(2015-09-17) Weather Witches
Weather Witches
Summary: Harmony and Nora, both good at forecasting the weather and other stuffs.
Date: 9.17.2015
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Equestrian Center

Of all the places in the camp this is one of the few that is mostly used for it's original purpose. A large fenced off corral circles around a couple of large barns. At any given time there are a few dairy cows and a bull, eight horses, a few pigs and a flock of chickens. Both barns are used to store the items necessary to tend to the animals and the garden in the south field as well as house the animals at night. To the west is a large fenced off meadow where the cows are allowed to graze.

Cold, wet and rainy. Another day in paradise? It's one of those work days when a fire in pit is exactly what any doctor in his right mind would order. So, with water bucket nearby, that's exactly what Harmony has going. She's extremely careful; mindful of the hay stacked for the animals. Her harvesting bag is on the ground to the side of her, and the hippy-chick herself is warming her hands. She wears a shawl round about her shoulders and has a long-sleeved blue shirt on, and her floral skirts. She's still barefoot- holding out against boots until she absolutely has to!

Nora is going to have to find some warmer clothes soon if this autumn like weather keeps up. The board short and t-shirts just aren't going to cut it. As she walks across the corral area toward the barn, wrapped in a ponco she can be seen shivering. It'd probably be worse if she weren't carrying a milk crate loaded down with goods. "Heya Hi-C!" she calls out there is some cheer in her voice, but the weather and her being cold is a bit of a damper on cheerfulness "Finally warmth!" she quickens her pace, hurrying to get to the heat the fire promises.

Harmony looks up at the movement first, and recognized the form and figure of the teen. A bright smile rises and she both waves and gestures towards her, taking those first steps away from the warmth to give the girl a hand. "Hey," is called out. "Get over here, you'll catch your death of cold!" A laugh exits the flower-child soon after, and she looks theatrically contrite, "I sound like my mother… but come on over!"

"You're the one that's totes walking about barefooted." Nora chides back in a friendly tone. She wastes no time in setting the crate down and holding her hands out to the fire. "Better a cold then other things." she gestures to the crate "All yours, should you want any of it." in the crate are about 8 cans of various fruit, a 5-gallon container of corn syrup, (why anyone would need that much corn syrup is beyond the teen) two bottles of cider vingar, 2 cans condensed milk, 3 packs of seeds, 2 pair of woolen socks and a sweatshirt.

Harmony laughs at the response and wiggles her toes the moment she gets back to the fire, offering a hand with the crate along the way. "I never said my mother didn't yell at me," is laughed. It gets easier, that lump, that loss. She misses her mom, but now it's a fond ache. "All mine?" Brows rise as she looks into the crate, and a soft 'oooo' escapes. Fruit, corn syrup, vinegar, milk.. "You don't want the wooly socks or the sweatshirt?" Harmony looks up at the teen and holds out the warm shirt for her. "Really. And I don't care if it's not your size."

Nora nods at the question "Unless there are things you don't want. I can probably find someone that will." that is followed by a chuckle "I've never met a mother that didn't yell at thier kids once in awhile." she shakes her head as she waves off the offer "Nah, I found two other sweatshirts when I found that one. What I need is long pants." she leans over slightly to look down at her tanned bare legs.

"Oh, no.. some of this will go right into the kitchen. The syrup," Harmony enthuses. "I'll put the fruit aside for the kids during winter, just in case." Even though canning has been a moderate success, it never hurts to have backup. "Love, love, love the seeds. You are amazing."

A nod is given in the explanation regarding the sweatshirt and Harmony exhales in a breath. There's a soft 'hmmm' as she considers, then, "I have a fur coat if you'd like. I have a room upstairs going in, and hay… and I'm sure you could use it more than I." Who said that human civilization would turn into free-for-all? Maybe elsewhere, but not as far as Harmony is concerned. "It's in my tent."

