(2015-09-12) The Big Idea
The Big Idea
Summary: Holden is left by Kayla to watch Quinton. An idea develops.
Date: Sept. 12, 2015
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Kayla gags as her brother takes it ust that one step too far. "Okay, gross." she mutters before nodding slowly. "Please…it terrifies me every time I hear you're in here."

Quinton's laying on a cot, on his stomach, and Kayla's next to him, holding his hand. Both siblings are clearly joking, although Quin's voice isn't very strong. "ok…ok." His smile only drops a little when she admits to being scared, "Kayla…I'm sorry…I'll…I'll be more careful…I promise."

The door opens and Holden walks inside. He's wearing a T-shirt with a picture of Princess Leia from A New Hope with the caption, "Check out these buns." He glances around a moment, pulling his backpack off his shoulder, and then makes his way to the siblings. "You look like you could pull the ears off a gundark," he notes to Quinton with a smirk.

Kayla's head bobs in a serious nod. She is kneeling beside Quinton's cot, her chin resting on the edge. "Good." is all she says before Holden comes in. She turns her head and grins. "What the hell is a gundark?" She isn't sure she wants to ask, but she des anyways.

Oh, thank God Kayla asked, Quin has no idea either. Pale green eyes just blink up at the man. "…hey.." there's a very large goose egg on the back of the poet's head, something hit him hard.

Holden sighs, and looks at Kayla with disappointment, "Really?" He sits his backpack on the ground as he looks at Quinton, and can tell he doesn't know either. "Did your parents never show you Star Wars?" He flops down on the edge of the bed near Quinton's feet. "They're like…" He squints, thinking, "Like, two legged, four armed gorilla-kind of creatures from the planet Vasqund. They're bloodthirsty, really nasty and tough. Big game hunters track them. And they have these giant pointy ears that are as wide as their heads."

Kayla simply stares at Holden, and she blinks several times. "Uh. Huh." she returns slowly. She looks sidelong at Quin, wondering if he followed that as poorly as she did.

For a moment Quin assumes he's talking about the aliens, but then StarWars is mentioned. The sibling must look a lot alike, both just blinking at Holden. "So…like…monster?" Quin doesn't feel like he could take on a monster, currently.

Holden brow lifts, "So…" He looks between the two of them. "Neither of you have seen Star Wars???"

Kayla shrugs. "That was the one with Hayden Christensen, right?" she wonders as she shifts around to retake her spot on the chair sitting next to Quin's bed

Oh, Quin's seen that one. he nods to what Kayla says, but then winces and lays his head down carefully. He'll let go of Kay's hand so she can sit in a chair and be comfortable.

Holden reaches up and lays his hand on his heart, looking at Kayla. "You're dead to me."

"Wrong movie?" she wonders of her brother, clearly confused before she looks back to Holden. Innocent. Yup.

Quinton just watches both, not saying anything. His head is messed up enough, he doesn't know if he's even thinking of the right movie. So instead he just lets the two talk.

Holden's shoulders slump. "Ouch." He sighs, and then shakes his head. "If only we had power, I could fix this travesty of injustice." He looks at Quinton, "So who gonked you on the head, Q?"

Kayla doesn't seem to get the big deal is about the movie, and so she shrugs it off. She then smiles at her brother, an stands. "Looks like my replacement s here." She smiles at Holden. "Don't let hm fall asleep."

Quinton's hand goes up and waves near the back of his head, "..hit…" it's not really helpful, but that's all the poet really knows. He raises an eyebrow at Kayla, "I can…sleep.."

"Take it easy, Clutch," Holden offers to Kayla as she goes. He looks at Quinton, "So, someone hit you on the head. Who? Was it Terry? I bet it was Terry. He's kind of weird."

"How long has it been? They said the first twelve hours." Kayla lost track. She shrugs then, and grins. "If t's been more than twelve hours, you can sleep…but you can't get up without help, or be left alone." Instructions given, she starts for the door after kissing her brother's temple.

Quinton can't help it, a small laugh escapes him, but then he winces, "No…it was…out.." he waves in the diction of the front gate. "Thomas brought me back…don't know….or why." His eyes d close at the kiss, his hand reaching up to squeeze her arm briefly before she leaves, "Be safe, Kayla."

Holden gives Kayla a smile, watching her head out before turning back to Quinton. "That reminds me, I still haven't found Doug. No one seems to know who he is. Were you just messing with me?"

Quinton watches Holden, watching Kayla. He then tilts his head, "What?" He seems genuinely confused.

Holden tilts his head, "Doug. You told me to find and talk to Doug." His brows lift just a little.

"About ..what?" Who the hell is doug? Quin truest to shift to look at Holden better, a flash of pain crossing his face though. He's no going to be moving far on his own, Kayla doesn't need to worry about that.

Holden looks a little frustrated. "When we talked about the camp being a bad place for us to stay long term. With there being no infrastructure here? You said I needed to tell that to Doug…?"

