(2015-09-19) House Plans
House Plans
Summary: Lincoln and Nora discuss housing, Terry is hunting
Date: 9.19.2015
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River Path

This winding path runs along the Platte River. At times it can be quite muddy where it comes within inches of the river water. In other sections it is several feet away from the water. As it is wandered down many trees are passed as well as bushes, and other water loving plants. During the later times of summer, July and August, raspberry and blackberry bushes, heavy with ripe red and black berries can be found.

The nice fall air was still and Lincoln was taking advantage of it. The brim of his cap is pulled down low over his eyes to shield them from the sun overhead as he trudges along the edge of the woods not far from the camp. Stopping at a small rock outcropping, he sets the backpack down and pulls out the notepad from within it to start taking notations, pausing momentarily to look behind him. "Seriously, I don't need help walking, it was only a twisted ankle from falling out of that tree."

The expedition had been undertaken by the man to survey some of the nearer woods to see just how serviceable they may be for some kind of 'new project' he was thinking about, another task to keep him busy and anti-social following the completion of the power in the dining hall.

The signs are all there. That someone is camping near the river. There is a small circle of rocks delineating a firepit, but it seems like no fire has been built yet. From the trunk of a large hikers pack hangs from a frame secured around a tree trunk. And between a trio of trees a rope ladder hangs in the air, following the ladder up one will find a most unusual tent, suspended by ropes between the three trees. The owner isn't up there though, she is knee deep in the water, fishing rod in hand as she baits the hook. Hearing the familiar voice she lifts her head from her work "Linc!" she calls out with a wave, giving the man a friendly grin.

The hot, clear weather was perfect for what Terry planned to do today: hunt. A perch was set up in a tree overlooking the nearby river, complete with a homemade hunting blind, and camouflage. A quick dip in the river had all but done away with the stink of garbage that had been clinging to him. His gun was cleaned, loaded, and ready. Now, to wait for prey…

Just as he was making his way up the rock, he hears his name. Naturally, Lincoln can only assume that the inner voices are getting louder again so he glances around momentarily with bewilderment. "God? Is that you?" He asks out rather loudly, glancing up at the sky above.

"Wrong direction, Linc." Nora says as she begins to wade out of the water toward where he looks up into the sky, "Finally decided to show your face I see?" she shakes her head at him and her voice takes on a more teasing tone "I was beginning to thing that your tent zipper got stuck and you would never be able to get out of there." her fishing pole is set down and she gives a glance upward, if she sees Terry up there she doesn't comment on it. She could still be upset with him over the dog incident.

Lincoln looks around at the ground level and then realizes it's a real voice, particularly Nora's voice and he turns about ended up twisting and looking like a really awkward mermaid sort resting on this rock outcropping, it's far from what would normally be considered a flattering male posture. "Oh, no. My tent's zipper is working fine, I've just been busy working, sort of." He pauses and frowns as he realizes it's Nora and he notices the campsite. "Are you living out here?"

Nora bites her lip to keep herself from laughing at the sight of him "Yeah! I heard you worked some voodoo magic and now there is power in the dining hall." she begins to scramble up onto the rocks, hopping smoothly from rock to rock until she is near where he is. "Just for a few days while I trade some things and resupply." she points upward into the trees, where the stingray tent hangs suspended "Up there." she looks at the suspended tent, clearly the novelty of sleeping in the air hasn't worn off "After I resupply I'm off again for another couple of weeks."

Looking up to the point Nora indicates, Lincoln shakes his head a bit, "At least it's safer in the air, but winter is coming soon you know." He adds the last bit with concern in his tone. "You'll be back before winter?" He isn't asking hopefully, at least in his own mind he isn't.

"All the dangers are on the ground…and no one ever thinks to look up." Nora says in response "It took me quite awhile to figure out how to get it secure with just me doing it." her eyes go from her strange aerial tent back to him, "Oh, does someone miss me?" there is a smirk playing around her lips as she says it. "Yes, I'll be back a few times before winter settles in. Maybe sooner. This California girl isn't a big fan of the cold weather. It's either here or a nice sunny beach in Mexico…but I don't know any one in Mexico…or the language." if there is even anyone there to speak it to.

"Mexico ain't all it's cracked up to be." Lincoln says softly. "Know a few beaches in Texas, winter there isn't so bad but…" The man trails off a bit and sighs wistfully before blinking and looking at the girl. "I worry. You take crazy risks, like riding on motorcycles with bad drivers."

"The surfing is good though." at one time that was all she cared about, but now it's all avoiding bandits, Silencer's and surviving from one day to the next, "Just not off Galveston, I tried there once. Came out of the ocean feeling like I rolled around in an oil slick." she gives him a reassuring grin "No crazier than the guy that went alone into bandit country to try and get that motorcycle." the reminder has her arching a brow "I guess neither the truck or the motorcycle is working now? You have to use all the alien things for power?"

