(2015-09-08) Over Protection or Over Reaction
Over Protection or Over Reaction
Summary: After a brief conversation with Graham, and argument breaks out between Quinton and Piper
Date: 9.8.2015
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Hayes Campsite

Woods surround this cleared out area. It has three platform tent areas to hold large eight people tents, and a few ground level areas for smaller tents. All of them surround a fire pit that seems to have gotten some recent use. Two picnic tables are also near at hand.

Quinton nods at the time line, that matches up in his head. He doesn't seem the type to have a gun, much less wear one. "It's…a good place. Good people." He then offer the man a soft smile, but it's friendly enough. "I usually go out…find things we need. So…if you have anything that you…need…" he shrugs his shoulders and then laughs softly, "Let me know."

Both men are string around the fire this morning, it's before breakfast. Graham is poking, string the fire up to try to warm them and Quin is packing his back before going out for the day.

Graham moves his gaze from the gun to Quinton's face and smiles wanly. "People here seem particularly talented at foraging," he observes.

And then there are those that are good at moving quietly and not being noticed. Both of which the one called Piper is good at. She moves down the path toward where all the tents are set up. There is a bit of a pause at hearing voices but then she continues on when she is able to put a name to both. As she moves into sight she makes in known that she is coming by clearing her throat. She doesn't want to surprise anyone today. She seems like she is planning on going out herself she has her own backpack and rifle with her, the latter of which is quite comfortable with, strange as that may seem to some.

Quinton chuckles , shaking his head as he slips the holster on over his sweater, "I'm not…Can't tell…poison mushroom from good..And no good hunting…I'd starve without …the camp." The clearing of a throat has him turn. He smiles at her, but it quickly drops when he sees the pack and gun. Instead of saying anything (why waste his breath?) Quin turns back to the fire, finishing tightening the straps before picking up the gun and sliding it into the holster.

"So the gun's not for hunting?" Graham asks with some sense of foreboding. He doesn't seem like the type who's much of a fan of violence. The cough draws his attention away then, however, and Graham smiles. "Ah, Piper."

Piper has been good! Since the Silencer sighting she has been sticking to camp, only going hunting, which took her to the golf course once, but that is well within her boundary. She knows what that look is about and after giving a wave to Graham she shrugs of her pack and begins to dig through it. It seems to be to full already to be used for bringing back anything from scavenging.

Quinton stops fussing with the straps completely, looking at Graham for a few moments before answering, "No…It's not." He's not going to lie. "It's for…protection." A soft sigh, Quin doesn't like it any more than Graham does, but getting shot sucks. Anything to deter that from happening again, Quin's ok with. He'll busy himself with messing with his backpack while Gram and Piper say hello. her own digging gets his attention, but he'll not say anything.

Graham doesn't pass any judgments on Quinton, at least not aloud. He looks to Piper. "You're not going off somewhere alone, are you?"

A neatly folded cable knit sweater is pulled out and handed over to Quinton. She's been meaning to give it to him for a few days, now seems like a good time since he is being a bit passive-agressive toward her. Piper looks at Graham when he questions her and she shakes her head as she pulls out her white board. It must have been an expected (or one she gets a lot) question as it already has the answer written on it "Hunting by the river. With Alicia and Caro." not leaving the camp at all. She probably meant the note for Sonny, but it works here too.

See? Quin's not the only one who questions! he's not a bad guy for trying to keep her safe! Although any wind he may have had in his sail goes out when he's presented with the gift. His eyes widen and he can't help the smile that tugs at the corner of his mouth. It's a cable knitted sweater, even! "…thank you, Darla…It's…" he doesn't finish, but it might not be from lack of words. his eyes stay on the weave of the sweater briefly, almost like it's mesmerizing him before he shakes his head to look at the words she has written. He still doesn't like it, but that's much more acceptable. His blonde bangs bounce slightly as he nods.

"Oh," Graham says, after reading the board. He nods. "That's good. I've met a few loners on my way here. But I don't understand how they get along." He doesn't interfere in this sweater exchange.

Well Caro is going, and Piper would /never/ knowingly or willingly but one of the children in danger so will be a perfectly safe trip. Probably just to teach the girl a few things. She isn't surprised by the reaction of the gift but there is a sigh that he is still missing with her name, but she offers a smile at his appreciation of it. Her dark eyes go to Graham and she gives a shrug, her face moving to sad confusion. Not because she feels it personally, but as a way of communicating that she doesn't know either and that she feels for those that decide to go it alone.

Quinton doesn't put the sweater down, his fingers unconsciously trace the weave. " They…survive, but…it's not…better." He shrugs, "We're not soldiery creatures." He'd have completely lost his mind if he hadn't found Camp Hope…he knows that. Piper's sigh has him raising an eyebrow, he didm' catch his own slip.

Graham rolls a shoulder. "Well, I wasn't considering it," he says, "But the ones I've met seemed pretty satisfied, all things considered. …People here seem so calm," he adds.

And Piper has six foundlings and her own child on the way to take care of. Out there, on the road is no place for any of them. There is a nod of agreement to Quinton's words but Graham's are mulled over a moment before the board is wiped with a marker stained palm and she writes a response "Only on the outside." what people show and what people feel, totally different. And may be a hint to herself as well.

