(2015-09-06) Silence is Golden
Silence is Golden
Summary: Qera and Piper have a little run in.
Date: 09.06.15
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Lake Front Lake
Sun Sep 06, 2015 — Sun Sep 06 17:16:56 2015

As one approaches the area a cabin can be easily spotted with a small slope down to the lake. The lake area being nicely set up for bathing, and a small trail leading to the fishing area. The cabin itself looking to be in good shape. A nice garden of herbs and spices can be seen and a fenced and caged area for the chickens. They get to roam easily enough. During night being kept in the cabin itself, or whenever no one is home. Just to keep them safe from bandits. The window is barred on the inside. Letting light in but making it hard to break in.

Qera makes her way down to the lakefront on this cool summer day. There is a slight drizzle which adds to the humidity, even in the break from the heat wave that is normally swept over the area this time of year. It seems she is just standing around, tossing rocks, no big deal. It doesn't seem like she is putting much thought into anything else at the moment. Her short black hair is pulled up into a short ponytail and she is wearing a light jacket over her typical attire of jeans and a t-shirt, which is always tucked in. She has a very well maintained rifle dangling off of a shoulder along with a few more visible weapons. The gun holstered upon her right thigh, the deployable taser on her left hip, and a survival knife along her back running the length of the belt sideways. Every now and then she crouches down to retrieve a few more rocks.

<FS3> Pied-Piper rolls Stealth: Good Success.

The rain doesn't bother Piper all that much and it does little to tame the wild hair that hangs down her back. She moves down the path that heads not only to the lake, but to a small cabin that sits in the vicinity as well. She wears her rifle in its usual place, on her back and carries a basket with food stuffs. Her barefeet make little noise on the dirt path, but her humming can easily be heard. Seems to be a show tune of some sort.

<FS3> Qera rolls Alertness: Good Success.

Those rocks plunk out into the water and Qera regards each one with a satisfied grin, for no apparent reason beyond it being something familiar to her perhaps. Just a little slice of the time that was. However, her baby blue gaze is soon stolen away from shimmer of the lake and cast back over her left shoulder at the sound of humming. A familiar face comes into view and Qera holds that grin wondering what the woman was going to do this time. The second encounter right? Should be fun. Words lull slowly off her tongue in the woman's direction, "I was wondering when our paths would cross again." Those blue eyes turn away, grin still there, and they go back out to the water.

The pregnant woman freezes in place as the words bring attention to Qera. Her dark eyes dart to find the woman amongst the trees by the lake and then to the cabin she was heading for. Well she doesn't go for her gun this time, so that is a good sign. Piper begins to move sideways, eyes locked on the other woman. Putting herself between Qera and the cabin. The man that lives there isn't technically part of the camp, but he is a neighbor and works willingly with them so she considers him under her protection for those like herself. Of course she doesn't speak, just as she didn't before.

"Don't worry about him." Qera already knows of the man that lives down there, she is a watcher. Studious in the ongoings in the area, but still there is that one thing. That issue that Quinton had told her about. "You know that if I was here to harm people I would just be doing it." There is a pause to that rock tossing and the rest of them left in her hand are discarded. She wipes a hand upon her pants and looks back over to Piper. "You don't have to be afraid, just take my hand and I'll prove it to you." A step towards the woman is taken with a hand extended out, a calm relaxed demeanor about her as she does. If that hand is taken, as long as Piper is open to interfacing, she will see a tally of Qera's memories. All the good times… and the bad. Also what led her to this point.

<FS3> Pied-Piper rolls Mind: Success.

There is a shake of head. Piper doesn't believe that, the Others are playing a long game, no reason a Silencer or two couldn't just be watching and waiting, to becomes trusted before betraying them all. When the forward step is taken she takes on back. There is more distrust in her today, then fear. The hand offered out is eyed for a long moment, indecision clear. Shifting the basket to her hip a deep breath is taken and she steps forward to clasp the hand with hers. There is a brief struggle from Piper, her mind is chaos but then clears as the link snaps into place. She doesn't allow the link to last for longer than necessary, just long enough to determine that Qera is no threat.

