(2015-09-11) TP & Cooking Pot
TP & Cooking Pot
Summary: Accidental distraction makes Quinton get hit over the head
Date: 09.11.2015
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The waning moon barely casts a mottled glow over the gloom of Cedar Bluffs, allowing the scrabbling claws of shadows to scrape about the abandoned town without heed for the reflected fury of the sun. While not overly cool, the instinctual chill of night that the searing light of street lamps or passing headlights would've beaten back lends things the grim hue of a cemetary which, ironically now, isn't that far from the truth.

This sensation is reflected in a tingle up Kitkat's spine that has her pause in her rummaging on the second floor of an abandoned house. She rises from her hunched position, blue-hued eyes questing out to the blown out window that overlooks the street proper. Her gloved hands curl about the sill, careful to not cut themselves on the remnants of glass and a portion of the frame that seems to have aged several decades even though it has only been uncared for for a few months at most. The young but tired looking woman sniffs sharply, sampling the murky air as she keens her ears to the wind. Her tongue flits across dry and broken lips in a vane attempt to moisten them.

Quinton had gotten lost, not physically, but distracted enough that as he searched, he suddenly found that there was no light. How in the world did he stay out so late? The tall man is quietly making his way through the city, a clear destination in mind. He has on a back pack that's filled with something, it's definitely heavy looking, and underneath that, above his t-shirt is a hostler and gun. it's not drawn, even though the blonde is scanning the area as he moves. Quin slows, not quite sure why, but he feels …something off. It could be nothing, it could be everything. he's learned to trust that gut feeling, it's saved his skin several times.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Kitkat=mind+alertness Vs Quinton=body+stealth
< Kitkat: Good Success Quinton: Good Success
< Net Result: Kitkat wins - Marginal Victory

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Quinton=Alertness Vs Kitkat=stealth
< Quinton: Success Kitkat: Good Success
< Net Result: Kitkat wins - Marginal Victory

Another one that has been around, perhaps with Quinton, here to find him, or they both just happen to be here. Virgil is however however busy at a stall at the moment. Pushing things down into a small bag. A low muttering to himself. Finally standing up from where he is. An old magazine stand from the looks of it. His revolver safely secured in it's holster, at his chest. A sticker on his shirt that says 'Hello my name is Virgil' With the Virgil part being written with dust and sot from the streets. LEtting his gaze sweep the place.

A flicker of light perhaps, glinting off of the hilt of the gun, or maybe the weighted steps of a man overburdened causes Kitkat's ears to twitch. She turns her head towards the source of the noise. Her eyes immediately widen in surprise.

"Shit," Kitkat curses under her breath, the air hissing through her teeth as she immediately drops back down to her haunches. Her back presses up against the drywall as she considers her options, casting furtive glances towards the refuse pile she was rummaging through before stealing a glance back to the open air of the window. Skittering on all fours like some simian creature, she unslings her pack and haphazardly stuffs anything that appears useful in to her bag before grabbing a the handle of a drawer that had fallen off of its facing.

With the pack slung back on to her shoulders, Kitkat approaches the window again. With a surge of energy, she tosses the piece of useless metal as far as she can manage, hoping to strike something noisy along the way.

Noisy indeed, it hits something metal, so the clatter is loud and tiny. Quin pulls his gun, it's not a completely smooth motion, but he's getting better at it. Pale eyes scan the area, and he does the smartest thing he can do, he starts to back away, gun pointed at the possible disturbance. He's had enough weird run ins, if it's a person in need, they'll call out. If it's a Silencer, he'll be dead. If it's an animals, well….they can come attack him, he's not going to it. He only let's his eyes leave the direction of the nose to make sure he's not going to stubble upon anything as he moves away.

Virgil does hear the sound as well. Crouching down again, to hide behind the stall. Glancing out towards the sound as well as around the area in general. Being more alert now as he sighs in a low voice to himself. Trying to spot any movement.

The gaunt man's reaction is telling and sends Kitkat's heart to racing. The organ thuds violently within her breast, sending energy surging through her every limb until every iota of fatigue is banished from her perception. She draws in a deep breath. Her nostrils flare like an enraged bull but she settles rather than lunge in to a frenzied charge.

"I need to get lower," Kitkat muses silently to herself. She pulls her feet underneath her and waddles as gently as she can out of the room.

Kitkat isn't the first person through the building, the majority of the really useful stuff having been picked clean, but she was a little more patient than whatever panicked creature meandered through earlier.

As Kitkat steps, she grabs the frame of the door and passes on to the upper landing, doing her best to remain silent despite entropy having weakened the floorboards. Half feeling her way and half hunting out the sihlouette of the steps, she makes her way downward.

Quinton's path takes him near the front door of the building that Kit's in. Forcing his breathing to stay steady he continues a very slow, quiet as he can pace backwards, away from whatever the crash was. It could have just been something settling, but he doesn't think so. Nervously, he'll bite his lower lip and then unconscious echoes Kit by softly whispering , "Shit."

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Quinton=stealth Vs Virgil=alertness
< Quinton: Success Virgil: Good Success
< Net Result: Virgil wins - Solid Victory

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Kitkat=stealth Vs Virgil=alertness
< Kitkat: Success Virgil: Great Success
< Net Result: Virgil wins - Crushing Victory

Sitting in the magazine stand perhaps was the perfect decision as it gives a clear view of the building that Quinton is heading for. Spotting his fellow camp member first as the man is heading inside. Soon enough followed by noticing someone already in the building itself. Still too far away to call on Quinton though. Biting his lip before putting the name tag inside the tp roll before rolling it towards Quinton to try and catch his attention without being noticed by whoever is in the building. Trying to follow the unknown person with his gaze as well as he can, from where he is.

