(2015-09-03) At Breakfast
At Breakfast
Summary: The lack of talking ability, doesn't mean lack of communication
Date: 9.3.2015
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It's nearly breakfast and they are all in the dining hall already. The children, sitting quietly at a table in thier PJs, still in the clutches of morning fog, the kittens, romping about chasing balls of yarn made from the big one found yesterday, and of course the leader of the flock, Piper, playing a game of cat's cradle with Caro, using more of the yarn. She holds her hands out to the young girl, the circle of yarn strung around her fingers. "Hook one finger around that one and the other around that one." she whispers instructions to Caro, wiggling a bound finger at the x's the yarns forms. There are noises and pleasant smells coming from the kitchen.

The yarn is frowned at. That could have been a sweater! Ah well, the poet steps in, looking awake with his backpack and holster already on. Soemone's got a day planned already! He inhales deeply, not realizing till now how hungry he is. Maybe he'll nab something from the kitchen if there's enough for lunch too. The kids and Piper get a soft smile and wave as he walks over to fix himself a cup of joe.

The new arrival has Piper looking from the yarn around her fingers to Quinton. She opens her mouth to greet him but today, well she is incapable of speech. Of course she is looking a bit more tired than usual, so maybe that has to do with it. Lacking words she just gives him a warm grin. The kids though have words and they use them to call out sleepy greetings "Morning Mr. Quinton." Caro says as she hooks her fingers around the yarn where indicated and brings it over and under but the follow through is shoddy and when she tries to pull it free the yarn just falls loose on the girls fingers.

Coffee. What are they going to do when they run out? Quin brings his cup over and sit down at the table, near but not next to Piper. He'd rather not make her nervous, especially today when he can find words to calm her down. Instead he looks at the messy not that Caro's created and smiles softly. After a sip he'll shrug off the backpack, which has something in it from the sound of it.

Piper watches him briefly before turning her attention to what Caro is doing. When the girl can't get the yarn to cooperate there is a wince and then a chuckle. The movement has her once more looking at him, curiously if anything. She takes the yarn, winding it around Caro's fingers to start the game over and leaning forward seems to whisper something "You ok?" Caro leans over to look at Quinton past the small bulk that is the pregnant woman. She's probably relaying since the woman is failing at wordage.

The pack is set down and Quin reaches for his mug again. Caro is looked at and the Piper is glanced to before he nods, a hand raising to the side of his head in the motion he does for his head's acting up. But hen he offers a small smile and raises the cup of coffee, implying it will help. It never does, but he likes to imply stuff will, even if it's just to make others feel better. He'd not be smelling like lavender if that wasn't the case.

There is matching nods at the reply, from Piper and Caro, but only the latter of the two speaks "Well sometimes you eat the bear and sometimes the bear eats you." wherever could the young girl ever hear that phrase, though it does sound like something Mama Bea, Sonny or even Jade maybe would say. Piper's hands freeze a moment as they reach for the yarn to start the cat's cradle game, she gives the girl a what the heck kinda look and then laughs that such a phrase would come out of the girl.

Quinton blinks at the words. And he then smirks, "…Bear won…" AT least today. gah, he hopes he doesn't run into any bears, the lion was enough. His beard is gone, so now he just runs his hand over his face, trying to focus. Piper gets a glance and he'll turn, rummaging in his backpack for a small notebook and pen, "List." He's not letting her get away with not telling him before he goes out it seems.

Caro just looks at the two adults, wondering what she said that was so funny, "Better luck tomorrow then." when the notebook and pen is held out she frees Piper's hands so the woman can take them.

Piper takes both with an agreeable nod and immediately writes something down "Bear Repellent." with a smily face next to it and shows it to Quinton. Jokes aside she taps the end of the pen on the notebook. Put on the spot all thought of what she needs stuff wise has flown from her brain.

Quinton's eyes roll and he then very maturely sticks his tongue out. He can manage that well enough with his head. He nods though, pointing at Piper. She's not getting out of this without giving him a list. If it was important enough for her to go into freemont, she must need it, so…he'll get it. Easy peasy, right?

Laughter at the tongue is stifled, but clearly Piper is amused by the reaction. That is followed by a sigh and a glance at the girl beside her. Now she is going to have to make stuff up, things that she might have been to embarrassed or not wanted to bother asking him to get for her..oh yes, underthings, bras especially. The stomach area isn't the only place that increases in size on a pregnant woman…what else…it's not that long of a list, underthings, food craving stuff, and similar things for the children. Kids are rough on clothes or outgrow them fast and she can't sew. Once down she hands both notebook and pen back over.

Quinton's brow furrows, the list isn't what he was expecting. he thought it was going to be more…medically stuff. Like for the birth. Why was she risking herself for bras? Pale eyes flicker up, uncertain if she's not putting something down. But lucky for her he's having a very rough speaking day, so no words follow the look. After a hesitance he takes the list and pen and gets Caro's attention, silently asking her if there's anything that she can think of. If Piper starts to argue he just gives her a small glare that doesn't have a lot of heat behind it. It's the best he can do, with out talking.

As if Piper knows what medically stuff is needed for childbirth. She's never done this before. Her dark eyes meet his pale ones. Maybe it's less that she is desperate for the stuff and more that she doesn't want to become a burden to him or anyone else. There is no doubt she has an independent, rebellious streak in her.

