(2015-09-05) Another New Face
Another New Face
Summary: Anaise is met by Terry and Piper
Date: 9.5.2015
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Gated Road Woods

A long dirt round flanked by deep woods is blocked by a stockade style gate that has gone grey from years of weathering. At the gate stand a couple of guards ready to stop anyone that isn't clear to enter the camp proper.

Besides the guards, the only signs of life is the occasional sound of birds and other animals in the distance.

There is a steady, soft, tap-taptap-tap, raindrops falling on fat leaves, then dripping off fat leaves to other leaves, then to the ground, and while it's not a driving rain, everything is wet. It makes it easier to walk quietly in the forest, and washes the air with freshness, at least in part, except for the heat which makes it steamy instead of crisp. Just off the road Anaise is in the woods, slowly pulling a sled behind her, her wide brimmed hat dripping like an umbrella as she pulls at branches and vines, humming a quiet tune.

For not having much in the way of hunting skills Piper considers getting a turkey a good day of hunting. She comes back empty handed more often than not and since her scavenging priveledes have been revoked hunting is one of the few ways to can maker herself useful to the camp. The deer though that was all Terry. Though she didn't bag it she is more than willing to help him haul it back to camp. It hangs by its legs from a long branch held between the pair. Being the shorter of the two, she leads. They too are roaming the woods returning to camp. The humming floats on the breeze, through the drizzing rain and straight into the woman's ears. It's enough to give her pause and she glances back at Terry, tapping her ear and sending him a quizzical glance as if asking if he hears it too.

The chiseled, soldierly man walks along the path behind Piper, dressed in brown pants, a khaki t-shirt, and a pair of American-made sneakers. A rifle hangs off of a bandolier/strap across his back. All's good until he catches the ear-tap from Piper, and then he holds position, and listens. It takes a few seconds, but in the end he offers a confirmative nod.

Step, step, skschhhh. Step, step, skschhhhhh. Then it stops. Anaise pulls a branch downward and runs her fingers over the surface of the leaf and turns it over to look on the back. "You are a happy tree," she says, her voice quiet. She looks up and steps up closer to the trunk, "Ah yes.. a squirrels nest, that is good," she also says, seemingly content to talk to herself. She pulls a canteen from where it rests against one hip and uncorks it to take a drink, closes it and puts it back then inhales, "We should find a place to rest…" she says then she turns from where she stands, looking over the brush and toward the road, a hint of something catching her eye, so she remains still, and waits. "H'lo out there?"

Piper nods making the pointing to her eyes and in the direction the humming came from then bares her teeth in agreesive fashion translation could be hostile lets go look. Typical for woman, running to danger instead of away from it. Then the words come to her and she makes a WTF face 'happy tree?" she mouths, and picks up the pace to head in direction that the feminine voice is coming from.

Terry rolls his eyes, cocks his rifle, and heads off after Piper, wondering what kind of 'happy tree' nut they've stumbled upon. He steels himself for possible combat.. never know… 'happy tree' could be code for 'big scary something or other'.

No answer. She steps around behind the trunk of the tree in a sort of defensive manner, putting between this new source of sound and movement. "H'lo again? I am just passing by," she says, then puts her hands to the tree and peers around from behind it. "No harm intended, just passing by," she says again.

While the woman is armed, a compound bow strapped to her back, she isn't locked and loaded like Terry is. It takes Piper a moment to spot the woman hiding behind the tree, made easier when said woman peeks out. The petite woman is probably the least expected vision anyone would expect to find roaming the woods. Besides all the hair, she is barefoot (literally) and quite pregnant. She hardly looks like a threat. Her expression, what little there is of it is stoic at best as she raises a hand, showing that she at least means no harm. She can't speak for her large male companion, or at all really.

Upon spotting the… threat? Not a threat.. Terry *clicks* his weapon over to 'safe', and ensures the business end isn't pointed toward anyone. No killing today.. at least, not yet. No reason for it, at least. "..'lo." He finally says. "C'mon out.. Not gonna shoot'cha." He drops the weapon, allowing the bandolier to hold it, and puts up his hands in a show of civility/pacifism.

Anaise spies the hair, at least, then the rest of the pregnant woman though the man with the gun gets her full attention and she ducks back behind the tree. Then there is clicking and the promise to not shoot and she peeks out again, "No need to shoot, no, I'm a peaceful sort," and she steps out from behind the tree. Her sled is not too far away and it's loaded down and covered with canvas and tied and she steps toward it, "You are wanderers too?" she asks.

The soldierly type points up the road. "Survivors, yes; wanderers, no. We're with Camp Hope. If you need a place to stay for the night, I'm sure we can spare a bed, and a hot meal. If you want to stay longer, that too can be worked out. We can figure a way to integrate you into the camp.. Everyone has a part to play." He offers a smile, hopefully it passes for charming, as well as a hand. The grip is firm, but not bone-crushingly strong.

