(2015-09-15) Loaf Of Bread, Pound Of Butter, Gallon Of Milk
Loaf Of Bread, Pound Of Butter, Gallon Of Milk
Summary: The priest, the bandit and the pregnant woman go scavenging.
Date: 9.15.2015
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Whitetail Run Estates

A few dozen houses make up this newish upscale subdivision. There are even a few that were still in the middle of construction when the lights went out. Cars are parked in driveways, and there is evidence here and there that the subdivision had a a number of kids running around. Bikes laying around, free standing basketball hoops, knocked over by the storm that occassionally passes through. A few have rusting for sale signs in front of them. The neighborhood looks virtually untouched by looters, probably because it is across the river from town and not as easily accessible, like the areas in town.

The weather is slowly going from the heat of summer to the cool of autumn and today it is more on the autumn temperature end. The cooling weather doesn't bother the pregnant woman who is still dressed for the summer in a tanktop, shorts and is completly barefoot. Maybe it's the later that helps the woman move noiselessy as she flits from house to house, peering in windows and testing doors. Her backpack is snug against her back and her rifle is slung across a shoulder. Her long wild hair has been pulled back into dual french braids for days now, but it is starting to escape the confines of the hairstyle and the long wisps of bangs fall in front of her face despite her best efforts to keep them back.

While Piper might be noiselessly moving through houses, Virgil is not. Moving through houses trying to find anything of use. Even destroying some of the houses as he tries to look for hidden stashes, being used to how is own old house used to have such things. His usual revolver at his chest, with a hidden knife in his boot. Sweating a bit as he moves over to start tearing apart another house. Not seeming to notice where Piper is, as of yet.

Why every would one bring a priest? Easy. To keep the peace, as it were. Scavenging hunts always hold an air of danger, and who better to diffuse potential situations than a 'man of the cloth'… who really isn't looking like one at this very moment. While Patrick isn't armed, he's not decked out in cassock either (assuming he has one!). Jean jacket is on his shoulders and he's got his backpack with him, slung over a single shoulder. Brown eyes look around the area, and he walk slowly through the downstairs hall, his fingers running across the wall. The houses could be empty due to plague, or due to a number of things… all souls that deserve prayers.

"Don't go too far, Piper," is a lilt. The good priest is keeping her under watchful eye.

She is a selective scavenger, only taking things that are of interest to her or those she is close with. She isn't one to force doors and cause unnecessary destruction to houses either…at least not anymore. If the door is locked and there isn't any easy alternative in she just goes to the next house. This one was fortunately unlocked and she has already gotten a few things from the kitchen, fruit cocktail, three cans even! That makes her happy. She makes a noise that suggests she heard the warning from the priest, and as she passes him in the hallway she gestures to the door leading into the garage before she steps through it. The garage of course is pitch black, but unbeknownst to everyone this isn't a hindrance to the woman and she quickly finds the mountain bike. It is as she is examining the bike that she begins to hear the loud noises from the house next door.

Sure, Virgil is, despite the way he has gone about it, trying to be quiet. Failing completely though. At least he manages to find some pencils and a small crank flashlight. Trying to find somewhere to put the things. The latter being a small one handed version at least offers him to be able to try and explore the darker rooms of the house he is in. Finally moving towards the house that Patrick and Piper are in. While he had been loud, he is still trying to be alert. Listening to see if the next house is safe or not.

Things missed, things lost… and Patrick catches sight of an empty magazine. Picking it up, he checks around to see if there are any spent casings. Regardless of any brass around, there is a quick crossing of himself before he puts it into his back jean pocket. "Thank you, Tony," is whispered.

Catching Piper as she heads from the kitchen, there's an encouraging smile from the priest and a quick 'thumbs up' for the discovery of tinned fruit. There are children, and they need to be provided for!

