(2015-09-10) Trying To Study
Trying To Study
Summary: Piper is try to learn about herbs so she can help Harmony. Quinton disrupts her and helps
Date: 9.10.2015
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Camp Road - North
This dirt road heads north toward the river, though the water can't be seen. It's still too far and with too many trees between here and there.
There is a large area mostly cleared of trees with a concrete, rock (more like small boulder) flanked path reading to it. In the area is a large dome building full of windows. Looking in one could tell that it is the dining hall. It has several picnic tables around it. Hanging from a low branches of a couple of trees were left standing are swings, two to be exact.

Well the heat spell has broke, at least for the day and a pleasant breeze blows through. This area of camp is quite busy. At the edge of the woods on the other side of the /large/ dining hall a work crew is hard at work digging into the ground for an icehouse. All the trees that were cut down are being cut into firewood by a few other people. They can be heard much more than they can be seen since the bulk of the building blocks most of it.

On this side of the dining hall is Piper and the flock. Sidewalk chalk is in abundance and a hopscotch grid has been drawn onto the concrete path. The children are busy at play, seeing who can hop father and faster across the grid. Piper is at the picnic table, studying the herb book that was loaned to her. At some point, probably last night her hair was transformed. It is under control, in dual french braids that fall down her back the tails connected with silver wire, the braids dotted with turqouise beads. There is no doubt whose work that is.

The temp is just border line sweater, so Quin is in a sweater vest today, a t-shirt underneath. Very hipster looking, if that type of thing even matters anymore. He went out earlier and dropped off his findings, so he's without his backpack. The hosted is on though, he's started wearing it constantly. Too many aliens and lions for him. He's definitely more rested than he has be in the past few days, although his hair is a mess underneath the sunglasses that are perched on the top of his head. He's headed towards the kitchen, he can only hold out so long, his meals have been sparse and he's hungry. The hop scotch gets a soft smile, and his pale eyes go to Piper. The smile stays, but lessens, mostly out of worry. She was fairly mad last time the spoke. He's not going to poke the pregnant beast. Instead he just gives a small wave if the children see him and will keep walking towards the Kitchen.

There is the usual chorus of greetings "Hello Mr. Quinton." or waves and the standard 'Yo!" and raised fist salute from Jack as he passes the children. The greetings of course get the woman's attention and she lifts her head to watch him head to the kitchen. Much easier for her without all the hair trying to fall into her face. She doesn't look mad today, she even gives him a finger waggle in greeting, but doesn't stop him in his pursuit of food.

Quinton's been told by several people that there is always a little bit of extra food for lunch, so he goes and get a hard boiled egg and one of the apples that have been gathered from the orchard. It's not a lot, it shouldn't affect anyone's meal, he hopes. He just doesn't think he can do a granola bar today. he's shoed out of the kitchen with someone yelling for him to bring the bowl back when he's done with it. So out he comes, his small lunch in hand. Hard to not go over, as Piper’s not death glaring him and the kids are all right there. "Hey…Care if…I sit?"

<FS3> Pied-Piper rolls Mind: Good Success.

When he returns the children are still playing hopscotch and Piper has paused in her study to adjust the shade on the stroller to keep the sun from beating down on the sleeping Troy. An infant with sunburn is not on the list of things she wants to deal with…ever. "Of course not." she says smoothly and easily as she brings her attention to him. A full sentence, without struggle or hesitation. She couldn't do that if she was emotionally unstable at the moment.

Her words cause an actually visible relaxation in the man. He nods and sits down, setting the bowl in front of him. A small salt packet is pulled out for the egg and he looks over to the kids, "How long has…that been going on?" The hop scotch.

Her gaze follows his to the children and where they are now challenging each other to hop through it backwards. Hearing that she gives a bit of a wince, but not stop them. What's the worst that could happen "Since lunch." she answers as she looks back at Quinton "Find anything int…good?" she realizes before she even tries to hard that the word has to many syllables so just switches to a different one.

Quinton shrugs, "Usual." Nothing too exciting, unfortunately. A sigh escape him, still watching as the game takes on a much more exciting twist. Backwards! His hand reaches up to rub at the back of his neck. The bowl of food isn't touched yet. "Debbie found …record…It's with the others now."

Piper is dividing her attention between Quinton and the children as they play. Until the record is mentioned and a smile comes across her face "By who?" meaning who recorded the album, she has no clue who Debbie is, though assumes it is someone from camp or one of the infrequent nomads that wander through. Either way she doesn't ask. Her glance goes toward the dining hall, tempted to go listen to the new record.

