(2015-09-04) Junking Around
Junking Around
Summary: Quinton decides to hit up the Fremont Junkyard and Qera happens to be there already!
Date: 9.5.15
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Junk Yard

According to the sign at the gate this is Bernheisel Salvage Yard and from the row upon row of junker cars and the occasional old appliance the sign didn't lie. The junkyard takes up quite a few acres, some of it wooded to block the view from the north and south. There are a few buildings as well. A large barn like structure, a garage and a ranch style home. This area is higher ground so doesn't seem to have the flooding issues that other areas do. Be wary though, there are lots of places for hiding. There are several paths that cross the junkyard, one leads to East Boulevard Street.

The rain cuts through the arid heat and brings about a comforting calm to the region, the smell being something of a safe haven to those that remember the good ol' days. The days when you could simply sit around inside with your family and watch T.V. or play games waiting for that break in the down pour. Perhaps it was the recollection of a time when sleep came easy and the pitter-patter of drops made reality slip away that much quicker.
Qera is rummaging around in this neglected salvage yard with some keen eyes, trying to come across something, whatever it might be that could be useful. Since she lives out in the woods it might be something related to survival. Even though the skies are clear she still keeps low and acts as though she could be ambushed at any time. Just something that has become natural now due to circumstance. Sifting and more sifting in the mean time though.

<FS3> Quinton rolls Stealth: Success.

Seems a good idea. Quin's arriving here to do the same. This time the man seems to be alone. He's armed, rifle over his shoulder and a holster underneath the poncho he has on. he looks a little bit like a turtle, wight eh backpack underneath. Most likely not a ninja though. The blonde is begin quiet as well, stepping lightly as he makes his way in. He heads for the house first, hoping to make root around and get out of the rain. His shoes are soaked.

<FS3> Qera rolls Alertness: Great Success.
<FS3> Qera rolls Stealth: Great Success.

There is a change in the atmosphere about the yard almost instantly for Qera, the sudden weird vibe when the hairs on the back of ones neck stand up and the feeling of intrusion happens. A jolt in the gravel that lines the pathing has her crouching a bit lower and moving swiftly with her sidearm at the ready yet still holstered on her right thigh. The rain doesn't bother her now, she's used to it after being out in it for so long. There are nights that she even sleeps through it.
The sight of a familiar man comes into view though. She recognizes him instantly. It's one of the refugees from that camp, the same one that stuck his neck out for her when it came to the 'other' one being quite insistent on putting a bullet in her. It looks as though he is trying to be sneaky as well and is headed to that shanty of a house. That is where she begins to head as well. All sneaky sneaky like. Maybe he'll be friendly again.

Quinton's had a crap turn of the day, and this outing is as much about getting away from camp as it is trying to find anything useful. The man gets to the barn structure first and steps in, letting the hood fall back as he surveys the area. Even with his sharp hearing, he's not picking up anything out of the ordinary. At least, he thinks so…he's never actually been to a junk yard before. Aren't there supposed to be huge dogs or something? A soft sigh can be heard from him as he takes a few more steps in, letting his eyes adjust to the room.

A slow familiar voice hangs in the void of that doorway where he was /just/ standing, "Hey, I remember you from the berry field." Qera lingers in the doorway while scanning the room as well, not really focusing on him just yet even though she is addressing him. "Did you come all the way out here alone?" Which is asked quite bluntly because she knows that their strength lies in numbers, but perhaps there is a really good reason behind all of it.
She finally places a foot in the building depending on his actions towards her presence and leans back against the wall just beside the door, allowing the light that permeates from the entryway to flow past her and not be at her back casting a silhouette. This should make it much easier for him to see her clearly and that is exactly what she is going for.

Quinton jumps, it's probably funny, except he also pulls his weapon. Which probably isn't so funny. He's definitely faster than he has quiet. Pale green eyes focus on the woman and he takes a very deep breath before the gun is lower, "You shouldn't sneak up on people like that.." No answer to if he's alone, instead he studies her, head tilted slightly. "Is this your's?" The junkyard, that is. "Should I leave?"

