(2015-09-17) Soul Food
Soul Food
Summary: Potato Chips and a Snickers bar. Lunch of Champions!
Date: 9.17.2015
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Lake Ventura

Lake Ventura is clearly a man made lake. The shore line is to straight, the curves at each corner to perfect for nature to have had a hand in its making. Except for where the road going in forms a causeway to the island, the lake is surrounded by a deep strip of thick trees.

The island isn't much smaller than the lake itself, only about a 1/4 mile of deep water separates the island from the main land. It's a mile from one end to the other and only about .02 miles across. The perimeter all sandy beach.

A paved road runs from one end to the other. Fancy house after fancy house line each side of it. Two roads lead off that. One near the causeway (Caliente Cove) and one near the middle of the island (LaPlaya Lane).

Cold and wet? Who cares. The pair are both restless enough that the weather isn't going to put a damper on the need to get out of camp and do something constructive. Thankfully Piper is still a couple of months from popping so a short 1/2 mile trip isn't all that risky. She is starting to conceded to the cold weather. Still barefoot, but she has switched over to a oversized sweatshirt with the logo so what was once a local team emblazoned on the front. If it weren't for her belly it could almost be a dress. And she has switched back to long pants, that do fit appropriately. All under her rain poncho. She helps pull the canoe onto the beach of the lake island. She has been at camp for nearly four months and hasn't ventured to this area yet. Being out has put her in a pleasant enough mood where she can speak in a limited fashion. "Which?" she asks as she points first to one end of the island neighborhood and then to the other. Once the canoe is secure from floating away she gets her pack and rifle from it and secures them into place.

it's a sweater day. Maybe //that's what's got the poet in such good mood. Either way. He's been rather pleasant as well, chatting and mostly not stumbling over any words. He helps tie down the canoe as well before he looks at her question, "Uh…well…we don't have a tone of room…," They're not going to be carting back any mattresses today. "Want to just start on the right and work our way up?" He ha sa mental list, but doesn't say what's on it. Instead he gives Piper a grin before heading down the street towards the first house.

Piper nods. Not much room. Isn't that usually the case. Though with the canoe they can probably carry a bit more than usual. Yeah no mattresses though. She's done pretty good in keeping up with conversation. As good as a couple words at a time will let her at lease. "Yes." she agrees with the one word and makes her way across the small sandy beach toward the eastern part of the island. As they walk she studies the beach, looking wistful for a breif moment, but it quickly fades as she realizes the type of neighborhood they will be scavenging in…classy.

The classy aspect actually has Quin excited. They may have better things tucked away…he hopes.Quin tries to get a feel for the size of the island and surrounding waters, "I wonder…" Something Holden said still sticks with him, "Would we be better setting up….in a neighborhood…" He doesn't really expect Piper to have an answer for that. he's not sure himself. He does know getting out of the rain into a house will be nice though and makes his way with Piper up to the first house. He can't help a small laugh, "Always thought…I'd end up on a lake somewhere..' That's poetic, right? Sitting on a lake writing all summer, or watching the water and snow from a fireplace.

Piper thinks they are screwed no matter what, but she has never shared that opinion. "Maybe." is her reply though. "Real roof.." she gives a thumbs up. She would certainly like a real roof over her head, instead of a canvas one, but who wouldn't. Not having to share an area the size of a small room with six kids would be nice too. She doesn't complain though, she knows it could be much worse. "Nice." she grins at him as they make their way up to the first of the large houses. As usual she lets him take care of the getting in part, she begins to hum what sounds like a children's song, the mention of a place by a lake must have stirred it up in her memory (Little Cabin in the Wood)

Quinton smiles back and nods. "Yeah…real roofs might be worth it…" and they might not have to live inside a wall…maybe. He rolls his eyes but laughs again, "Cliche." He knows it, at least! he goes up and after peering in the windows he'll try the front door. Locked! Instead of busting anything, he starts testing windows as he starts to make his way around to the back. He trusts Piper to have his back, so he's only paying attention to what's in front of him, really.

"Yes." she says in agreement, instead of nodding at him, about the roofs, not the poet living on a lake being cliche. Thankfully her words aren't working right so she is unable to say anything that will spook with, like a Thoreau comparison or something. That trust isn't misplaced, even if it is unknowingly given to someone who /should/ be the enemy, but isn't. She turns her attention to the neighborhood and the surrounding area, pacing the front and side yards to keep an out for potential threats.