Quinton answered quietly, "Neil Diamond." He seems to have no trouble with the man's name strangely. In fact he doesn't even pause to think about it. "I haven't..listened yet, it may be scratched." he doesn't want her to be disappointed if it is. While he seems to be fine with talking with piper, he's not really looking at her, almost like he's nervous to.

<FS3> Pied-Piper rolls Singing: Great Success.

Anyone who knows anything about music knows Neil Diamond, Piper probably even knows more, just the mention has her singing a few lyrics of a song, older than the pair of them "Song sung blue, everybody knows one / Song sung blue, every garden grows one.." she continues through the first few verses and the chorus but doesn't go further and lets her voice fade. Her head cants at him looking a bit worried "You okay?" she hopes it wasn't her singing.

No, it isn't her singing. in fact when she starts he turns to look at her while she sings. that soft, barely there smile tugs at his lips. When she stops, he nods, "Yeah…just…yesterday was bad…I'm still kinda…foggy." His hand motions to his head, rolling slightly.

Piper nods in understanding, good days, bad days. Today seems a good one for both of them communication wise. "Sorry." it's said sincerely, but if she means his head, their argument, driving him crazy, or even their situation and the alien invasion, that's unclear. She could mean it all or just being sympathetic, "You should eat." she gestures to the bowl with his food in it. She then gestures to her hair "She did it." there is a pause "It was nice." doing something girly and normal.

Quinton shakes his head, "Not your fault." Well, some of it is, sorta, be he doesn't know that. He stares at the bowl and nods again, almost like it's a chore(which is silly, he is hungry!). The salt is poured onto the egg and he lets his eyes flicker up to her braids, "I see that…it's very pretty.." Another soft smile and nod, "Good.." And he means that, thinking both women could use a friend…and he certainly isn't going to do hair, so…

No argument. She's had enough of that for a few days. She just nods. Maybe one time Piper could take a compliment with ease, but that day is not this one. Her gaze drops briefly onto the book that lays open in front of her. Her eyes narrow slightly on the page it is opened to, but it is only briefly and she is looking up again at Quinton, then at the children, the girls still playing hopscotch but Jack grew bored of the game and is playing with his cards. "How is Kayla?" she asks bringing her attention back to the poet. She doesn't see Kayla as often as does others, she's not avoiding her, just their paths don't intersect except at meal times and Piper is closed mouthed during those.

The avoidance is noted and Quin looks away too. he's unsure what's going on anymore, but it makes him nervous. Oh, look, an egg to eat. Half of it disappears in one bite. He , thankfully, swallows before answering, "Kayla's….ok? I worry…she's…" He stops, not wanting to say the wrong thing. "I think teaching is…helping." he nods to the kids, which Kayla's been helping with.

Weird. Isn't Piper the one that is supposed to be the nervous one? It's a change, it makes her worry. She seems to understand the worry at least, "You two hunted lions." that is surprising to her, that he didn't have a hairy kineption about it, though she could have missed it she supposes. Easy to do "Glad you weren't eaten." she then has one of those expressions like she suddenly remembered something "I need to return the walkie."

Quinton nods softly, the lion thing weighing on him more that it probably should. He hated that they and to do that. And is still slightly afraid the other one might still be alive. He snorts, biting into the other half on the egg as she tasting him. He has to clear his throat before, "Yeah…me too.Almost." His head tilts hone, unsure what Piper had a walkie in the first place.

"Almost?" well that is worrisome. She clearly hasn't heard the tale. Or if Holden is telling it, doesn't believe it. She is sure any tale that young man tells would be greatly exaggerated. She's pretty good at body language so the gesture is recognized and she considers it him asking "So I could listen."

"It wasn't…She lept at Kayla..it was just…close." Quin doesn't like to think about it. He's going to go grey if Kayla goes on any more trips with him. A deep breath and a forced smile, 'It's all…good now, right?" Loaded question.

<FS3> Pied-Piper rolls Sense Motive: Success.

With two out of the three people he worries for most seeming to just go about putting themselves into harm’s way, it is shocking Quinton even has hair to go grey. At least Piper is getting better…or at least better at not getting caught or exposing herself. Her dark eyes study his face briefly, his forced smile is meet with a reassuring one "It's good." she probably knows what he is truly asking, but keeps it general "You can breath." the last bit somewhat of a tease.

