(2015-09-05) Nomads
Summary: Willy and Nora meet up and decide to travel together for a bit
Date: 9.5.2015
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Lake Shore

Gentle waves lap the beach like shore of this large body of water. The blue waters stretch for many acres, though it isn't so large that the other side can't be seen, but making out details would be impossible. Several streams branch off the lake, either feeding it or are being feed by the lake. There are a few spots where the woods come right up to the shore, but this isn't one of them. At various points docks jut out and lake front houses can be seen. A boat or two are still tied to a dock and fishing is probably quite good.

It's been two weeks just about since the teen girl has been to this part of Nebraska. Everyone at camp probably things she finally bit it. Won't they be surprised…maybe not. It will be great to finally hear another voice except her own though. Talking to yourself can get boring after awhile. During her walkabout she has procurred another bike. A hybrid trail bike this time. Much more comfortable on the butt, that's for sure. And one of those kiddie carriers, only no kids in it, just her personal belongings and her trade loot. The bike is parked out of site of the road, she's smart about that, but she can easily be seen cutting through the water of the lake, taking a swim around it to beat the heat of the day. She could care less about the drizzle.

Hiding the bike off the road is a good idea, but doesn't help much when nosy, eagle-eyed little twerps spot the signs. Willy smiles fondly at the bike, looking it over, without touching it. He then looks around for its owner; it's too fresh and clean to be abandoned.

Spotting the figure swimming, he heads on over to one of the jutting piers and perches on one of the pilings, watching and waiting to be noticed; he looks for all the world like an oversized dusty parrot. He makes no attempt to hide himself, and also makes no attempt to pretend that he's not seeing the other. He just watches and waits.

The girl is a strong swimmer, her form pretty spot on and fast, not olympic fast but she seems to be no stranger to racing perhaps. As she swims she occasionally glances to shore and to a specific dock, sighting perhaps, so she doesn't go in the wrong direction. She aims for that dock, it's where her towel and water is ready and waiting for her, coincidentally near where the dusty waif has perched himself. Her strokes slow though and she stops treading water, the person has been spotted. "Hai on the dock!" she calls out, waving a hand. He hasn't shot her yet, so could be a friendly. The girl seems to be at least.

"Ni hao," Willy says sardonically, waving. "Not bad at all. I wish I had your form." Beat. "I mean when I'm swimming," he hastily adds. "My swimming is more like, you know, spastic drowning victim. By which I mean I can't swim."

Spotting where Nora is heading, Willy keeps a respectful distance, turning his back, just in case. "Let me know when it's safe," he calls over his shoulder. "And if you don't plant a knife or something in my back while I'm facing away, that'd be great too."

The mandarin has Nora looking a bit surprised but she echoes it right back "Ni hao." she greets, her inflection and pronunciation perfect "Do you speak Mandarin or is that like all of it?" she goes straight there, her accent Californian. She hasn't heard the language since before the lights went out. She swims the rest of the way to the dock pulling herself up onto it with a fluid motion. "No worries, I'm decent." she says, and she is wearing a modest cut one peice, similar to what is worn in competitions. From her build she must have been an athlete in her previous, pre-arrival life. "No knives either. Live and let live, ya know."

Willy turns back, smiling lopsidedly. "I'm the real deal, honey," he says with exaggerated swagger. "Zhongwen, Gwongdung Wah, …" His smile turns tight. "… And LA streets. I speak it all." He pauses, then laughs. "But you know, that's kinda all bullshit now ain't it? Not enough of us left to really worry about tribes anymore."

Making an exaggerated, sweeping bow, he introduces himself. "Willy. Player and finder of lost things." He gestures in the direction of where Nora hid her bicycle. "I found your bike. It's over there."

Rubbing her towel over her dripping hair Nora gives him a thoughtful look at the familiar other language "Cantonese?" she guesses "I only speak Mandarin and Surfanese." the latter a language unto itself. "A big pile of it really," she agrees with that she continues to dry herself off and glances toward where her bike is stashed "Well technically it wasn't lost, but thanks for not taking it."

"That's me, honest and classy to a fault." Willy bares his teeth, but this one doesn't make it to the eyes. "I blame my upbringing," he says. It sounds for all the world like something is clawing to escape his throat. Something he swallows down before his place softens and turns pleasant again. "Also, I looked at what you've got. You know the territory. I'm new here. I figure I could learn more from you than what was in the bike was worth."

