(2015-09-09) Fishing in the Dark
Fishing in the Dark
Summary: Gabriel and Terry talk as they fish and hunt, and find other things in the dark.
Date: 09.09.2015
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Lake Front Lake
Wed Sep 09, 2015 — Wed Sep 09 23:51:49 2015

As one approaches the area a cabin can be easly spotted with a small slope down to the lake. The lake area being nicely set up for bathing, and a small trail leading to the fishing area. The cabin itself looking to be in good shape. A nice garden of herbs and spices can be seen and a fenced and caged area for the chickens. They get to roam easily enough. During night being kept in the cabin itself, or whenever no one is home. Just to keep them safe from bandits. The window is barred on the inside. Letting light in but making it hard to break in.

While the evening is starting to draw late, and the sun is soon to set it, doesn't mean that sleep has to come right away. Since he lives out here it isn't odd to see Gabriel sitting under a tree with a basket and fishing pole with him. He has been absent from camp today, so one could assume that he has been kept busy with his garden and finding food.

The hot, clear weather entices the camp's resident jarhead, Terry, into leaving the camp, if only briefly, for a good fishing spot he recalls spotting some time ago. He's got his usual survival pack — fishing and hunting gear, as well as some rations and a tightly-packed bedroll and other things — with him as well. He figures he'd best start by laying some traps out, figuring he can pass the time waiting for them to fill up by fishing. With the traps laid out, he takes his pole from his pack, along with a tacklebox full of various (of course) homemade bait.

Reaching into the box, Terry selects a nice chunk of bait, sticks it onto the hook, and casts out his line. Minutes later, he feels a tell-tale tugging, and begins reeling the line in at a steady pace, eventually capturing his first fish of the night: a crappe. Hook baited and cast out again, he hits his second score of the night, baiting another crappe.

Terry hears a rustling noise in the treeline, and bolts up into the safety of a tree under which he'd been sitting; he begins watching, waiting for whatever's coming, hoping it'll go for the traps first… Bingo. Three nice-sized beavers.

Gabriel doesn't hunt much, but during the time of him fishing he has been wandering around earlier. Thus his usual stick is nearby and so is a new stick, with a silk rose attached to it. Wire stuck inside the basket. Some junk can be found around in the nearby woods. Soon he does notice the other one fishing as well, or he might have done so earlier. Hearing a trap going off. "Find anything nice?" He calls out as he rises, after catching his second fish of the day. Putting it away to turn in the direction of the sound.

"Yeah.. a bunch of crappe, and some beavers.. Should provide for some good eats tonight. I'm not that good of a cook.. I burn water, really." Terry responds, chuckling. "Maybe we could whip up some beaver jerky, or something…" He begins collecting and packing away his kills, re-baiting and positioning the traps for the next day, figuring the animals might get wise to his ways otherwise.

Gabriel chuckles and smiles. "I am sure it will work out well. I'll help you out tomorrow." He offers about cooking. Tilting his head. "Or if you wish I could help you out now?" Just trying to see what the man thinks. Just standing around for the time being. "Be careful in the dark though."

Terry glances to the container of ice-water he has with him, which now contains the fish. "I dunno.. we'd have to season the fish very well.. they taste like crappe." A joke! Hah! And from a veteran, no less. "The beavers.. we can do a good number of things with. Jerky, stew, broth.. lots of stuff."

Gabriel let out a dry chuckle. "We could try and find some plastic wrapping and mud, and maybe lemon. Then we could put it into a fire-pit and cover it over." He offers about the fish. Nodding in agreement about the beavers. "Ah, yes. A lot to do with that."

"Don't we have a vegetable garden, or something? If we do, perhaps we can toss in some veggies, and some water, and steam them and the fish?" Terry wonders.

"I think the camp has. I have some spices and other things here as well, if you want some." He offers and shrugs. Trying to get his stick and basket. "Did you want any help? I was thinking of wandering towards the cabin otherwise. You're free to join me if you wanted to take some spices." At least kind enough to offer some to him.

Terry stretches and yawns, packing up his gear. "I think I might turn in, actually, after I put the catch of the day into storage." He holds up the ice-chest with the fish, and the beavers. "Good eats, courtesy of 'Tarzan'.." He grins.

Gabriel nods, "Be careful. Camp is a bit away." He offers to Terry. Grinning to the man. Gathering his things. "See you around, Terry."

Fishing Rolls

2 Longnose Gar
2 Large Crappe

Hunting Rolls

1 Beaver
1 Beaver
1 Beaver

Scavenging Rolls

1 Pretty Silk Rose
1 Cool Branch that would make a great walking stick
1 Wire
1 Flat Tire
1 Huskers Cap
1 half of a book
1 Snake Skin

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