(2015-09-09) Girl Time
Girl Time
Summary: Another attempt by Harmony to deal with Piper's hair. Success this time
Date: 9.9.2015
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Miller Campsite

Woods surround this cleared out area. It has three platform tent areas to hold large eight people tents, and a few ground level areas for smaller tents. All of them surround a fire pit that seems to have gotten some recent use. Two picnic tables are also near at hand.

The sun has set and a blanket of stars fill the night sky, but the moon has yet to make an appearance. It has cooled off substantially from the heat of the day, enough to need a fire for those that want to be outside to take in the fresh air of the evening. One is built in the firepit and crackles as it sends flashes of embers into the starry heavens.

The whispered voices of children can be heard coming from the largest tent in the camping area, but the owner of said tent sits at the picnic table back to the fire. An array of colored pencils are spread out, meticioulsy arranged in RGB order from lightest to darkest. Someone's a bit OCD. Piper's fingers caress the pencils before she chooses a rich blue and proceeds to color in the coloring book before her. How she can see well enough it the dark with her body putting the book into deep shadow…quite the mystery.

With the beginnings of Autumn in the air, Harmony's not really been seen in camp, but rather she's spent the bulk of her time out in the fields. Rows are being rotated and fall and winter crops are just now settling in under patches of manure (thank you horses and cows!). Corn stalks have been appearing outside the small dome tent that belongs to Harmony, however. She has apparently been bringing them in from the fields when they've given up their ears.

The flower-child is getting better at navigating in almost complete darkness but for the stars. Tonight, she's mostly surefooted as well, guided in by the fires. (signal fires!) It's been a long day, and it's time to wind down and smoke!

The pencil moves slow and steady over the page, the butterflies that frolic there coming to life with color. Well if the page could be easily seen that is. The approach of someone is heard and Piper's attention lifts from the page, the pencil going still. Her dark eyes, with thier blown out pupils (all pupil really) lock on the approaching Harmony, studying her a moment before giving the other woman a sad smile in greeting.

Harmony can't sneak. It's just not in her. Barefeet does allow for some bit of quiet, but the rustle of her skirts, and her general manner doesn't make for a silent approach.

There, in the fire's glow, Harmony pauses. Poor Piper's hair is only half done (she didn't take it out?!), and there is the beginnings of those stragglers. Her lips press together, and there's something of an airy cheeriness that fills quiet tones. "You didn't take it out?"

It takes a few seconds for Piper to figure out what she is talking about and her hand goes to what is left of the braid. She shakes her head, confirming the obvious. She has even tried to keep it from getting to messy, but her hair seems to have a mind of its own most of the time. As she watches Harmony she gestures to the spot next to her at the table. Perhaps inviting the other woman to sit. The pencil is put back amoung the blues and then reaches under the table for her pack.

The invitation? Harmony pauses for a moment, studying the other young woman as the lights and shadows dance between them. Her 'usual' smile doesn't falter, and it seems a decision is made. A hand rises, a finger held up; she has to get her own things. Ducking into her small tent, she rummages briefly before she re-emerges with her small wooden box. It's held carefully, lovingly. And, she's also palmed her pipe- for later!

"Would you like me to take that out, or would you like me to fix it and get the other side up?" is asked even as Harmony crosses the short distance between them.

Piper digs in her pack breifly, pulling something smallish out before putting it out of the way under the table. A few slow breaths are taken "F…" she tries, tries hard to speak. Harmony knows she can vocalize or at least sing. That is so much easier for her than actual talking, another breath and "F.f.f.ix." comes out as a stuttered sigh. The object she pulled up is then held up. It is a precious item, one hard to come by now, a chocolate bar. She mimes breaking it in half, willing to share the confection with the other woman.

Harmony looks down, and when the actual spoken request comes in, the flower child smiles warmly. If there's any lingering residuals, there's nothing in evidence anywhere. Yesterday falls away, and there is only today. Tonight. Under the stars.

"Fixing it is," is chirped. Setting her own box down first, Harmony takes a seat, ready to fix the bits. The turquoise is still wrapped within! Now, to get it to show again.