Qera simply smiles and closes her eyes as the hand is taken ahold of so that she can fully open herself up and funnel into the woman opposite herself. She takes nothing in exchange, something that the woman should be able to feel as well in that quick moment. As the link comes to a close those baby blue eyes pop back open and look at her, they are closer now than they have ever been and due to the information shared, Piper might even know her better than anyone else alive. "I met Quinton again the other day. He said that there is another one of us. Unbroken." The gaze is firm but the words are slow and calm towards Piper. "I need to know what happened…Who spotted it? You?" She isn't quite sure because Quinton was vague, as he /should/ be.

And Piper doesn't offer either, and if that brief glimpse of chaos is typical of her brain it is probably better that way. She snaps it closed rather quickly and pulls away, taking a few steps back. Despite that she is still wary of the woman, but perhaps she is that way with everyone. The questions about the other has her nodding, but shrugging too. There is conflict there. she does puts a finger under and eye and moves it out and then moves it back under her eye. Mutual sighting perhaps?

Qera and Piper are standing halfway between the lake and Gab's cabin. The pregnant woman has her rifle, still on her back, and a basket of foodstuffs, most likely a delivery for Gab on her hip. As with most people, strangers especially, she is wary of the woman she is facing, but seems to be communicating and not threatening her.

Qera just stands there silently as she is only obliged with a simple nod and shrug then some gestures. "So it's true and you're the one that saw it huh? Any chance I could get an answers as to what it looked like?" Yes it. No matter what has happened and no matter what she is, Piper is. She still considers those that go against the will of the program, human. At least to some extent. There is a shift in demeanor and her hands come up to cross and rest upon her stomach, giving a head tilt to the woman as they stand there in silence. Perhaps this is something that takes getting used to, or perhaps she is a bit disappointed in the reaction. It took a lot for her to open up and she is trying not to show it.

Quinton's coming up the path, from camp. Perhaps he's also coming to check on the blind man. Even if he's annoyed with him, he wants to make sure he's ok. The weather has his back in a t-shirt. He had been hoping to get to wear his sweater soon, but it's not to be. He does have his backpack on, and his humming softly to himself as he makes his way down the path. After all the run ins he's had recently, one would think he'd be more on guard, and usually is, but…Today's been different. He's practically radiating his good mood.

Piper nods at that at least. Confirming that she is the one that saw the other Silencer in the area. As for giving Qera a description that would require an ability that the woman mentally isn't capable of, talking to people. The followup question is just meet with silence, and then distraction as she hears the familiar humming of Quinton and glances in his direction, concern coming to take over her face.

Qera gives a nod and understands that no answer is coming, perhaps at another time or maybe she will convey it to someone she has more trust invested into. Either way, her attention shifts to the man slinking down the path in a right good mood. She turns and takes a step back so that she is facing both of them when he is a bit closer. "Oy! Quinton." She chirps once she recognizes the man. She smiles and just waits. She is good at waiting.

Quinton's not slinking! The blonde man actually gives a small skip as he comes around, a hand on the strap of his back pack. Underneath this straps can be seen the straps for the holster. He seems quite a bit more comfortable with it on. A smile is flashed at the two girls, he's happy Piper's not proving him wrong about shooting Qera on sight, "Afternoon." His direction changes to move over and stop in front of the two of them.

Piper watches the poet approach in good spirits and she can't help but give him a soft smile. She is capable of them, though she tends to hand them out sparingly. Though a look at Qera has that fading, even the presence of Quinton isn't enough at the moment to make her feel comfortable in the vicinity of one of her own kind. She makes a gesture to the cabin, to the basket in her arms and then goes to deliver it to the cabin, disappearing into the woods when she is done.

So yeah, there is those odd looks that only one that has been around Piper for quite some time would get, although it all seems a bit unnecessary but oh well. Qera gave it a good go, perhaps she is losing that edge to make friends. Well, it's not like she exercises it very often anyhow. "So what's new Quinton? You on your way to see the man that lives there as well?" She has now fully turned towards him since Piper is gone, there is still a glance in that direction every now and then to make sure she isn't over there about to pick her off or something. A grimace at the thought and then it's back to Quin.

