(2015-09-01) Helping with the Hunt
Helping with the Hunt
Summary: Qera comes across Terry out hunting.
Date: 9.1.15
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South Woods

The forest here is thick with pine trees and large cottonwood trees. Some reaching as high as 80 feet. The paths thins, with vines over growing and traces of small critters on what's left of the walkways.

The first day of a new month is always fun, especially when it begins with a beautiful day. It's still fairly dark out, just coming up on 03:00, and just starting to warm up. Scout Sniper Terry Collins is out and about, doing his usual "I am MAN!" hunt-and-kill song-and-dance. He's decked out in his usual camouflage outfit, complete with locally-sourced ghillie suit, and face-paint. He has a decent hunting blind setup between a pair of bushes, angled so it points into the forest. Seconds turn to minutes, and minutes to hours, before Terry hears something: prey approaching.

A lone deer leaps out of the darkness, backlit by the rising sun. Terry sets up the shot.

BANG. The deer goes down.

Another noise… the warbling cry of a turkey, just before it makes an appearance. Reload, ready, steady… *BANG*. Feathers scatter. The hunter waits a few tense moments, as if expecting more prey to fall into his sights, before securing his gear, and stepping out of cover to claim his prey.

<FS3> Qera rolls Stealth: Great Success.

The stench of blood and gunpowder is in the air this morning as Qera makes her way through the wooded area quickly and quietly. Not a stray branch nor leaf is stepped upon as the woman makes her approach to an offshoot area that suddenly comes alive with activity due to a gunshot ringing out. Birds lilt from the branches and the surrounding forestry goes dead silent until it is cut over with another shot which leads to a complete pause for Qera. Her sight studies over the shadows and sees the first kill but doesn't seem to spot the second. Her body tenses up a bit because she is unsure of the aggressor. No sooner than she halts, a man steps from a blinded area betwixt two trees covered in what looks to be a makeshift ghillie suit, and from the impression she is immediately receiving, it looks as though his face is painted too. A bit overkill for a hunt in the woods, perhaps there is more to this mystery and the curiousness grows. She moves in closer as though stalking prey, as the man is moving to claim his kills before any local wildlife decide to encroach upon it. Now standing right beside that blind, taking up a lean against the tree, she waits. Silently observing. If she is noticed it can be noted that her black hair is pulled back into a ponytail and she is wearing navy and black colors which blend her into the umbral backdrops fairly well. She is well armed but isn't wielding any weapon so to speak. Just peering with those icy blue eyes.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Terry=Alertness Vs Qera=Stealth
< Terry: Good Success Qera: Amazing Success
< Net Result: Qera wins - Solid Victory

*SNAP* A twig breaks, causing Terry to glance up, and sweep the area, interrupting his examination of his kills. "…Anyone out there?" He glances around, keeping his weapon pointed down, since there are no visible hostiles. He sees nothing out of the ordinary, and goes back to examining his kill. "Hot damn, this will *really* impress the guys back home." Home being Camp Hope, of course. Boston's out of the picture.

<FS3> Qera rolls Mind: Success.

Qera doesn't move or anything so the twig wasn't broken by her, but there was a shift in the economy when the man decided to open fire. Looks like he's got himself a deer /and/ a turkey. A smile crosses her lips as she just watches him go back to those kills as he seems to be eager to impress someone, perhaps several someones. Perhaps they will give him a shiny medal for it and harold his name upon their footpaths. Perhaps not. Is that how things happen now days? No that's definitely /not/ how that goes. Also a good sign that there doesn't seem to be an itch that needs to be scratched. She ignores him for a few moments to scan the sky and all looks pretty clear. Perhaps it is rude to simply watch. "Do you need any help?" That voice is oh so close but there is no hostility or otherwise uneven tone. It's just a genuine question as he may be out here interrupting thing for quiet awhile without a hand. Her tall visage takes a step forward out of the tree's shadow and she presents the person behind the voice. A slight smile on her face for his pleasure.

Terry whips around to face the sound of the voice, keeping the business end of his gun pointed down, but still in the direction, finger off of the trigger for the moment. He doesn't intend to kill — no reason, of course — so there's no need to go weapons-hot, quite yet. "Who are you, and where did you come from?"

