(2015-09-19) A Secret Surprise
A Secret Surprise
Summary: A surprise is being made in the kitchen. Quinton drops by in a timely fashion
Date: 9.19.2015
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It was hot again earlier today. That made a few of the kitchen workers think, amoung them of Mama Bea. So now she has a small band of recruits, those that she knows can keep a secret, because she has a surprise in store for the camp. One that will be unveiled once she has enough made up for the everyone.

Two of those kitchen staffers have been sent off to get more milk and eggs from the farm area, leaving Bea and Piper in the kitchen. The former is washing dishes while Piper is turning the handle on an old-fashioned style ice cream maker, wrapped and covered in towels to keep the cold in. Now that they have a freezer and ice, this sorta thing is possible.

"You can tell it is starting to get nice and thick." Bea tells to Piper as she dries a pot and moves to put it away "The thicker it gets the harder it gets to crank."

A nod comes from Piper, if that's the case it must be nearly ready to remove from the ice cream maker and put into the freezer to cure, because the handle is starting to get hard to turn.

Quinton's not one to really help with kitchen duties. he'd probably do more damage than good. So in comes the poet, backpack filled with thinks to deliver. An eyebrow raises, he thinks he knows what Piper has, but has never actually seen. "..hey. Afternoon going good?'

The arrival of the poet has Bea giving a sigh. She knew she should have posted a guard at the door "Well enough Quinton." the older woman replies as she looks at the man. She starts to dry a spoon but gives it a shake in his direction "What you see in this room right now, doesn't leave these four walls." she tells him, then moves to put the spoon and other various recently clean dishes away.

There is a waggle of fingers and an amused grin at Quinton, mostly because of the warning Bea gave. In answer she gives him an okay sign, not a hand wobble and then puts fingers to her lips in the sign for eat and gives him her question look.

Quinton blinks, taking a half a step backward, hands going up in a defeated motion. "I…see nothing?" Piper gets a small smile and Quin shrugs off his backpack. And then he starts unloading. One, two, three….four jars of pickles. Griddle pan. 2 Cans of peaches. The bottle of alcohol stays in his bag, he isn't gonna share everything. And then the best thing, his smile brightens and the Beatles record, Revolver, is held up for Piper to see.

Quinton then considers, he's not had lunch, "Is…there extra…from lunch?"

"Smart answer." Bea replies as she watches the food and kitchen stuff produced from his pack "Productive day." she seems to approve and then begins to collect the jars and cans "In the fridge." words that she seems happy to say. Bea then heads into the pantry to put them away.

The pregnant woman watches as well, slowing in the cranking of the machine and totally stopped when the record is held up. It takes a bit to not snatch it from him and run into the other room to listen to it. Nope she doesn't do that, instead she gingerly takes the album, flipping it over in her hands to examine the cover. She opens her mouth to speak, but she has no words so instead words of gratitude are replaced with a hug. She must really like the Beatles.

Quinton nods to Bea, "…snake bite…kit…"He points at the backpack, that will be given to Eli. He smiles about the fridge before looking back to Piper. She may not be able to talk, but he understands and just chuckles, giving her a hug back before asking, "Want me…to play it?" He then stops, "Or…crank?" the ice-cream, that is.

Did he really just ask that? The answer should be obvious. Piper does nod her head, of course she wants it to be played. The gramophone stand is even on wheels so it can be wheeled into the kitchen if necessary. She hands the record back and gestures to the dining hall and then she mimes out that she will make him a plate of something. Whether her signs can be interpreted that way is another story.

Quinton laughs, taking the record back. Bea gets a glance but he then nods, "ok ok. ..Music it is." He goes and gets the gramophone. It's cranked as he glances around the kitchen again, Finally asking, "Why the…." Instead of finishing he just nods to the ice-cream maker.

Bea doesn't say anything about the music, and if she is surprised by the twitchy Piper's display of affection she hides it well. "Moral." she says simply in answer "It's the perfect comfort food. And now that we have a freezer.." the older woman lets the statement drop feeling that is explanation enough.

Meanwhile Piper has put together some food for him. She pulls the stool up to the counter and sets the plate down, on it an egg salad sandwich, actual bread even, and a handful of pretzels, the latter of which is probably from her own stash. As the music starts she immediately starts humming along, grabbing a glass to pour some water into and setting that by the plate as well.

Quinton's not saying it's not, at all. "Need….flavoring?" He definitely has some mints they can crush up, maybe even some other things if he digs around his tent…or he can put it on his list. The song Taxman starts up and Quin smile, always happy when he can make someone's day a little better. He quietly mutters a thank you to Piper and sits down to start inhaling the food (Someone‚Äôs hungry! he's not gained back that weight from his last head conk yet).

