(2015-09-05) Hunting/Foraging
Summary: Terry takes the kiddos out for some lessons.
Date: 09.05.15
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Road Y Farmland
Sat Sep 05, 2015 — Sat Sep 05 20:39:39 2015

Like the rest of the surrounding area, overgrown fields flank the road on the left and right. There is an occasional farm house on one side or the other. Several roads intersect it, but many just lead to small residences. One of them though leads to the local radio station and a golf course.

"Okay," says Terry, leading a group of younger 'Hopers' out on one of his usual hunting trips. "Welcome to 'Hunting to Survive', I'm Terry Collins, and I'll be teaching today's class." He reaches down and picks up a homemade bow. "This is a bow," He says, twanging the string. "One of man's earliest hunting tools." He then picks up a crude arrow. "Goes good with arrows." He sets both down, and fishes a bowie knife out of his boot. "This is a combat knife. Decent hunting application.. Can be used like so.." He demonstrates a quick jab, making sure not to put out any eyes. "Or like so.." He switches his grip, now with the blade pointing down, and demonstrates an alternative jab. … He goes into a few other hunting tools, and quick demonstrations, and shortly thereafter the wannabe-hunters disperse.

Though she's not one of the wannabes, Anaise is also out in the forested area near the campground, though she is digging around and looking at plants instead of hunting. She hums softly while she works, tucking things into her pockets, moving from one spot to the next, as if she can't quite see it all fast enough. She looks up and watches Terry for a moment then watches the youngers disperse, "Hopefully they do not practice on each other," she comments.

Graham seems to have tagged along, since there was talk of catching edible things. But he doesn't disperse with the hunters. He remains standing near the back of where they'd all assembled, looking around himself in a somewhat hapless way.

As it just so happens Qera is on one of her own walkabouts near town and hears the sound of children and a familiar voice handing out some instruction to them relating to primitive weapons. A tall fit figure emerges from the backside of the radio station, which is lined by trees and perpendicular to the roadway. She spots who it is and casually makes her way over. A quick glance goes up to the sky while she walks before the attention is shifted back to the dispersing group and the two men that are still standing about. "Hey." She states out simply as she gets closer, coming to a stop about ten feet away. "What're y'all up to?" Her baby blues narrow upon them one at a time then back to the kids. "You told them about safety too right?" A grin.

While the kids are off doing their own thing, Terry's hot on the trail for prey. He goes about setting up a few homemade traps, and a perch from which to spot animals. Minutes pass, and then the tell-tale quack-quack noise fills the air. A pair of ducks wander into view, and wander right into a pair of cages. A squirrel makes a mad dash up a tree, apparently having noticed the ducks' predicament. A rather skillful knife-throw puts the squirrel's lights out, and pins the corpse to the tree.

Anaise isn't so much hot on the trail but there is a trail, of sorts. Tracks. Those are not her focus, however, as she picks up acorns and fingers through the leaves and other things on the forest floor. It seems that the running youngers have served as a sort of pack of hounds, and darting in from their direction, an elk. He's not huge, his antlers still small, and lacking the normal branching off of 'points' that adults have. He skids to a stop not far from Anaise who is still crouched, and now unmoving, with an acorn in her hand. "You are a handsome fellow," she says soft, low, her voice smooth and lilting. The elk's nostrils flare and he snorts and tosses his head, yes, he knows he's handsome.

Graham notices something near his foot. "Oh, look here," he says, rather to himself. He probably shouldn't talk at all when people are hunting. He crouches down and examines a white wildflower, then pulls it up. He happens to look up when a squirrel's getting knifed to death, and quickly looks away. "Heavens."

Qera just stands there as Terry runs off when she begins to speak and then gives a shrug. She turns to Graham whom she doesn't know and smiles. "Hey, Qera." A pleasant to the point introduction so he doesn't think she is rude or anything, even though it seems everyone is doing their own thing. "So did you come out here with the group that was with Terry?" A bit of a quizzical look goes out to him as she asks, especially considering his attire. As that knife plops into the tree and Graham comments, her attention is shifted towards the area it came from. "Well.." Is all that is offered to the killing for the poor little squirrel. It should be noted that she isn't toting her rifle around with her today, just her sidearms and survival knife. "So you come here often?" She asks of the man trying to lighten the mood a bit while she cracks a grin his way.