Patrick stands sentry just outside the door that leads into the garage, watching. Bits here and there catch his eye, and he raises his gaze upwards. "Guide 'er steps," is murmured before he catches the barest hints of noise from next door. "Piper," is whispered. "Did y'hear that?"

There isn't an immediate response from Piper, she has frozen for the moment to listen to the sounds, trying to determine whether it is one person or many that is making such a racket.

The woman pushes the bike back into the house, not wanting to risk opening the large garage door and give themselves away. Now that she is near enough she nods her response, as well as taps her ear to confirm that she did hear it. Leaning the bike against the wall she eases her rifle off her shoulder and moves along the wall over to the large front window to peer out of it and see if she can spot anyone outside.

While Virgil doesn't hear or notice either of the people inside the house he does seem a bit uncertain as he pulls out his revolver and slowly move to try and make his way inside. Peeking and moving, making sure to close the door as well. Looking around as he seems to try a bit more to be quiet. Moving along to try and see if he can find anything but doing so in a slow manner.

Patrick moves over so the bike has some room to be wheeled out into the hallway, and nods his own acknowledgment of the response. It's when the weapon comes down and out that the priest shakes his head. "Guns out means guns out, Piper," is murmured in accented words. While he doesn't carry, he's not stupid. There's a time and place for caution, but this is also a priest who used to work with at-risk kids. Gangs in Detroit. (Granted not for too long, but there aren't any scars from knifing or shootings!) "Let me?"

Instead of flattening himself against a wall, Patrick makes his way to the front door again, and opens it to the outside.

The priest gets a narrow eyed look and Piper cycles the action on the rifle. It isn't necessary really, it's a semi-automatic, but it should get the point across. This isn't her first rodeo. And truthfully she is one of the last people that actually needs protection from anyone, at least in /this/ kind of situation.

At the request she gives a nod though, she'll let him try the peaceful method first and if that doesn't work, well she is ready to shoot. Of course the fact that she didn't see anyone out front helps her decision there. As Patrick opens the front door she watches the back of the house, she can see down the hallway toward the kitchen and has her rifle pointed in that direction and this is what Virgil will see when he moves toward the front of the house. The pregnant Piper with a rifle aimed at him.

It might almost look like something from scooby-doo as the two men move through different doors. Though at least Piper seems alert and Virgil does spot the rifle aimed at him by Piper, causing him to try and hide. Assuming he's noticed already, "Careful." He calls out. Another glance has him recognizing the pregnant woman though. "Hey. You were with the group that brought us in, weren't you?" He suggests. Sure, he might have seen her in passing in camp, but the more prominent memory for him would be them taking in him and his group of former bandits. "Virgil, new carpenter and all that." He suggests as he holsters his revolver, hoping Piper remembers him as he stands up. Showing his empty hands.

Aaaand, there's no one about. While Patrick didn't open it wide to the outside, there's enough room to at least see outside, and there's no one there.

When Piper makes her own intentions abundantly clear, brown eyes shoot in her direction and he shakes his head. While he's not a scavenger, he's not a babe in the woods either, and it's apparent the two have a very different take on the matter. "Piper," comes as a soft warning sound. He's not taking charge or control; he's making his feelings on the matter known.

It's when Virgil actually speaks that Patrick spins around, and he's obviously unarmed. "God bless y' that walks through dark places," is called out, an Irish lilt to his words.

"Easy, lad…"

The introductions makes Patrick put a hand out in Piper's direction, wide and hopefully calming. "I'm Father Patrick.. we'll not harm y'." Even better, he's holstered his pistol!

Admittedly Piper does stand out. She is the only visably pregnant woman in the area, so there is no mistaking her for anyone else, even if her other features didn't make her stand out enough.

When Virgil calls her out, recognizes her it jogs her own memory of the encounter and between her own slow recognition and Patrick's intervention the rifle is lowered to point to the floor. Yes, the priest and her have totally different ways to deal with things, but the woman isn't wholly unreasonable and she knows how to tell the difference between friend and foe.