He wanders over to one of the pilings and perches atop it again. "Don't you think it's a bit dangerous splashing around out here without a friend watching over you?" he asks. "Or do you have a friend watching over you who's really fucking good at hiding?" His tone of voice is betraying his disbelief of that scenario. "That's always the problem as a loner, isn't it? Can't really do some things and be safe at the same time. See how I'm keeping my distance? That's partially skittishness, but mostly respect. I haven't been able to have a proper bath in ages, so I'm keeping downwind so I don't knock you out."

An eyebrow arches over one eye at such an ego laden statement, which is then followed by a laugh "Well if you have to blame something that should be it." she pulls on shorts and tshirt over her still damp suit "I'm Nora." she introduces herself, since she forgot to mention it earlier "I've been around this area a bit yeah. Found my way here after getting stranded at the Denver airport with the lights went out." his question gets a shrug "Not really." she gestures in the direction of the camp

"There is a group of people nearby. They patrol this far out. You've probably seen 'em if you've been here long enough. They are pretty good at keeping the riff-raff to a minimum." she gestures to a shallow area of the lake "Plenty of water around here for bathing. There is also the river."

"Yeah, I've seen the group. Done a couple of trades … one's a chick who don't talk so much, the other some kind of doc or the like." Willy glances down at the lake. Swallows a bit. "Yeah, and look how good they were at keeping me away," he says, locking his eyes on Nora, on the towel, on the shore, on anything but the water lapping the pylons below him. "Not everybody is as nice and honest as I am." He rubs his shoulder thoughtfully as he speaks. "Some of them are downright rude. It's why I don't like doing things where I'm left helpless unless I REALLY have to." He wrinkles his nose. "And now that I mention it, of course, I think I'm going to have to take the risk sometime, probably tonight, and clean off."

"Once I'm clean," he continues, tilting his head and regarding Nora again, "think we could team up for a couple of days? You show me some of the hunting grounds, I watch your back while you're hip-deep in wreckage? I'm a quick study and I promise, you get dibs while we're paired. I'm ridin' shotgun to learn the lay of the land here, not to profit just yet."

Then the smile turns into an amused grin. "And I can promise you, no untoward moves on you. I'm not that kinda guy."

"Short girl, all hair?" Nora asks after he tells a bit about the ones he has meet. "Yeah, from what I know she is mute. I haven't had much to do with her. Met the doc, he's good people." she is talking about Elijah though, so maybe not the same person. Her brows furrow "Who's been rude? In all my encounters they've been pretty nice. Certainly willing to trade." she sits at the end of the dock, hanging her legs off and swirling her feet in the water. The proposition has her thinking for a few moments "Yeah sure. I don't see why not. I need to head to camp first though. I need to lighten my load. Make room for more stuffs, ya know."

"Oh, nobody here was rude yet. Well, except for that tense little thing with the guns and stuff, but to be fair I kinda surprised them and there were others coming and it was a general clusterfuck all around." Willy self-consciously removes his hand from his shoulder. "Nah, the rude people go way back. Before the …" He points upwardly. "Folk here have been decent so far, though … they're packin' a lot of heat. There must be someone rude nearby."

"OK, then," he says, voice decisive, "how 'bout you get off to camp and do your trades while I scam myself a way to bathe without being in too much danger. I think I got an angle now. Just takes motivation and all that." He unslings his … distinctive … pink knapsack, bulging with stuff, much of which clangs. "Tell you what, sign of good faith, have a coffee cup." He pulls out a mug branded with some local restaurant's logo that's in perfect condition. "Call it a thank you token."

Nora nods "There are a group of bandits in town. And there have been some encounters with a hostile group wearing military gear. Better safe that sorry I guess. Thankfully they ask before they get all shooty." she glances up hard not to miss the large ship to floats in the distance "Yeah I should head that way. Let them know there favorite trader is still alive and kicking." she gets to her feet "I'll probably be there a day or two. To restock and get the best trades. That an issue?" she chuckles when the coffee mug is offered "Now if I just had coffee to go in it." she takes it though, giving it a spin around her finger.

"See you in a couple of days, then." Willy says with a wink. "In the mean time I'll plan my cleaning strategy. Then I won't have to worry about keeping downwind. Say 'hi' to Piper for me if you see her. She got troubles. I think she needs friends."

Willy jumps down from his perch, stumbling a bit on the landing as the pack in his hand teeters him over to one side. "Yeah, that was smooth, wasn't it?" he says with a high-pitched, nervous laugh. "I'll be on my way then; but I'll stick around the lake around noonish, OK?"

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