(2015-09-14) Barkspawn and Beaver Stew
Barkspawn and Beaver Stew
Summary: Gabriel and Terry chat and hunt while their dogs do dog things.
Date: 09.14.2015
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Gated Road Woods
Mon Sep 14, 2015 — Mon Sep 14 22:49:10 2015

A long dirt round flanked by deep woods is blocked by a stockade style gate that has gone grey from years of weathering. At the gate stand a couple of guards ready to stop anyone that isn't clear to enter the camp proper. Besides the guards, the only signs of life is the ocassional sound of birds and other animals in the distance.

Even as it is getting later into the year it is still quite warm out, making it easy to move about and enjoy the day. Even as the sunset is slowly approaching. Not too many people are usually out here other than the ever present guards on duty.

Having passed said guards on his way home from camp, having dropped off some presents and made food earlier in the day, Gabriel takes his time. His usual walking stick is brought with him as well. Moving around and trying to find any useful items while having the guards watching over him. Only seeming to find useless or broken things. At least the firewood could be useful when it get colder. As he is about to continue on his way the sound of a small animal approaching him can be heard, slowly moving through the tall grass. Making Gabriel kneel down and offer his hand in the direction of the sound.

Night, most people shouldn't be out this far, but Jules is. Not that she should be noticable. Deep, far back in the brush to the west side of the road, the woman has sunk low into the thick brush and lingers there, barely breathing, watching what of the road she can see in the moonlight. Perhaps this is her version of patrol.

For the past few days, Terry's been in a funk.. restless, one might say. Always moving, always doing *something*, never sitting in one place for very long.. until now. Now, the hunter's going on hour six of a hunting spree. He's up in one of the trees to one side of the gate, burrowed into a custom sniper perch, dialing his weapon in for the perfect shot.

Suddenly, paydirt: a beaver scurries out of the woods, and right into Terry's sights. Don't ask what Mr. Beaver is doing so far from home, Terry doesn't know. All Terry knows is.. *poof* Mr. Beaver's ticket just got punched. The animal drops like a sack of potatoes before it even knows what hit it.

Gabriel probably does notice something in the nearby bushes, as Jules is creeping on the area. Either recognizing who it is, or that it at least is of no danger, he let it be for now. Instead he hears the noise from Terry, able to hear enough about who it is before the shot that he doesn't seem worried. "Got anything nice?" Comes the question after the shot is heard. The little puppy does jump and stand against Gabriel's leg. "Aww, it's okay." He whispers to the puppy. Attention briefly flicks to the person hiding in the bush, to see if they are still there or if they left.

The shot being fired might have frightened her away, or perhaps Jules simply decided that this area of the road was clearly being patrolled well enough. Or there could be other reasons. But, ever so silently, that body withdraws from the brush and back into the deeper thicket of the woods without ever having presented herself. She's almost as silent as the night.

"Fritz, hol!" Terry belts out, sotto voce. A German Shepherd puppy bolts forth from Terry's perch, grabs the beaver, and proceeds to bring it back to Terry, who grins down to the dog. "Braver hundt, Fritz." Beat. "Platz." The puppy settles in, vigorously wagging its tail, but otherwise remaining silent. "Good stuff! More beaver stew.." Terry responds.

As Jules disappears, Gabriel instead focuses on Terry and the puppy. Taking out a piece of old jerky from his bag. Handing it to the puppy. Probably a piece of food that was left from camp. The small puppy at Gabriel's leg is seemingly a huskie and still relatively small. Listening to Terry. Waiting for the man to finish with his own dog. Soon rising to his feet and walking with his stick. The puppy following him. "Terry." Comes the greeting.

Terry 's puppy attacks the jerky with the usual puppy energy, barking happily and nipping at Gab's heels in a non-threatening manner, before wandering back to Terry and leaning against him. Terry rubs Fritz's belly. "Braver hundt, Fritz. Braver, braver hundt." He pauses. "I find that speaking German to these dogs.. it seems to make training them easier. German Shepherds, German language. Makes sense, yeah?"

Gabriel smiles as Terry's puppy takes the jerky, chuckling some and the huskie also takes a piece, seeming a bit more timid at first before having a similar energy to the german shepherd. Following Terry's puppy to try and get to know him. While Gabriel stands and talks to Terry. "Ah, I suppose so. I think it might depend on the dog. I assume it's like with us humans. Most with french ancestors might speak french, but some lineages have forgotten it after several generations of living here in the States." He suggests and smiles. "It does seem to work for yours though." He offers, since Terry's pup seem to understand the man.

"Yeah. I speak a few languages, mostly German and Spanish, though." Terry says. "I'm about ready to call it quits for hunting. Thinking I might hit up some of the clinics and see if I can score some stuff for the doc." He secures his weapon and hops down from his perch, making sure to avoid stepping on his hunting buddy. "You want in?"

"Ah, that is quite neat." He offers about the languages. "I, unfortunately, speak neither of those." He says and offers a dry chuckle. Nodding a bit about what Terry will do. "Ah, I suppose I could join you. I should probably walk home to leave some of my things first. And letting the dog have a place to stay, for now." He offers about the small huskie.

"I should put mine to bed. He's probably tired from all of our training.. Aren't'cha, Fritz? Bist du nicht mude?" Terry responds, directing the last bit to the dog chasing after crickets, grasshoppers, and the occasional butterfly, and chattering up a storm. "…Huh. I guess that answers that."

Gabriel chuckles at the words, hearing the paws of the dog as he runs around. "Puppies do have a lot of energy." He suggests and turns towards the direction of his cabin. "How about meeting up here in a bit?" He suggests, if they are still going hunting for meds and other needed things like that.

Terry nods. "Sure, sounds good." He whistles Fritz over, and the pup jumps into his arms, curling up like a little fur-baby. (Cue the 'awwww!') "See you in a bit."

Gabriel nods and smiles as he will turn to leave. Only hearing the sound, causing a smile to come to his lips. Though he doesn't get the full impact of the image of the pup in Terry's arms. His own puppy just running around him and following along his newfound companion. "See you soon."

Scavenging Rolls

1 Water damaged magazine
1 Firewood
1 Deflated balloon
1 Raffle Ticket
1 Cute Lost Puppy
1 Everything's Nice bumper sticker
1 Feather

Hunting Rolls

1 Beaver

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