Terry runs off in a blood lust fury like a wild-man, holding up his fresh squirrel kill proudly in an 'I am all that is man' fashion. Not to be seen for awhile…

The elk and the woman share a moment of time, brief, a locking of eyes, then the motion and noise of the others spooks him and he darts off in the other direction. Anaise rises to her feet with a grin and looks after him, watching him go, "In a few years you will good to eat, and make more hides," she says, mostly to herself. "Well, yes, sort of," Graham says about the circumstances of his appearance here. He's still got that flower and its root hanging from one hand. "It seemed as if a group was going out and I thought I might get my bearings…" He smiles wanly at Qera's joke.

Qera simply nods to him and looks down to that flower, "Oh, I understand….My what a pretty flower you've found though. I bet you are good at foraging!" She tries to lighten the wanly smile and cheer him up a bit. "You wanna walk about a bit? Perhaps there are other things to gather along the tree line that could be useful." Those baby blues affix on him with that offer of company.

Anaise goes back to her foraging or inspecting, maybe a mix of both, moving from the area of the encounter with the deer over to another little clump of shrubbery, poking around at the base of it and studying the leaves.

"Oh, it's Queen Anne's Lace," Graham says, lifting the plant so the ugly white root can be seen. "It's a wild carrot." He seems rather proud at having found something potentially edible, even if it's not much. "But…yes. Would you show me? I'm Graham, by the way."

"Sure! I would be happy to. Let's just start over there." Qera points in the general direction that Anaise is even though they have no idea that anyone is over there. "That looks like a nice spot with lots of bushes and stuff." She begins to walk over there and looks back at Graham, "It's nice to meet you by the way. Always nice to come across a friendly face Graham."

"Everyone else seems to have disappeared…" Graham notes, looking round a bit. Then he focuses on Qera. "Oh, that's very kind," he says. "It's my pleasure, too."

Her sled is near by and Anaise rises to walk toward it to drop a few acorns into it, maybe a leaf or two as well. She turns then, and heads back toward a shrub, "Wild blackberry.. some of you are ready," she says, and begins to pick.

<FS3> Qera rolls Alertness: Great Success.

Qera smiles again, "Why thank you good sir." She states as they are nearly to the wooded tree line. Even though they aren't on top of Anaise or anything there are signs that someone was here very recently, as some of the brush is moved about, shrubs picked at, and of course the tell-tale human foot prints. "I think someone else is about Graham. I wonder if they are foraging as well" She gives the man a wave and they follow those tracks to find the source. "Oy! Them's my blueberries!" She states out to Anaise as she rounds a tree and sees the girl digging into another bush. There is a grin as she isn't serious about it or anything but she just wanted to announce her presence in a special way. Special. A laugh.

Graham follows the trail of human presence with his gaze, then watches as Qera and Anaise interact. "Um, hi." That's his greeting.

Anaise turns somewhat and looks around then sees Qera and looks from her to the scraggly bush and back to her, "Oh these are not blueberries at all, they are blackberries, see how they are like clumps of tiny little berries all stuck together? A blueberry is, well, blue, and as big around as the end of your finger, and smooth," she says. She nods to the pair, "H'lo..yes.. right, I'm Anaise."

Qera just laughs, "Well hello Anaise, and thanks for the lesson. I guess I'm glad I know just enough not to eat the wrong ones right?" She holds a grin and steps aside so that Graham can get up there with them. "My names Qera. We were just about to do a bit of foraging ourselves…" She looks back at Graham then to Ana with those baby blues. "Care to join us?"

"I'm Graham," the man puts in helpfully. Still carrying around what he says is a wild carrot. "Is this…what people normally do every day, or…?"

Anaise gives Qera a curious smile then nods her head, "Well either are edible.." she notes. She nods to her and Graham then her shoulders lift, "I just got here, I can not accurately answer what people do every day. Do be careful with that plant, the root is edible but the leaves can make your skin blister."