"I figured as such." Nora says with a nod "But figured I would give you dibs on it." the teen rocks back on her heels at the compliment "Yeah I am." she admits with good humour. "Not as amazing as I used to be, but I can still rock it.

Her nose wrinkles into an ewww face at the mention of a fur coat "A real one? That an animal had to die for it make." she shakes her head "I'm no paint throwing PETA groupie, but animal fur should stay on the animal. It needs it a lot more than we do."

She glances to the barn then back to Harmony "You plan on sleeping in the barn over the winter?" Nora asks with curiosty "If I take that over then where would you sleep?" she shakes her head "I couldn't take your new room away from you." she gives a chuckle "Besides, I'm sure I can find a warm body to snuggle up to through the winter." she gives a waggle of eyebrows. She is mostly joking

"Yeah, but there's no way to put it back onto the animal, so if it's not worn, isn't wasting it worse?" Harmony cants her head in the question. "I mean, I get it. I don't eat meat." The smile that continually plays about her face rises and she laughs, "They were pretty bad, huh? All that paint. Kinda rude."

Harmony looks up where her loft room is and shakes her head quickly. "Nooo, not giving that up. Sam is amazing and has been working hard. I just meant that I've got somewhere warm, and you could probably use the coat more than I." She chuckles and adds, "Sorry. And I think I've got a roommate, but not a snuggling kind." She sounds a bit rueful, but it's all in good humor. A laugh sounds and Nora gets a finger waggle for her comment, "And you're too young for that."

"Someone else can wear it then. Lot's of people here…or use it as an additional cover in the winter." Nora shrugs, she sticks to her guns "I know right. That totes counts as assualt. I mean if you are going to protest something, do it in a way that gets results, not in a way that pisses everyone off."

She ohhs as the misunderstanding is cleared up "From what I have heard of winters here, I think any warm body counts as something to snuggle up to..if only for more warmth." her eyes drop to the finger waggling and a smirk comes to her face "I could be killed by a alien tomorrow. I'm not to young for anything."

Harmony shrugs lightly; it was offered! "I'll keep using it as an extra layer between me and the ground." She's still young and sleeping on the ground hasn't yet given her back issues. Heck.. she works all day and the ground isn't really noticed when she flops for the night. The ready smile breaks into a grin and she nods, "Totally does."

Winters are rough in the midwest, and Harmony knows it. Born and bred in the 'area'. "Winters can be pretty rough. So can springs, what with the tornados. I'm from Wyoming, so I have a pretty good idea what to expect. Of course, I'm hoping for some miracle and it's a lovely 70 degrees all winter, but even with a priest around, I don't think that'll happen." Not in her lifetime! "Global warming just isn't enough."

The smirk brings a laugh from the hippy, and she shakes her head as she does. "Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we may die? Oh come on.. though there are some really hot guys," comes slowly. "Only one I'd really like to cuddle with, but…" and she lets her words drift off before she rouses herself with a lift of her body, "We were talking about warm for the winter?"

"You have some new people?" it's been awhile since Nora has been to camp, new people are always fun to both mess with and trade with "I'll have to see if I can find them. See if they are willing to trade stuffs."

Nora nods "I've never seen snow..not for realz. Most of the places I've been have been warm climates. Or it's been summer when I went. Not looking forward to it." there is a thoughtful pause "Well global warming isn't going to be a problem anymore. No factories spewing smoke or cars CO2. Maybe in a few years the polar ice caps will begin to freeze back up."

"Two out of three ain't bad." she doesn't specify which two. It could be different on any given day though. Nora nods "A couple sure." she's young so is probably only counting those that are closest to her own age. Any one over the age of 25 doesn't count as hot to her. An eyebrow arches as Harmony ruminates about a certain someone but the teen doesn't pry. "Something like that.

"Snow is … amazing. When it snows at night, it's just so pretty as it coats the ground. Seems so still and so silent." A happy smile rises and she adds, "I hope it snows for Christmas." Or at least around Christmas. Someone has to have a calendar, right?

