(2015-09-01) Guitar Lesson
Guitar Lesson
Summary: After a miscommunication Quinton and Piper just focus on the language of music
Date: 9.1.2015
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River Bank - Southside

The bank of the river gently slopes downward toward the flowing waters of the Platte River. Near the shore the current is sluggish enough for wading, but get out to deep and the current picks up and could carry a person much faster and farther then expected. Jutting out into the river is a dock where the boats available at the boat house can be secured. A path follows the river.

<FS3> Quinton rolls Guitar: Good Success.

Quinton hadn't gone out today, he might not at all. The early morning was spent gathering wood for the fire pits. It's one of those little chores that he neglected, and he almost ran out last night. Now the poet sits, his shirt off and jeans rolled up. He was either in the water at some point, or was aught in the rain that had happened on and off an hour ago. But the sun is out and shin in, and he seems to eb trying to dry off. His guitar and case are there, the former in his hands and he's doing a decent job of some unknown tune.It's meandering, not real direction. One of the bonuses for not being trained. His bare feet tap lightly to whatever he's playing. A t-shit with a yellow dog is laid out trying.

The good news is Piper has nearly full use of her leg again, though it still isn't to the point of her usual ghost like movements. The bad news, well there is none of that, her weirdo mood after yesterday's encounter has lifted…or she is just getting better at hiding such things. What brings her down to the river? Is it the music? No, as much as she enjoys it she doesn't have a sixth sense about when it is being played. She did hear it though, and while she had planned to go further down to fish that plan changed. The whole moth to a flame adage being very applicable here. She doesn't want to disturb him mid-song so does her best not to as she moves closer, fishing rod in hand. Of course she can't help it, unconsciously she starts to hum along, as she does anytime she hears music.

<FS3> Quinton rolls Alertness: Great Success.

Quinton's head comes up and he flashes her a smile. He's got pretty decent hearing and she's not in ninja mode. His playing slows briefly as he nods for her to take a seat, if she wishes. Although he's not close enough to fish. Over the music he softly says, "…Hey….ok?"

Ninja mode is going to be another week or two at the least. She's healing fast, but not so fast that it would raise alarm bells or anything. Just a good indicator that despite all she is healthy. A glance is given to the river, but the fish aren't going anywhere so at the invitation she lowers herself to the ground, not at all gracefully, quite near where he has positioned himself. She nods at the question as she sets the rod aside. She is even being truthful, for the most part. Her gaze goes from his face to his fingers, watching in an almost studious fashion as he plucks chords on the strings of his chosen instrument.

Quinton's fingering is all wrong. It's pretty awaking he's getting anything good out of the instrument, honestly. A crooked smile is offered and he nods, "…Good…Slow…today…" He watches her, watching him. "..berries..?" It's some kind f question. Up to her to figure out what though.

<FS3> Pied-Piper rolls Mind: Success.

<FS3> Pied-Piper rolls Sense Motive: Failure.

Thankfully guitar is one of those instruments that Piper never really studied, so she isn't going to correct him on it or anything. If it works for him, who is she to say anything. Another nod, this in agreement, her eyes lifting breifly as he speaks to her, "The heat." its making everyone a bit lethargic, and probably more so for her. At least in the shade near the river it isn't so oppressive. Berries…the word isn't much to go on. There are berries growing by the river he could mean that, but she has a rod not a basket, so she doubts that's what he meant. It could also be a reference to yesterday, something she doesn't want to discuss, not even with him. More thoughts race through. She's usually better at this, at speaking Quinton, she glances around and goes for a non-commital shrug. If it is important she figures he will try again with the wordage.

Quinton's nose wrinkles and he nods. the heat is kinda gross, he can't imagine what piper must feel like. When it becomes clear she didn't understand he frowns. He knows he's frustrating. The notes slow again as he tries to get semthigna little more clearer, "Berries…alone…" he looks worried briefly, and adds, "…take in.."

Piper rarely shows it though, frustration that is, but she shares a tent with six kids seven and under so there is that. Her head tilts as she listens to him try again. There isn't an immediate answer, she is thoughtful, running through all the possible interpretations in her head until finally she shakes her head no. When he is worried about something, especially in regards to her, that's usually the safest answer, so she doesn't get looked at in that tone, or reported. And it sounded like a yes/no question so she has a 50/50 chance at being right!

That's…Quin stops play, eyes now looking a bit sad and he sighs. Either it's frustration at the question being misunderstood, or no isn't the answer he wanted. The guitar is set to the side and he'll twist to grab his shirt. He doesn't need to be sitting here half naked. It''l be dry enough. The scar on his left shoulder looks nasty, but it's healed enough he isn't in pain when he moves, which is nice. Changing the topic, "…holster…tent…"

The music stopping and his expression has Piper looking confused. Communication would be so much easier if she were braver, and didn't care so much. She drops her head face slightly not exactly sure what derailed there but still feeling that it is somehow her fault, "Sorry." she says quietly, her words haven't stopped at least. "Keep it." she says when he changes topic. Oh sure, that she understood, but mention berries and she is all huh?

Quinton's head shakes, it's not her fault he can't string words together. His hand waves, trying to get her attention, "N-no…" To the apology. "No." His voice is a little stronger there, he doesn't want anyone to ever take blame. It's his head. His brow furrows about the holster, confused. "But…" Doesn't she need it? A head tilt, giving him that puppy dog look again, "You?"