<OOC> Enter Terry
<Hunt> Terry bagged:
1 goose
1 possum

Hunting is one of Terry's relaxation activities. It gives him something to focus on — to lose himself in, even — as well as a way to help the camp. He's got a perch set up in a tree, overlooking the lake, surrounded by carefully-placed branches and other things to mask himself from curious eyes, animal or otherwise. A bevy of traps also surround his tree, and are scattered haphazardly amongst the adjacent ones. He's been there (off and on) since early (early-early) this morning. Terry lifts a pair of binoculars, and scopes out the area, spotting a few wild animals gallivanting about. In lieu of a gun, Terry relies on a bow and arrow for this hunt. He spots a plump-looking goose, nocks an arrow, pulls back, and… *fwoosh*. The goose goes down in a flurry of feathers. A possum wanders by, and falls prey to one of Terry's traps; lights out, quickly and efficiently.

The poet nods, "I was…Just like to check an make sure he's ok." Although knowing Piper is makes it less needed now. He too glances in the direction the silent pregnant woman went, "Everything ok?" His pale eyes come back to Qera, questioningly, his backpack readjusted.

Qera nods. "Yeah, everything went pretty smoothly I guess considering." She grins and looks off in the same direction. "Still those looks but I guess that's better and a gun pointed at me." She chuckles softly. "Anyways. How are things?" There is an adjustment in tow to the high-powered rifle slung over her right shoulder, which seems to be in pristine condition, and of course she is toting her full loadout today as well. She crouches down and picks up a few rocks and begins slinging them out into the water. One at a time again, each ending with a gratifying splash.

<OOC> Enter Sebastian

From just in the woods, a voice calls out, "If it isn't the junkyard dogs…" Emerging from the forest is Sebastian. He's shirtless, his shirt tucked in his back pocket and hanging, his muscular, hairy chest covered in sweat and moisture from the warm, drizzling day. He looks up at the man in the tree, then back at Quinton and Qera.

The drizzle kills Terry's hunting spree, scaring off a turkey the hunter had sighted. Yeah, he probably could score a hit, but then Sebastian shows up. The hunter packs away his kit, hops down from his perch, and goes about collecting his kills, grumbling quietly to himself. He expected a nice, dry, clear day, perfect for hunting.. and then Mother Nature decided to troll him.

Mother Nature: 1. Terry: 0.

Quinton laughs, "I think everyone gets those.." The looks, that is. He shrugs, "It goes." He smiles though, the good mood from earlier still there. The rock throws are watched,and he tilts his head, "Have you decided to stick around for a while?" And then the shirtless Sebastian arrives. Quin's eyebrows rise slightly, do people really roam about without shirt? His man card is so not punched. "Afternoon."

There is a smile that goes out to Quinton and that good laugh he has from Qera. It's followed by a nod and a grin when the question about sticking around comes up. "Yeah…We can see where it leads. I warn ya though, I'm not a very good team player these days. But I /do/ like to learn so there's that." A shrug and as Sebastian and Terry emerge from the trees there is a simple stare in their direction. To the comment from Seb, "Ahh. Joyous day. The dog slayer." There is a once over regarding his lack of attire and a cut of those baby blues to Quinton and back and she knows that she isn't the only one wondering about the shirtlessness. Afterwards, a glance to Terry as he is now done with his hunting spree. "Mister huntsman." She simply states out to him. It seems he is nowhere and everywhere these days and every time she sees him, killing something or some such.

Sebastian looks at Qera, "Joyous indeed. You aren't pointing that rifle at me, so that's a start." His own firearm and machete hanging in their holsters from his belt. "I saw that other girl leave, and Tarzan there," he gestures at Terry descending the tree. "There's more of you. Do you have some kind of fort?"

'Mister Huntsman' holds up his kills, his bow slung over a shoulder, along with the rest of his gear. "I've got some recipes I could use to turn these critters into meals fit for kings. Possum and 'Taters'.." He says, holding up the possum. "..Or we could do a roast goose.." Up comes the goose. A shrug to Quinton and Qera, followed by a glance to Sebastian, figuring one of them can answer Sebastian's question.