Qera just eyes him as he does that little jump and readies himself before seeing who it is. I might be worth mentioning that she /does/ have most of her weapons no her today minus the high-powered sniper rifle. A Walther PPQ M2 is nestled in a holster on her right thigh, and an M26 deployable taser gun is clipped onto her belt on the left side. She takes a step forward and states out in a calm, smooth voice, "It's okay. I was just looking around myself. I think we were just like-minded is all." She shakes her head, "None of this junk is mine and if you are with that camp you probably need stuff more than I do."
She cuts the chatter and offers him up some of the loot she came across earlier which consists of some wiper blades, brake pads, and fuses. "Can you use any of this?"

Quinton's jaw tightens, not liking that she knows about camp. Why does everyone know about camp? He eyes the amount of weapons, and the grade and takes a small step backwards, maybe to just give her a little room. he knows when he's outgunned. He takes another breath, holding it as he considers not only what she's offering, but something even a little more basic. Finally he'll offer, "I'm Quinton…" A faint smile is offered before he goes back to the offered parts, "I'm not really… mechanical. I don't know what could be used." He seems to be having much less trouble talking than he did their first meet. His eyes finally leave her to look around the barn, his hand not holding the gun shakes the poncho slightly, trying to get some of the excess water off.

Qera just smiles and doesn't try to close the gap again because she can see that he isn't comfortable with it right now. She sees those eyes roll over her weapons but doesn't make any attempt to move them or cover them at all. Best to have them where one can get to them easily, albeit this isn't a situation where they are needed, but the what if's just keep coming these days. "Quinton huh? Good name." She holds that smile, it's genuine, while rubbing off her right hand on her pants and extending it out towards him, still making no attempt to approach. "I'm Qera." A slight laugh, "That's funny. We both have names with a 'Q' in them."
It's not much but it /is/ something offered up in the effort to cut the tension which seems to be high on the newly named Quinton's behalf. "Well…I'm not either. I usually just rig stuff together…" Qera's words trail a little bit as a shrug is offered up to him.

Quinton raises an eyebrow and can't help a small smirk, "Thanks…but I had very little to do with it." He pauses and then steps forward to shake her hand. His hand is callused, if Qera's aware it feels like a musician's hand. The smile tugs a little bigger at the mention of Q's. He nods, "You're doing better then me then…" he lets go of her hand and steps back, just to give her space. His hand runs through his hair, and he slips his gun back into his hostler.

Qera gives an affirming nod as he takes up that hand before stepping back away. There is a subtle politeness about him even in these trying times and it's actually quite relaxing. "Well I guess there is enough junk here for everyone to share huh?" Another smile and she starts to walk around shuffling things around, knocking off the dirt as it were. A couple things get tossed here and there and a sigh as she turns back towards him, "Well I'm not finding anything useful today. Just a buncha useless stuff." There is a shift in her demeanor as she draws back to the doorway and looks in the direction of town. "I might have to risk going in there to find anything good."

Quinton starts poking about as well, going to the other side of the building. He seems to do better than she, a soft, "oh!" at something he uncovers. This is going to be a heavy trek back home. But if the battery charger can be made useful… in it goes to his backpack, along with the trans fluid. He leaves the mirror and isn't sure what to do with eh vacuum. It's a toss up, but the fact that camp flooded makes him think it could be useful. noting where it is, he'll push it back into it's spot for now. The man's blonde bangs aren't quite long enough to fall into his eyes, but they are definitely close. they sway a he looks up and over at her as she speaks, "Are you looking for something in particular?" The mention of town has him frowning slightly, "We…we think we may have spotted a Silencer…be careful." and then it dawns on him, what she was doing in the berry bush, "Are you hungry? I have an extra granola bar…" he even reaching into the backpack to start pulling it out.

