(2015-09-02) Let Me Help
Let Me Help
Summary: After Terry and Finn take off Piper follows Quinton
Date: 09.02.2015
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Boarded House - Emmerson Estates

She made it seem at first like she was heading back to camp, and maybe she was initially, but one can only handle so much bromance so she doubled back and now quietly follows behind the poet at a discrete distance. Piper isn't making any effort to move stealthy or stay out of sight, so could be noticed if attention was paid. When the house is entered she closes the distance but doesn't enter after him, choosing instead to sit on the concrete steps and act as lookout as he does his search through the house.

Part of why Quin likes to go scavenging alone is because it gives him time to not have to struggle with talking. Although today would ahem been a good day…if he wasn't so frustrated by the events yesterday…and just now. Why is it so hard for people to follow orders? While this room had been boarded up, there's not a lot of useful, or even fun things here. The coats, which now that he's thinking about it are useful and the tights are folded and shoved into his bag. After another glance about he sighs, an angry noise not usually heard from the poet. Some crappy decorative vase is nocked over on purpose, the sound loud and out of place in the silence. He watches the pieces shatter, pale eyes taking in the spray of ceramic shards. It doesn't feel as good as punching something, but he'd probably just end up breaking his hand, and that wouldn't be helpful. So he stands there, in a dusty living room, hands gripping the mantle where he just knocked over someone vase. His back is to the door.

The crashing noise is out of place in the quiet neighborhood and causes the woman to start in surprise. Worst case scenarios begin to play out in her brain at what inside could have caused the noise. Common sense tells her one thing, fear another, which ever it is she isn't going to be satisfied until she knows one way or another. The windows are boarded so she won't find an answer there so she gets up and heads through the garage and into the house proper. It doesn't take more than a few steps to inside to find the source of the noise or to peice together an explanation, though it might not be an accurate one. There is a quiet sigh of releif that it's not something bad and she is then turning to head back out.

Quinton may be in a brooding mood, shoulders hunched and staring at the broken vase, but that doesn't mean his not being attentive. the sigh is heard, and he instinctively pulls his gun as he turns. As soon as he realizes though who it is, the muzzle is lowered to the floor, "Jesus, Carla…" There's a whole mixture of emotions going on his his voice, although the small spike in adrenaline is definitely on top.

So much for getting out unnoticed, but if Piper looks contrite about it, it is only barely. From the tone she knows he isn't okay, though she has never been sure about his motives, so she probably only has an inkling that she may be part of the issue. Worry flashes across her face, but has nothing to do with nearly being shot, she'd probably consider that a favor, but with her luck he would miss and only wound her. She gestures toward him and around the house and then to herself and outside. She'll wait out there while he finishes up.

Right, because a pregnant woman waiting outside int eh open is a good idea. Quin frowns, "no." That's probably not very helpful. "Just…whatever." He sounds…done. Stepping around the mess he made, 'Don't cut yourself." A hand raises to run through his hair, knocking the sunglasses crooked, "There's a basement. If it's not too dark, I'm gonna go down."

There is a moment where Piper looks confused, she glances out the door leading to the garage and then back at him, she stays put, leaning in the doorway and giving him a nod about something he has said. Which part, who knows, but at least she isn't going outside anymore.

Quinton's only gone for a few minutes, a small crash can be heard bu the poet immediately calls up, "I'm ok." Up he comes with a stack of styrofoam coolers (4) and some fishing nets on top (3). Piper gets a look, "Windows were boarded…I'll need to come back with a flashlight." The coolers are set down so he can rearrange things to better carry, and a pair of needle nose players can be seen on top of the nets briefly before he slips them into his backpack. The plastic from the raincoats catches any light in the room and he offers, "Raincoats." Those will actually be helpful if the weather ever goes monsoon again. as the backpack is slipped back on, he finally looks at the pregnant woman, 'Why are you out here?" Is that a hint of hurt in his voice, hard to tell he coughs softly, covering whatever it was up.

While he is downstairs, Piper takes the chance to look around this part of the house. She doesn't venture near the broken vase, she doesn't want cut up feet. When he returns she has her nose in a box of dryer sheets, inhaling the fresh clean scent that still lingers on them. She starts a bit at his reappearance, nearly dropping the box and actually looking a bit embarrassed at what she was caught doing. His tone and words chases that off quickly. She isn't sure if he means here in town or why she is following him so choose to answer the later with gestures. Fingers point to her eyes, then to him and then her back. Easy enough to interpret.

Quinton doesn't buy it, even if it's true. His head shakes as he steps closer, offering to take the dryer sheets and anything else she found so she doesn't have to carry it. "You know that's not what I meant. Why are you in Freemont?" It's definitely outside her 2 mile radius. He offers, maybe in hopes that he's right, "Did you need something specific? I can go looking..you don't have to."

Piper admits that she knows what he meant but telling him the real reason is impossible. His words may be coming out nice and clear today, her's aren't coming out at all. She nods, she was looking for something specific that much is true, but when he offers to look for her she has to stifle a worried look and just shakes her head.

Quinton can pick up on the hesitance and jumps to a conclusion, a wrong conclusion, but a conclusion, "It's…ok. i can looks for .." he hesitates on the word, so instead motions vaguely to her belly, "stuff. I'm not gonna get weirded out. I know you need things." What things he doesn't really know. Boiling water is about as much as he knows, and that's from movies. Thank god Eli will be there for the actual birth. His whole demeanor changes though, going from that slightly annoyed, angry, to more sympathetic. "I promised.. I'll help you. I said I would. I'm not going to have you poking around here…with the bandits and pits and.." he shakes his head, still feeling bad about the pit. "Please…let me help?" He'll even reach a hand out, hopefully to her's if she doesn't pull away. He's usually not one to initiate contact, so he must feel strongly about this.

It was an unexpected leap, but not to the point of surprise and certainly better that what she was really here for so Piper let's him assume that, even though the guilt is going to eat at her about it later. So much guilt on both sides, founded and not. Oh touching, she's good with it when it is on her terms, there is a slight stiffening and her pupils dilate out and in, but she doesn't backpedal or pull away like she would with others. When its just her hand he goes for she relaxes, even taking a half step forward so it isn't awkward with their height difference. Only then does she nod up at him, allowing him to take the head movement however he wants. Even if she doesn't understand it.

Quinton frowns, watching the struggle within the woman. He can guess what happened to her, and is never sure where the line is. He doesn't want to make anything worse for her, so after the initial touch he freezes, letting her chose to step away or closer. She agrees, but he's not sure she really agrees, or is just nodding to get him to shut up. He deflates some, his shoulders dropping. The guilt is strong with this party, it seems. He'll squeeze her hand lightly, "I'm not trying to scare you….I'm sorry i do."

Just about everyone scares her a little bit and it isn't just the men, females too to a lesser degree. Piper gives a reassuring smile, they both have issues, this is hers alone. Her other hand comes up and she places it breifly on his chest while she shakes her head, she then moves it to her own chest and nods her head, him no, yes her. That could almost be interpreted as 'it's not you, it's me.' She then gestures toward the door, maybe suggesting they move on.

Quinton can't help feeling bad about it though. That urge to protect those close includes Piper, and the idea someone hurt her to this extent…it makes him hope he runs into whoever it was at some point. And that he has a lot of bullets. He just nods though, clearly she's not wanting to discuss it currently, "ok….but you need o get me a list…i'll find you everything." Somehow. Sounds lie Quin may have to made a raid on the hospital, weather the bandits are still there or not. He hand is dropped and he'll pick up the coolers which will be used in the kitchens most likely. Harmony should be happy at least.

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