(2015-09-13) Zoning Out
Zoning Out
Summary: Kayla and Holden talk about girls. And boys.
Date: Sept. 13, 2015
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Holden is wandering along main street. He's looking in the business windows mostly. After a talk with Quinton yesterday, he has some ideas of some new things to look for, but he doesn't quite know where to start. He's wearing khaki pants and a loose, somewhat dirty long sleeved plain shirt, sleeves rolled up.

Stepping out of the pharmacy just up from where Holden is meandering, Kayla pauses as she closes the door behind her (nevermind the fact that the windows are already smashed; some habts die hard). "Hey…didn't realze you were out here too."

Holden jumps, startled. He shakes his head, "Good grief, Clutch! You scared the pee outta me!" He sighs, and he walks over toward her. "I'm snooping. I've come to a rather uncomfortable realization about my life recently, and it's an epiphanic moment that really has me bothered."

Holding up her hands to show she's not a threat, Kayla grins as she realizes who it is. "What did you learn?" she wonders as she steps towards him

Holden squints a bit, pursing his lips in thought, before he shares, "I'm not an NPC any more." He shrugs, "When I shot that lion, I became a PC, and have zero experience points." He shakes his head, "I don't want to die."

Kayla blinks, mouth hangng slightly open as she tries to follow what Holden is saying. She realizes it's nerd speak - it's a language she doesn't really get, butshe's going to try! "We're all involved, just…not…experienced. So we all gotta learn." She drops her hands and takes hold of her backpack straps. "So, are you wanting to scavenge and learn about that to…uh…level up?"

Holden laughs, "You're trying." He smiles, "That's… Mostly the metaphor, yeah. I just…" He shoves his hands deep into his pockets. "The more you do, the more you become a target. And… And it looks like I've somehow ended up a doer here." He looks at her with a little concern in his eyes, "I made it this far. I'd like to keep going, I think. But I mean… I'm a weird geek." He tosses his elbows to his side, "I've never even… I mean, I just… Ugh." He sighs again, and looks down the street.

"We need weird geeks…they're the ones that are smart and get us through things." Kayla assures Holden. She winks then, and turns and motions him down the street. "LLet's make you a productive do-er."

Holden leaves his hands deep in those pant pockets. He watches her start to walk, and then he hurries to catch up, moving alongside her. "I'm trying to find an airport," he says, kind of out of nowhere.

"An airport?" she echoes as he draws up beside her. Kayla looks sidelong at Holden, and grins. "Gonna get us a plane from somewhere?" she wonders before she hrms. "Small farm towns usually have an airstrip somewhere, don't they? For spraying crops?"

Holden nods, "That seems likely." He sniffs, "I wrote an app before the power went out that used satellites and the FAA radar systems to track the alien ships. Quinton was saying we might be able to adjust that and maybe track the drones." He shrugs, "Radar at an airport would likely have a Faraday cage around it. It's um… It's like, a box, that protects electronics from EMPs. So, if we got power, it might work."

Kayla ohs softly, apprecating the final 'dumb girl' explaination he gves her at the end. "I haven't seen one yet, but…" She pauses as they come up on a general store, an she grins. "Come on, let's go in and see what we can find. Maybe they have a map…"

Holden laughs, "Sure!" He follows her, "So… you had told me the other day that before the fever, Quinton was um… A ladies man. Was that true?"

Kayla pushes past the door and begins to wander through the first aisle. She pauses, and reaches towards th back of a shelf, coming out with an unopened chapstick. "Score! And yeah. Women have a thing for poetry and hs was good. No." She pauses, and frowns. "More than good. The sort of thing they'd be studyin in universities in a hundred years good."

Holden wanders along the second aisle, speaking a little louder so she can still hear him. "I've never written poetry. You said he was published, that's pretty cool. I - oh, hey, couple of cans of peaches!" He reaches to the back of the shelf and he pulls out the two lone cans of fruit. He shoves them into his back pack. "Was he good at talking to girls? Like, did he ask a lot of them out or whatever?"

"Peaches? Nice!" Kayla tucks the chapstick into her pocket before she snags a few pot holders. Shoving them into her backpack, she continues. "Yeah, he did." She, too, speaks up a little louder. "He was soo smooth. Never at a loss for words. I…think it's hard for him, now."

Holden furrows his brow as he pulls out two rolled up rugs, wrapped in plastic. "Do we need a couple of throw rugs?" he asks her, before resuming the other conversation. "So like… What kind of things did he do? You know, to like… talk to a girl or whatever?"

"Rugs? Yeah…they'll keep the floors warmer for the kids in the winter." She moves down a far aisle and comes across three skirts. Sure, they're all the same, but they are different sizes, and they are new. A table runner sits on the shelf next to the skirts, and she grabs that too. The dining room will look great! "Uh, I don't know. I didn't really want to think about him gettin' with the ladies."

