(2015-09-18) Taking the Shot
Taking the Shot
Summary: Nora and Kayla head out to do some scavenging. Terry tags along to provide cover.. and stuff happens.
Date: 09.18.2015
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Fremont - South Fremont
Fri Sep 18, 2015 — Fri Sep 18 21:44:31 2015

Street Name: Main Street
Direction: North/South

North of Inglewood, Fremont proper starts. There is nothing besides a sign that indicates where one ends and the other begins. On the east side of the street is a couple of farms, with over grown fields, a few barns and farm houses. On the northwest corner is a kitchsy looking building, the entrance way a squat windmill, but it is large, with a large parking lot next to it with a number of abandoned cars in it. The sign in front indicates it was the 'Wooden Windmill', a restaurant, lounge and liquor store, all in one. The door is off the hinges an most of the windows broke. On the same side of the street is a Shell station, the corner of Main St. and Prospect St., a few abandoned cars in front of it as well.

These is evidence that there has been flooding on the street recently, garbage and icky things clogging a drainage grate here and there. There is a perpetual stink of sewage in the air and there are occassional puddles of it in yards and streets.

It is summer. The weather is cool and sunny.

Nora -
Terry - Tall, tanned Massachusetts muscle. Brown hair and green eyes.

Exits: [CR] Cloverly Road [FO] Inglewood - Fremont Outski
[RR] Ridgeland Road [SS] Shell Station
[WW] Wooden Windmill

[N] Fremont - Prospect to Jeff

It's late afternoon and as the year progresses into autumn the days are getting shorter. Even now the sun is a lot lower on the western horizon at this time than it was a few weeks ago. Fremont isn't the safest place to be at the moment, with bandits in the town, but with the mass defection recently the boundary of bandit territory was shrunk a bit, this area though is still within a few blocks of it, so as far as safety goes, well it really isn't all that much.

Kayla was out working today and the weight of her backpack proves it, as does the second and third akeshift sacks she's made out of two of the bathtowels she found on her searches. She carries one sack in each of her hands, slung over her shoulders which are already weighed down with her real backpack. She looks quite tired, but satisfied, with what she managed to get. She even found a braille book - she knows just who tha's going to go to

<FS3> Terry rolls Firearms: Good Success.

Scavengers need protection, and what better protection than a US Marine Scout Sniper? Terry, armed with his trusty rifle, is proned out atop the nearby Shell station, conducting his usual breathing exercises, reciting various mantras, and so forth. While Nora and Kayla are helping themselves to a little bit of everything, Terry's keeping an eye out for potential threats to his fellow Hopers.

There's one now. Vicious dog, big ol' mutt, making its way down the street toward the two girls. Front sight, trigger press… threat eliminated. Not much noise, either. Maybe a growl from the dog as it approaches, followed by a 'zip' as the bullet cuts through the air, a yelp from the dog, and then a thud as the dog goes down.

In Nora's experience gunfire is never a good thing. Especially considering that last time she was in Fremont and there was gunfire someone got shot protecting her. An experience she really does't want to relive anytime soon. There is a curse from the girl in mandarin and she dives for cover behind a rusty S-10 parked in one of the few driveways in the area. Not being able to see Terry she isn't sure if that is friedly fire or not, so she goes on the side of caution.

"What the…" Kayla crouches, head ducking before she snaps it around to look in the direction of the yelp. And she sighs. "Poor thing…" Straightening as she does, she shakes her head. She could hae dealt with a dog…

Quickly packing up his gear, figuring he should check on Nora and Kayla, Terry hops down from the roof.. and falls into a garbage bin. He flounders around in the trash for a few seconds, before finally wresting himself free of the filth. He wanders over to the group, picking various things off of himself, and out of his hair, smelling kinda ripe now. He tucks the German language phrasebook away in his bag, and folds up the denim jeans for storage as well. The ski masks.. eh, keep them too. The religious hymnal would be a good gift for the local clergy, iron skillets for the kitchen.. and chapstick? Who doesn't love chapstick?

There is no return fire, so Nora peeks her head out, looking over the bed of the truck. It's just trigger happey Buffy and there is a bit of a sigh and she comes from hiding. Of course that's when she sees the dog, still twitching its death throes and she stops cold. She's smart enough to add and she glowers at the marine and begins to stomp in his direction. She is clearly not happy, so not happy that she can't even speak english, she is yelling at him in Mandarin. Yeah, she's pissed.

Kayla isn't yelling but she IS giong up to the canine. She knows it doesn't have much life left in it, so she is careful but still reaches out to offer it some form of gentleness in its last moments - she gently strokes its head before she looks in the direction of Nora and Terry. "Keep it down you too!" she hisses.

"That dog was going to tear you apart. My job is to protect folks, and I'm going to do just that. Had it not presented itself as a threat, I wouldn't have put it down." Terry responds, quietly (per Kayla's instruction) as Tiger Mom heads his way. In any case, Terry's a good shot, so the dog in all likelihood didn't suffer. "You want me to not do my job? Tough. All my life I've done nothing but protect, and I'm not about to stop."

