(2015-09-01) Bandit Defectors
Bandit Defectors
Summary: A group of bandits run into a group from Camp Hope.
Date: 9.1.2015
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It was pure luck that the subdivision was found at all. It isn't listed on any maps, and can't be seen from the main road. It was only when the radio station was going to be investigated that it was found. Stupid trees…and the radio station buildings. Were it not for them they could have had this place cleaned out awhile back..or close to it at least. It was getting late though when they found it, the sun already dipping below the horizon so there was only time to hit one or two houses if they were going to make it back to camp before full dark. And now the group is heading back they are just past the radio station and can see the main road from their vantage.

Quinton's backpack is nearly empty, a small haul for him, but hey…they can't all bring back horses and bulls. The man is dressed in a t-shirt and jeans, the gun hosted visible. He keeps glancing over to the radio station and will finally get out, "…we…should…" and the points at the building. He knows the time restraints, but there could be stuff they could //really use, not just food and books, in there. A glance to Kayla and then everyone else. he's not suggesting they all go. Although the loss of sunlight won't affect Gab at all.

It's been a fairly decent haul this last week for Kayla. Today hasn't been quite as lucky as she has been over the last few days - but hey, what can really compete with bringing home practically an entire farm's worth of animals! Be that as it may, she's here with her backpack and the rest of the group. "We'd have to be quick - it's almost dark."

Gabriel does let out a small yawn as he wanders with the others. While he isn't from the camp proper, he is their neighbour. So he is happy to help out as the blind man has a bag with him along with his stick secured to the strap of the bag. Searching and finding a few interesting items. Naming what kind of items he fins, if perhaps not quite able to say the specifics of all of them. Following Quinton as they come out. Perhaps able to tell that Quinton is pointing, due to the quick moment of the man's arm. "As long as everyone is still alert, we could." Nodding to Kayla's words as well. "We could split into two groups. I'd be happy to head in there." Since indeed, the dark doesn't really effect him.

Piper hasn't been scavenging in weeks…way to long in her book so being able to do so now, and having some luck at it even. I mean she found Rum. She can't drink it of course, but it's good for trading with. Limping along she has her rifle tucked between her backpack and body. She was eyeing the radio station when they passed if the first time and she does do again when the pass by it on the way back. Though she shrugs when the question to search it is brought up. She isn't really concerned about the dark either, though she doesn't mention it.

Natasha quietly follows the group, saying little as they go. She wasn't really looking for anything spectacular but there was always the hope of finding hidden treasures. A few which she did discover. Patting the satchel that is slung across shoulders she watches the others.

Everyone's favorite marksman/hunter/clean-room-violator keeps pace with the group, his pack not quite bulging with fresh loot. His gun's always on him, of course, currently lashed to one side of his pack. As for the loot: the model rocket kit would be fun, especially once he scavenges for more parts; the toolbox could be a good gift for one of the other campers; the survival manual would be an excellent start to a library (assuming one's been built, or will be built), or another gift to a less survival-savvy member of Camp Hope, since he knows the material backwards and forwards. The skateboard.. hm, what to do with the skateboard… Probably gift it to one of the others, too.

An umbral figure walks slow through the outskirted trees that line the backing of the suburban estates. Perhaps Qera noticed them on their passing through and decided to see what they are up to, from a safe distance away that is. She can see that there are at least four that she has come across already, and there is a special emphasis upon the woman that head her at gunpoint. It was no doubt due to an understanding that is beyond all explanation. Still she follows, dipping closer into the hidden neighborhood, taking her time to look around, acting as a kind of a rear scout to make sure the area is clear. One can never be too careful these days. A group that fancies themselves bandits has been known to roam the area from time to time, and it wouldn't surprise Qera if one or more of them happen to be standing around somewhere, roughing each other up or taking a leak on a wall- or some such. The group steadily clears a couple homes before stopping to talk. There are a few gestures sent towards what looks to be a radio station and the turn of some heads. Ahh radio. To be able to listen to her favorite jams again. Now that would be heaven. Can't dwell on that though so instead she decides to do a bit of looking around to see if she can come up with anything useful herself until they figure out what they are going to do next.

It is decided that the radio station will wait for another day. It isn't going anywhere really and the group continues to head out toward the main road. Quinton hears it first, the sound of quiet arguing around the curve of the main road to the east. What they are arguing about isn't made out, but they aren't familiar voices and there seem to be at least six of them, if not more.

Quinton's hand immediately goes up to signal he's heard something. He then points, head tilted as he listens. After some quick math, he holds up 6 fingers. Not liking those odds, he motions that they should find another route. The poet looks trying to decide which side street is going to be best to bypass the other group.