Qera just stands in that doorway giving the whole town suggestion a thought over, it was made more to herself as she wouldn't want anyone with her if there are bandits running amuck. However, they could be hunkered down someplace on a day like this. Upon hearing his soft oh she looks over and sees him stuffing the charger into his bag and she just smiles and responds to his question, "Not really, just certain things, normally when I see them, I can picture something to use it for, but nothing so far." She continues to look his direction as he states something about a silencer. Now she is interested.
"A Silencer? You mean like an Ender? One of /them/?" She takes a step away from the doorway and over to him, just one though, "Are you sure? Who told you about this…It's rather serious.." She puts on her best concerned face for the man because regardless of the fact she /is/ one, either that other woman that is with them said something or there is someone totally different and that's… dangerous. Very dangerous.
Qera's baby blue eyes find themselves on that granola bar as he pulls it out and even though she can go without food for long periods of time she doesn't want him to know that so she politely answers, "Yes, please and thank you." A smile as the concern melts away and then will return after it is handed over.

Quinton just gives a head shake, "One of ours. She hide from it." yes, he refers to Silencers as its. How could they be human? "She said it looked female, so…be careful. It was by the Lake, but they move fast." He nods again straightening up and watching Qera briefly, "It is." His eyes flicker to her weapons, "You seem to know what you're doing, but…be careful.' What the hell is he doing out then, if they know a Silencer is out and about?

A hand comes up to scratch at the tip of Qera's nose because she figures she knows which one from his group he is most-likely talking about and /if/ she saw something she would /know/. However there is also the fact that if it was her she would have taken advantage and tried to remove the threat. So why didn't she.. "It was by the lake you say /and/ moved fast?" She brings that look of concern back out of the bag of tricks, although it's not a trick but she doesn't want him to pick up on the heighten heartbeat or the heat rising beneath her skin due to the new findings. "I don't know who saw this thing but /y'all/ need to be careful. The lake is fairly close to your camp." She does give him a nod though, "I'll try to be extra careful… this is bad news… I haven't been seeing drones or anything." She doesn't elaborate upon the reasoning for bringing up the drones but normally they would be a tell-tale sign that a silencer was in the area. Perhaps this new silencer was tracking her.. is that even possible? They would have to be extremely gifted and fully awakened to their arrays for something like that to happen..right? Right? She is at a loss with herself at the moment.
She simply turns and looks back outside as the rain seems to be lilting a bit.

Quinton's eyes narrow slightly, "We are aware." He was trying to give her a heads up. His head shakes, "I haven't noticed a decrease…. We took one down." A drone, that is. He frowns again, this time taking a small step closer and offers, "If you want…you could come back to camp…there's safety in numbers."

Qera offers another smile, breaking that concern. "I'm sorry I didn't mean to sound as though you weren't. I guess it's just my paranoia getting the best of me. Living out in the woods you tend to develop a bit of that." She sighs and then goes on after he comments about the drones. "Damn. I hadn't seen one since I came into the area. I thought perhaps it was a good sign."
As he takes that step closer she cuts her gaze to him and watches, then there's that offer. Another smile as she eases up. "That's a fine offer Quinton, it really is. I'm tempted. Really I am, but I don't know. That one woman and I didn't really get off on a good start and I don't really want to present her with the opportunity to aim a rifle at my face again…"

Quinton gives a small nod, "It is hard…it's why being alone isn't good." Then his blonde bangs sway slightly as he shakes his head, "Maybe if we take down enough…" Drones that is. it'll do something? He's an optimist. An eyebrow raises, "No. She doesn't get to decide who lives and dies. She's just…skittish. She wouldn't shoot you." he thinks. Hopes. "You'd be safe."

Qera slowly nods and then looks away again. "Quinton." Yeah he /is/ an optimist, he hasn't seemed to realize that the drones aren't for tracking the humans at all…they're for keeping tabs on the enders. The Silencers. Lots of drones means there is something bad going on, or that 'they' are searching frantically for one of their lost. She draws back to him with those baby blues. "I'll need some time to think it over. I guess that kind of reaction isn't that uncommon but… at the same time, after being on my own for so long… well everything feels risky now." She tries to smile but it's a poor attempt. It's hard not having anyone to talk to about things. It's even harder when it's due to a darkness that bears down guilt upon the conscious.
She suddenly changes the subject, "How many bandits do you think have taken up residence in Fremont? The camp would probably be safer if they were driven out, don't you think?"

