(2015-09-08) Lion Hunt
Lion Hunt
Summary: A hunting group goes out to hunt the lions taking the livestock
Date: 9.8.2015
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Field after overgrown field as far as the eye can see. Broken up by the occasional wind break of trees or small stream or pond.

Early evening and it's still hot as it was at noon. Early this morning it was discovered that one of the calves had gone missing and lion tracks were found leading to the EC and more tracks and drag marks away. There was no question and lion and come in at night and grabbed it. There were discussions and plans made up and a hunting party brought together. They have been equipped with the proper rifles and each has a walkie-talkie, in case of emergency.

Feeling relatively comfortable with a weapon in hand Virgil didn't mind being part of the group. Having healed up from his previous wounds. Keeping an eye out for anything dangerous as he wanders. Rifle in hand and lowered as to not accidentally shoot a fellow camp member. The walkie-talkie fastened to the holster strap that is over his chest. "Feels a bit too quiet." He points out to anyone that listens.

Quinton felt the need to volunteer. He's the only one, besides Nora, that's seen either of the lions. He'll remind everyone, "I shot one, a female. It may be her…" That was a bit ago. "I don't know if there was a another female to not. But there were at lest two." The poet is having a good speaking day, thankfully.

Holden looks over at Quinton, "Well, that's good. Females are smaller than males." He sniffs, scratching the back of his neck, still not entirely sure why he came along. "Lions don't normally drag their prey away, though. This is more likely a coyote, guys. Which is good. A lion can deal as much as 5d8+10 damage, which is like 32 hit points on a good roll."

Kayla volunteered, figuring her brother would be amongst the first to offer to take part. She wasn't wrong, as it turned out, and so she was only too happy to have done so herself. "But females are also more skilled hunters than males," she points out to Holden before she grins at him, adding a wink. "How many hit points, nerd?"

The field they walk through is covered with yellow grass, dried by the long hot days that have been the norm as of late. Their progress flushes out rabbits and game birds but little signs of lions.

Virgil nods to Quinton's words, "Either way, we will just have to handle it no matter which one, or what it is." Acknowledging Holden’s suggestion as well, it seems. Though as the young one goes on Virgil raises a brow and looks in Holden's direction. "What the hell are you talking about?" At least Kayla seem to have an idea. Nodding about females being better hunters. "Perhaps, but they usually hunt in packs don't they?" Keeping his eyes open. Looking towards the sounds, until he notice that they aren't lions.

Quinton smirks at the game talk, but lets Kayla handle Holden. He just shrugs, he has no ideas about lions, beyond what he learned watching Lion King. The poet goes quiet, starting to let his eyes roam the fields.

"Thirty-two, Clutch," Holden says to Kayla, smirking. "And a +12 to Stealth in grass like this." He shrugs, "Five or six feet long, 340 pounds… If we can catch one, it'll feed us all for a week." He purses his lips, and adds with some unease, "Or we'll feed it for a night."

Kayla shifts her grip on the rifle as she moves along with the group, keeping relatively close to Quinton without being right beside him. Holden's response has her barking out a laugh that she quickly clamps off with a hand over her mouth. Her eyes dance, clearly amused, and not seeing the need to respond.

Virgil grins, "You've got a lot of numbers in that head of yours." He offers to Holden. Keeping to the group, near the right flank. Letting his attention be on their surroundings for the time being. Perhaps it is because of this that he manages to notice the thing stalking them. Turning to lift his rifle and aim. "Look out behind." Trying to make everyone aware of the threat.

Quinton turns, rifle coming up as he tries to find the creature. he hates that they have to do this, but he understands. His voice stays low, "Spread out…don't cluster." He has no idea if that's actually sound advice, but it makes sense in his head.

Holden looks around, trying to see whatever it is Virgil has spotted. He crouches in the grass, but still doesn't see the beast. "Clearly I've failed my perception check…" he mutters to himself. He glances at Kayla, "You see it, Clutch?"

"Uh…" Kayla twists around, bending at the knees and tensing her arms. She's ready to run, or aim, at a moment's notice. "What do you see?" she whispers, scanning the grass as she begins to move to the left to spread out as instructed.

As soon as Virgil points on the lioness she is already rushing to the group. Her powerful muscles propelling her forward. She seems to be going for the smallest target, which with crouching down is Kayla. She leaps through the air, ready to rend and tear.

Since the lioness is already heading for them it is a bit too late to point out what it is. Instead trying to get his aim steady on the animal to fire off a shot before anyone is attacked. If possible.

Quinton has no time to think, or him would have maybe shot the thing instead of what he instinctively does. Which is to shoulder check his sister out of harms way. A fleeting wonder if this is the same one that he shot , but at this point, it doesn't really matter.

Holden screams like a girl, seeing the lioness as it pounces toward Kayla. He does what any noble man would do, and he steps to tackle Kayla out of the way, but before he gets any closer to her, his first step catches in the dry grass and he just topples forward face first to the ground.

The moment Kayla sees the lioness charging at her, her breath catches in her throat. Before she has a chance to try and get out of the way herself, Quinton is barrelling into her. She drops her rifle at the first contact, and then reacts without thinking. She wraps her arms around her brother, using his own momentum to pull him with her to the ground, rolling so she lands on top of him.

The rifle fires but lioness is moving to fast so the bullet blasts into the dirt behind the creature. Quinton leaps to the defense of his sister just as Holden does, but only the poet manages to make it. Luckily Kayla's reactions are better than her brother's her grabbing and rolling saves him from the mauling of a lifetime. He gets to keep all his limbs for a few more moments at least. The lioness growls as she lands awkwardly on the ground instead of on yummy Kayla, causing her to do a bit of head over feet rolling.