Virgil nods to Patrick. "Well, I'd hope not. Since we're all part of camp." He points out, a small smirk on his lips at that. Watching to make sure that Piper won't shoot though. Nodding once the riflfe is lowered. "So, what brings you both by?" He offers and grins. Of course it's mainly just a joke, since it's pretty obvious what they are all up to. Moving towards the others. "Found anything useful?" He adds in question to them both. "Good to meet you." He adds to Patrick.

"There," is murmured. "Isn't that much better." A statement rather than a question, right there. "Now that we all know each other…"

Patrick turns half-round to Piper and offers something of a lopsided smile. "Are y'ready to get on with it?"

Virgil is given his attention again and a slight shrug graces his shoulders. "Things for the children, mostly." Women and children. Even if he's not entire aware of everything gained, Patrick isn't against a little embellishment. Irish. "An' the pleasure is mine, Virgil."

The three are in a hallway in a house. Piper's gun is pointed downwards and Virgil's is holstered.

The doorway of the house they are in stands wide open as well. Giving clue that it is occupied at the moment…or that some scavenger was just careless. Though voices would probably give which it is away.

Piper lets Patrick field the question from Virgil. It's just easier that way. Since there isn't any present threat, the rifle is once more hung from her shoulder by the strap.

There is a time and place for everything, and it's neither for arguing the bold statement from the priest, so Piper of course doesn't. A question is asked her by Patrick and an answer is given with a nod. Another thing that was found was a mountain bike, which the woman moves toward and begins to roll out the front door. Getting on with it, persay.

The sound of excited puppy paws cuts through the air, soon after followed by the puppy himself: a small German Shepherd. Terry wanders in afterward. "Fritz, fuss." The dog quickly returns to Terry's side, and settles in. "Hi, guys. Find anything interesting?" He inquires, all-the-while using his indoor/quiet voice, not yelling/raised.

Patrick moves such that he can help with the bicycle, offering to take it from her hands, leaving her free. "Do y' know how to ride one of these-" and he's interrupted mid question with Terry's hail.

Twisting 'round, Patrick looks towards the newly arrived, and his pup. "Greetings", is offered with a wave. "All safe an' sound?"

The woman gives a bit of a sigh. Piper is fully capable of pushing a bike, so she politely (well as politely as possible for being non-verbal) refuses the offer of help. She does nod at knowing how to ride one. She isn't going to try it in her condition though. With her pushing the bike she is less likely to draw her gun on everyone that approaches…like Terry. Though since she knows him and knows that he isn't a threat to them she wouldn't have done that anyways.

Okay, so change of plan, when she sees the puppy that accompanies the military man the bike is pushed toward Patrick and she descends the steps. She gives a whistle and crouches to hold her hand out to the puppy. She likes animals. She would have too or she wouldn't have all those kittens.

If she wants to push the bike, then far be it for him to get in the way. A grand, flourished gesture towards the outside is given to the mother-to-be, and he's ready and willing to bring up the rear, and if need be, play pack-mule. Patrick doesn't get a couple of steps, however, before minds are changed (women are prone to do so!) and he takes the bike with a laugh. "Right. No worries."

And pregnant women even more so, especially when babies…or in this case a puppy is around. Piper lets the creature sniff her fingers and then she starts to pet it, letting out a laugh when it hops up to but its front paws on her knee and tries to lick her face. She pays little attention while the pup's owner heads to one of the other houses to look around.

Not wanting a face full of slobber she gently pushes the dogs face away and instead picks the pup up and tries to get to her feet…try being the key word there. It's quite the struggle, especially with an armful of squirming dog.

Patrick watches the scene before him, a lopsided grin playing on his face. He's got the bike leaning on him, and his fingers drum a beat on the side of the frame. "Ah, pup… careful," the priest murmurs. As Terry moves to check on other houses in the area, Patrick waves at the departure and he's back to watching.