Quinton's head tilts slightly at his name, it's not quite a puppy dog look, but close. None of the humans have figured out what the drones are for yet. Then he's nodding, "Yeah…sure. No pressure. i just wanted you to know there was a place to go is all." He smiles, trying to show that it really is ok. "I can bring you stuff , if you need anything?" Quin himself has a small stash he can take from, even. The change of topic gets surprisingly exact reply, "About 35, since the defectors left…Unless the Silencer has picked more of them off." But he nods, "Well…being able to get to the canning factory again, and the hospital would be helpful." He then laughs, an odd sound in the middle of an apocalypse, "And I'd rather not get shot again." It was worth it, but if he could ahem chosen…

Qera laughs softly at the head tilt and it's a nice break from the somberness of the mood. It's just the way things go sometimes. Everyone has things that keep them locked into the past. What was and there is little thought on what will be. Those that do think about it tend to become about as delusional as Qera herself. "Right." She says simply to the suggestive offer, but then there is a straight face as that smile melts away. "No, there is no need for that. Keep it. You never know when you'll need anything for yourself or someone within the group." She isn't aware that he has stuff stashed away but she would rather not impose herself like that. She is already plagued with guilt.
She hmmms. "35 you say.. Yeah it's possible there is less. A Silencer? You sound pretty positive about that. How do you know it wasn't me?" She stands emotionless and apathetic for a few moments before busting out into laughter as if it could ever be her. She shakes her head as though it will help take the laugh away and then answers his last comment, "Well I don't blame ya. That's not fun right? Nothing worse than getting shoot up these days." She falls silent and then decides to ask a dumb question. "So what do you miss the most?" She is of course referring to regular life. To the before. The old days.

Quinton gives a huff, but nods. He's not going to force help on the woman. The poet then blinks, surprised at the question, "…Because?" It's not the best retort, but she's laugh, so…clearly she's not, or she would ahem attacked her…right? he rolls his eyes, "Yeah…didn't need to up my man card. I'd have been happy to stay where I was." That's a rather…personal question, he studies her, trying to decide on the level of honesty. "I…" His hand rubs the back of his neck. "My work…I can't…After the fever, some days…I can't…" Even now, he struggles for the right word. "communicate right." She gets a nervous, almost sheepish smile. "Caramel Lattes too."

Qera just holds her smile which widens a bit more when he actually answers that rather personal question, which in regular days would have been a getting to know you question or something. Worded differently for sure but the same result? Perhaps. She is a bit confused at times herself but not due to the plague. "Perhaps that was distasteful of me to jest about. See, I told ya I've been alone for a long time." She chuckles as he makes a joke about his man card and then nods to him because it makes sense. No reason it shouldn't.
Her eyes narrow upon him a bit, "Your work? Oh I see." She doesn't need to ask in detail, she figures it is something regarding words or something that would be use to communicate since that's what he said is affected. She raises her brows in surprise when he says caramel lattes however. "Oh you too huh?!" She sounds a bit excited, no perhaps really excited. It's been forever since she's asked that question because people don't like to remember like she does… she can't seem to forget. "Mmmm yeah." She looks at him with shimmering eyes, "You know what I /really/ miss? Music. The kind that made the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. The kind that makes you remember a Saturday night, your first love, your first kiss…" She stops because she realizes how silly it all sounds and lowers her head. A single tear is squeezed out and it falls to the floor after rolling down to the tip of her nose.
Quinton shakes his head, a soft smile, "It's ok…not your fault." He does hesitate and then nods about his work. He shouldn't have said that part. He'll clear his throat, but then grins about the coffee. "We have coffee, but nothing fancy…" He grins brighter, "We have a lot of musicians.."It's not the same though. He hesitates and the gently touches her arm as she lets the tear drop. "I'm sorry…"

