(2015-09-09) Waiting Out A Storm
Waiting Out A Storm
Summary: Quinton finds Nora waiting out a storm
Date: 9.9.2015
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Whitetail Run Estates

A few dozen houses make up this newish upscale subdivision. There are even a few that were still in the middle of construction when the lights went out. Cars are parked in driveways, and there is evidence here and there that the subdivision had a a number of kids running around. Bikes laying around, free standing basketball hoops, knocked over by the storm that occasionally passes through. A few have rusting for sale signs in front of them. The neighborhood looks virtually untouched by looters, probably because it is across the river from town and not as easily accessible, like the areas in town.

Ugh, rain. It wasn't so bothersome before, when things were normal and you could use cars and such to get around. But biking in the rain is a pain, as is scavenging. The roads are slick for bike tires and all your stuff gets wet. It's a necessary evil though, for survival, Nora isn't all that good at it just yet, she just doesn't have the eye or maybe the luck, but she tries at least. Sometimes it's good, but most of the time it's just crap. The bike is parked, with its little kiddie carrier near the porch of one of the houses, the door standing wide open indicating someone is in there "Score!" a familiar cheers from inside.

Quinton's soaked, and crabby. After everyone mad at him, and then the stress of the lion…well, he left early today, already able to tell words were not going to be his friends. The bastards. His blonde hair is plastered to his head, despite the poncho. As the whole point was to stay away tom people today, he'd normally just turn and walk, but the familiar voice catches his attention. He should maybe let her know he's around. Just in case. The steps are taken up the porch and he knocks on the door frame, "…Elizabeth?…"

The teen girl is bounding down the steps that lead to the upper floor of the house as Quinton appears in the door. "Oh heya Chief!" she greets, always happy to see a familiar face, especially one that she can trade things with "Sorry about the rain…I ordered sun," she peeks out the door past him "but I guess they screwed up my order at Amazon.

Quinton nods, flashing her a soft smile at the joke. he tries to shoot one back, but only manages, "I'm wet." Maybe he meant to echo their first meeting, but as his pale eyes wander about the house, looking…maybe not. Maybe that's just a go to phrase that's easy to say, and luckily has applied each time. He looks back, and asks, "…you?'

"There are towels in the bathroom." she points down a short hallway the opens into the kitchen "If you don't have one already Mr. Dent." well if his wasn't a reference to their first meeting, hers certainly is. "I was. I decided to lay low in here until it past. Been reading books and nomming on poptarts." she looks around "I left the box of them around here somewhere if you want one.

Quinton smirks and nods, '…k." His hand reaches up and he'll finger comb his hair, trying to get some of the water out. "…Sure?" he doesn't want to take her food, he knows it's hard to come by. Finally he just gives up on the hair and starts shrugging out of the poncho. A towel actually sounds nice, and if there's extra ones here, he'll not pull out his. "…reading?" hopefully she's used to him bad days enough that she can get what he's asking. The poncho and backpack are set down, hopefully to dry a little.

Nora bounds down the hall and fetches the towel. The girl sure has a lot of energy today. Though if he saw her everyday he would know that is normal for her "Reading." she repeats calling from down the hall. She is perfectly fine with making up what she can't understand from him "The woman of the house was a connoisseur of trashy romance novels. Not my usual choice but beggers and choosing ya know." she gives a shrug bounding back and tossing him the towel to dry with.

Quinton chuckles softly. Trashy romance novels seem to eb popular, if Kayla's excitement of the one he found is any indication. The towel is caught, although it unfolds some on the air. She's flashed another thankful smile and the poet starts wiping his face. "Coming…or going?"

Nora pads over to the sofa and flops down on it, all the things she has found in the house that she felt would be useful bounce upward as her weight drops onto the cushion "Staying…" she stares out the window a few moments "until the rain stops. Which will be in about three hours if the clouds maintain the speed they are at now." she seems quite confident in her prediction. She picks up the record from where it teeters on the sofa's edge and glances at the cover and then flips it over to scan the back "You like Neil Diamond?"

After drying his hair, Quin moves forward, looking down at the album and he then honestly shrugs, "..is ok." he never owned anything, but the popular songs are good, he guesses. He'll move to sit down on a cushioned chair. This may be a little of the reason he likes going out. Soft furniture to briefly sit on. If he closes his eyes, he can just pre tent the powers gone out because of the storm. Briefly, anyway. He studies the young woman sitting on the couch before sighing and rubbing the back of his neck.

The teen girl nods "Not even sure why I grabbed it. My dad used to listen to it when I was little…while he was grading term papers." she glances at Quinton "I hated it. It was old people music." there is the reason, even if she doesn't realize it "Gotta stiff neck?" Nora asks as he rubs at his neck.

Quinton just nods, agreeing it's old people music. But to be fair, all they really have is old people music, so a variety in it would be nice. He doesn't consider himself old, so he seems to understand. He nods, "Little….sleeping…" he then raises a hand and gives a so-so motion. "We…shot lion…." He figures she'd want to know.