"Do y' need.." and the bike is quickly leaned against a wall as Patrick seems to teleport in order to offer some aid and support in the form of a hand. "Now, lass.. careful wit' yourself. Pups have four feet for the ground."

And now there is a choice, take the man's hand or look like a fool trying to struggle to her feet alone. It's a hard choice for Piper, it takes her quite a while to warm up enough to anyone to allow touching. For most people it doesn't happen. But at the moment she sees no alternative. The pup is shifted to one arm and she takes the offered hand and gets to her feet. There is a brief nod of thanks and she is quickly dropping the hand and stepping away. She has her limits and she has reached them. A few more pets on the pup and he proves to be to squirming so the advice is taken and she leans over to gently let him hop to the ground so he can follow his owner.

Wiping her hands on her shorts she looks at Patrick and then around at the neighborhood then gestures to another house, suggesting that they give that one a look.

And now there is a choice, take the man's hand or look like a fool trying to struggle to her feet alone. It's a hard choice for Piper, it takes her quite a while to warm up enough to anyone to allow touching. For most people it doesn't happen. But at the moment she sees no alternative. The pup is shifted to one arm and she takes the offered hand and gets to her feet. There is a brief nod of thanks and she is quickly dropping the hand and stepping away. She has her limits and she has reached them. A few more pets on the pup and he proves to be to squirming so the advice is taken and she leans over to gently let him hop to the ground so he can follow his owner.

Wiping her hands on her shorts she looks at Patrick and then around at the neighborhood then gestures to another house, suggesting that they give that one a look.

The priest gives a gentle (if not playful) tug, helping the young woman to set herself right, and once she's on her feet, brows rise in question. "You're good?" He drops his hand as well; and the man may never know that this is a rare achievement. As the dog barrels off to find his owner, though not without giving everything a once-over sniff, Patrick is headed back towards the bicycle he'd left leaning.

"Right. Back t'work. These houses won't search themselves, yeah?" The priest has his backpack settled once again, and he's ready to push the bike on their way. "Do people make shopping lists for such things?"

Piper makes a noise in the affirmative, hm-hmm and watches the pup run off as well, which a slight amused noise following the other. And back to business. She nods and once he has the bike sets off to the next house. The next question has her nodding once more and she puts a fist to her heart, thumb part against her chest and rolls it forward, opening her finger as she does so. It's a sign for something, or perhaps someone. Though Patrick probably hasn't been around long enough to learn what all her little signs mean. This is actual sign language though, so depending on his familiarity with that he may understand it. There is another sign, the beard one for Sonny, and a few more. Maybe signs for everyone that does lists for things they need or want. The preist may be familiar with the bulletin board in the dining hall as well.

Patrick watches the sign as they make their way towards the next house on their 'list'. "So, the short of it is 'yes'," he chuckles. His tones remain light, "Loaf of bread, pound of butter, gallon of milk." A lopsided grin appears as the pair continues, "I always got it mixed up. Thank god for the shopkeeper's wives, they knew ma." And now, he'll rely on Piper as to who may want whatever it is they come up with. After all, so far so good for his part. (He still has the empty magazine in his back pocket, after all!)

The pregnant woman mounts the steps heading up to the porch and gives her nose a tap to indicate that Patrick is 'on the nose' about the lists and what not. She looks in windows before she tries the door, which opens easily under her touch. His list has her sighing. They have milk and butter, but Piper would love a few slices of bread. Crackers can get so boring after awhile. The last time they had bread was last month, after the bakery run. And that went fast, as did the ingredients needed to make it.

A finger is put to her lips, indicating quiet, as she moves into the house, but the only thing moving is a few mice that scurry to hide when the pair enter the empty home.

Patrick finds that he's the one doing 'all' of the talking, which, well, makes sense being in the company of a mute woman. Still, he's not of the mind to be too quiet, not until she asks him to be upon the threshold of the house. He pauses a moment to make the sign of the cross in the doorway and offers a brief prayer for those souls that are no longer dwelling within. Only then does he cross over and keep his eyes open, both for Piper and for anything that may be of use. "Okay, Tony," is murmured. "Guide us."