The windows are pryed at, all locked on the way to back door. Which is also locked. Seems quoin, while having a great day for his brain, has no luck with this house. "There's two more windows we can check…" and tons more houses. They can always see if anyone has lock picking skills back at camp. Not to stereo type, but Virgil might. Bandit and all. As the last window is rattled at, "Just stir crazy…or looking for something specific?" there! it cracks open, but seems stuck on something. The interior looks to be a laundry room. Even that small open has the air rushing throughout eh window to the dormant house, breathing life into if for the first time in 6 months.

The pregnant woman has been in a perpetual state of stir crazy since Matson put his foot down about her staying within two miles of camp. It's bound to get worse though as she gets closer to popping. "First." she answers as she goes over to see if she can help with the window. It's more both, but she isn't going to say that. Not after all the speeches he has given her about letting him help her out with that sort of stuff. She's slowly learning how to pick her battles.

Battles indeed! This window seems a worth foe! But with both, it slowly gives, the plant that had grown against it and then dried up and died clatters to the floor. Quin gives a small sympathy wince, maybe channeling Harmony a brief moment. "Ok…let me crawl in, I'll open up the front door.." With Piper's condition, he's probably skinner at this point. He does slip off his backpack though and hands it to her. No need for the added width. the window isn't that big.

There was a time when Piper would have easily been able to scramble up and fit through the window, but that time isn't this one. She isn't even going to try or offer to do so. What she will do is nod and take the backpack. Once he disappears inside she will hurry back to the front door and wait for him to let her in.

Quinton moves quickly in the dusty house, he's gotten used to breaking and entering. Moving to the front door he undoes the lock, 3 in all. And it looks like there was a security system, not that it would work now. She gets a small smile, "Dusty….but looks promising."

Once the door is open the looks from him, grinning at his words and scans the vast entryway with its vaulted ceiling and curved stairway going upward. He is much better at this scavenging stuff than her, so if he says it's promising she believes it. Handing his pack back she moves past him into the house and out of the rain. "Fancy." she says as she takes in the high end furnishings that decorate the entryway and what she can see in the living room and separate dining room. "You up, me down?" after finding a few bodies in the upstairs of houses she is leery about second floors.

Quinton nods, that was his plan anyway. "Sounds good." No need for her to find more bodies. His rain coat is slipped off though, and hung on a coat hook. Might as well let it dry. he shoulders the backpack and starts up the stairs, stopping half way to call down, "Yell if you need anything."

Shrugging out of her own poncho she does the same. Even if no one lives here it doesn't seem right dripping through the house. A thumbs up is given and as his disappears up the stairs she begins to wander the ground floor. She doesn't start digging around, she just moves from room to room, looking at the pictures on the wall and the other dusty decor that decorates the house. There are a few things laying around. An unopened bag of chips left forgotten on the marble kitchen counter and a few sweatshirts and coats hanging on hooks by the backdoor. No yelling yet.

Quinton will take the no yelling as a good sigh and starts up the stairs, the first bedroom was a teen's (who luckily isn't still there), there's posters and video games spread about. After some digging, he finds a some candy with is quickly snagged and two different sized bras. Kid must have been a playa. Quin can't help a small chuckle at that. The next room though, well…that explains why the teens wasn't there. The whole family is here, laied out on the bed in varies states of decomposition. Quin Quickly closes the door. He doesn't take the time to try to determine if they died and weber moved here from other parts of the house, or if they all died like that. Perhaps a suicide. He doesn't want to know. The door is shut quickly and he just stands there, eyes closes and shaking slightly.

Wandering from living room, through the kitchen and into the dining room, her few find hanging from her arm and the chips held between her fingers, she moves into the dining room. It's a large room, easily able to hold the eight person table and the plush chairs that sit around it. The table is set as if for a fancy dinner party, a long dead floral arrangement in the center. Piper drags a finger through the layer of dust on one of the fine china plates, but leaves everything in place. There are plenty of plates and flatware back at camp and they really don't need anything that level of fancy.