"Eventually yes." Bea replies to the suggestion "I can us some of the fruit that we canned over the summer, or even the peaches you brought in today." she hmms to herself "Chocolate would be nice, but I can't imagine that its easy to find." she begins to unwrap the ice cream maker and pull it apart "But I haven't made homemade ice cream since I was a little older than Caro. Let's see if I did it right first." she disassembles the device to get to the ice cream inside, pulling the canister from the slurry of water and ice.

Piper leans against the counter next to Quin, grinning as he attacks his meal. When Bea explains her attention is turned to the other woman, watching in interest as the process on unveiling the delight within is played out. She comes from a generation where ice cream is bought in stores in containers..or at the very least put in cones or bowls. Making it homemade is, well interesting to her at least.

Quinton has the M&Ms, but doesn't think they would be enough for the ice-cream. So he doesn't offer, instead he nods, "Fruit…I have…peanuts…" those might be good, right? The poet keeps chewing, watching the ice cream maker being taken apart. The water is reached for next, liquid is good. "I'll….look for other…" His free hand waves at the ice cream, like that should be enough. He'll try, anyway.

"Peanuts.." that is given a moment of thought "Crush them a bit, add some peanut butter." Bea nods "It's a start. I'll give it some thought." opening the canister she pulls out the dasher, thick white ice cream clings to it, almost but not quite the consistency of soft serve "It's supposed to cure for a few hours in the freezer before eating, but let's see how it tastes first." a couple of bowls are grabbed as well, spoons too and she serves some up, setting the bowls on the counter and setting the spoons in them.

A near blissful look comes to Piper's face at the mention of peanut butter ice cream. She eats so much of it now, its amazing she isn't sick of it, but nope, she still loves it. The ice cream going into bowls draws her attention a moment until the song changes to Elenor Rigby, which causes her to move over to the gramophone and advances the needle to the next song, which isn't as depressing as the one that was going to play, to her at least.

Quinton hurries up and finishes the sandwich, shoving the rest into his mouth. He's gotta hurry to get to the ice crew! An eyebrow raises as Piepr skips the song, but then it registers which one it is. he guesses he can understand that. He waits till she returns and then holds up a spoonful, "One step closer to …victory?" It's a silly, but truthful toast. There's always hope for humanity if they can have ice cream.

Bea has to laugh and the eagerness to get to the frozen dessert "Don't choke Quinton." she advises and then busies herself in getting the ice cream into another container, sealed and into the freezer.

That's Piper's sentiments exactly. The not choking part. Taking the bowl she stares at it's contents a long moment, trying to think back on the last time she had ice cream. She can't recall when it was but it was well over eight months ago. Lifting a spoonful at his words she can only hope that it is, even if it is one to lift spirits. She takes a bite, closing her eyes at the cold, creaminess of it. Sure it's vanilla but she doesn't remember it ever tasting this good.

Quinton makes a dismissive noise, he's not going to be killed by an egg sandwich. He's certain it'll be something more dumb than that. he gets a little more serious as he tries the ice cream, his own mind filling in words to some poem he's been not not working on. Not that he'll admit it. Or ever show anyone. Pale eyes close, probably in the same place Piper is. Some reminders, while good to have back, are powerful.

After a few more blissful bites, Piper walks over to the walk-in and begins to pull letters off the door. She can only hold so many so makes a few trips from door to counter. Once she is satisfied she has enough for the moment she quickly arranges them into words "Kids will be happy!" and she lifts her bowl to indicate it. Happy may be an understatement there. All of them are old enough to remember what ice cream is…well all except the infant. She does put a finger to her lips though since this is supposed to be a secret for now.

Quinton's smiles fades, although he's got the contemplative look now. Many words, much bombarding in Quin's head. Piper's letters get a nod, "Yeah…This is…a good treat." His bangs, which do flop into his eyes slightly now, bound as he nods. "Cross my heart..scouts honor." That's punctuated with a two finger salute.

And that is another understatement. Piper would call it a great treat, but no point in arguing semantics. She grins at his use the heart crossing and she reaches over to mark an x across his chest, like she does to herself when she promises something.

Bea has the ice cream safely tucked into the freezer and begins to clean the parts of the maker "It will take a couple of days to make enough for the whole camp." she explains "So act surprised when I bring it out." she isn't sure when that will be "I'm going to head down to the barn and see what is taking the other two so long." she then heads out, to let the pair enjoy their treat while being serenaded by the Beatles.

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