Nora's answer brings another laugh from the hippy and she nods quickly. "One good reason to come into camp, if only to look at. After awhile, it's a little boring to look at houses, or trees. Or roads." She does catch the brow arch, and the expression gains an impish expression in return. "I'm allowed." She's 21!

Doesn't look convinced of the wonder of snow. She is a California girl, the closest she has come to a white Christmas is the white sandy beachs of various surfing spots "How far is that away?" Nora doesn't have one "I don't even know what month it is." she glances to the trees starting to take on the golds and reds of autumn "Just that fall is coming."

"I will eventually. I haven't been going as far out as I have in the past." there is a laugh "I never said you weren't. Just pointing out the hypocrisy.

<FS3> Harmony rolls Gardening: Success.

"Well, with the apples the way they are, I'd guess mid to late September?" Harmony holds her hands out at the fire again. "Mid because it had still kinda been warm during the day, but cold at night, but later because the apples are coming in so nicely. But, the pumpkins aren't out yet. That'll be a week or so, from the looks of things." The hippy at least knows her plants, if not the calendar.

Harmony grins at the younger woman and 'ohs!' suddenly. "Carrots are in. Did you want some? They're the perfect finger food."

<FS3> Nora rolls Meteorology: Good Success.

Nora turns her back to the fire. Letting the warmth seep in from that side for a bit, but she keeps her gaze and attention on the hippie "You're like a walking almanac." she says with a bit of awe. "You read the weather and harvest like I do the water and the sky." she makes a gesture to the sky and then looks up into it, scanning it from horizon to horizon "This is all going to clear up by sunset. It will be sunny tomorrow.

Harmony's brows rise and she looks impressed; not that she didn't think the other girl had talent, but weather prediction is a good thing to have! "A weather witch… sort of. You and me, we could feed the world," comes with a laugh. "I can't wait for it to clear up. The crops have had enough water. If it gets too wet and freezes, we could lose a good portion of our food for the winter." That is given a little more solemnity, but she's not going to worry overmuch. At least the aliens can't control the weather— right?

"I like sunny. It feels warm and nice. Everything seems right."

"You feed them veggies and I'll feed them fish." Nora is quite handy with a rod and reel or a net as well. But how about we start small, and just feed the camp." she looks thoughtful "Makes me wonder how many people are left out there." she makes a circle with her hand, "All over the world." she seriousness of the question is dropped at being called a weather witch "I've been called a lot of things, but that is a first. Don't let Fanboy hear that, or we will end up with new nicknames." she nods "It will stop raining. Not sure how warm it will be, certainly warmer than it is today. I'm looking forward it it. I like sunny and warm." her gaze goes to the gardens and she hits on the suggestion of carrots "Carrots would be nice. Anything else you can offer me."

It's a question that Harmony really hasn't considered before now. She knows the desolation that is Fremont, and she knows about the path that led her to Camp Hope, but was all that reflected around the world? "Yeah," she breathes, "I wonder-"

The somber tone doesn't last more than those syllables, however, as the hippy brightens. "Witchy." New nickname! "Fanboy?" Okay, she's confused, but it's all in good fun. A laugh exits and Harmony continues, "It's better than meteorological prognosticator." Weather witch.

Carrots!! "Sure.. I have some in the bag." Harmony steps a few feet away from the fire to dig into the bag. She digs around and comes out with a handful of carrots, complete with greens, and a few nice looking potatoes. "Do you do rutabaga? It makes a nice mash, but it needs butter, salt and pepper. At least butter." Which they have! "Oh! And before you go, we can tap a cow for you?"

Nora gets /a lot/ of alone time, with just her thoughts and no one else’s. This is one of many somber things that she thinks about while walking her path alone. "All the time." well maybe not /all/ the time, but quite frequently.