Calm isn't the word he'd use for some people at camp, but Graham gets a nod. "Some…but I think…most humans…need humans." Even Bandits band together, right? Quin looks to Piper's words and chuckles softly, "Very true." He'll stand up and then reluctantly put his new sweater in his tent for safe keeping.

"I was asking someone about how much in the way of supplies we actually have on hand versus what we're using, and they didn't seem very bothered about it," Graham says, a line between his brows.

Antigravity leaves, heading towards the Foot Path - South [P].

With her limited speech abilities and the fact the whiteboard isn't going to hold enough words to give an answer, Piper looks at Quinton to field this one. Plus he has been here longer than her and just may know that particular situation better. As far as she has heard though they may have a long, lean and hungry winter ahead of them, but they won't have to resort to a Donner Party situation. If they even survive that long.

Quinton frowns, and then tilts his head, "Who's not bothered?" He reaches up and scratches the back of his head, "We have some…but if we keep….growing…it won't be enough." He then adds, "I'm more…worried about the cold though…tents won't cut it…and the hall isn't…" There's a small shake of his head. Since Holden said his fears, Quin has been thinking about them a lot.

Graham tilts his head a little. "Well, I don't say that to put the spotlight on any one person, I was just a little worried…"

The mention of the place growing has Piper putting her arms protectively around her belly. She has come a long way from denying she was even pregnant to acceptance and now to mama bear protective like she is of her foundlings. It's not like she planned this or anything. She nods at Graham and then gestures around, a worried expression coming to her face, which she indicates by circling her face with a finger.

Quinton frowns, not liking Graham's answer. Clearly he head it from someone. But the poet won't press, instead he picks up his backpack and slings it onto his shoulder. He didn't mean Pier was growing, but is glad she's not upset when she takes it that way. She used to act like she was going to throw punches. "We'll be ok though…we're jerking the meats…and storing canned food…"

"Well," Graham says, "I'm just new around here. I don't mean to criticize." He gets up and stretches. "I'm going to go see if they need help in the kitchen."

Well at least a new baby won't be taking food out of anyone's mouth. Though Piper may need to eat more, but even now she barely eats her fair share, so doubt it will make much difference. She makes a motion that looks like fishing. That's something that can be done year round at least, and they have the axes and augers needed to cut through the ice that winter brings. At Graham's leaving she gives the older man a wave and glances to Quinton.

Quinton nods to Graham, "Later." Pale eyes watch the new man leave before he turns to look at piper. he just raises an eyebrow, unsure what to do or say. the sweater definitely did help in taking the edge off the man, but he's still unsure since last the talked. Between her break down, and Harmony's freak out, he's been pretty much avoiding camp. Extra rounds and everything. "Everything ok?" he an start there, he guesses.

Piper comes closer to the fire now that the little known man has departed. Still keeping her distance from the unknown people. The question has her caught between a shrug and a nod, she settles on the nod, but elaborates on the whiteboard, "Just restless." and clearly unable to vocalize today. The restlessness could be expected considering that she isn't allowed to wander to far. Everyone wants to keep her safe.

Quinton keeps his gaze on her, almost like he's trying to read her before he finally lets his eyes drop to the board. he then nods, "Hunting today will be nice." He'd guess, hunting isn't his thing. he's then back to looking at her, and he'll finally ask, "Did you not…ask Trish to finish your hair?" He's worried about the two girls, afraid they're not going to get along. that's the last thing the poet wants.

Well it makes her feel useful at least. Like she is contributing something, even if she finds hunting distasteful as well. She's not bad at it either. The mention of her hair an empty hand goes to the braided side, smoothing a few locks back into place…or tries to at least. Her hands move, finger tap at the outer corner of an eye, head shake, peace sign (she has come up with signs to represent everyone at camp) and then taps her wrist.

Quinton's usually decent about intermitting Piper, " No time to find her?" he highly doubts that Harm was hard to find. it's why he's been avoiding the gardens. "I…I think she's lonely….you should…let her do the rest." There, that's all he's gonna say on that. It may be his funeral, anyway. Girls are so mush drama. Swallowing he looks away, briefly wondering what kind of hand motion Piper does for him. Hopefully it's not a crazy, finger spinning at the temple. Although he does do that for himself, the idea that someone else would makes him frown. "Hunt has been …good lately….Seems people are brining stuff in every day." It's definitely enough to keep them all fed.

Well it isn't quite what she means, but it is close enough to not want to correct him on it. Piper's expression goes well odd for a brief moment when he mentions the other woman's supposed loneliness. Harmony isn't the only one that suffers from that affliction. "I will. Soon." she writes on her board, though makes no promises about it. No his sign isn't crazy person sign, and she would show it if she was asked, but she has no reason to use it when he is right there. A stifled sigh when he brings up hunting, but she nods since it is true that the hunting has been good. Beckoning him forward she then points to the path. Perhaps suggesting they get started to their destinations. Or just a walk. Could be either.

