

Gabriel just chuckles dryly and offers a small wave of the stick in a greeting towards Qera before setting it down, hearing them speak of his loss of sight if not loss of hearing. As for her being alone, he nods. Seemingly confirming it. As for Piper not being too happy, Gabriel might even notice despite being unable to see it. Seeing over and making sure that the horses remain calm.

There is a sigh of relief in Qera's eyes as that rifle is slowly lowered although those hands aren't lowered in response just yet. What's done can be undone and it seems luck is with her for the moment. She watches a nod being exchanged and that man look off to the nothingness that where she was just glancing, perhaps looking for some cover or some such. Oh annoyance now. Hmm. "I'm sure he understands that I'm not a mind reader and just wanted to ask." She lofts her shoulders in a soft shrug, "I was just going to say it's truly nice to see folks lookin' out for one another. That's all." She explains the offense and then just nods slowly. "I think I'd rather be going honestly…" There is a glance back down to those berries once again but they aren't worth getting shot over. One more time to the woman, "Sometimes things aren't what they appear to be right? Not everything is set in stone. I just wanna get outta here alive. I don't hold it against you for though." She casts a gaze across the lot of them so it doesn't seem like it's just for the woman, "Times are tough and you can't trust anyone anymore. Now if you don't mind…" One after the other her feet find sure footing behind her in a back peddle, arms /still/ raised. She will continue this way unless something changes.

The words are enough to make Piper blink in surprise and her head cants to the side. Still wary and distrustful, but the aggression fades. Agreement is left unsaid, maybe it doesn't need to be said. She pretty much epitomizes those words herself. As Qera moves away her eyes remained firmly locked on the other woman, watching as she begins to move off.

Quinton sighs and then calls out, "Wait…Just..wait." His rifle is passed off to Gab, "Hold this, Robby." and his back pack slid off so he can get to the side pocket. A tightly rolled plastic bag from a grocery store is pulled out and offered to Qera, "Here…fill up…fresh food is…hard to come by." And unless he's shot or screamed at by either woman or Gab, he steps forward, the bag held out in offering.

Gabriel does easily hold the rifle, and keeping it in a firm grip. Not that he can actually use it. Not seeming to be going to scream at Quinton at least. Happy to help anyone out. So he leaves the interaction alone for now. Just flashing a brief smile in their general direction. While also seeming to be paying attention to Piper's reaction.

There is a sudden halt to that step as Qera focuses on the man that calls out, handing off his shotgun to the one that is blind. "Whaa?" Robby huh? A dig through the backpack's side pocket has the man revealing a plastic baggy. Like a supermarket baggy. hmm. It's offered over with an explanation as to why. Qera stares at him for a few moments and then to the bag then back to him. "No, you need it more than I do. It's easy to feed a single person. These hands do just fine. I'm willing to bet you have more mouths to feed then just you three." This is accompanied by a shake of her hand. Yes arms still raised. "It's a very kind gesture though. I'll remember it…" She isn't quite sure if the man will take no for an answer, some people are like that. Her father was like that. That back pedal is began again but there is more confidence in it now. She doesn't believe that she is going to get shot up over refusing to accept a bag that would do more good in their hands. Perhaps he knows that though. "Oh and.. My names Qera by the way." She doesn't need to hear any of their names and instead opts a full on retreat and with a pivot upon her heel she is turning to scram unless there is another reason to stick around. It's been a pretty close call so far.

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