"Esssh." is uttered out from Qera as she looks back to that plant that Graham has been toting around with him since the field. She looks back to Anaise again with a giggle, "Oh well I didn't mean the blackberries or blueberries silly." She grins and steps towards her, offering a hand to complete the introduction and then turns so that she is facing both of them afterwards. The smile slowly fades as she can see now that perhaps they aren't joking, and she eyes in between them. "Survive. That's what we do now days…Any way you can preferably." She doesn't mean to get serious but she can't help it because she doesn't know any other way to live now. Six months and life as she knew it is just..gone. "Some folks go out and scavenge for stuff to barter with. Some forage. Others hunt game. Some take to camps, others to the land." She then sighs. "And then you have those that band together to take from others…bandits."

Graham looks puzzled by Anaise's warning. "What, this?" he asks of the plant he's holding. He seems doubtful. "Not with this, I don't think. It's Queen Anne's lace. I've handled it before. No poisons." He looks back to Qera. "I just meant people at the camp."

Anaise nods to Qera and then rubs her hand off on her tunic before shaking hands with the new acquaintance. "And which are you both? Wanderers? Bandits?" she asks, though somewhat playfully. They do not seem like bandits. She nods to Graham, "Not always or for everyone, but it can, the leaves, not the stem or flowers or root," she clarifies. "I am looking for sand cherries, though I think I need to move nearer the river.." she muses.

Qera smiles to Graham because she knows she got a bit serious there and didn't mean anything by it. "Oh? Yeah, I mean. I don't really know what they do in the camp. I kinda just keep to myself because I've had some run-ins with one of the ladies there… It was a bit on the nerve racking side. Soo… yeah." She looks over to Ana, "Wanderer, as you might've guessed for me. Though I could always use a camping buddy!" She smiles brightly and shuffles about looking around. "Well I'm afraid I'm not too great at identifying plants and the like. I mainly focus on the ones that are bad for me to ingest…"

"I think you may be thinking of wild parsnip," Graham tells Anaise, though his tone is polite. He seems pretty sure of this one plant. "I'm just hoping to join the camp," he says. "I'd really rather not wander."

Anaise smiles as she listens, "Oh? I am sorry you have had troubles.. anything I should know if I intend to be around in the camp a lot?" she asks. She looks to Graham, "The parsnip is somewhat worse.. affected by sunlight.." she says. She isn't overly polite or impolite, she's just talking plants.

Qera shakes her head and shrugs. "Well no not really. I would just say watch your toe stepping around the short thin woman with wild dark hair." She takes up a lean against a tree. "Seems like everyone is eager to hunker down with in the refugee camp." She doesn't state it like it's a good idea or bad idea, just an observation but it could make one wonder about the logic behind gathering up all in one place..

"Well, it doesn't seem to bother me," Graham concludes, looking at the plant he's holding. Then he looks back to Qera. "Which woman?" he can't help asking. "Do you know her name?"

"That is good," Anaise says to Graham with a smile then she hmms at Qera, "A good point, though there can be safety found in numbers too," she says. "I have not decided if I will remain long, as I said, I just arrived, but I will help out while I am here."

Qera nods then looks to Graham, "No I don't know her name, but she doesn't talk much and is pregnant." She doesn't elaborate as to what happened but then adds, "Good thing Quinton was there to… calm her down…" She then looks over to Ana, "Well that sounds like a solid plan to me. I don't know about the strength in numbers thing, but, I tend to do the same. Help out when I'm around. Perhaps it's just my way of staying out of drama.. I don't know." She freely admits that she has become a bit of a loner these days as it's easier to get around when you don't have to worry about someone else's safety but still. People can be nice.

"I see," Graham answers. "Well. Either of you going back to camp soon? I don't want to end up stranded."

Anaise smiles and nods, "Well I am doing some more rooting around," then she grins at her play on words. "I am certain I'll see you both around," she adds then she she takes up the rope of her sled and waves with the other hand, "Take care," and she heads off in the direction of the river.

Qera just looks at Ana as she thinks perhaps she said something wrong. "Uh, alright, well yeah, see'ya around Anaise." She then looks back over to Graham. I'll take ya back to the camp. She smiles and then begins to lead the way.

Hunting Rolls

2 Duck
2 Squirrel
1 Elk

Scavenging Rolls

1 Broken Flashlight
1 Cute Lost Puppy
1 Human remains

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