There's a disappointed, "Oh," from Holden, and then a minute or two of silence as he walks along the rest of the aisle, not finding anything else.

"Why…do you want to learn his tricks?" Kayla wonders as she comes around the aisle and moves to find her partner in crime.

Holden pauses, and he stares deep at an empty bread rack, his brow furrowing and cheeks flushing slightly. "…Noooo…"

Kayla snorts softly at that response and lightly whacks at Holden's shoulder with the back of her hand. "I don't know any of his lines. I think he was just…naturally charming."

Holden sighs, and he looks at Kayla, grinning a little when she hits him. "Well," and he rolls his eyes, "that's great for HIM." He sighs, and picks up the two rugs, hefting them under his arm. "Every girl in camp wants him, and he doesn't even try any more."

"He wishes they didn't," Kayla admits. "He can't figure out why they do. He's frustrated. And he's…" She trails off an sighs. "He's sad."

Holden shakes his head, "That's crazy. If I had a girl looking at me…?" He just shakes his head.

"You will. Just…they're older than you, for now." Kayla points out. She reaches her arm out, and tries to throw it across Holden's shoulders as she starts to steer him towards the door.

Holden furrows his brow a little, "What do you mean," he asks her. "I'm not a kid. I'm older than I look. Hell, I'm twenty, Clutch."

"I guess I'm older than all of you. And I -knew- you were…well, I thought eighteen," Kayla admts with a faint blush. "Have you -tried- flirtng wth any of them?"

Holden shakes his head, opening the door for them. "No! Are you kidding me!?" He blushes, shaking his head a bit more. "I wouldn't even know where to start. I mean…" He twists his lips a bit, "Hrmmm… like… I get… all twisted up." He sighs, "And I'm the weird the guy. None of them want to be interested in the geek. They all like the poet, or the tough guy, or the vet…" He sighs.

"You are not the weird guy." Kayla continues to escort him out of the door. "I don't like the poet…ew, creepy. And the tough guy? Which one is that? And terry…no, ugh. Thank you." Kay

Holden looks around as they get outside, making sure they're aren't militia around or anything. "Lincoln. The tough guy." He laughs, "Terry is weirder than I am, okay. You win this round!" He smiles, walking a bit down the sidewalk. "So, which one?"

Keeping her arm around her buddy, Kayla tilts her head to the right. "Which one what?" she wonders, clearly confused. Shifting her step to get in time with Holden, she steers him down the street.

Holden looks over at her, smirking a little, and asks rather casually, "Which one do you like?"

Kayla ughs softly, an shakes her head. "One is my brother, the other is Terry and then there's Lincoln I haven't met so…none of them?"

Holden nods, "Well… I suppose that's good. I mean, Quinton doesn't have to give anyone the 'if you hurt her' speech then." He looks down the road, sniffs, and then asks, "You want one of these cans of peaches for yourself? No one has to know I found two."

"Yet." Kayla winks at Holden then as she finallyl retrieves her arm and looks up to the sky. "Should we head back?"
It is summer. The weather is hot and overcast.

Holden looks upward as well, "Lots of clouds. Might rain. Either way, it's getting late," he says as he returns his gaze to Kayla. "Yeah. Probably should." He begins to walk back toward the camp, pulling one of the cans of the peaches out and handing it to Kayla.

Kayla nods in agreement at the assessment. She reaches out to grab Holden's arm though, an tries to pull him to face her. "Before we do…you just need to relax. Be like this with everyone. You're a great guy. Very sweet, smart, considerate…girls like that."

Holden allows her to turn him, and he tilts his head a bit. When she compliments him, he purses his lips a little, and he looks down at his feet. "That's… That's not really been my experience…" he says, quietly.

Kayla puts her fingrs under his chin and lifts gently. "Listen to me. I didn't think so not at first, but…you relaxed when we got to actually talk, to get to know each other." she murmurs softly. "You -are- those things."

Holden shrugs a little, and he nods, his eyes glancing at her, but also away, not really comfortable holding contact. "Maybe," he finally gives.

Kayla leans in then, and lightly kisses Holden's cheek if he doesn't pull away. "Good." she says, simply, as she pulls back and then hooks her arm in through hs. "Let's go home."

Holden's eyes widen just a little when she kisses his cheek. He doesn't pull away. In fact, he just kind of freezes there. When she first pulls on his arm to start walking, she has to tug, breaking his moment of surprise. He lets her hook his arm, and he begins to walk with her, too. He doesn't say anything. That might mess something up.

It's a quiet walk home, an that's alright. Holden likely needed time, and Kayla was happy to give it to him.

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