The name has her looking at him quizzically. She could understand if he said lord, or Christ but the name Tony is confusing to her. Piper wanders the first floor, finding lighter after lighter just laying around. Those are always handy, even if you aren't a smoker. She doesn't spend much time looking around the first floor, she like to start at the top and work her way down.

She begins to head up the stairs, but doesn't get any further than the top step a glance is given around and she quickly turns and heads back down the stairs shaking her head adamantly, her face taking on a pale sickly countenance. It's not the first house she has been in with plague victims still in thier beds, but it doesn't get any easier for her.

Patrick grins at the confusion. Who doesn't call Saint Anthony 'Tony'? "'Tony, Tony, come 'round. Somethin's lost an can't be found,'" is recited. Finder of the lost.

The search of the first floor yields little for Patrick other than some duct tape and a math compass. He's actually more interested in the pictures that remain on the wall and such.

It's when Piper comes back down the stairs paled that his expression turns concerned. "What did—" Oh.

Now Piper gets to be the first person to find out what the priest has in that backpack of his. He sets it down and takes out a strip of cloth, putting it around his neck. Digging a little dipper, a larger cross- a crucifix, and once done, he palms a small bottle of water. "I'll be right back then?" Time to pray for the dead.

She nods at him grimly. Piper knows what he means when the sentance is dropped. Though it takes her a few moments to figure out what he is doing when he starts pulling things out of his backpack. She quickly catches on and gives him an okay sign in acknowledgement of his words.

Feeling a bit quesy after what little she saw and the residual smells, Piper heads to the sofa and sits down, her attention drawn to a peice of black fabric tucked between the cushions. When she pulls it out it is revealed to be part of a ninja costume, the mask part. She looks at the picture on the wall, no doubt it belonged to the young boy that lived here and who lies upstairs in perpetual slumber.

Patrick goes up the stairs and down the halls, searching the rooms. It's not hard to figure out where the boy lies, but he's just making sure there's nothing alive up there first. He's not afraid of the dead; it's the living! Once he's assured things are cleared, Patrick crosses the hall and enters the child's room. Softly spoken words can be heard from the upstairs, "…those who die still live in Your presence… In this life You embraced them in Your tender love, deliver them now from every evil…"

A few more minutes pass before Patrick begins to descend the stairs, removing that bit of cloth from his shoulders. He looks sad; the passing of a child isn't normal, it's not right, but now he's done what he can to help guide the soul. Now, back to a living soul.

"Piper, are you alright?"

Virgil pages Patrick and Pied-Piper: Sorry about that. Was goign to to try and pose out first, but even failed with that.

She is still on the sofa when he returns, digging through her pack, rearranging the items in it so everything will fit better and nothing will dig into her back. A bottle of water is taken out and she will take a long drink before moving it to the mesh pocket on the side of the pack.

When the priest reappears she gets up and faces him. She seems recovered enough and she nods that she is fine. A memo pad and stub of pencil has appeared in her hand in the process, she flips past the lists to a clean page "Well enough." she writes and show is to him and then gestures in the direction that camp lies. After what she has seen she is probably done with scavenging for the day.

Patrick reloads his own backpack silently, and when he lifts it and sets it in place, he nods at Piper's written word. "Well enough." Twisting about to catch hold on the bicycle, the priest is ready as well. "Time t'go home. It's time, anyway, to start potato-peeling duty." Patrick helps out where-ever and when ever he can. "Lead on."

Scavenging Rolls

3 Cans Fruitcocktail
1 Mountain bike
4 Cheap Plastic Lighters
1 Ninja mask
1 Box of Pencils
1 Crank Flashlight
1 Pistol Mag (empty)
1 Compass and protractor
1 Hello Kitty duck tape

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