Qera hardens up with that touch as she had let herself break for those moments. She doesn't want to impose and straightens up, wiping the tear away and clearing her throat with an *ahem* before pushing out a faux smile which forces her eyes to attempt to join in as well. "Don't worry about it… It's just been a long time ya know? I keep telling myself that I need to forget about all that. It's gone and there is nothing that can be done about it right now." She can see that the man is genuinely concerned but she reels it all back up. Hard Qera. You need to keep your wits about you.
She looks down at that granola bar she is still holding and begins to unwrap it and takes a few bites, chewing it slowly, thoroughly while watching as the rain lets up and the humidity, which has already began to set in, takes hold. A sweat builds upon her forehead just above her brow and upon her upper lip. In the philtrum just under her nose. She is silent now.

Quinton pulls away , sensing the tension. "There's always something that can be done.." She gets a soft smile. As the rain lets up, he'll pull his backpack on. "I'm going to go check at the house, if you want to come with."

<FS3> Qera rolls Alertness: Success.

A single glance is cut back towards Quinton as he draws away even though Qera is holding a half-hearted smile. "Yeah. True. Guess that's the mission now." She watches him put on his backpack and gives a nod in regards to the question of exploring the house. No reason not to, It's just right there. "Yeah let's knock it out. Maybe some canned stuffs in there that aren't expired." Qera walks out of the barn and into the full blast of humid heat and scans the area. She hears a bit of a shift to the gravel lining the junk yard path however and crouches down and places herself up against an old pickup that is parked right by the barn's entrance. Something has her spooked and that right hand is resting on her sidearm.
She makes a little wave over at Quinton, then hand gestures. Two fingers pointed at her eyes followed by a thumb over her shoulder towards the path. She mouths out towards him, "Are you alone?" It all seems so silly to be so skittish about things but then again with that Silencer on the loose, one can never be too careful, plus there are a crap ton of bandits in the city of Fremont.

<ooc> Enter Sebastian

A few seconds pass, and then from out of sight up the path, there's a shrill, loud yelp, clearly from a very very large dog. Then - silence. Another half minute passes, and a man appears in the path. He's carrying a rather intimidating machete that drips with blood and his hands are red with the wet crimson of a fresh kill. He walks until he's clearly in view, and then stops, putting his weight on one leg and looking at where Quinton and Qera are. He just stands there, looking at them, the pistol in the holster on his hip left untouched.

Quinton wonders if maybe Qera was military. But he nods, "It is…we're gonna make it. Just need to figure out a plan." He'll follow her, but then freezes at the cry from the dog. He frowns, not having picked up on whatever she did, but follows her. Nodding, he whispers back, "Should be." He's gonna be pissed if Piper followed him. The sight of the machete has him pulling out his gun and softly saying, "Jesus christ."

Oy! Mean bandit is mean! Qera doesn't hesitate to pull her own pistol from it's holster and stand upright walking forwards towards the man with the machete, when she can obviously see upon Quinton's face that this man is /not/ from his camp and the name of the lord almighty crossing his lips has her pumped. She holds the Walther PPQ with two hands, both eyes open, finger on the trigger, gun pointed at the man's face. Apathetic as to this new person's plight.
A low voice carries towards the bloody man, firm and calm. "Drop the machete and put your hands in the air." It's not a yell or a scream, there is nothing heightened about the exchange. A side step cuts off the new man's view of Quinton, effectively placing herself in between the two.

Sebastian furrows his brow a bit, his eyes training on Qera. He slowly tilts his head, "I just saved your lives, and you point a gun at me?" He shakes his head, "You're welcome." He looks down at the machete in his hand, then back at Qera. "I didn't draw MY gun. I'm certainly not dropping the blade. If I wanted to kill you, I'd have shot you already."

oh, getting blocked isn't going to fly with the poet. he side steps so he can see Sebastain, "You just stepped out with a blood dripping machete…drawing weapons is kinda instinct…" While he doesn't put his gun away, he does lower it. "Saved us from what?" Quin's pale green eyes study the man, trying to determine if he recognizes him or not…and nope. He's not one of the bandits Quin's seen, anyway.