Kayla stops dead in her tracks, hearing the argument only a moment or two after Quinton. She frowns, looking back at the others as she shifts her backpack against her shoulders and tightens the straps. Best not have it bouncing around if they have to run. She waits to see who's taking the lead, and which way they are going…

Gabriel doesn't notice as quickly as Quinton. Once he does he is stopping and focusing on listening. Perhaps listening intently enough to miss Quinton trying to get them to move towards another direction. Soon enough he does turn his attention towards his group. "Move around or want me to check, while you sit and wait?" He suggests. Their group all have weapons after all, and he can't shoot. Then again, it might just be his curiosity and personality that has him suggesting it. Keeping his voice to a bare minimum for the small group to hear him.

People arguing is never a good sign, it usually ends with people fighting with either fists or guns and inevitably someone gets injured. Piper hears it at the same time as everyone else and looks in that direction. She moves closer to Quinton, easing the rifle from its place against her back but makes no suggestions as to their course of action, she remains unspeaking like always. She's ready though for whatever is decided.

The mood in their party seems to change at the same time. Natasha isn't exactly sure what to do as she has never encountered such a situation with these beings before. If it was just her, she'd be out of there. Fast. Yet she's not alone and as much as she wants to go, that probably wouldn't fly once back at camp. Quietly she stays where she is hoping someone gives an idea of what the group's next action is.

A proud smile beams about Qera's face at the hygienic loot she's came across while sifting about in one of the houses, but a high pitched scream that didn't come from the group has her scrambling over to the open window and back outside to see what is going on. It was angry. Something doesn't sit with her right. As she peeps out from behind a house she can still clearly see the group huddled up and in the same position but obviously on the ready. Up ahead is another group that numbers in…many. Looks to be six from here but there could possibly be more tucked away someplace, not fully visible. Hmm. Her rifle is slipped off her shoulder and the safety is clicked to the 'fire' position. Problem. From this angle it would only alert the bandits, if that's what they are, to the group and bring heat back their way. Why does she even care? Humans care right? Right? She begins to move around to the rear of the house traveling as silently yet quickly as possible. She doesn't want to give away the movement to either party and instead wants to be able to offer the ones she /is/ fond of opportunity. A cut through the woods until…There. An old tree that is just perfect. She can see those bandits /and/ it provides ample cover, just in case. She brings them up into the scope and waits.

The argument comes to an abrupt end as the CH group decides what they are going to do. Within a few moments the group that was arguing, numbering 10 actually, are seen coming around the bend, they are still debating amongst each other as they move along the road, so they have yet to notice that they are about to run in. They are all men in the group. They all look haggard, some nurse fresh wounds, from fighting by the looks of it, others have older wounds of similar type. They are all armed, but none of them seem to be fighting fit at least, though if they are desperate enough, who knows.

Damn it. Quin thought they were further away. He inhales, his hand on his gun, but not pulled and steps in front of everyone. Sorry Kayla, he's not letting anyone get shot if he can help it. He motions for the group to start moving down the closest road away from the men, but knows they're going to be seen. So the poet stands there, waiting to take up the rear. Or shot, if he has to. Either way, sister and pregnant woman first! His eyes narrow though as he lays eyes on one particular man. Something seem to click, and he inhales, but then the words fail him.

Quinton is /VERY/ mistaken if he thinks his sister is going to simply take off and leave him to bring up the rear. She steps just to the side of him, trying to mask their number from the group. She reaches into her waistband and undoes the safety latch from the knife she keeps tucked inside her waistband. "Do not be a hero," she hsises softly at Quinton even as she motions behind her back with her other hand to the rest of the group to get going. "Piper, get you and your baby outta here…Gabriel, can you go with her?" Kay doesn't look over her shoulder as she speaks, keeping her voice as low as she can manage while still thinking they can hear her. "The rest of you go with 'em, we're right behind you."

While still standing with the rest of the group, Gabriel is a bit to the side for now. His stick being pulled out to be set down to the ground, if softly. Noticing how Quinton moves ahead, making him move up to stand with Quinton and Kayla. Sighing at the banter between siblings. Though at the words from Kayla, he shrugs. "I believe the three of you…" Meaning the three still in the back. Natasha, Piper, and Terry who is somewhere nearby most likely. "Will be faster on your own." It's hard to be fast with a blind man after all. Besides, he probably can't just let the two siblings stay on their own, or what seem to be injured people approaching. Bandits or not.