The chocolate offering is noted, and Harmony's green eyes light, but she shakes her head soon after. "You do know it's a trip straight to hell if you take chocolate from a pregnant woman, even if offered, right?" She's teasing. Of -course- she'd love chocolate- what girl doesn't? But, there are extenuating circumstances.

She pauses, and leans, "You okay? Getting all this up and out of that face of yours?"

There is a tentative nod at the confirmation from Harmony and she begins to slowly unwrap the chocolate. The teasing has her giving a small sound of amusement, but it never reaches her eyes. Flipping the coloring book to a blank page she takes a dark pencil and writes a message in a fluid script "But the short trip would be worth it." she breaks the dark chocolate in half and then that half in half and sets it in front of Harmony. She closes her eyes breifly and takes a calming breath, before nodding and giving a thumbs up.

Harmony laughs as she reads by firelight, "So totally worth it. Does that make me a bad person?" Even as she asks, she takes a smaller piece of the quarter and pops it into her mouth. Green eyes close and she takes a soft inhaled breath, finishing it with a pleased sigh. "I think that's better than nearly anything," is whispered. "Thank you."

Chocolate shared, Harmony catches the acknowledgment that she's ready, and she begins to finger-comb the tresses that haven't yet been bridled. "How've you been feeling? Bet the cooler weather coming in helps. I know it feels better for me."

She shakes her head. She could never think Harmony is a bad person. Piper takes a small bite of her quarter and has a similar blissful moment as the chocolate melts in her mouth. As Harmony begins to mess with her hair there isn't a single flinch, gasp or even nervous stiffening. She has had time to mentally prepare herself for this encounter and it shows.

With hands in her hair Piper can't hang her head at the question so instead she lifts a hand and wobbles it and that is probably an exagerration, she is probably worse.

There are many things that Harmony can live without and not miss. Here she thought that she could actually continue living a productive life without the aid of chocolate.

*BUZZ* Wrong!

So. Good.

Green eyes shift back to the bit of the square that she's got, but she resists for the moment. Instead, Harmony works on that hair, finger-pulling the long strands into something more manageable for the beginnings of French Braid.

"I have absolutely no experience with it," the being pregnant thing. "Pretty sure it's not easy, no matter what. It's really nice that you've got at least some help."

As her hair is worked on Piper relaxes even more and begins to doodle on the blank page, musical notes, clefs and staffs, flowers and shapes. She's no artist, but they are all recognizable for what the are. "1st time for me too." she writes amoungst her doodles. She draws a scared face and labels it ME! But why shouldn't she be scared a single woman, six children to care for and one more coming. She shrugs though not entirely convinced that getting help is a good thing. "Help only starts fights." she writes after a bit of a pause.

Harmony can feel Piper relaxing under her ministrations, and the tugs and weaves continue, gently. It's not easy, and it takes time to get things right. (Who knew that Harmony likes 'pretty'?)

"Oh," Harmony breathes. "Well," she starts slowly, "We've got a good doc. And more and more women coming in can help with the kids. There could be a teacher or two around, who knows?" She chuffs an empathetic breath, "Being helped can be annoying, particularly if you're used to doing everything yourself. But, remember.. those helping you don't -have- to do it. They're doing it because they want to."

"Music is what feelings sound like." words tattooed into a filigree treble clef are revealed on the woman's shoulder, the thin strap of her tank top concealing very little of it. All that hair has been hiding it from view. Piper is long used to such ministrations. Her previous life was full of stylists, makeup artists and wardrobe people, but that seems like ages ago and no one here knows of that. She sits still, not complaining of the tugging to her scalp. She nods as much as she can, she knows that much. But she is the independent type. Preferring to make her own way. Another face is drawn, a sad one this time, and put behind bars. She isn't really allowed to leave camp now, her leash is getting shorter.

Pretty! As hair is moved from one spot to another, Harmony pauses in the reading of the delicate tattoo. She reads it out loud, softly, listening to the words. "It's true. That." It's a romantic sentiment, no matter how she slices it. "I think I miss music on the radio the most. We were getting into such good music." Ah well.