Anaise seems reluctant to move, eyeing the man, considering his words. "A camp…" she says. "The last camp I visited was not by choice, is this the sort of camp we're talking about?" she asks. He did just describe the exact opposite but still. "A part to play, forced labor?" she asks. She reaches down for the rope on her sled and walks toward the road then she glances down to the offered hand and puts hers in it, if hesitantly. "Do you have a name?"

"Terry Collins." Terry responds, glancing at Piper, figuring she can introduce herself. "No, not forced labor. Everybody has a job.. whether hunting or fishing for food, gathering crops, building things.. or, in my case, making sure folks don't try sneaking in, whether with nefarious intent, or following an after-lights-out skinny-dip." He offers a professional smile. "Think of it like a recipe, and each of us is an ingredient. We all work together to make a delicious pie, or what have you.."

The pregnant woman just watches. Watches the strang woman, watches Terry do the talking. Her eyes studying, taking in body language, facial expression of Anaise, trying to determine if the woman is genuine in her words or a genuine threat. As for introductions….she doesn't, she didn't with Terry or anyone else, what makes him think she is going to change now. Is her standing there silent, watching with the dark eyes that show way to much pupil a bit creepy? Most likely.

"Anaise," she answers in kind, "Oh, ah, Teague, Anaise Teague, I am not used to using a full name, most on the road don't care for such things," she says. None she's met anyway. She seems genuine enough, if wary, who wouldn't be in these times? "You do not let people wander in and out as they please?" she asks. "I can help, fishing and hunting, I've done it, I know how to tan hides and things," she adds. "I will do what I can as long as I am here, though I have not stopped anywhere long in the last few months..nowhere is safe."

"This is a sanctuary against.." Terry gestures, sweepingly. "..all that huff and thunder out there. We're just trying to keep the proverbial lights on, one day at a time… Defend against the bandits, and other scumbags wandering around.. Some of those guys'd sooner carve out your heart than give you the time of day." Changing gears, the man nods. "Hunting and fishing is good. Stay as long as you like.. though, we'd appreciate if you pitched in, if at all possible. I usually lead a hunting party every day, circumstances allowing. Fishing, too. Sometimes even scavenging." Beat. "New folks get a decent 'welcome' pack.. toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, deodorant.. Two-man dome tent for singles, bigger if you don't mind sharing. Sleeping bag, too, unless you're not the type.."

Piper seems satisfied by what she has seen and heard so far and as Terry continues to describe the day to day function of the camp she finally reacts to the conversation with a nod. She even does a bit of inputting with the use of hand signals. She makes a talking motion with a hand, and then uses the hand to do a beard like gesture from her chin. Talking beard. Whatever could that mean. Hey Sonny has a beard, and he interviews all newcomers.

"I try to stay away from the roads," Anaise comments as she listens to Terry. Her eyes flit to the mute woman and she watches her then looks to Terry, "I have a tent and bedroll, save those things for someone who does not," he says. She glances to Piper again then back to Terry, "Does she only talk to people with beards?" she asks curiously.

Terry snickers. "No, no… Sonny.." A repeat of the 'beard' motion. "..and Bea Matson run the place, think of them as the father and mother of this little family.. 'Dad' likes to chat up the new blood, get a feel for things, help 'em figure out how they can make themselves useful."

A nod comes Piper and she taps her temple in response to the notion of staying off the roads. The next comment has her stifling an amused noise. This is serious business, no time for laughing. When Terry explains what she means she gestures to him and nods again. She makes another sign, the pointing to her eyes and then gesturing in the direction of camp and then the beard sign again. Translation. She is going to go find Sonny and let him know. She removes the deer laden branch from where it has been resting on her shoulder and runs off, her barefeet making little to no noise on the ground.

Anaise ahs, "Sonny.. and Bea.." she repeats. "They are the 'parents' then, of this place," she says. "This.. sounds like the commune.." she says with a slight hmm. She looks to Piper and watches her with curious interest as her gestures then she nods to Terry, "What is her name?" she asks. "I do have a bow for hunting, I do not use a gun," she explains then nods to her sled.

"Piper." Terry responds. "She's.. shy. Most folks are around strangers. In my line of work, it doesn't pay to be shy on a regular basis. Gotta do what needs to be done to survive."

"It is not unwise to be wary of strangers," Anaise agrees then she glances in the direction the woman ran off to, "Well, what is it you think your group is in the most need of?" she asks. "Do you have a place to put food for storage for the winter?" she asks.

"Yeah. Follow me." Terry smiles, nods, and starts heading off, making a beckoning motion.

Hunting Rolls

1 Turkey
1 Opossum
1 Deer
1 Squirrel

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