Qera just offers another smile. "I've been here the whole time Silly." She takes a few steps towards him and looks over the deer. "Clean kill." A 7" blade is drawn from a sheath behind her back which runs the length of her belt. "If you're going to carry this back to your camp it's gunna have to be field dressed and possibly broke down. Want me to help ya out?" The knife is used as a pointer towards that deer and she awaits his decision. She isn't going to impose the help upon him.

Terry nods. "Sure." Beat. "Thanks." He returns briefly to his blind to square things up, having been out here for a good while. "Okay, so you've been here the whole time, you say. That still begs the question.. Who are you?" He examines the downed animals, mentally running down the best ways to break the animals down for transport and storage.

"Names Qera. I'm just a roamer really." A simple yet honest answer to a point. She states this as she takes a knee and begins making a few incisions at key points along the underside of the deer before moving on to fillet it open. The guts quickly begin to spill out but she figures he won't want them so there is no worries if they get dirty or not. A couple more cuts and a slice into the animal's groin starting at the anus and the guts are freed from their fleshy confines, not a drop of any vile fluids upon the precious meats. She looks up at him. "Yeah I just happen to be in the same area, fairly close actually when you downed your game." She smiles satisfied with the work so far and begins eyeing over the deer for the best placing to begin the batoning.
"Terry." The hunter replies. "Terry Collins. I'm based out of Camp Hope. It's a decent place, lots of people… Lots of hungry, hungry people. Scavenging only does so much. We've got a decent garden, and a farm.. this'll really help until the animals come of age, and can contribute." He gestures down to the fresh kill.

Qera nods and follows up, "Nice to meet you Terry Collins." The statement is a bit grunted out as she batons over the major joints, separating the legs of the deer from the main body and handing them up to him as each one pulls away with a slight crack. "Well I'm sure this will help all those hungry hungry people. A spot of protein is a good thing." Everything seems to be much lighter now as she can freely move the carcass around without strain. "You wanting to keep the head for any reason? Can shave off some more weight by getting rid of it." She inquires quite dryly as though this is something she has done numerous times before and is quite quick about it all as well.

"Thanks, but no thanks.. I'm already ahead in life as is." Terry responds, instinctively, before catching himself and facepalming. "I'm sorry, that was a horrible pun." He glances upward, as if expecting to be struck by divine will, or something. After a moment or two, he returns his gaze groundward, packing away the now-portioned meat. "Thanks, again." Beat. "You're not just roughing it out here, are you? It's not safe alone. You should come back to camp with me. Sonny's been good to me, and he can set you up as well, provided you're willing to do your part.."

A smile is carved out at the corners of Qera's mouth as she begins cutting through the thick neck tissue all the way around, giving the animal a roll to complete the cycle before bracing a knee against that torso and giving the head a twist to plopped it off. "Yeah I guess you could say that. Been going at it alone this long, don't see the harm in it." She stands and gives her knife a wipe off upon her leg and then resheathes it, "Besides, I think I might've had a run in with a few from your camp yesterday out at that berry farm and they didn't seem all too eager to have another mouth to feed." A glance is brought downwards to the torso that isn't make up of much except meat and cavity now. "S'not so bad out here if you know how to keep your wits about ya." She draws back to the man and grins.

"Oh, really?" Terry blinks. "Huh. I must have missed that particular outing.. last time I get drunk on old beer." He chuckles to himself, and shakes his head. "That doesn't sound like anyone I know, honestly. Folks have been pretty decent to me. You sure they were from Camp Hope?"

Qera looks over to him and affixes her eyes into his. She knows about the ongoings in the area, where people come from, where they are going. "There was a blind man, another man that tried to make sure the situation didn't get out of control, and a woman that may or may not be pregnant riding a horse." A shrug. "I get the feeling that she wanted to pump me full of lead!" There is a smirk that follows with a nod. "Seems you are all set Terry from Camp Hope. Just gotta rope it together and you've got a one way trip back to camp." She looks over at the felled turkey, "You could probably even stuff the turkey into the deer's chest cavity if you wanted to make it easier." Now that the sun is up more her form is much more visible and her plethora of weapons is readily available to the eye's curiosity. "Well I'm gunna get outta here. Bout time I got a move on. I think I'm going to head over to Fremont and check up on a few things." She offers another polite nod as to her departure. "You be safe now, ok?"

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