Qera really doesn't make a connection to this man and the bandits and it really doesn't matter to her. All that does matters now is that he is standing here, bloody, machete in tow, refusing to defuse the situation so that they can figure out what's going on. "Is that right?" A response to everything that is said and a smirk forms at the corners of her mouth on one side. "I don't care if you are the reincarnation of Jesus and you've come back to deliver us simpletons from the umbral pits of fire and brimstone. Drop the machete, and raise your hands." Calm and steely. "We just don't know who you are…get it?" She hopes that it permeates that skull because the last thing she really wants to do is kill someone today. It's been a nice day so far. That smile grows a bit and her eyes narrow.

Sebastian watches Qera a moment, then gives his attention to Quinton. "There was a rather large pit bull. Very hungry. Very rabid. He was on your trail," and he gestures back the way he came. He looks back at Qera, "I don't know who you are either. I extended the olive branch. Saved you both. And now? You're choice is demand I lose my protection." He shakes his head, "No way. For all I know, you two could be part of the militia. Or something worse. Something not human." His fingers reaffirm their grasp of the machete handle. "Who are you and what are you doing out here?"

gah! Quin inhales, and then does what he does best, puts himself in harm's way. Stepping forward to get in-between the gun and Sebastian, 'Ok…just…everyone calm down…" Qera is given a look that is surprisingly similar to the one he gave Piper she she had a gun leveled at the woman. Turning back to Sebastian, "Thank you. I didn't even see any dog.." The blonde man's forehead furrows slightly at some thought, but he brushes it off, "We're human, just trying to find useful things…which I image you are too…" Human? Scavenging? Hopefully both!

Quickly lowers her weapon into the ready position because she won't even hint about pointing it at Quinton. A guttural growl comes forth as she begins to speak talking to the man, "Idiot, don't you know when to concede? You are the only suspicious one here. A dog? You think we couldn't kill a dog?!" She is getting pissed off at the thought, a bad introduction considering how daft one would have to be to do that exact thing. She shakes her head and turns to go pick up Quin's things from where he left them and when she comes back she looks a bit calmer. A heavy deep-breathed sigh. "Here ya go Quinton." She brings those baby blues back to the man just standing there with that reaffirmed grip before holstering her gun. "Qera."

Sebastian lower the machete then, but still holds it. "Sebastian," he offers to Qera. "And as to who is the suspicious one? Well I suppose that depends on if you're standing next to you, or you're standing where I am." He looks at Quinton. "You're welcome. It was rather large. Don't eat it. It was quite rabid." He stands there another moment, and then he nods. "Get back to where you come from before dark fall. There's a militia out here that'll shoot anything that moves to get your gear." He gives a little salute with his machete, and then he turns, walking back the way he came.

Quinton frowns at both people. Eyes flickering to both. He was trying to diffuse the situation, but they're both very….aggressive. Thankful Qera calms as she hands him his bag and the poet nods and softly gives his thanks. There's a blink and Quin can't help a slightly grossed out face at the idea of eating a dog. things have never been that bad for him, thankfully. He'll just watch the man leave, slightly confused and then glances to Qera, "O-kay…that was…odd." Unless she says anything he'll start making his way to the house to check before he leaves to go back to the camp.

Qera just shakes her head as the man walks away, she simply doesn't understand that kind of logic or how someone that acts that way could still be alive in this day and age. She makes up her mind that he must be a member of the local bandit brigade because only they would harber someone that brash. Doesn't matter now though. "Yeah…" She follows the man as he gathers up his stuff and walks over to the house. "He has a point though, probably shouldn't linger her much longer." She can see that it is clear he is the type that just wants everyone to get along. She wishes it was always so easy. "Sorry. I just wanted him to drop the stupid blade." She apologizes and moves ahead to kick in the door and give the room a left right sweep ahead because she would much rather take a bullet or anything else than put him in harm's way.