General is good. That’s all he could probably handle, to be honest. He laughs, it's short and a little self mocking, but it's a laugh, "Yeah…breathing…" The bowl is scooted closer to him and he presses his fingers into a few grains of salt that missed the egg. "I feel like…I haven't breathed since the plane crashed…" His finger pad is then sucked on briefly to get that last bit of salt.

His words set her to thinking, wheels turning, Piper looks at him, but doesn't see him, not really. Her brain has flared into creative life and after a few long moments she speaks "There is a poem in those words." she has the words, but doesn't give them. Then they wouldn't be his, and since he is a poet they can't be anyone else’s.

Quinton's head snaps up, a flash of honest fear in his eyes. He's gotten mostly used to ignoring Kayla's prodding about it, but he doesn't know if getting it on two fronts is something he can hold out against. "Wh-" No, that's not right, his eyes lower, "Maybe." Maybe not, either way, he doesn't look up at her as he wipes his finger on his jeans.

Not exactly the reaction she expected to get from him, but it's not a windmill she wants to tilt at right now. Not when things are relatively smooth again. She plays along and shrugs "Or maybe just a song." she will turn it back on her to help put him back at ease.

Maybe there's another lion he can go hunt down…Is it getting hard to breath out here? Quin nods, agreeing it might be a song. Maybe better as a song, really. Breathless, air, loss of gravity, falling… He has to shake himself to not fall into it. He doesn't want to start rambling, no one wants to hear that. "Wh-what do you have planned for the day.."

Does she never stop watching him? Occasionally. Like the question he asks has her eyes going to the flock. They have given up on hopscotch and now are playing tag. Poor Becca seems to be it and since she is the youngest and smallest she is having a hard time catching the other four. "Not leaving?" yes its more of a question than a statement, and certainly isn't a plan. She taps the book in front of her "Study maybe." she shrugs. Harmony has been giving her lessons here and there about herbs and thier uses "Garden?" she is not skilled in most to the things necessary around the camp, scavenging was pretty much all she had, she is trying to learn something that could be helpful at least. She's clueless.

oh, written word, thank god! Quin immediately tilts his head to look at the book, "I don't know…a lot, but i could help?" He has some basic skills with gardening, which he's never really shown before. "Had an …aloe plant back home.." he has one now too, if anyone walks by his tent. It sits out front, like some weird aloe guard plant. It comes inside during bad weather or at night.

A hopeful look comes across her face. When it comes to plants and remembering all the names and uses and methods of preparation she is lost. Piper can play hundreds of songs from memory but ask her about nettle, St. John's Wort and any number of herbs and she'll look at you like you are speaking Greek "This is all new to me." she explains "Never had to grow anything." she had fake plants in her apartments. They don't die when you leave to go on tour.

Quinton nods, "I don't know..names and stuff….but I can tell usually…what type…" He'll probably not poison himself…probably. Still looking at the book he smiles, "A lot is new to…everyone.Never…Never thought I'd carry a gun. Things are different now." The soft have to get hard, and the hard have to learn to plant. Weird how that works.

Piper nods, turning the book so it isn't upside down for him and after a moment gets up to move around the table to sit beside him so they can both look at the book right side up. "Never touched a gun before…" she gestures upwards toward where the Ship hangs in the distance. She seems quite comfortable with one now and certainly knows how to use one. She nods in agreement settling herself beside him "Very."

Quinton's eyebrow raises, "Seriously?" She's really good with it. Huh. Guess he must just really suck at it then. The smirk is at himself, "I need to practice more…" He scoots a cinch so she has plenty of room, before looking down at the book again. "I found…pick something you think will be useful….learn that first." His eyes have a lot more green in them today when he looks up, or maybe it's just the sunlight catching them just right.

She takes it as a rhetorical question so just gives him a bit of a smirk, though she does not in agreement that he needs practice. As much practice as she does at the plant stuff. Piper listens to the advice he offers, turning slightly to face him. It's the same eyes that she sees in her mind, the ones that keep from her shooting first and not bothering with questions. They have saved two lives so far. After a few seconds she realizes he is done talking and she's staring, "Good start." she quickly says and looks down at the book to begin flipping through it a bit to hurriedly.

Quinton knows he does, so there's no offense taken. He bilks as she just sits there and then sudden turns to the book. After glancing behind him, thinking maybe one of the kids has gotten into something, he turns back, "I'd foes on either food or medicine. Start narrowing it down there." He'll let her settle on a page, unsure if maybe he over stepped some unknown boundary. He doesn't want to make her nervous.