Dark eyes narrow as the bandits come into view. Piper isn't surprised by Quinton stepping forward or when Kayla totally goes against his wishes and steps up to his side. Now she has a choice. Stick with the two that couldn't hit anything with the weapons they have, or retreat and protect the other two. A questioning look is sent to Quinton briefly and she does something completely odd for her. She retreats, backing away slowly, rifle in hand. Of course she could just be tactically withdrawing to sneak off and double back to get a flank on the bandits. That would be totally like her.

The fact that the people who have come into view are wounded tugs at a special place in Natasha's soul. Whether they're friendly or not she can't help but wonder if they needed help. She wouldn't do anything to bring danger to the group, so she stays quiet but if the others chose to leave, she would have a hard time doing so.

Qera lifts her rifle as the begin to move and rounds the tree as they are going to pass and the other side will provide much better cover, she will soon be on their flank once they pass. It seems they are starting towards the party quite heavily now, moving on from whatever disagreement they had yet still carrying it with them. Moving none the less. What to do…what to do?! There is a bit of panic that begins to set into those icy blues as they pierce through the tree down through her scope, crosshairs affixed on the leader. "Dear lord.." is uttered softly as her heart begins to thump a bit harder with each breath. If she waits too long she won't be able to do anything without the 3 that are still just /right/ there becoming collateral damage. Panic, full on. I need to kill them! I need to do it now! A finger firmly begins to squeeze down on the trigger, that man that is at the lead of the unknown group dead to rights. No. Calm. Breath. You don't have to kill anyone. Distract them. Yes that is a better option. She moves her gaze to a place on the road and squeezes, "Dammit.." The trigger is hard, not moving, a cartridge is jammed in the chamber! She begins to correct the problem but is unable to offer any sort of distraction unless she calls out and gives herself away…"Hey you Ol' dirty heifer!" is all that comes to mind as she backs away, still working on that jam.

Surprised silence falls as the group of bandits see the small group of people from Camp Hope, they stop, surprised, confused the feeling of the day for them. Even though they outnumber and outgun those from Camp Hope they quickly show that they don't mean any harm to the group. "Whoa." one of the guys in the front says as his eyes rove the group facing them and he holds is arms out giving them a bit of a nervous wave "We don't want any trouble." he glances back to the men behind him, making sure that they are all in agreement on that. He doesn't get any argument from any of the others.

oh…there will be words later. or more likely, Quin will never go on another trip with people again if this is what it's going to be like. Kayla can probably feel the annoyance roll off the man. And what the hell is Gab doing? How is giving them more targets a good thing?!? At least Piper is retreating…which is completely out of character for the woman, which is why he wanted Kayla with her. Damn it. Quin's jaw tightens, realizing no one is actually leaving. Why does he bother? A hand comes up to show he's not aiming a weapon at them, maybe they can all just leave peacefully (it's happened before!). And it seems like the men feel the same. The poet nods in agreement, eyeing the men's injuries and he gambles (if he's right, there could be a huge payoff), "Need…help?" There's more, but a different voice, from somewhere else is yelling. And it's not one of his group so he tenses, darting his head to try to find the direction it came from.

Kayla shifts herself around at the yell, turning so her back is to her brother and facing the direction of the new, unknown threat. "Shit," she mutters under her breath. She doesn't have a weapon to point, but she does keep her hand on the hilt of her knife though she leaves it sheathed.

Gabriel does listen to the people approaching them. As guns seem to be lowered, judging by Quinton's words and behaviour. Thus just letting his attention go to the yell. Perhaps recognizing it, though there is always the risk of it sounding odd due to the state of the woman. Thus he is just waiting and listening for now. Though ready to help the new arrivals, if needed. Tapping his stick a few times.

Piper was working on leaving…slowly, but with the bandits saying they don't want trouble is that even necessary now? She doesn't give any reaction to the female yelling, except maybe a glance in that direction. She did recognize the voice and while she still considers the strange woman a potential threat, there is only one of her and ten bandits. And the bandits are closer and in line of sight. Her rifle, while ready, hasn't been clearly aimed at anyone and still isn't. Since they seem to wanting to parlay, that is the hope at least. She will stay where she is, halfway between the trio of Quin, Kayla and Gabriel and Natasha.

Moving forward towards the group Natasha says, "You're wounded, do you need medical care?" She quirks her brow, making sure not to advance too far on the group.