"You want it?" Nora asks about the record "It doesn't do me any good. Maybe you can make a bowl out of it or something." she holds the record out to him "I saw those once, albums made into bowls…at a kitchy little coffee shop on the east coast." there is a ugh at the explanation "Sleeping on the ground…" she nods "I can see how that can make you stiff after awhile. I'll see if I can find an air mattress our something in my explorations." brow furrows at the lion news "Self defense I hope?" she didn't like that he shot the other one and it attacked them even

Quinton's head tilts, maybe she doesn't remember, "We found…the phonograph….plays.."He takes the record and holds it up, wiggling it slightly with a soft smile. Yeah, even sleeping on all his sweaters and things, his back is starting to really not like him. He waves a hand though, if she finds an air mattress she should keep it. His smile fades as the talk about the feline though, "…killed a …calf…had to…." He offers her a sad smile, he didn't want to either, but it had to be done, "Too…dangerous…with kids…" He can't even think about it that had happened.

"Oh yeah." she drawls as she is reminded of that trip "That old thing actually worked?" she hmmms and gestures outside "I have a few more records in with the rest of my stuff if you want them." she gives him a grin "No charge." she nods at him "Well yeah, that would be awful, the kids getting lionnapped." lionnapped sounds much better than what would actually happen, she shudders. Their own attack wasn't at all pleasant "Have you met that scrawny boy wandering around?" quick change the subject before it gets to depressing up in here "Willy? We are going to hang and travel together for a bit. Watch each others back, while I show him some choice places for scavenging.

Quinton nods, " yes…" There's something else, but the words don't come out and he just sighs and nods, "…thanks…You….need?" He can see about getting her anything she might be needing. There's a shake and his partially dried bangs sway. He only saw Willy once, and never actually got a name, so he has no idea, "..safe?"

Nora blinks at him, waiting for more but when nothing comes she just subtly shrugs "Not a thing…at least nothing I can't get myself. I have a much further reach than you do." she looks around the living room, and the decor pieces, the family pictures and then back to him "Safe as anyone else I've meet. He had a chance or two to dispatch me. He didn't take it. He's a bit odd, but it's better than talking to myself ya know."

Quinton studies her, it's almost brotherly look before he just nods. He can't save everyone, and he certainly isn't able to vet people who Nora hangs with. Even if he could, he knows it's not his place. Instead the poet takes a deep breath, another rub to his neck before he leans all the way back into the chair, trying to relax. He looks awkward doing so, he usually is moving or doing something. "You attract…odd.." It's a jab at himself, mostly. The pictures on the walls get his attention, so many stories, lost forever.

"You look like you need a drink." Nora notes as he rubs at his neck again "I've half a bottle of vodka. It's the cheap Stoli, but it does the job." the girl starts to get up to fetch it before he even answers though his jibe has her laughing "Well something things never change." sounds like her attracting odd isn't a new thing.

Quinton snorts, "God…Stoli…" Sounds like he may have stories about that…not that he could tell her, but still! Oh, college! "…soda…" His head shakes, but he's smiling softly. He's not certain about drinking, it's the middle of the day and they aren't in a safe place.And there's been no Lion attack to spurn the need. " You…keep….valuable…" He has his moonshine, if he gets desperate.

Nora shakes her head "Sorry don't have any of that. I'm an alcohol magnet though." she always seems to find the hard stuff. Well except today "It's Stoli, that stuff will never be valuable, except maybe as paint thinner." how someone still in her teen years could know that…well the drinking age isn't 21 everywhere! "I should head into camp today though. See what I can get for what I have. Show everyone that I am alive and well."

Quinton didn't even realize he said anything, he was thinking about mixers they used to put into Stoli. He laughs softly, agreeing it's kinda gross. He doesn't seem surprised by her knowledge, he drank quite a bit as a teen too. Not that Kayla ever realized that. "..yes." Check ins are a good, he appreciates them. Shifting, he'll try to stretch his back before settling back into the chair.

"I should have kept a bottle of the good stuff instead of trading it." she teen says though she shrugs, "Too late now." she shifts leaning against the arm of the sofa as she looks at Quinton over her sunglasses "I'll follow you when you head that way. May as well get it over with. Matson keeps trying to talk me into staying. I'd rather not have to hear that lecture again if I can help it." she sighs not looking forward to it.

"…more." Quin is sure she'll stumble upon more. He buckles, understandingly, but he kinda agrees with Sonny. "Winter?" Maybe she'll stay when the snow hits.

Nora hmmms, mulling the suggestion "Maybe. I really don't like the snow or winter or cold." she grin then with a bit of a laugh "Or if I don't just assume I found a warm beach in Mexico with an endless supply of Corona." that's the dream for a surfer girl like herself.

Quinton snorts, "Coem with you…" Not that he know how to surf or anything. But it sounds nicer than snow. He rubs his face again, "But …if not….come to hope…" He worries she's gonan freeze to death…or get caught trying to not freeze to death.

Nora finds his willingness amusing "We can make a big end of the world party out of it. Invite all your friends." she gets to her feet and once more gestures outside "If we are going to hole up her for a while I'm going to go move my bike into the garage." out of sight and out of the rain she leans over and grabs the box of poptarts, tossing it over "May as well have some lunch while you wait out the storm." with that she heads of to the garage to take care of things.

Scavenging Rolls

1 Can cat food
1 Stale coffee
1 Package of Poptarts
1 Vinyl Record
3 Packs of Seeds
1 Hair gel
2 Color Therapy Coloring Book
2 Cans Apricots
1 Half a bottle of Laundry detergent
1 Trench coat with pocket knife

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