Quinton instinctively cringes as she kicks in the door. Why does everyone break everything? But he lets her, better for her to get that frustration out on the door than someone else…or him. The house is quickly gone though, he's been doing this for months, he's actually pretty good at it. There's a lot of useless stuff that he ignores, although any writing utensils or books are taken. And then the jackpot. 2 tool sets. it's not anything too elaborate, but it's definitely a good find. He grins, holding one out to Qera, "Here." It's only fair.

It seems that Qera's mood is already back to the usual as nothing seems to last that long with her. The door make a satisfying crack as it toppled of the hinges and she was absolutely okay with it. She turns back with a grin and looks a Quinton. "Deep in thought I forgive everyone. No worries." And she means it too. She begins to shuffle about looking around and happens to come across some jumper cables and mirrors. "Hey I found some stuff y'all could prolly use…" She states as she turns and is presented with a toolset. She simply looks at it and then back to Quinton. "I..uh…can't do anything with that. Thank you though. I'm sure there is someone back at your camp that would just love it." and flashes the cables and stuff around and then hands it over to him as well. "Here I can't use this stuff either." She doesn't ask if he wants it or not. Just kinda forces it upon him.

Quinton blinks, and then stands still, "Stop…you know as well as I do this stuff is good for trade…take some. You were foraging in a berry bush…you can trade it for food at least.." He's a little confused on her…giving nature…it sort o convicts with what he's seen of her personality. "Bring it to camp some time and trade. We'll end up with it, and you can get a hot meal at least." He then sighs, adding, "Please?" There it is, the full blown puppy dog look. It's not intentional, but is powerful.

Darn those puppy dog eyes. Darn it all. She really doesn't need the stuff because she provides for herself out in nature. She's become pretty good at it and while she isn't an expert, she knows that lugging anything around that is unnecessary will just exhaust her when she would otherwise be fine. But still… those eyes. "Okay okay fine. I'll take it then." She grins. "You just don't wanna carry all this by yourself huh?" She pauses and then adds. "I'll bring it back to your camp and see what comes of it. Might be nice to be in the company of people again anyhow." She is odd, granted. But she broke for him and there is also the fact that she doesn't want to seem too distant. For some reason she has grown fond of watching their little group and for even weirder reasons feels the need to protect them. Hince her actions. It's why she followed them that day when she spotted them. It's why she would have blasted some bandits for them. Anyway. "Do you see anything else you wanna take back?"

Quinton gives a soft genuine laugh. Maybe that's part of it. Tools are heavy. "Hot meal too. Even if you don't stay…you can come trade." He glances around, nudge a basket filled with old magazines with his food. 6 months of dust have settled and from the look of it, it's all car part magazines and catalogs. Nothing very helpful. 'Yeah…i think that's it." Turning he'll study the woman briefly again before offering that soft smile of his, "I hope you do come. It's good to be around people. Even just a little bit. Helps us remember why we're fighting to stay alive."

Qera takes up the stuff at the ready to depart and hump it back to the camp for him and a hot meal whenever he gives the word. A bit of searching around doesn't seem like it yields much for him and when he says he is done, she gives him a nod and then peers at him with those baby blues while he gives her a once over before offering the smile and comment about hoping she will come around. "Well I'm gunna walk there with you now. So I figure it's safer this way anyhow. For both of us." She smiles along with him and they depart the area, leaving behind the events of the junk yard for the birds. On the way out there is a mutilated carcass of a dog. Not very big. Just an average medium-sized pitbull. Doesn't even look that vicious appearance-wise but hey, it's dead and nothing else can be said about it. After a quick look, they are on their way back to this Camp of Hope.

Scavenging Rolls

12 Windshield Wipers
6 Fuses
17 Brake Pads
1 Portable Battery Charger
1 A Wet/Dry Shop Vacuums
7 Bottles of Automatic Transmission Fluid
1 Replacement Mirrors
2 Basic Tool Sets
5 Windshield Wipers
2 Jumper Cables
4 Replacement Mirrors

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