(2015-09-05) Dire Warnings
Dire Warnings
Summary: What started as nice girl time ends with hurt feelings and dire warnings.
Date: 9.5.2015
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Miller Campsite

Woods surround this cleared out area. It has three platform tent areas to hold large eight people tents, and a few ground level areas for smaller tents. All of them surround a fire pit that seems to have gotten some recent use. Two picnic tables are also near at hand.

It was a rough night for the ever silent Piper and besides a short sighting when she sent the children off for breakfast she hasn't left her tent until now. At least she looks more rested then she did then. She leaves her tent, dropping her partially filled pack to the ground as she stretches her arms up to the sky, a deep breath is taken. The air seems a lot fresher then it did before the aliens, guess there are good for one thing. Air pollution is at an all time low. She pulls a handful of hair pins from her pocket, and sorts through them, most are bent out of shape and do little to hold her hair from her exotically beautiful face. She frowns at them, grabs her pack and goes to sit at the picnic table to try and bend the bobby pins back into shape without breaking them.

Harmony is up with the sun, literally. There may be some lingering scent of her particular herb of choice, but will be completely dissipated soon enough. It's her early morning ritual to get her on that 'even keel', where she communes and sets her on her path for the day. She's back from the fields, back from the Dining Hall with her delivery of vegetables, and now it's time to check on her seedlings, watering them and talking to them quietly so as not to disturb any late risers.

Good thing, too! When Piper exits her tent, Harmony offers the woman a bright smile and a cheery note to go with it. "Good morning." There's a moment when her expression turns to a fleeting frown, but there's no cloud of rain or anything that goes with it, and the smile returns as quickly. "Bobby pins… the devil's tool," is offered jokingly. "You know what…"

It a tedious task, fixing the bobby pins, her brow is furrowed a bit of tongue poking from her mouth as she bends the little pieces of metal. Snap! one breaks in her fingers and she looks with a sigh and frown at the two pieces between her fingers. The cheery greeting has her looking up, the frown still on her face.

Dropping the pieces she gives a finger wave in greeting. Normally a comment like that would get at least an amused grin from the woman, but it seems there are no grins or smiles in her today. There is inquistion though, and she gives Harmony a curious look when the sentenced is dropped.

Harmony watches for a few moments more and winces at the breakage. "Keep it. Might be good for something else."

The thought that had come to her only seconds ago causes the flower-child to raise a finger in a 'one second' motion, and she goes into her tent, only to re-emerge a couple of heartbeats later with a small wooden box held closely to her. It's not large, perhaps 4" by 6", and the way she carries it, it's very close to her.

"We're going to tackle this together." This? What's 'this'?

Piper has not clue what that something else would be, but sets the two peices aside for saving. She watches as Harmony has a eureka moment and then goes back to tacking the bobby pins. She isn't much further when Harmony remerges from her tent and the statement from the hippie has her looking nervous all of a sudden. Snap goes another bobby pin.

Harmony either doesn't notice the nervous expression or ignores it, her happy smile still easily in place. She flops down unceremoniously -behind- Piper, placing the small wooden box to the side of both the young women. It's opened to reveal a few items; little bits here and there. A dried flower, a bit of purple ribbon, a couple of pictures that are turned upside down, some blue stones, some green, a spool of light gauge silver wire, a delicate snip and two light-work pliers.

"Time to tame the wild beast and make you feel a little better when it's done." Harmony pauses before she adds lightly, "We hope."

Harmony either doesn't notice the nervous expression or ignores it, her happy smile still easily in place. She flops down unceremoniously -behind- Piper, placing the small wooden box to the side of both the young women. It's opened to reveal a few items; little bits here and there. A dried flower, a bit of purple ribbon, a couple of pictures that are turned upside down, some blue stones, some green, a spool of light gauge silver wire, a delicate snip and two light-work pliers.

"Time to tame the wild beast and make you feel a little better when it's done." Harmony pauses before she adds lightly, "We hope." <re>

It's late morning, and the camp area that seems to be in infested with females is empty except the ever silent Piper and the never silent Harmony. Despite the time, Piper has yet to venture out of the little camping area where the women reside. She wasn't even at breakfast, yet the kids were.

Sitting at the picnic table is Piper a pile of bent up bobby pins in front of her and looking quite nervous at the close proximity of the hippie. The box and its contents is eyed and she still has yet to figure out what the heck Harmony is talking about. Beast? What beast?