Denials don't make her feel any less responsible, but his adamant saying of them at least makes her squash the guilty expression that was briefly hanging on her face. Oh gawd, it's the puppy look and it illicts a small smile despite the fact that she is sub-par today at understanding the fellow, though this she seems to understand too, "Don't need." she never really used the pistol anyways. In all the encounters where a weapon was needed it's always been the rifle for her.

As far as Quin knows, she couldn't be to blame, so it's silly for her to apologize. As soon as she smile,s he grins back and Shrugs the shirt on. It's…mostly dry. It'll do. He nods about the hostler, although now he feels bad, "I….get you…" Something. Next time he goes out, he'll be on the look out for a new hosted…or maybe fruit…or chocolate..something he knows the pregnant woman will like.

She reaches over to put a hand on his arm. It's been awhile since Piper has touched him, days even. She shakes her head "Gotten plenty." though she knows her words aren't going to stop him from providing her with things. Though to her a better idea is the one she suggests. The guitar is pointed to with her other hand, "Teach a song?" though fruit would come in a very close second to music if she were asked..chocolate too probably.

Quinton's shirt is at leafs on when she ouches his arm, so when he pauses, it' just his belly that's still uncovered. His eyes flicker from her hand on his arm up to her eyes and he smiles warmly. A tiny head shake, indicating he's not going to stop. It makes him feel better, helping. Down the rest of the way is shirt goes, "Me?" he blinks, glancing now at the instrument, "I don't…" He's unsure if she means she could teach him, or he could teach her. The confusion is there when he turns back o look at her, "…Don't…know much…"

Piper is much more interested in his face than any other parts at the moment. That's where all the communicative action is and with him it helps to pay close attention to that. "You," she gestures to him with a free hand, coming just short of touching his nearly bare chest, "teach me." she then gestures to herself "More than me." yes she is admitting that when it comes to playing a guitar he is more knowledgeable. She scoots over to sit next to him, to make showing her the right fingering and chords easier even though he hasn't agreed to it yet.

Oh…uhhh….Quin nods, although he's not as confident as she is. Half the time he sounds awful and he knows it. The guitar is placed in her arms, "E, A, D,…." He's pointing out the strings, pausing to close his eyes like he's willing himself to get the rest of the letters out, "G, B…..E" Reaching up, he'll place her hands where the need to go, although with her belly it's much further away than he's used to.His head tilts again and he'll point at her belly before giving the order to , "Strum.." He wonders if the baby will like it or not.

<FS3> Pied-Piper rolls Guitar: Good Success.

Her focus is on the guitar strings as he points them out, only going to his face when he pauses briefly and nods when he starts back up. Her fingers press against the strings on the frets, keeping them where he places them, though she winces. She has a flute players fingers, no calluses from strings so she isn't used to the feeling. With on dealing with the frets on the neck of the instrument she runs her fingers over the strings with the other, coaxing a lovely note from the guitar.

Quinton keeps his eyes on her fingers, wincing slightly and softly says, "…toughen…" the note gets a grin though and he nods, looking up approvingly, "Good!"

She keeps pressing the strings down, despite the stinging of the strings. Not sure where she goes from here and without being given instruction she falls back on what she was taught when learning flute and piano, scales, so she does her best to run through those, slowly of course, having to take the time to move her fingers to the appropriate strings. It's quite a bit different doing them on a guitar than another instrument, half way through she stops though and stares down at her belly, "That's…." she shakes her head during the beat "fluttery?"

Quinton laughs, beyond the names of strings, he doesn't know anything. "Vibrations.."He's guessing, anyway. He shifts to lean a little closer and tries to show her a different cord. It's a basic power cord, he doesn't know the name, but it sounds good.

The laughter gets a reaction from Piper, a gentle, playful even nudge, with her shoulder and a grin. It's moments like this she needs, more so than material things. His getting closer doesn't seem to bother her, though it hasn't for quite awhile now. She relaxes her fingers enough so he can put them into place and once they are she leaves them there and strums again, the chord that comes from the guitar is followed by a sharp "Oh!" from her and she drops her hand from the neck of the guitar to put on her belly "Ninjad." that translates as a strong kick.

Quinton snickers, "..power…cord…kick.." He'll move to steady the instrument. "Too..?"

Even with the disjointed sentence its funny when it is all put together. "Another." her hand returns to the neck and her fingers hover above the strings waiting for him to show her another chord to play, power or otherwise "It's fine." she wasn't sure about that question, but hopes that her answer is a good one this time.

Seems to be. The poet nods, moving her fingers to the right positions an then stops and adjusts them before nodding. "Can….fake …with ..power…" It's what he tells himself he does anyway. Quin does watch her fingers though, making sure she's not going to hurt herself too much. His fingers bleed…he'd rather her's not.

Faking isn't something you can do with a flute or piano, so the concept admittedly intrigues Piper or so the expression she gives him implies. She'll circle back around to that later. Once her fingers are in place she strums again, with the same results as before. Throughout the whole lesson it is much the same, she may even let Quinton feel the inner reaction once or twice. There is one thing for certain. She picks up on what he is teaching rather quick, even if it is finger hurty.

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