(2015-09-19) Books and Corpses
Books and Corpses
Summary: Kayla and Piper go scavenging. Kayla finds her brother's book, Piper a corpse.
Date: 9.19.2015
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Caliente Cove

Nine houses are spread out down and around this little cul-de-sac road. The yards that were once lovely and well-manicured are now overgrown with weeds, that choke out what was once green grass. Beyond the houses at the end is a white sandy beach and the lake.

It seems like someone cancelled the order of fall weather and had a double dose of summer delivered. For today it is back to the hotness that it was a few weeks ago. Will it make up its mind already? Well at least it is a good day to get out of the camp and with the Lake Ventura neighborhood close and not much picked over it is a good place to house pick.

Sure the long way could be taken, around the lake and over the causeway, but taking a canoe across the lake to the island is so much faster. It's been parked on the beach so all that needs to be done is a house chosen. Hitching her pack back into place and draping her rifle over a shoulder, Piper eyes the neighborhood and the little cul de sac they are on the beach for.

Kayla'd had a fantastic day the day before, coming into camp with almost more than she could carry. She'd decided she might as well push her luck and see f she could make it two in a row. She's here with Piper, and as she swings her empty backpack over one shoulder, she stretches out her back. "SO…which one do you want to hit today?"

Piper scrutinizes the houses as the pair begins to head up the sandy beach to the house. Her decision is quick in coming and she spreads her arms out wide. She wants to hit the biggest house on the block, which in this case is toward the middle of the cul-de-sac

Kayla laughs softly and nods. "Good call." she agrees as she moves up with Piper to the overgrown lawn. She can only imagine what this looked like when there were people here. "I bet the door isn't even locked."

There is a bit of a chuckle at the agreement and Piper points to the first target. She gives a catcall whistle, maybe her way of saying that things were looked really nice. As she heads up the walk to the house there is a shrug, there is a 50/50 chance either way. She gestures, letting Kayla do the honors of checking the door while she watches the surroundings. It's the usual OP when she is out with the other Wells sibling, why change things up for this one.

Reaching for the doorhandle, Kayla gives it a test jiggle before she twists it fully and pushes the door inside. "Folks in these neighbourhoods were always so trusting." she muses as she steps back and half-bows and waves Piper in before her.

Piper watches the neighborhood, but there is nothing out there but a few rabbits, birds and squirrels. Just the way she likes it. Giving a nod at the comment she wanders in, letting out a bit of a surprised noise as her barefeet comes into contact with the cold marble floor. Marble floor, vaulted ceiling, upscale furnishings. Fancy!

Kayla moves into the parlour, scanning as she goes. A very familiar book catches her attention out of the corner of her eye, and she laughs out loud. "Oh my god…" She picks it up, and hugs it to her chest before her smile starts to fade. "Quinton is going to HATE that I found this…"

The pregnant woman goes straight for the coat closet in the entryway. They can never have to many coats, not really. Three nice raincoats are hanging in there even one that will actually fit one of the kids. Piper snags those, hangers an all. Hearing Kayla somewhat exclamation she heads over to the other woman, looking from her to the book she is hugging, the curious look on her face asking the 'what?' question for her.

Kayla extends the book out to Piper, letting her have it, before she goes back to the bookshelf, sniffing softly as she does. "I have to take it though. I -have- to." she takes another few titles off the shelf at random, shoving them n her bag

Seeing what book it is Piper smiles giving a nod in recognition. Taking the book when it is offered out she runs her fingers across the cover, once more reading the words there. Another nod though this time a concerned look is given to the other woman, but fades as she opens it up to the back where the author's bio blurb and picture are so she can read the words there.

Kayla sighs again before she moves off to see what else she can find. She leaves Piper there, with her raincoats and the books - she just needs a few minutes. The change in the world usually is not the sort of thing that brings her to tears anymore, but once in a while, something like this just kicks her in the gut

While Kayla goes to search Piper removes her pack and begins to fold the coats and put them in, followed by the books. They can divide the things up later, when they are back at camp. When that is done she continues her own search, about the only thing that gives her a grin is the bike helmet. She found a bike the other day which the kids share, a bike helmet is much needed now. As she heads into the bathroom to check there she lets out a gagging noise and quickly moves out and shuts the door.

Hearing the noise, Kayla comes hurrying back - she's got a slightly heavier looking backpack, and a big container of protein powder tucked under one arm. "What's wrong? Are you okay?" she wonders of the other woman, urgently.

She nods, but her hand is over her mouth and she looks a little sickly for a few moments. Piper drops her head to point to the door and mouths the word "Dead." yeah don't go in there. Seeing what the other woman has tucked under her arm though, gives her a bit of cheer. The woman lives on protein shakes, fruit and peanut butter crackers. She's almost out of the protein powder she found last month, having more is good.

Kayla ohs softly, and looks to the door. "I…why don't you take this to the canoe?" Kay extends the container of powder towards her partner in crime "I'm going to…take care of that."

Piper cants her head at Kayla giving her a dubious look, suggestive of an 'are you sure.' kind of question. She herself tends toward the squeamish when it comes to dead things be it human or otherwise and bit of her former self that has stuck around. After a long moment she takes the protein powder and points outside. It's doubtful she will go as far as the canoe, she probably won't even go any farther than sidewalk out front. She made a promise at isn't going to reneg on it because she can stomach a bloated corpse. She then heads out, to wait in the yard until Kayla is done with whatever she plans on doing.

It takes Kayla a while…easily thirty minutes, but then Kayla reappears. Her hands are covered in dirt and…well we won't think about what the other 'stuff' is. If Piper went around the back of the house, she'd see a crude cross made out of a shovel and a wooden spoon stuck at one end of a mound of dirt. "Let's go home…but let me wash my hands in the lake first."

Scavenging Rolls

1 Top Ramen
1 Pistol Mag (empty)
1 Containers Protein Powder
1 Book-Fiction-French Language
1 A small container of loose leaf tea
1 Book - Poetry - Author: Quinton A. Wells
1 Plague Corpse
1 Book-Fiction-Cantonese Language
3 Raincoats
1 Contact Solution
1 Bike Helmet

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