Quinton has a very important question for Piper. It could bring peace, or cause a war. So here he trots up the path, his backpack filled with..something big. Although it doesn't look heavy. Seeing the two woman gives the poet pause. this is either really good, or really not. He's not sure. But here he is, so…a hand is raises, "Hey.."He steps forward, going them both a bright smile, although he doesn't move to sit, unsure if this is some weird girl ritual and he's intruding.

From box to Harmony to the clanking Quinton her eyes go. Okay, maybe she does have a smile in her, one is offered to the poet at least, and there is quite a bit of relief at seeing him. Most of her nervousness drains away, and her face brightens considerably. Of course she says nothing, but waves him over and gestures for him to sit down at the table with them.

The clanking of course has her looking at his pack curiously. She knows he went out yesterday and is glad he didn't run into the same person she did while he was out.

Harmony does know that Piper's got a 'thing' about being touched, and now, at least, the hippy makes some form of explanation. How couldn't another woman know about the whole 'hair doing' ritual thing? Piper's so lovely, how could she not have had scores of women wanting to do her hair?

"Today, we're going to get that mane of yours into a braid." Harmony hasn't lost her happy tones, and she almost sounds like she's chirping. "Or two," is given a little more quietly, but not any less amused. "I bet you've had to beat off hair dressers when you were younger, or your mom had to," is sighed. "People would kill for this."

Quinton's arrival is given a bright smile in return followed with, "Hey yourself." There are fond undertones there, and green eyes linger briefly before she raises hands to pull all the hair back and away from Piper's face. "Going to do Piper's hair," comes as explanation. She pulls her box a little closer to her; it's a small wooden box. A small piece of purple ribbon is within, a couple pieces of blue stones, some green, a couple of small pictures turned over, a spool of thin gauge silver wire and three small jewelry-working tools.

Quinton hesitates. This sets of the dude alarm. Run his instincts tell him. He assumes he'll be ok though, his hair is shaggy, bit not really long enough for anyone to fuss over…he thinks. the backpack is slipped off before he sits down. "That will be …nice." The smile is for both girls, he's guessing from the way Harm is talking she likes doing hair, and Piper getting someone to fuss over her will be a change. A quick glance around before he starts to unzip his bag. He doesn't pull it out, but there's clearly some type of yellow stuffed animal inside. He lowers his voice, almost like this is some drug deal, "I only found one…will they share, or should I wait till I find more?"

Okay, a bit more releif when Harmony finally explains what she is talking about. It's been so long since anyone except herself has tried to wrangle it into some type of order. Piper had just given up on it. There is a nod to what the other woman is saying, though if it is an answer about having droves of hairdressers at her beck and call…who knows. She did, but that's a digression.

With Harmony behind her, dark eyes remain on the man in front of her, watching as he sits and deals with his pack. A gasp comes from the woman as her hair is pulled back suddenly and her exotic face is fully uncovered, nothing to hide behind now. She locks onto Quinton's voice, an anchor to pull her away from panic. One, two moments pass and she is looking at him in confusion and then her eyes fall to the pack and its contents. She holds her hands out then, as if asking to see it. How is she to know if she doens't know exactly what 'it' is.

"It needs to happen," Harmony replies. There's a flicker of -something- behind those eyes when she catches the relaxing of muscles. She can't see the face, but she can hear the shriek from weeks ago, clinging to Quin as a life-preserver. And times beyond.

There and gone, and Harmony begins to finger-comb out the long tresses, her hands now full of hair. Peeking over Piper's shoulder to see what's been gained, Harmony is torn. She's not one to cling to those last vestiges, she's not. Maybe it's just that she can't really handle 'yesterday', and 'today' is so much easier. The smile is easier. "We could make corn-husk dolls too," comes conversationally behind Piper's back. "Use some fur from the rabbits caught, or deer. It'd last longer."

Quinton only hesitates a moment before pulling out a yellow My Little Pony stuffed animals. It's large enough to have been shoved into the backpack. The friendship is magical is handed over to Piper. "I thought…this might cause …arguments if there was only one…" Or maybe not. Kids are weird. Quin's smile grows and he nods to Harm, "Can they be made to fit the doll house?" He was nearly lion chow for that doll house…he'd like ti to get use! He seems to be much more together with his speech today. Especially compared to yesterday.

The revealing of the pegasus Fluttershy has another softsmile coming from Piper. Apparently she has fond memories of the MLP. She takes it from him, running her fingers through the silky mane of the stuffed animal. She would nod, but with Harmony's fingers all in her thick mane its hard to do, so instead she taps her temple, probably indicating that asking first was smart.