Quinton stands at that door, much longer than he should before stepping away. The next room is gone into with a bit more caution. and perhaps rightfully so. it seems to be some kind of study, there's several book, but the braille catches his eye first. It would eb nice to give Gab something like that. He has no idea what it's about, but hopefully it's not boring. As it's being placed into the backpack his hand slows, the corner of one of the books, so familiar catches his eye. It's like a ghost, haunting him. The copy is pulled out, and there's even a book mark in it. Which somehow makes this worse. he doesn't move from the study yet.

Does it always take this long for Quinton to search for things? Piper is usually so patient…and it's not that she is all that impatient, it's just there really isn't much down here, not even a forgotten book or magazine to flip through. She pads up the stairs, looking around as she gets to the top. The closed door is ignored, he wouldn't go into a room and close the door behind him…at least that doesn't make sense to her. She moves down the hall passing the teens room and finds him in the book filled room "Done?" she asks his back, distracted by the sight of all the books to notice the little signs she is usually so good at picking up.

Quinton's to lost to hear Piper, or she's still to ninja, who knows. Whne she speaks he gives a small task and instictlyy shoves the book in his hand into this backpack. he'll burn it later."Ahh! Yeah…in here, anyway. There's….one more room," he nods towards the final bedroom. Before she can question too much he throws her a smile and moves tot eh last room and peaks inside.

She tilts her head breifly, then nods, taking what he says at face value. Piper makes a gesture at the rest of the books lining the bookshelves "Later?" maybe she is asking if they will come back later to get them. She follows him to the next room and knowing his love of junk food she holds up the snack bag of chips "Found these." potato chips the king of junk food.

Quinton nods, quickly, "Yeah…we'll bring more man power…" The next room is actually some kind of storage room, there's bleach and some extra bras(These are all the same size). It's clear out without much comment. The chips though, his eyes widen and he laughs, "Really?" There's an excitement in his voice he usually doesn't have. "I found a snickers bar….want half?"

That seems to please her. She isn't the bibliophile he is but understands that they can't be left here to be chewed at by mice and bugs. Piper laughs at his reaction but nods quickly at the offer. "Sure." Chocolate is always something she will accept. The bras are eyed and she can tell just by looking at them they won't fit her..maybe after she pops and has shrunk down close to her pre-baby size. Adjusting the coats and sweatshirt on her arm she moves back down the hallway and heads down the stairs, where she lowers herself on the wide second step an holds the chip bag out to him. Letting him do the honors of opening it up.

The bras are shoved into his backpack with the others. He kinda feels a little bit like a creep, but hey. They'll be needed. he plops down next to her before pulling out the snickers and trading her. She can have the honors of breaking it in half while he open sup the chips. "Jesus…I miss junk food…"

And does so, bending the wrapped bar in half before tearing in open and pulling it apart at the wrapper seam. "Tamales." she answers as she offers him half of the candy bar. "Grandmot…grandma made them." it could be a hint to her actual racial heritage or her grandmother just likes to cook Mexican food..or both. She breaks a piece of her half of snickers bar and pops it into her mouth. Her eyes close as she savors the so sweet it makes your teeth hurt goodness.

Quinton just grins, "I miss…a lot." He seems to be in an honest sharing mood, with that, anyway. "Pizza." the candy bar is bitten into and he sighs, briefly forgetting the other forgotten food for the happy of this. "We need to…find a candy shop…" That would be a glorious day, indeed.

"Yes." that much is true, a lot is missed, some of those things are even things she never thought she would. Like rush hour traffic in mid-town Manhattan or the smell of the subway, neither pleasant but things she will never experience again. "Phone book. Map." she suggests as a way to find one. She isn't going to spoil it by mentioning it is probably either looted clean or infested by bugs. She leans toward him to steal one of the chips…salty and sweet. Best combo ever.

Quinton laughs, and holds the bag out for her to get the chips. "Maybe." He doesn't hold much hope, actually. But it would be nice. He sighs contently, alternating just like Piper is between the sweet and salty. It may not be the most nutritious on lunches, but it's definitely good for the soul.

Scavenging Rolls

1 Sweatshirts
2 Trenchcoats
1 Small bag Plain Potato Chips
1 Small bag of M&Ms
5 Bras
1 Snickers Bar
1 Book-Fiction-Braille
1 Book - Poetry - Author: Quinton A. Wells

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