(2015-09-09) Designing Tables
Designing Tables
Summary: Virgil and Sophia talk about tables and other things to make.
Date: 09.09.2015
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The cool weather makes it nice to sit outside as the late evening sweeps in over the camp. This specific area is quiet and more or less empty. IF not for the man sitting and relaxing, having a drink of water. Virgil is sitting on a rock. Having been helping out in camp with small things, now just enjoying getting a moment to relax.

Sophia's only been here a few days, but has already started to make herself known. While she's not above doing work, she's definitely somehow managed to nat have a much to do as most. But her firewood pile is higher than anyone else's, and any chores she's assigned seem to be getting done. The dark skinned woman comes walking down the path, humming to herself as she makes her way towards the barn. Who knows for what. Virgil gets a large smile, :Hola Virgil!" She even raises a hand in greeting.

There's a smile offered to Sophia, "Hola. What's up?" Virgil asks with a small smile. "Still keeping busy?" If she comes over close he will offer a hug in greeting, if allowed.

Sophia comes closer, but here eyebrows raise and she puts a hand on the man's chest to stop the hug, "You shodl really be buying me a erin first, mister." There's humor in her eyes though, she's clearly teasing. "I am busy enough. I think we're going to start up a Poker night at some point, if you play?" Well, she has been busy, it seems!

Virgil chuckles and grins at her. "Okay. Will do then." He offers and winks, along with passing the water to her. As for poker, he nods. "I'd be happy to join. Not sure what I can offer as a bet though." Sitting back down. "Want to join me? Or want me to join you, if you need to walk anywhere?"

Sophia snorts, but then laughs. It's loud and warm, a friendly one. "This does not count at a drink!" She will take it though, sipping before answering him back. "I was thinning maybe chores? Or if people have stuff to put in…could be something to break up the week, ya know?" There's a shrug, "I got nothing pressing." She moves a little bit like a cat when she sits down next to him. His size doesn't seem to intimidate her.

Virgil grins at her. "Good. I'll make sure to get you a proper drink at some point then." He assures her and nods as he listens. Glad that she joins him. "Ah, that could work. I think people would be happy to give away chores." He agrees and relaxes in his seat. "So, got any ideas about any furniture or something similar that is needed. Building houses I am sure we've got in hand, if it happens. But I figured I could help make something more comfortable. Chairs, sofa, or perhaps make a chess game and table." He offers and shrugs. Sitting decently close, if she allows.

Sophia cocks on eyebrow, "You make furniture?" Her smile grows, "Besides beds? I think a bar…or a poker table. Or if you mean small things, like a chest of drawers for clothes?"

Virgil nods at her suggestions. "It depends on the amount of wood we have. And yeah, some of it at least. For a sofa, someone that knows leather or fabrics would have to help me. I'm more of a woodworker and carpenter. I do like whittling as well though." He explains where his skills are best applied. "I'd try to work on beds. Same there though, someone have to help with a matress. I will try to work on the other things as well. One thing at a time though, which should I start with?"

Sophia can't help with any of that so she just shrugs, "Maybe a book shelf then? Or the chest…" She then laughs, "I'd prefer the poker table, but not everyone will see that as a need."

"I will try making a table with two sides perhaps. One side for poker, and the other for something else." He says and smiles. "I just need wood." He offers and can't help but smirk at that.

Sophia laughs, "A good Poker table isn't one sided…" There's a twinkle in her eyes and she can't help teasing, "I've never known a man to actually have trouble wight hat before."

Virgil grins and nods. "Fine, fine. I'll just have you help me with design." He suggests and grins. As for the teasing he shrugs. "Not having trouble, just needing inspiration." He teases in return.

Uh-huh. Needing help with finding his wood. Soph's dark eyes twinkle and she looks out across the path, "Shit…I don't know. They're either round or oval. Uusally have some kind of felt top, but I don't think anyone is goingnto be all that worried about regulation shit anymore." Hell, they're going to have to find more decks before they should eb worrying about a table. "Maybe you should make a chest or two first." She's not completely selfish, see?

Virgil follows her gaze as he looks out along the paths. "Perhaps I should. At least now I have a few projects to work on." He offers to her. "Thanks, cutie." He offers to her. "I could make a chest and perhaps shelf first, since we seem to have books and stuff around." Shrugging. "I'll make a sweep of camp first though, making sure to make something that we don't have, or that we need more of."

"Yeah…Or we can easily get. I thought I heard someone mention there were houses near by….We should probably raid those first. I bet there's beds and shit we could be using…" Soph doesn't seem to be in a hurry to get moving, instead she pulls a knee up and wraps an arm around her leg.

Virgil nods, "Ah, yes. We could go check it out. I mean, we as in camp. Not the two of us personally going finding a bed." He offers and grins. «Not that I'd mind.» He adds in spanish. Leaning back some. "Cold?" He asks, at least being considerate. Trying to change topic.

Sophia laughs again, "Wow…not subtle, are you?" She's amused though, not upset at it. The tiny woman stands up, "Maybe we can, maybe we won't…it'll depend on how well you play your cards." Does she mean that literally? Eitehr way, she's not smiling, looking down at him. "I'll catch you around, Virgil."

Sophia laughs again, "Wow…not subtle, are you?" She's amused though, not upset at it. The tiny woman stands up, "Maybe we can, maybe we won't…it'll depend on how well you play your cards." Does she mean that literally? Eitehr way, she's not smiling, looking down at him. "I'll catch you around, Virgil."

Virgil chuckles and shrugs. "Not usually. Though it's all in good fun." He offers and studies her. "I don't seem to mind though. And yes, we will see." He says and rises as she is about to leave. "See you around." Gesturing to offer a last hug if she allows. Then letting her leave, if she is.

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