With Harmony busy behind her the pregnant woman's main method of communication is useless, so she touches Quinton's arm and points to her backpack on the ground nearby, then makes a writing gesture. Her white board is kept in her pack.

Doll house?

Harmony pauses a moment, takes a deep breath before she nods, following it with a quiet, "Yes. There used to be lots of shows in Cheyenne, and I've seen 'em." Had some. No longer do. If the smile falters, the flower-child is happily hidden in the long mane that is Piper's hair.

Her manner come a touch more matter-of-factly as she gets down to the serious business that is braiding. So, working from one side, fingers are run through the hair, a murmured, genuine 'sorry' for any pulls before she begins what will probably be a long process of weaving hair that doesn't want to be tamed.

Quinton thought so, if little girls are still anything like Kayla was when she was little. "Ok…I'll hold onto it then." Maybe he'll get enough by the time christmas rolls around. The white board makes sense and he'll nod, before turning to get it. It puts him in a better place to see Harmony's face. He pauses, head tilted and alight worried look appears, but then she throws herself into the braiding. He'll ask later, she's not going to talk with Piper here (ironically enough). The board is handed to Piper, "I can keep it in my tent.." the kids won't go int here.

The MLP plushie is reluctantly traded for the whiteboard. The little girl in Piper may want one for herself…and not the unborn one either. She smiles her thanks and writes a quick question "Can you make them?" no use in hoping for them if they can't be made. She holds it up long enough for Harmony to read it and her eyes slip closed for a moment, she seems more relaxed than she has ever been. Could she actually be enjoying having her hair tended too?

Harmony is happy not having to worry about the conversation. She's tugging hair bits into place, braiding, and in by inch, the French braid on one side is beginning to take form. It's keeping the hair from sliding back in front of Piper's face, anyway.

Taking hold of all of the gathered hair she's got into one hand, Harmony crosses an arm to get to her box and digs out a blue turquoise stone that is wrapped with a little bit of silver. Now, the task is to wind and weave the bit in, giving a touch of color to the style.

The movement of the whiteboard gains Harmony's attention, and she presses her lips tightly for a moment as she considers, her brow creasing. "I remember what they look like, yeah," starts slowly. "The basic model is pretty easy. It's not something I've put my hand to yet, but I could probably work out a family that aren't missing arms or legs." She chuckles and shrugs, adding. "Or hands and feet. Or, you know, a head." Oh god, making dolls for a doll house…

Fluttershy is shoved back into the backpack, before Quin's eyes glance over to piper's bag again. He thought…no, he must have been mistaken. The two girls seem busy (content?) doing hair and he's suddenly the odd man out. "Ok…I should…go." The table is used to push off of so he can stand. "I might be able to do another round today…" or gather firewood, or something useful. It's not like he's got hair to braid, or can help. Both women get a warm smile though, he likes that they're doing this.

Eyes fly open and another gasp escapes Piper, panic is back, but it has nothing to do with what Harmony is doing with her hair. She quickly leans forward not even giving a wince when it pulls her hair since Harmony is still holding onto it. She grasps at Quinton and violently shakes her head no. Of all the times for words to fail this is not a good one.

"You should st-" That's all Harmony manages before Piper begins the strain forward in a seeming panic attack. The violence in which the other woman shakes her head, reaching for Quin causes Harmony to drop the hair she does have in mid-braid. The stone is in, and it's mostly done on the side.


She can't. The flower-child wants to stay, wants to remain, should remain, but she can't. She doesn't want to.

Taking up her box, Harmony's face lowers to the ground and she turns away, ready to flee. Doesn't matter where. And Quin was talking odd man out? This isn't just rejection from the other woman, not in Harmony's eyes. It's … something else.

Quinton blinks. What is the world just happened? He stiffens, but allows Piper to grab him. Confusion and a bit of frustration is evident on his face, "Why? What's wrong? I can't not go out!" it's what he does, damn it! Pale eyes flicker over and now suddenly Harmony's packing up, "Stop…Why are you leaving Harmony?" He'll gently, if possible, pry is arm away from Piper, "Look…I'm///sorry I interrupted this…i shouldn't have." Clearly. Girl time must be a delicate thing.

This isn't her usual oh my gawd people are touching me kinda panic attack, she isn't trembling for one and there are no tears. Harmony barely gets a look, what she is trying to say, and failing so miserably at is to important. She is easy to pry and when she is she takes up her whiteboard, wiping the question off with a hand and writing one single word across it in all caps "SILENCER!" she turns it holding it up with both hands for a moment and then gesturing out of camp.