A slide of the bolt and a firm palm strike to the side of the rifle sends the cause of the jam clinking down into the ground. Qera is sure not to make the same mistake again as an extra second is added towards bringing the bolt back into the chamber slowly, making sure the round seats properly. That rifle is back up and it's too late. The groups have met. To her surprise though it doesn't seem like anything is happening. They're all just standing there. No one is really even at the ready. She wonders if they even heard her or not. Doesn't matter now. Qera's sight is obstructed by the group of ten and she can barely make out someone moving forward. Seems that oh so rare jam was a gift from god, and she lowers the rifle, shoulders it even, then simply looks up to the heavens as though it were a sign that she is doing right. She rises from her crouched position, stands, and begins to slowly walk back around so that she can see what is going on. Nothing more, nothing less.

Naturally the offer of help is met with suspicion. You don't survive long in this new world by accepting every offer of help that comes along. The bandit that. "You all with that Matson fellow that came to talk with Frank awhile back?" the bandit spokesman says, keeping his hands will away from the weapons he carries.

Kayla holds her place. She doesn't recognize any of the bandits, nor the voice of the woman. She's still too new to really know the neighbours! She's also new enough to know that she is not the one leading this show. She leaves the decision making and the action planning to others.

Quinton nods, indicating they are with him. "You…with him…or.." He lets his question trail off, but is obviously asking if they’re still with this Frank guy. He'll not offer help again, knowing it will look pushy, and it's suspicious already. Thankfully no bullets seem to be flying….yet. He doesn't want a matching scar on his right shoulder.

Gabriel does shift a bit, keeping near. Listening to those in his company. Enough offers of help has been offered for now. Instead just making sure no one is getting spooked and draws a gun. Moving perhaps a bit. Still curious about the one in the forest. Though since it's been quiet perhaps the person is no longer there.

Not wanting this to look like some kind of cadet review with everyone lined up, Piper just stays back behind the group. And since is is so much shorter than most everyone she could technically be considered out of sight of the bandits so if things go south she can easily be the surprise they weren't expecting.

"So, uh…are we all just going to stand here all day?" Kayla wonders, her voice only barely loud enough to carry to the group of bandits as well as her own people. She doesn't move, simply…waiting.

Natasha stays where she is. Her offer valid, so she has no reason to say anything else or move from where she is currently standing.

"Frank's a crazy, homicidal son of a bitch." the bandit guy says quickly and firmly. "The guy was two days away from getting the chair when the power went out." he nods when Quinton confirms they are with Matson and he glances at Natasha "Yeah, he have a few that could use some medical attention." he then goes back to Quinton "Matson offered anyone that wanted us places in his camp..or a few days of rations if we wanted to move on to some place else." he gestures to the weary group behind him "With Frank slipping off the deep end and a sniper putting bullets in our back we decided maybe we would be better off seeing what kind of place Matson could offer us."

Quinton studies the men before nodding slowly. Sonny had told him it was a possibility, a rare one, but there. "…Weapons?" He's not asking them to hand them over, just to know who has what. Quin the motions to Nat, if the men want a look over before turning to Piper, "Go…ahead." Looking to take stock of who's here, he motions for Terry(who's just kinda been hanging back watching everything) to go with her.

Gabriel does speak, since he doesn't actually live in camp, and can't speak for them. Attention on the men. "I'd offer to help, if there is anything I can do." Perhaps to Nat, or any of the others ready to help the men. "Or perhaps I should move ahead?" Perhaps to prepare at least some food to be arranged, be it for when they arrive or for the morning. Though due to the size of the group he might be a bit reserved about leaving the group on their own. Though whatever is decided, he will go along.

Scavenging Rolls

1 Music CD - Opera/Broadway- Artist: Savannah Delgado (a/k/a Pied-Piper)
1 Color Therapy Coloring Book
5 Bottles Nail Polish
1 Handful of pens-all from different places
1 Deck of Playing Cards
1 A bottle of Dr.Pepper
1 Book - The Art of War by Sun Tzu
1 Feminine products
1 Jacket
1 An almost expired chocolate pudding cup
1 Hand Held Can opener
1 Music Book - Piano
1 Magazine - National Geographic
1 Sweater
1 Bottle of Robutussin
1 Package of TP rolls
1 Bleach
1 Book - Fiction - Ready Player One
1 Bottle of Rum
1 Package of TP rolls
1 Tooth paste
1 Bottle of Aspirin (5 left)
1 Guitar Strings
1 Pillow
1 Markers
1 Book - Apology, Crito, and Phaedo of Socrates by Plato
1 Vinyl Record
1 Model Rocket Kit
1 Tool Box
1 Book - Non-Fiction - Military Survival Manual
1 Harry Potter Gryffindor Skateboard

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