Virgil frowns as the shot missed. Making himself ready for another shot. "Grab her and run." He offers to Quinton, as the other man moves. Soon realizing that Quiton just pushed Kayla aside. Instead trying to focus on bringing the thing down. Perhaps noticing Holden tumble, but he seems safe for now. The tumbling pair of Kayla and Quinton is a pleasant surprise as it takes Quinton out of the way for a shot. Trying to hurry up as the others don't seem to be much help at the moment. As the lioness misses Quinton and lands Virgil once more get ready to shoot, "Stand still!" He shouts at it. Firing at it.

All the air is knocked out of Quin, but there's no sharp piecing pain of being mauled to death….yet. There is a heavy weight onto of his chest thought, "Get off!" How is he going to shot the thing is she's on top of her!

When Holden opens his eyes after the trip, he's laying in the grass on his stomach. Right in front of his face is the butt of Kayla's dropped rifle. His eyes widen, and his hands scramble around the gun, pointing it toward the lion, "…stay on target…" Then he pulls the trigger, eyes closing as it fires.

Very heavy, indeed! Kayla scrambles back to her feet and off of Quinton, nimbly positioning herself between the lioness and the still prone man behind her. "HA!" she yells, arms waving as she tries to make herself larger than she actually is in an effort to scare the lioness off…only to have a shot ring out from Virgil's direction, then another from Holden's. She hopes to hell they hit!

Between Virgil's shot and Holden's very lucky one, not only is everyone's ears ringing to beat all hell but the lioness now lays dead. One bullet hole in the side another in the head. It's not the same lion that Quinton shot before, but it is one less to terrorize the camp.

Virgil watches as the lion falls dead on the ground. Moving closer, still aimed at the animal, just in case. "Are you all okay?" He asks before glancing to Holden. "Nice shot." Once he is sure that the lioness is dead he will look to Quinton and Kayla. Helping the former up, if needed. "Who wants to help drag this back?"

Quinton sits up, but the lion is dead, and his sister is standing in front of him, waving her arms. His hand raises to rub his chest where she had landed. He looks around her at the lion, frowning softly. he'll not say anything. Although when the hand is offered he stands, "…thanks."

Holden doesn't move. His eyes are clenched shut, the rifle still smoking. Not just smoking, but also shaking in his terrified hands. He just lays there, and doesn't move.

Kayla exhales slowly as the animal collapses in front of her, and then she steps back to check on her brother. "Everyone okay?" she wonders as she reaches to dust Quinton, and herself, off. "Holden?"

Virgil nods to Quinton and does offer a brief hug as he helps him off and then letting go. "Good that you're safe." He offers to both him and Kayla. Turning more towards the latter. Damn, you're brave." He assures her and grins. Finally looking to Holden and will jog over. "You all right?" He asks and will try and help the kid up. While trying to help Holden he does call over his shoulder. "Can one of you let them know that we brought one down?"

Quinton frowns first at Virgil, who's hugging him? "Thanks?" then Kayla gets a soft frown at the brushing off, "I'm…fine." . they're gonna have another talk at some point. The shaking man is watched, but quoin will call into the camp, "Lion down…we're all OK." He specifically doesn't use any names.

Kayla will, for her part, only smile sweetly at her brother before squeezing his arm in reassurance. "Let's get the lion back…I'm sure the meat is edible, and the pelt could make a warm winter coat."

Holden finally seems to breath, and he opens just one eye, looking around, before his other eye opens. A tear runs down his cheek and he tosses the gun away, hands still shaking. He opens his mouth to say something, but nothing comes out, so he closes it again. Then Virgil is helping him up to his feet. He doesn't say anything, he just nods at the man.

Virgil nods to Holden. "It's all right." He tries to reassure him before looking over at the other teo. Perhaps hearing the order, or just agreeing with Kayla, "Yeah, let's get it back to camp.

Quinton won't look at Kayla, but he'll reach and grab her hand, giving it a squeeze back. Mad or not, he's thankful she's OK. The emotional Holden catches his attention and he'll move forward, placing a hand on his arm to get the younger's attention. "Hey….thank you." The poet responds back on the walkie-talkie that they're on their way.

Holden slowly walks over to where the lion lays. He looks at Quinton and he just nods, before kneeling beside the dead animal. He moves his hand and lays it on the lion's chest, next to the bullet hole there. "…I…" He swallows, "I hit it…"

"Holden, you did amazing!" Kayla gushes at the youngest member of their group as they all gather round. She makes no response to the comment that she was brave; desperate more like." She smiles then, and looks over her shoulder before fetching the rifle she'd dropped and Holden had fired.

Virgil nods, "You sure did." Virgil assure Holden. Glancing to the others as well. "Glad we're all safe." He says and does keep the rifle in his hands, in case there are any other surprises. "Want me to help with the lion or should I keep an eye out for any other dangers?" Since they did fire several shots after all. Moving next to Holden. For now just standing tall.

Quinton lets Virgil and Kayla talk to Holden, he bends down and examines the lion as well. A thought or two that he keeps to himself. Instead, "Are we …going to drag it back? Or should i go get …horse and cart?" That may make more sense.

Holden slowly stands, looking at Kayla. "Heh," he offers, and slowly smiles, a little disbelieving. "I hit it." He nods, looking at the others, and then he leaps into the air, shouting at the top of his lungs, "WHOOHOOO!!!!!!"

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