Harmony is done. She'll apologize later for the hair, maybe even finish the job. Assuming Piper allows her. The girl doesn't know Piper well enough to read the different panics, and the flower-child's back is to them all (and the whiteboard) as she takes those first steps 'out of Dodge'. "I'm stupid…". While not as adept at moving through woods and such as Piper may be, the barefooted hippy doesn't do too poorly, even if branches now aren't as 'seen' as usual.

Quinton's brow furrows, he understands the word, but why is this the first he's heard about a Silencer being near. "Where?" They need to protect what's theirs. His mind starts racing a mile a minute. is that what happened to the Bandits? Does Sonny know? His jaw tightens, trying to not get too agitated by this sudden info. And then the hippy is on the move. He calls out after her, "Harmony!" There's a sinking feeling that she's mad at him, but he has no idea why.

She wasn't able to talk before, she is in less of a state to form words now than she was. She looks a bit relieved that he understands, though now she has another worry. Piper violently wipes the offensive word of her whiteboard and answers the question "Lake. Yesterday evening." she provides where and when. Only when Quinton says Harmony's name does she realize the woman has fled, she's confused about it too, but keeping the poet from wandering to his death takes precedence "Don't go out." her expression as she writes the last sentence is pleading.

Quinton's eyes follow the retreating Harmony, worried and a little annoyed. What the hell just happened? New words on the shier board get his attention and he looks bad, still frowning. he nods, "I'll not go to the Lake then." Not that he was, but still. The next words have him shaking his head, "I have to..We need things." Clearly they need more MLP plushies. "I'll be careful, I promise." His head comes up, looking in the direction of the dining hall, " Have you told anyone else yet?" And then it dawns on him, "How did you get away?" He's glad, but still.

Piper shakes her head at something that is said. Wipe, wipe. Her hand is going to be stained black a day or two if she keeps that up "Need you alive more than things." she writes, followed by "Could be anywhere." Silencer's have legs and feet and know how to use them. She is unconvinced, he can be as careful as he wants but they are called Silencers for a reason, because you never hear them coming. She nods, pulling a hand from her chin down to indicate a beard…Sonny. He must have thought her paranoid, since he didn't raise an alarm. The last question she is unprepared for so she mentally scrambles for an answer. She can't really tell him that she was left to go on her way. Hiding, yes that's it. She raises the white board, not only for him to read but to also hide her face behind it, giving him an answer, and that is something she is good at so it isn't inconceivable.

That's not…acceptable. they can't hide. "It was at the lake? How close to camp?" This might not be something they can hide from, if it already knows where camp is. His lips press together, as he thinks, he'll need to go talk with Sonny. A hand through his hair, "I'll…figure it out…" Figure what out? He nods once, more to himself than her, "I'll talk to Bobby."

They can't, but she can and supposedly did or she wouldn't be alive to warn him about it. She holds up two fingers to indicate distance. Though the lake is actually a bit closer and within her two mile boundary, barely. She watches him worriedly, not liking that she reduced him from happy smiles to nervousness. She nods at his words though, the trust she has in him clearly read on her face. And the name he says, there is no confusion, she knows how he is, and probably knows he is talking about Sonny. She holds a hand out to him, she's not sure if he will take it, but it's there, but is it for her comfort or his?

2 miles? Shit. That's way to close. Quin's mind is racing, so he doesn't even see the hand for a moment. But then he'll force a soft smile for her and takes her hand briefly, giving it a gentle squeeze. "You should…go find Rachel…Have her finish your hair..it looks pretty." It made the two of them happy, and some how his entrance into the conversation destroyed that. Her hand is dropped and Quin picks up his bag, "Did it look like a male or female?" That's kind of important.

Her other hand goes to her hair. If she was capable of blushing she probably would, but with her skin tone it would be impossible to tell even if she did. Piper nods once more. It will be something to do to get her mind off her encounter. In answer she uses her hands to trace a curvy shape in the air, like that of a female.

Quinton's demeanor softens some. Of course she's upset, she almost ran into a Silencer…He sighs softly, feeling bad, "Just…stay in camp, ok?" The shape traced has him sighing again. Of course it looks like a woman. Why can't this ever be easy?

Piper uses a finger to cross her heart, making a promise that she won't leave the confines of camp. Not that she had planned to anyway, but she knows the gesture will make him feel somewhat better about the situation at least. She assumes that despite her warnings and pleading he is still going to go out, which has her biting her lip worriedly. Especially after the sigh.

Quinton said he'd be careful! Giving her a final smile he nods, "Ok…Got finish your hair, I'm gonna go find Tony."

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