When the notebook and pen is offered to Caro she doesn’t hesitate to take it and starts writing things down. No argument from Piper about it, just a look that could imply that he might regret that. There is nothing strange on the list that Caro hands back, and it isn't all candy and toys either, a sleep mask is on there, that's the strangest thing, the rest is needed things with thoughts of not only the other kids, but perhaps other people in mind. "There you go." she hands both back, the woman intercepts, holding the girl's hand breifly as she glances at the list and passes it on. Caro looks at Piper a moment, rubbing her forehead as if it suddenly itched then looks to Quinton "Stay safe."

The list is looked over thoroughly. He takes Caro's opinion on what they need seriously. She's going to be more honest than Piper, either way. At the words he looks up and throws the young girl a half smile and wink. It's a brief moment where what he must have been like before the fever peeks through. A much more easy on himself feel, almost. It quickly washes away when he can't tell the girl he will, instead he inhales and nods.

Caro /tries/ to wink back but she only ends up scrunching up her face and closing both eyes in the process. She needs practice. Another bit of laughter from the woman as she looks at Caro try at least to mimic the man and she pats the young girl's hand as if it say 'you'll get it.' As the list is scrutinized she leans over again to say something to Caro, and it's always to quiet to be heard by anyone else. "Where?" Caro relays the one word, as if that is all that was said to here, which could very well be, since there really doesn't need to be more with that question.

Quinton's shoulder go up in a shrug as he takes another sip of coffee. Hard to say if he's really not panned out the day, or is not saying so piper doesn't trail him again. Cause that's now always in the back of his head(like he doesn't have enough things to be on the look out for). The smell of breakfast is getting stronger and he looks over, placing a hand on his growling stomach. He should eat more.

That's always a risk whether he tells her or not. There are other ways out of the camp besides the front gate. At least until the fence is done. After that leaving without anyone seeing her could be problematic. There is no way she is fence jumping in her condition. Neither Caro or Piper push the subject "Piper is going to take us swimming in the river today." Caro says. The words have the woman nodding at that and gesturing to the sleepy heads that are sipping their apple cider, then makes a few swimming motions "Abbie and Kira need lessons." Caro interprets for her.

It while she is talking that the food is brought out by Bea and a few of the other people that had breakfast duty this morning. It's mostly eggs, venison and homemade applesauce.

Quinton nods, smiling, '…good. ..Important." Swimming is. But as soon as food is brought out he's up. Clearly the man is not only hungry, but itching to be on his way. He has stuff to find. While he still doesn't load up his plate overly, he takes a little more than normal. Some of everything. After getting his own plate, he'll help Piper get all the kids. That's a lot of plates to manage.

Piper is much more slow in getting up, and moving to the table where the food is laid out. It is a lot of plates, and can only manage two at a time. Thankfully Caro is old enough to manage her own, which leaves only four plus her own to deal with. The fact that the poet loads his own plate gets a smile as she doles out food, a little of it all is put on the plates. She loads them while Quinton holds them, for her its just applesauce and the crackers that Bea sets on the plate. Apparently the woman is still having food issues, or maybe she has always been picky. Hard to tell. Back to the table she does, setting plates in front of now hungry children who dig in with relish. 'Thanks' she mouths to him as she returns to her own seat with her plate.

With food being served a few other sleepy people wander in to eat, grabbing food, drink and heading to their own tables.

Quinton smiles back, not bothering with a 'your welcome'. She knows. At least, he hopes she does. He'll dig in, eating quickly. He doesn't want to burn through his morning not out scavenging. He seems a little more relaxed now that eh know s Piper has plans for the day that she won't break. He does glance towards the kitchen, maybe looking to see who's back there. Harm's mentioned a few times he could tai a hard billed egg for lunch…he may take her up on it today, if she's back there.

A nod, she knows. How could she not really. It's the other things that confuse her. She is glad to see he is eating again, the way he is eating Piper is worried his is going to choke. With her stomach she doesn't think she would be able to heimlich him if he did. That would be a stupid way to die. But she doesn't say anything just looks at him worriedly as she moves the applesauce around her plate with a spoon.

Please, Quin went to college. he knows how to shovel food. While he may have been a best selling author, that doesn't mean he was rolling in cash. Junk food and quick things were still what was predominately in his pantry. Honestly, he's probably eating healthier now that the aliens have come, then before. The worried look has him pause though, and he tilts his head questionably. Sometimes he can be a dumb boy. And eat like one. it does happen.

Piper looks down the table at Jack, who is pretty much eating the same way and then to Quinton. Worry turns to amusement. In some ways she knows they never grow up, and thier relationship with food must be one of them. She just shakes her head at him and waves it off. It's really not worth commenting on even if she could at the moment.

Quinton actually glances down to Jack as well, seeing Piper's look. But it doesn't click and he just gives the young boy a shoulder shrug. Some silent male communication and then back to eating. Soon enough he finishes up, wiping his mouth and then downing the rest of the coffee. He's not seen Harm, so he'll not go poking for any extra food for lunch. Maybe he'll scrounge something yummy. Starting to stand so he can put his dishes in the dirty bin, "Be…safe…water…"

Yeah, Piper doesn't speak fluent male, but she can probably get the gist of what the shrug is supposed to mean. Another thing that goes without comment or expression. When Quinton starts to get up she reaches over to take his hand breifly and signs to him 'You too." it's been said before, but it is worth repeating. She doesn't want to hold up him though, she's fluent enough in Quinton to know that he is anxious to go.

Quinton grins and jokes back, "Hope…no water!" Any swimming he does will be unplanned! The kids all get hair ruffles as he goes by and then the poet is gone to poke at the skeleton of the city.

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