"The dog was just being a dog. It didn't deserve to die for doing what comes natural or for your incessent need to prove that you are Mr. Big Shot Marine." Nora switches back to english, so she can be understood "You think I haven't handled things bigger and badder than a dog out there?" she points in a random direction. She's the nomad. Going out there /alone/ for weeks at a time without even a gun for protection. A dog is nothing. She finally notices Kayla, she really doesn't know the older woman, but assumes she is with the Camp she trades with. At the warning from the other woman to quiet down she glowers a bit more and stomps a few feet away, turning away from Terry, Kayla and the dead dog.

Kayla gives the dog one final pet before she straightens, picking her towel bags up with her, and moves towards Nora. "You're right - you could haev handle him; I could have. He didn't need to be shot." She looks to Terry then, and sighs. "And bullets are becoming precious - I -know- you can look out for us but sometimes…shooting isn't the answer."

<FS3> Nora rolls Alertness: Success.
<FS3> Terry rolls Alertness: Good Success.
<FS3> Kayla rolls Alertness: Success.

There is no way of really telling if the trio would have been able to get out of town without being noticed by the bandits, but the gunfire and the subsequent yelling certainly brought the attention of a small group of them. Indistinct shouting can be heard from the east and it is getting closer by the second.

Terry nods. "I'll be… around… if you need me." He offers a slow nod, his gaze wandering to the dog. It's obvious he didn't particularly enjoy killing the beast, but.. he saw a threat, and he handled it as per his training. He's not going to apologize for doing his job. The Marine shoulders his bag and begins heading toward the nearest building.. when he picks up indistinct shouting, inbound, and immediately bolts back to the girls. "We've got company." He says, with a hiss, trying to keep his voice down, dropping down to a crouch by the S-10 and readying his rifle, just in case.

If Terry is heard or paid attention to the teen gives no indication, she just adjusts her backpack and is prepared to stalk off and make her own way back to her camp. She pauses when she picks up on the shouting and Terry's warning. A muttering in mandarin under her breath and she races back to Kayla, "Come on I'm not about to let another one of you get shot." does she mean person from Camp Hope or Wells sibling. Could be both "There is a walkin freezer in the Windmill we can hide in." she makes a grab for Kayla's hand and runs toward the restaurant.

Kayla's gaze follows Terry as he starts to go, only for her head to snap around as she hears the noise just a moment or two after he does. "Shit..I thinkt hat's our cue to go." She swings the towel bags up and over her shouders with a soft grunt - only to have her elbow grabbed in place of her hand, and she's being pulled after Nora. "Terry!" she calls.

"Go, I'm right behind you!" Terry responds, following Nora and Kayla (maybe trailing by a step or two), the business end of his rifle sweeping the street and roofs as they go. Once he's inside the restaurant, he sets up a little sniper perch on the roof, and prones out, using a conveniently-placed tarp as a ghillie suit.

<FS3> Nora rolls Running: Success.
<FS3> Kayla rolls Running: Success.
<FS3> Terry rolls Running: Success.

Nora was an athelete in her former life, and that has proved quite useful in her current life. Especially the running part. She's good at it but does her best not to drag Kayla to much. She also seems to know exactly where she is going, almost as if she has done this before in this exact place. "Through her." she pretty much strong arms the door to the kitchen open and heads directly to the haven that is the walkin "It's gross but it worked well when Cheif, Linc and I had to hide out awhile back." and into the walkin, with its rotten shelves of food.

Kayla was an athlete as well, and it's translated well to the apocolypse. She keeps up, despite being weighted down with awkward items. BUT she never had a super srong stomach, and she gags as they step into the putrid interior.

Terry, on the other hand, is a US Marine. Trained by the best to be the best. He still kinda stinks from his previous encounter with a dumpster, but he manages to keep his lunch down.. or, really, dinner from the night before. He hasn't eaten yet today, instead spending his time hunting, fishing, and scavenging. 'Rambo' aligns his eye with the scope on his rifle, and checks things out, seeing if he can get an idea of the composition of the battlefield.

It isn't long before the first of the bandits can be seen running around the corner of the road marked Cloverly. It's down that road that the Hormel plant is and one of the places where the bandits have holed themselves up. The trio of armed men spot the dead dog and come to a halt to look around cautiously. "They can't have got far." one says to the other. "Probably hiding around somewhere." one heads to the gas station while the other two heads in the direction of the restaurant.

Nora isn't to fond of the smell of the walkin freezer and she reels back as it hits her "Gawd, it's totes worse now than it was the first time." it takes all her will not to lose her lunch right there "Can't do it…" she shakes her head "Back door." she gestures to the delivery entrance and once more makes a grab for Kayla to lead the woman that way instead.

Kayla is only too happy to follow Nora's lead. She really did NOT want to go in there. She is REALLY glad she doesn't have to go in there. Eyes watering from the smell, she books it after Nora.

Scavenging Rolls

2 Pairs of Work Boots
5 Bath Towels
1 Friendship bracelet craft package
1 Fiction book - Braille
1 Space Heater
1 Spiderman comic books
3 Bottles Nail Polish
2 Cans Pears
2 Sweatshirts
1 T-shirts
2 Hats
1 Cans Fruitcocktail
1 Book-Fiction-German Language
2 Denim Jeans
1 Ski Masks
1 Religous Hymnal
1 Iron Skillets
1 Tubes Chapstick

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