Braid, weave, twist.. and Harmony reaches for another small blue stone, and she begins to weave it in with her silver wire that she'd prepped the other night.

"Well, yes," Harmony offers matter of factly. "What happens if you get hurt? Or, god forbid, the baby decides to come early? It's not only the baby that could get hurt, but you too." She shakes her head and gets to the point where she's almost free of Piper's scalp. "I mean, I'm pretty realistic. I'm a liability out there. People would not only have to worry about themselves, but me too. It'd be selfish of me to go out, and it'd put everyone else in danger."

Harmony smiles warmly, the expression genuine, "It'll pass, though. Soon enough, I'm sure."

A hand reaches over her shoulder to touch the ink. It still looks new. It must have been done in the last few years. Piper sighs, it's an argument that she has heard before "Preg. does not equal invalid." she writes below her doodles. "He says I am too important "Most important". I am not" not being underlined "important." she is starting to get agitated and takes another bite of the chocolate to let its magical powers work on her mood.

"No, it doesn't mean invalid. It means that there's more to think about than just what you want," Harmony murmurs. "Can you honestly say you're as fast as you were before, or something?" She shooshes at Piper, her hand stroking the other woman's hair in a sisterly gesture. "He seems to think you are. Maybe to him?" Most important. She pauses, and the smile slips slightly. It rallies and she shakes her head as she starts work on that first braid to retame it. "We all are."

Well certainly not with her recent injury still healing and making her limp around, and she has gotten to the point where her size makes her gait a bit waddly, but she still moves as quietly, and neither affects her aim. Piper lifts her shoulders in a shrug, though to which part of the statement she is non-verbally commenting on is unknown, could be all of it. She can see Harmony's face so is unware of she slip, but she does understand that the woman is trying to comfort her which makes her start to humm to herself, her own form of self-comfort.

Harmony exhales in a sigh and pulls out a few of the twists in order to redo them. The one, undone side is now finished and has a stone of turquoise enwrapped with silver wire. "It must be nice, being important to someone," she murmurs quietly. "Makes a person not feel too alone." When the humming begins, however, she quiets, the weaving taking her hands and her mind at least mostly occupied.

The humming stops very briefly as a deep breath is taken. She must be trying words again. They are hard for her, and the breathing in is supposed to be calming..right? She manages to get out the first syllable, "Lone.." but nothing more and she sighs a bit in frustration. She clearly wants to talk, to communicate like a normal person, but can't despite her attempts.

Harmony pauses a moment to 'pets' the hair before her soothingly, but from her, it's not meant to be condescending. Not at all. "You're important, that's the point. Heck, I see you guys together more than apart, really…" and her voice trails again to simply a breath. "You're lucky."

Piper isn't going to argue it. She had her fill of that yesterday. "Saved me." she writes down. She misunderstands what Harmony means, who Harmony means. She thinks it's the children the other woman means, but truthfully the words could apply to who Harmony means as well, so the misunderstanding would not be picked up on. The mistake of course stems from why she is seemingly important. Her hand goes up to gently feel the braids on her head. She could debate being lucky as well, but doesn't.

"Yeah," Harmony breathes, "I know." At least that's how she feels, anyway. There's got to be that reason why when the moment of panic sets in, Piper is reaching for that rock. "Aaalmost done," she whispers. Now, all she needs to do is to attach the sets of braids, which she does quickly and easily. Finally, all that hair, for the time being, is tamed (mostly..) and off that exotically lovely face. It's not the first time Harmony sighs, and it won't be the last, but at least it's got her usual good humor running through it. "You're so pretty."

She reaches up the gently feel the braids again, just lightly, she doesn' want to mess it up so soon. Now she wishes she had a mirror so she could see Harmony's handiwork. But she will have to wait, maybe head down to the bathroom later to look in the cheap plastic mirror there. Actually she doesn't wait and gets to her feet as she takes Harmony by the hand and drags her off in that direction so they can go look together.

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