"Fanboy." she repeats and then gives an adequte description of Holden. Tall, scrawny, brown mussy hair, "Loves Star Wars and Highlander. Fanboy." clearly she doesn't bother with people's real names. She has nicknames for everyone "That one would be a mouthful…I don't even think I know what that progcognistinator thing would be if it wasn't in some sorta context." she does mispronounce the word too.

"I haven't met a vegetable I didn't like. Though the limit of my cooking skills is throwing it on the coals and pulling it off when it looks burnt.

"Oooo, Holden." Harmony smiles brightly, "You know that word is that he killed a lion that was attacking." Just to boost the young man's 'street cred'. "And he helped with the Dining Hall. There's a little bit of power running through now." Which means that there's a power station that's running somewhere. Who knows how long that'll last, but!

"Prognosticator. I think 'witchy' is perfect."

But, the cooking of vegetables is very important! Harmony tsks at the younger, "Okay, now… carrots. They are really good tossed in the fire, actually. They get really sweet. And," Okay, rutabegas. She pulls a couple of them out of her pack as well. "If you ever think about it, feel free to pull a few things from the field. Everything is marked, so it's easy. Just take what you need, though. I think we're over 40 here now, and they keep sorta trickling in."

"You mean Lincoln actually got the alien power cells to work?" Nora sounds shocked and impressed, and it seems that there is at least one person she has bothered to remember the name of. Or maybe she just hasn't come up with a cute nickname for him yet.

"Roasted carrots were always my favorite growing up. I don't suppose you have sweet potatos do you?" she glances to the field a bit warily. "Easy for you maybe, label or not I'd probably end up with weeds or something."

"I don't know. I just know that we have a little bit of power. I just kinda assumed we were on the grid, but maybe not?" Harmony is so not technical, not in the least. She's got a more natural bent. "But we do have power. Just in time for upcoming winter."

Harmony laughs, fully in agreement. "Bugs Bunny was my favorite. I was always disappointed when my mother would bring home a pound bag of carrots and there weren't any tops on them." Only the more expensive 'organic' ones. "And now we have honey," the young farmer points out the hives. "I'll make sure I save you a small piece of comb. With carrots?" Oh god, it sounds so good right now. "I don't have any. I've been keeping my eyes open, but so far?" She shakes her head, and tries, "If I draw you what the leaves look like, can you look in backyard gardens?" That'd be a huge help! "And I swear, I don't have weeds in the fields. I've spent too much time out there."

"Little is better than none, no matter where it comes from." she guesses at list "Just in the one building?" not being around much Nora doesn't get the camp news as fast as anyone else "I'll have to go hunt down Linc and press him for the dets."

"I know right." her gaze follows the gesture "Bee hives? That's awesome. I hear it stays good forever too." which is always good, food that doesn't go bad is always a bonus. "I can certainly look." she can't help but smirk, considering that when they first met Harmony didn't even want Nora collecting dandelions and now she is wanting the teen to look for sweet potatos. "At least not /that/ kinda weed." she gives a wink

"It's true." Harmony nods in prelude to the answer. "Just the one building. But it's powering the walk-in refrigerator and freezer." And that's very exciting to the hippy!

It is true. When they'd first met, Harmony was a great deal more concerned. The more she sees the teen, however, the more secure she feels that so far, all seems okay. And Nora is out there regardless. It's not as if she's asking for personal items, either. It's for the Camp as a whole. Harmony's smile brightens and there's an impish cast to her expression. "Not that kind, nope. That's in a completely different garden."

Nora grins "That's totes fantastic!" she lowers her voice to a whisper "With a freezer we can totes have ice cream now!" she so misses ice cream. There is a nod when Harmony tells her that her good weeds are elsewhere "I'll stay out of that one then." she has no problem with other people imbibing, but it isn't her thing "I think I will go check out this wonder of wonders…electricity…wow!" she's excited for everyone. "Thanks for the carrots." she waves them "I'll catch you before I leave to get some other stuff. Thanks for letting me defrost." she gives a wave and then heads in the direction that will lead her to the dining hall.

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