Quinton blinks and then slowly shakes his head, "No…talk to…" And then he struggles, realizing he must have given a wrong name, "to…" he then frowns, pointing, "In…charge.." It should eb simple, why can't he guess? The frustration is directed inward though, that much is clad.

Holden furrows his brow, "You mean Sonny?" He looks really confused now. "Is Sonny friends with Doug?"

Quinton opens his mouth, but then chooses to just nod. Sonny will figure it out, and they can talk. It's just easier than trying to get Holden to understand. Quin sighs again and asks softly, "Water?" he'll point to a cup with a straw in it.

Holden nods, "Yeah," and he rises, getting Quinton the water cup. He hands it to the other man. "Here." He sits back down. "So… Where were you at when you got hit? Do we need to go out and look for someone that attacked you?"

Quinton props himself up on his elbow to take the glass. The straw is chases a moment, not wanting to co-operate wight eh injured man, but he finally gets it. He doesn't take a long sip, but at least it's something, right? "Cedar Buff…Don't know…wasn't…silencer…could have killed me…they ran…"

Holden purses his lips, "How do you know it wasn't a silencer," he asks, curiously.

Quinton pauses and then answers, "Because I'm not dead." He has no disillusions about his fighting abilities, if a Silencer had found him, he'd be dead.

Holden opens his mouth to respond, then closes it, instead just nodding quietly. "Right." He scratches the back of his head, looking around awkwardly in silence.

Quinton quirks a small smile, "I'm not though.." Dead. "So…there's that…..nomad or….bandit…" Anotehr sip is taken before he tries to offer the cup back for Holden to put down.

Holden takes the cup back and he sits it on the table. He moves back to sit on the bed once more. He sits in silence for nearly a minute, looking at Quinton, trying to decide if he should say something. Finally, he does. "You know… I um… I'm not as weird as you think."

That's…left field. The injured man nods slowly, "..ok." After a beat. "Me either." Hell, Holden thought he was a autistic. "Live in…New York before…" He's not in the best mind, but wants to try to Holden is.

Holden shakes his head a little, "I don't think you're weird. I just… I um…" He huffs, squinting a bit, "I see how everyone looks at me and stuff." He shrugs, "You know… I was…" He rolls his eyes, "I was a millionaire for one day."

No, he just thought he was challenged (Which Quin guesses he is). "Yeah?" He settles into his pillow, but keeps his eyes on the excitable man, "How?' better for holden to talk than Quin.

Holden shrugs, "I wrote an app. It tracked the alien ships, aggregated news feeds about them… Correlated satellite data with FAA public data systems to let people know where in the sky they could look to see the ships." He looks down at his feet and he shrugs again. "Number one app in the world for nineteen hours." He looks at Quinton. "Then the power went out." He sighs, looking back at his feet. "Didn't even get to cash my first check."

Quinton's head doesn't stay down for long. Instead it snaps up and then he winces, swaying slightly as a hand touches his forehead. His voice is strained when he finally asks, "tracking? How?"

Holden looks at Quinton, "Satellites. I was an intern at Google. You know all those Google Maps satellite images? We just used those to triangulate the locations of the ships. As they got lower, we cross referenced them using FAA programs, like the app data used for telling you if your plane was on time or where in flight it was at? The ships showed up on those." He sniffs, "It was a brilliant little app. Sold like hot cakes, too."

Quinton's not sure this will matter, but… "Do…do we know satellites were all knock…out?..or just…assuming.." he then looks up, "Could…drones be tracked?"

Holden furrows his brow and looks back at Quinton. "I um…" He tilts his head a bit, "I don't know." He looks upward a bit, thinking. "I mean… if the satellites lost power, they would, in theory, start falling." He looks at Quinton, "I've not seen or heard anything that um… You know, that shows they've started falling back to Earth…" He shrugs, "I don't know."

Quinton's an idea guy, he's not a know if it would work guy, "If..if they're still up…and we …could you make your app…for drones?" Knowing where they were would eb brilliant. The poet rubs his face, he's missing something, but not sure what.

Letting a little shrug go, Holden nods, "Maybe." He considers, "Is there an airport around? Radar equipment at an airport - well, a big enough airport, anyway - would be in some kind of Faraday cage. It's possible with power, some of that could work…" He purses his lips, "Too bad we don't have a drone to look at."

Quinton just points to the door, "Shot one…down…bullet, but…mostly…" He doesn't know about an airport, but he'll start looking for maps and find one for Holden.

Holden tilts his head, "Wait. We GOT one that night?" He had been there when they started trying to get one, but had went back to camp before they had actually succeeded. "No one, um… No one told me." He furrows his brow, standing. "Huh." He looks at Quinton, "You okay?" he asks, hefting his backpack up onto his shoulder.

Quinton just nods, not wanting to point out the obvious that if Holden had stayed he'd have known. Instead he just motions towards the door, "Go…good…go…"

Holden nods, "Okay. Cool." He turns and heads for the door, then he pauses and looks back. "Hey. If we ever get power back, I'm making you watch Star Wars."

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