Thump, her heart beats with a dull echo reverberating through her ears, further enhanced as she holds her breath. Kitkat's foot falls are slow, almost plodding as she verifies that the skinny man hasn't caught her after each step bears the brunt of her weight and the pack on her back. She winds carefully around the railing, creeping like a cat for the rear of the house. The young woman keeps low. Her hyper-alert gaze hunts forward with only stolen glances behind her to plot her course.

The flash of movement catches Quin's eye and he turns, almost instinctive into the doorway of the building and crouches down. Again, this is not someone who's skilled or trained. He's naturally fast, but that's about all he has going for him. The gun is pointed at the toilet paper roll. Toilet paper roll? What? He blinks, his head tilting. That was definitely not what he was expecting. His back is completely unguarded for the moment as he very confusedly considers why someone would try to throw TP at him.

Virgil does show his head to Quinton as the other looks over, hoping the other won't shoot before looking at least. Then trying to communicate that there is one person in there. All while trying to look over Quinton's shoulder. The person seems to not be visible now and thus he hurries over. Trying to keep an eye out for the unknown one.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Kitkat=melee+2 Vs Quinton=reaction
< Kitkat: Good Success Quinton: Success
< Net Result: Kitkat wins - Solid Victory

The lanky man's abrupt snap in to a different position locks Kitkat's movement like a skittish deer in the brush. She becomes an unbreathing statue, a rumpled heap of durable clothing melded in to the wall her gloved fingers are anchored to. No time to think, she reacts on instinct.

Kitkat's dominant foot drives in to the floorboards. The rubber sole of her boot whines with the exertion as she shifts her weight violently, coiling muscle to spring out from her hunched position with forcible intent. No burnished metal of a gun appears to follow up her carefully orchestrated lunge, no glinting edge of her savage hunting blade. Instead, her fingers coil around the hilt of her cast iron cooking pot before swinging it in a wide arc aiming for the man's head.

Regardless of whether it connects or not, Kitkat flows with the momentum to pivot on the ball of her foot and sprint as quickly as she can for the rear of the house.

It's probably comical, Quin tilting his head trying to decipher what in the world Virgil is trying to tell him. The poet, gives a small head shake, not understanding. And then the world collapses in on it self. His whole head vibrates with the intensified sound of metal on bone. and darkness rushes in, taking any moon light from him as his eyes roll into the back of his head. He crumples to the left, blocking the doorway.

Virgil is rushing over as he sees a shadow striking Quinton and the man is falling over. It does look a bit comedic, and Virgil even let out a small snicker. Trying not to be too loud. None of that went quite as was planned. With his revolver out and rushing over he tries to rush after the person. With Quinton in the way, however, he tries to shout instead. "Stop!" For a brief moment it looks like he is going to leap over Quinton and run after the person. Instead he leans down to check on the camp member. "You didn't try to kill him, else he'd be dead. Come back." He tries again. Desperate meassures and all that. Trying to make sure that Quinton is okay, while keeping an eye out for the person. Sighing to himself. Pushing Quinton a bit so he can hide inside.

<FS3> Kitkat rolls Body: Good Success.

Kitkat's arms slice through the air like knives as her feet drive in to the floorboards in a furious rhythm. Each breath is drawn with panicked need, her lungs pulling at the air around her as if she needed to devour the world to stay alive. The unshaven man's words fall on her ears, managing to cut through her panting, but she may as well be deaf for all the good it does. She doesn't even bother to open the door out in to the back yard. Instead, it becomes her next victim as she curls on herself, swaddling the pot carefully in her arms as she shoulders it open. The unburdened night air is almost refreshing as she darts out in to the dark.

Quinton lays unconscious where ever Virgil pushes him.

Virgil sighs. Looking around to try and drag Quinton to a secure room. Hearing the backdoor being broken through he will assume that the person is gone, for now. Just staying with the unconcious Quinton.

<FS3> Virgil rolls First Aid: Failure.

Kitkat runs until her lungs burn and her mouth feels like the tip of a sand dune, leaving her tongue a wriggling worm blanched by searing sun. Doubling over, the pot drops with a clink to the ground as she supports her weight with her hands perched on her knees. The young woman heaves. She tries to spit but can't. Recovering quickly enough, she unslings her pack and reattaches the pot to the side where it belongs.

Producing a canteen from on top of the stack, Kitkat wiggles it. Almost empty. A quick swig is all she ventures, taking care not to spill any of it. A moment to reflect then as she peers back the way she came, ensuring that she wasn't followed. Her ears perk to the night, keening to try and pick up any noise. Just crickets and the wind.

"Probably not bandits," Kitkat muses to herself as she packs up her things. Probably best that she didn't try to kill whoever it was she clocked over the head.

Scavenging Rolls

1 Tooth paste
3 Boxer Shorts
2 Bags of Sugar
1 Coffee Maker
5 Jars of Pickles
1 Box of "Hello my name is _" Stickers
5 Glasses
2 Cans Pears
2 Slacks
1 Package of TP rolls
1 Pistol Mag (empty)
2 Ties
1 Book - Poetry - Edgar Allen Poe

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