To late, but it is her own doing, not his. "Medicine." Piper replies flipping to the glossary to make finding the page of where the medicinal herbs start. It slowly starts to pass though she focuses on the book and the knowledge it contains. "Cold season soon." and she means the illness not that it will be cold, though that will be happening too. Finding the page number she flips to that one on the book. One of the first ones listed is aloe and it's good for more than just burns!

Quinton makes a soft, not happy noise. He hates getting colds. This winter is going to be awful, unless maybe the super bug made him immune. He doesn't think that's the case though. "Maybe we'll get lucky…" No, they're in the middle of the apocalypse…there's no luck left.

Piper has bigger things to worry about than colds and a hand goes to her belly a moment and she flips to the index and starts searching through the P's. No mystery what she is looking for, why she didn't think of it before…well she didn't "Lucky?" she stifles a snort. She /seems/ to straddle the line of optimistic and pessimistic, outwardly leaning to the former, but inside she thinks everyone is doomed. "Running out.

Quinton frowns, "No…I think here's still few chances.." For what? He then grins at her a moment. "We just have to take down enough drones…" he's fairly certain that the start to whatever they end up doing to fight back. It has to be there…where else can it be, right? "Who knows, maybe by Christmas, things will be better." And he can then find enough ponies for all the girls, Piper included.

She looks up from the book and where she has flipped to a section that pertains to herbs use in pregnancy. Piper studies him once more, wondering if he is putting that grin on just to appease her. "You think so?" she doesn't seem too sure of it.

Quinton nods, "I do." and he really does. Everything has a weakness, right? And humanity’s strength is when they work together. They just need to wary working together is all. "We just need to understand it a bit, so we can figure out how to…" He doesn't say it, but motions to the ship in the sky. he's not sure if he means crash it, or make it fly away. But something.

Piper gives a small smile, glad he can be so optimistic and hopeful when it all seems the opposite. Especially when she can't be that way. Not knowing what she does. She looks from him to where he gestures to the Mothership and back "They won't give up.

Quinton's smile turns into a bit of a smirk, maybe a touch cocky. It's some of his personality from before shining through, "Yeah, but neither will we." Human's are kinda like cockroaches in that way. If only they were as durable!

It's not a side of him she has seen before, but at least it isn't causing arguments like peeks of how she was before does. She grins at the tone, even if she is a bit surprised by it. Piper's fingers flex and she starts to lift her hand up toward his face but shifts gears and puts it on his arm instead "No y..we won't." she catches herself that time, though it could just be her brokenness making her tongue stumble.

<FS3> Quinton rolls Mind: Success.

Quinton's eyes follow her hand, but it changes direction and lands on his arm. He smiles brighter at her, happy she's comfortable enough to touch someone besides the kids. "Nope!" His head tilts as his gaze goes over her hair, "Harmony really did do a nice job…I like the stones."

A big deal isn't made that he got the name right, he should be able to do that. Maybe with more practice he will get all their names right one day. Maybe she should make everyone where name tags for a while. Though that could be more mean than helpful she will have to make inquiries. Piper's hand goes up to touch the stones braided into her hair. She does nod but a bit of worry crosses her exposed face "They stare now." well of course they do, people can actually see her face now.

Quinton chuckles "Of course they do. You're pretty." He shakes his head, he's never understood girls that don't see that. And he won't even mention the glow, cause she might smack him, so instead he turns back to the book, "Anything helpful?"

She preferred it when they didn't. It was less nerve wracking. Beauty isn't exactly an advantage in an apocalyptic world. Not when you don't have the mental togetherness to use it. Piper takes the compliment better the second time or at least she doesn't avert her gaze, well except when he reminds her that there is a book in front of her. She laughs, a genuine one and shakes her head "No." she has been too busy talking to do more than glance occasionally at the book.

Quinton then smiles again and taps the page of the book, "Get studying." Finally remembering he has an apple to eat, he picks it up and takes a large bite. His stomach reminding him all he had was an egg.

It's the smile that saves him from the emergence of the stubborn side of her. It's not an order, not a really one, just a reminder that she has a task to do. A way to make herself useful when her other means have been taken away. she chuckles a bit more, then focuses on the book and what it has to say about herbs during pregnancy. Her eyes occasionally lift to look at him, but she is studying…mostly.

Quinton busies himself with the apple. It tastes good and he's hungry. The kids are watched, although they seem to be fairly self entertaining today. He knows that's not always the case. A soft, almost content sigh, it's easy to imagine it's just a picnic. An apple, kids playing, someone studying. It's nice.

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