(2015-09-13) Priestly Blessings
Priestly Blessings
Summary: Patrick runs into Piper when he comes to bless the First-Aid Building
Date: 9.13.2015
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First-Aid Building

This is the first stop for the ill and injured. Hopefully it won't the the last. The first large room is dvided in half by a long counter. One one side is the waiting area, while the other is where all the action happens. This place wasn't designed to deal with serious trauma so the newest occupants have had to make do. There are no exam tables, just cots and chairs for patients. The cabinets that line the wall are at least full of necessary medical things. There is a few smaller rooms, including a bathroom and a bedroom for the medic on duty. There is a certain antispetic smell that lingers in the air.

It's midmorning on a cool day in September. All the windows in the first aid building are open to let in the breeze and keep the building from getting to stuffy. There are only to occupants, one is sleeping on a cot and the other is making herself useful by sweeping the floor of the few days of dust and debris that has collected on the floor.

Doing 'nothing' has never been this priest's strongpoint. The command 'be still and know that I am God' has never been easy for Patrick, at least the 'be still' part. He's in a new place, a place called 'Camp Hope' (which actually brought a smile to his face the moment he saw it!), and within a 24 hour period, he's found that there are souls in need.

After a morning for clearing time for Mass to be said at some point on Saturday or Sunday with 'the powers that be', Patrick's already rolled up his sleeves to clean for the kitchen, and the next stop for him is the First Aid building, with backpack slung over a shoulder. He's got a jean jacket over his t-shirt, and a jauntily whistled tune on his lips as he stops before the threshold. The tune stops.

Softly, then, a singsong Irish lilted voice may be heard as brown eyes fall upon the interior of the building. "God, most merciful Father, who raised up St. Camillus and St. John of God, men imbued with deep compassion, to be comforters and nurses of the sick; by their merits and prayers be pleased to be present with your healing power to the sick confined here. Free them of bodily ailments and relieve them of mental distress, so that, once restored to their former good health, they may always show you due gratitude for your loving mercy; through Christ our Lord." A hand then rises, and the 'sign of the cross' is given in the air, "In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen."

The broom brushes across the floor in slow strokes, to keep the dust from flying into the air, and Piper pushes the pile toward the door so she can sweep it outside. Though the stranger appearing in the doorway stalls that plan. The pregnant woman backs up a few steps, her eyes shfting nervously, as if she were looking for a safe direction to flee it. The bedroom is the only option, but she refuses to invade the inner sanctum of the doctor. When the man starts to pray though confusion takes over and she tilts her head as she watches him bless the building at the occupants both present and future.

The presence of the young woman with child is noticed, had been noticed before he began the blessing for both the sick and the doctors/medics within. Still, there is 'work' to be done, and now that it's complete, Patrick steps through with a smile and a gleam in his eye. "Didn't mean to startle y'," he begins. "Are y' the doctor 'round here, then?" One of the priest's go-to mantras? Never assume anything.

A few more steps backward are taken as the stranger comes into the building. She has a white knuckled grip on the broom and her eyes remained locked on the man, studying and taking in all the little nuanced body language. It says easy going but she is aware that things like that can change in an instant. A glance is given to the sleeping man and quickly comes back to Patrick when he asks the obvious question. Piper shakes her head though, she isn't the doctor by any stretch of the imagination. She loosens the grip of one hand, lifting it to tap under her eye and gestures to the injured one.

Patrick watches the woman before him and chuffs a good natured breath, nodding. "Right." His attention moves towards the form on the cot and back to Piper. He does lower his voice a little, then, and continues, "D'y' mind telling me what happened to him?" He's testing the waters, trying to make himself look even less threatening than maybe… can he?

"I'm new 'round here. I'm Father Pat." He turns a lopsided smile before he bounces his head in a self-depricating nod, "An' before y'ask, I really am an Irish priest. Stereotypes do exist, an' I'm one of 'em."

She sees no harm in telling him what she knows, which isn't much really. A glance is cast around and then goes to the broom handle. Piper uses it to mime being hit on the head and then points to the man, who probably has a banadaged head. She gives a nod at his introduction ans sidesteps over to the desk where the doctor has a sticky note pad and writing utensils. She quickly scrawls something on it, peels the sticky off and brings it over to hand him. She doesn't get close though. Just close enough to hold it out and he will have to stretch a bit to grab it "Piper." is the only word on it.

Ah, a mute. Patrick watches her movements and explanation with the broomhandle. A glance is given to the man on the cot once again, and he watches him draw slow breaths until he's assured that it doesn't seem like it's a 'bad case'. A bonk on the head hurts, can be life threatening, but out of everything that he's seen 'out there'? It's a blessing it wasn't worse, as far as the priest is concerned.

The priest does reach to take the sticky-note from Piper's fingers and he looks at it, at Piper and smiles, "Well met then, Piper." Now, his eyes dip, before he brings them back to her face. "An' for you, are y' feelin' as well as y'should?" Expectant mothers are important!

As the note is taken the woman backpedals a few steps, shifting, almost in a protective fashion. Putting herself between them. Well she is supposed to be watching him which probably includes making sure he sleeps in peace. The phrasing of the question has her looking a bit confused again. She thinks so, she isn't feeling terrible at the moment, just worried and nervous so in answer she just hand wobbles. Which considering the circumstances is pretty good.

Patrick watches as Piper finds her footing away from him, as if he's ready to bite. There's a pause, and the almost protective stance is seen for what it is. He shakes his head slowly, and offers a sympathetic (if not empathetic) sigh and smile. "Y'don't have t'protect him from the likes of me, lass. I'll not do him harm." In time, she'll come to see that, perhaps? He has reached a few hard cases in his past, and there is no reason why the ministry doesn't continue in these hard times.

His pack is reached for and set back upon his shoulder. "As for that answer, I'll take it as given," marks a return to a cheery lilt. Patrick takes a step towards the door and turns his head around quickly, "I'll go find the doc to speak with him. Hopefully there's no more pressing business than a bump on the head." And he'll pray for her.

Soon after, the priest is out the door and on his way once again.

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