Qera just gets a nod from the poet, his attention drawn to Seb. There's no denying it, "Some sort of group, yeah." But then there's lifted dead creatures and Quin look to Terry, "Those will be good." Food is always good. There is a hint of a grin cracked when the dog slayer calls Terry Tarzan. It's only funny because it fits the situation so well. Attention is cut over to Tarzan and those critters. "Well it sounds like you have a plan. I might like to try out your cookin' too." Qera smirks and then looks back over to Sebastian after a glance to Quinton again. "A fort huh?" She chuckles and emphasizes on what Quin had already stated. "Some sort of gathering but nothing on the scale of fort, that's for sure." A light loft of her shoulders has the comments coming to an end and she picks up a few more rocks and begins chucking them out into the water one at a time. Seems she is easily amused or perhaps it's just taking her mind off other things.

Sebastian sighs, "Look, I've been alone for a few weeks. Y'all are the first folk I've come across since my last group was… well…" His shoulders slump just slightly. "It's right hard out here."

"I don't know. I'm not the 'great decider'.." Terry rolls his shoulders, eyeballing Sebastian. "That responsibility falls to another. I'm just the guy who makes sure nobody gets any ideas about midnight snacking.." He stretches, luxuriously.

Quinton frowns slightly, studying Sebastian. "That's…rough." His eyes flicker to Terry, as he's the only real other camp hoper. And then he's no help. Eyes going back to Seb, "We can…talk to everyone…. see if they're ok with another person joining.." The splashing of the rocks grabs his attention. Directed at Qera, "Are you sure you're ok?"

Qera stops and looks back at everyone once the chatter is being exchanged between the men. She isn't a part of the camp either so she really doesn't have a say in any of this, but when Quinton questions if she is okay or not, there is a smile. "Of course. I just like throwing rocks into that water. Is that weird?" She grins with a bit of a brow raise to the question back at him. She decides to stop however because perhaps it's distracting or raising concern. So she tosses the one rock left down and turns back to the conversation deciding to offer up her two cents even though there is really no reason to right now. "Well it's not /that/ bad. I mean I live out here in the wilds, surviving. Getting by. And I can't even kill a dog." A sly smirk forms at the corners of her lips at the heavily lined sarcasm in the comment. Then only offers a shrug and a bit of a quick wink to Quinton if he is paying attention. "But yeah, if you wanna bunk with this sort you will have to go through them. I'm not with a group."

Sebastian nods, "Sure. I reckon every wheres has a process." He offers a warm grin, "I have skills. I was a veterinarian. I assume y'all have animals what need tended. I could help."

"I can take you to the camp. It's just up the way, a mile or two." Terry gestures, indicatively. "Not too much for you, yeah?" Up goes an eyebrow, slightly. "Sonny's a pretty good judge of character. Decent guy, kind of a father-figure.."

Quinton cocks an eyebrow at Qera, smiling softly, "Maybe?" Rock throwing at the end o the world seems a little…pointless. Quin's head snaps to look at Terry but he'll not interrupt. if he wants to take the shirtless man, he can. A soft nod is given, not quite permission, but close. The wink had his smile drop, but it's in confusion as he didn't expect that. He clears his throat and glances towards Gab's cabin.

Qera simply shrugs and turns her attention back to Quinton, offering up a little explanation. "It's just something I used to do when I was younger, when things weren't so damn complicated ya know?" She gives a shake to her head and sighs before looking back to the gents, Tarzan and Slayer. "Well y'all do what ya gotta do. Might wanna put a shirt on though, yeah?" A smirk follows after the suggestion.

Sebastian furrows his brow at Qera. "It's hot," he answers, about the shirt. Looking back at Terry, he nods, "Much obliged," he responds. "I right appreciate the offer to meet your folk. Things have been tough out here, what with those militia assholes runnin' round."

"The rules are simple.." Terry begins, gesturing for Sebastian to follow him, before heading off, glancing back periodically to make sure he's not leaving the other man in the dust.

Quinton's not really judging, she an throw rocks if she wants. "Yeah…I get that." He stays quiet, just watching the two men walk off with a soft shake of his head. His voice stays quiet, "Things are definitely …complicated."

Qera just gives a shrug as she joins in watching them go. "Hmph. Yeah. Things are always complicated now." She looks off towards the cabin, "Wanna go see if they've whipped up any grub?" She smiles.

Sebastian looks at Quinton and Qera, then at Terry's walking, then back. "You… You two aren't coming?" he asks, brow raising a bit. "Y'all are practically the only friends I have, at this point. We done junkyarded together," he adds with a smirk.

Hunting Rolls

1 goose
1 possum

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