Quinton's smarter than he looks. he knows girl time is important, that includes Piper too. The odd look get a brief frown, he's trying to help! The frown stays as she sighs and he looks away, unsure what to talk about then. The point to the path though gets his attention and he'll nod, readjusting the strap of his backpack, "Yeah…" He agrees, which ever it is she's meaning.

She grins when he agrees to joining her in walking and begins to slowly walk that direction. Her leg is mostly healed to the point where she can put weight on it but there is still a bit of a limp there. Waddle, limp, waddle limp. It could almost be funny. She holds the whiteboard in such a way, along her left arm, so she can write and walk at the same time. "Radio station? Soon?" she's a female, what female wants to talk about hunting. Not this one. The radio station though, with its potential treasures, now that is something they can both talk about. Him the scavenging part, her the music part. And there was talk of going back and searching it.

Quinton reads her words and then glances down the path, making sure there's anything to trip on, "I an go…today…" Wasn't the plan, but he can change that. " See if they have equipment…or maybe records.." More records would be really good. The same 2 are getting old. She gets a small smile, "If there's….a selection, what do you want?" The way he's talking, he's definitely not going to be bringing her.

There is a shake of head, as it she doesn't want him to go today and Piper listens to what he thinks they can find there. The thought of more records bringing a smile to her face. A smile that flies off when we asks what she wants. She stops abruptly, giving him a WTH kind of expression "To go with." she writes down. That's what she wants.

Quinton takes a step further, not realizing she's stopping till afterwards. He doesn't need to read the words but he does. There's a small shake of his head, "No…it's beyond the 2 miles." Why doesn't she get this? He takes a deep breath, his hand raising to run through his hair, "..Sorry…"

She studies him briefly, trying to determine if this is a battle she can win or not, but her own feelings are clouding her judgment so Piper huffs, clearly not happy with the response "By 1/4 mile." she writes back, fully ready to argue. Even if it isn't verbally. And she was there when they were debating it before, when they encountered the defecting bandits. She doesn't know why this time should be any different.

Quinton's jaw tightens some, frustration seeping into his posture. "This…you can't just…" He huffs, closing his eyes to try to grab the words, "You're too important to…danger." That's…not quite right, but it's close. Sorta. Quin's eyes seem a little lacking in color today, maybe it's all the running he's been doing, he's tired. He just blinks at her, not able to shake her to make her understand. So blinking and staring will have to do.

That brings up a ton of confusion, and one question /why/ it writes itself on the woman's face. Why she would be more important than anyone else here? They don't know what she is, so that can't be it, and any woman can get pregnant so she doesn't believe that's the reason either. People are good at telling her no, not so good at explaining why, besides the obvious it's dangerous. It's no more dangerous for her than anyone else, at at least she has skills.

Is she serious? Quin seems to get even more frustrated and he sighs. The baby bump is obvious, so he'll not point that out, "You have…6 souls…who need you. That's…" His face softens, and he manages a small smile, "That makes you…very important. More important." His head tilts, watching her to see if she gets that. "You saved them…"

She isn't the only on being obtuse. How is /she/ supposed to provide for them if she is chained to the camp. Piper can't and doesn't want to depend on the kindness of others or beg for scraps when things get tough for the camp. She pats herself on the chest a few times indicating herself "I must provide." she writes, the shortest way she can express it, since she can't speak today.

Quinton frowns harder and shakes his head, "That…that doesn't make any sense…people are willing to help you!" And the radio station certainly isn't a need for the kids, Quin's thinking. he sighs, not wanting to fight her, instead he turns his head to look down the path again. That nervous habit of rubbing the back of his neck happens again. More to himself, "…can find it.."

And she lets them, especially the one standing in front of her, and she is grateful, it still stings her pride though and she dreads the day in the dead of winter when this will be thrown back in her face. She knows that sigh, she's heard it before so she just gives his a look that shouts 'fine' even though it isn't and continues down the path. As to his last comment, she has no clue what he is talking about.

Quinton winces at the look. Why does she keep getting mad at him? Quin's starting to feel like half the camp hates him. He stands there as she starts down the path, hesitant to follow. Maybe he'll just skip breakfast and head out. He's got everything he needs. The poet chews on his lower lip, trig to decide if it's better to give her space or not. Maybe he should just stop talking to anyone. Go hermit. But no, that won't do. He sighs and will start after her, although he lets her stay ahead of him, if that's what she wants.

Mad, yes definitely mad, amoung other things. And Quinton is doomed. No matter what he does in regards of the radio station now Piper isn't going to be happy about it in the short term. She takes the brief time walking alone as an opportunity to get control of herself but stops when she gets to where the path from the campsites meets the main one heading to the road. She glances back at him, to see if he is coming or not.

Quinton is, slowly. Better to give the angry, pregnant woman space. His eyes stay downcast, making eye contact could be fatal.

At least it isn't puppydog eyes, she wouldn't be able to handle that. Guilt though, she can handle, what's a little more when she is already carrying a bundle and a half of it. Though the fact that she feels guilty about it doesn't help her anger any. Though she does her best to stifle showing anymore ire than she already does. There is a quiet, frustrated sigh and she just stalks off without him. Plenty of space now.

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