Lincoln nods a bit, "Yeah, all of it is being used for power." He sighs a bit wistfully, after all that work to get the motorcycle too. "Oh well, I'll just have to come up with a new way to get a hold of some power sources is all." He looks at the ground then back to Nora, "You know I grew up there. Not Galveston, but Houston."

"You better." Nora gives him a couple of pokes in the side "I fully expect a couple of more joyrides on that thing before the snow here gets to deep for it." being from Cali, snowmobiles aren't in her vocabulary. There is a shake of her head "Well that explains the twang." another grin at him "Never been to Houston. I think I may have been in Corpus Christi once," she looks thoughtful for a moment then shrugs "I traveled a lot before hell came to visit. I know I've been there but can't tell you exactly what for. Something sporty though. Had to have been." well kinda explains why she doesn't stay in once place for long. It's how she has always lived.

"Well travelled, smart assy, and beautiful." Lincoln quips. "How in the world you survived the apocalypse before you met me is a mystery." He manages a small smile at that before looking at the trees. "I'm planning on building a house I think. Something to get through the winter, cause a tent definitely isn't going to cut it."

Nora chuckles at the string of adjectives used to describe "Yeah I think that about covers it." she nods once. Confident too. "I can't figure it either." she plays along, barely able to keep the amusement from her voice "How would I survive without you there to drag me into walk-in freezers full of rotten food or throw me on the back of motorcycles to flee bandits." her own eyes follow his gaze to the trees then back to him in disbelief "Like a house, house? You can power up the dining hall and build a house? A man of many talents."

"Well, I'm not sure about the house house part. A log cabin at best." Lincoln says quietly as he pulls out his notebook and shows her. "Like they did in the frontier times. Logs, some clay or mud to seal it. It'd definitely be more resistant against the elements then a tent and if the winter is bad.." He trails off and looks at Nora. "It could be a long winter doll."

The notebook is taken as she listens to the explanation "Oh, 'little house on the prarie' sorta stuff." Nora nods as she looks at the plans drawn out in the book "Hey, it's four walls and a roof right." she sees nothing wrong with the idea of a log cabin. "Could be? From the way Hi-C talks it will be a long, hard one. Not looking forward to it. Snow…ice…below zero temps. Mexico is sounding better by the minute." she's all talk when it comes to Mexico though "Where do you plan on building this cabin?

"Best bet would be someplace along the treeline close to the river if I were seeking to go it alone." Lincoln says quietly, but then shakes his head, "But no, I'm thinking if one can be done, several can be done. Perhaps enough to get the folks at the camp through the winter." He looks then at Nora, "Could even try to get one set up for you maybe. On the edge of course, wouldn't want you feeling trapped."

A glance is given to the river "Over by the lakes would be good too. But then you give up protection of the camp." which isn't the goal, Nora knows that. "Several?" she questions "So more like the longhouses the Vikings lived in way back when." she gestures with her hand to indicate /way/ back when "That fit a larger number of people, sorta like dorms I suppose." she smirks a bit at his offer "A cabin of my own..how domestic." she is more amused by the idea than anything.

"Maybe a shed? Let's you feel less domesticated?" He offers it with a small chuckle, "But something, I don't know. The winter will be rough regardless. I think we might lose folks to it if we're not ready." Lincoln sighs a bit then looks at the fishing pole, "I interrupted your work, didn't mean to."

"Honestly I think domesticated will probably be the last thing I would be feeling this winter. The first two would be cold and restless." a whole winter staying in one place, unheard of. "I'm sure once I return for the winter I will find a place to crash whether I have a cabin of my own or not. Even if it is in a sleeping bag in front of the fireplace in the dining hall. I've slept in worse places over the last six months." again her eyes follow his "Fishing? That's not work. I actually like it. I throw most of what I catch back. I only keep what I can eat in a day."

Lincoln glances at Nora when she talks about the fish and contemplates for a few long minutes before a grin slips across his lips. "Tell you what. How about you keep double what you catch. Enough for each day and then a little extra. We can dry it out and salt it for preservation and it'll be something for the winter. I'll pay you for it.. somehow."

Nora tilts her head at the suggestion, pondering how much fish they could reasonably store up before winter, and determines it isn't much, "A few days worth of fish every few weeks isn't going to amount to much." unless this is some clever ploy to get her to stay around longer. She waves a hand dismissively "If I'm going to be eating it as well there is no reason to be trading me for it.

"Well, gotta earn my share of the fish." Lincoln offers with a shrug, "My momma didn't raise no mooch. Tell ya what, that's the deal. You catch the fish, I'll find a way to get a roof over our heads come winter."

"Fish for a roof?" Nora says, a tinge of disbelief in her voice. "Sounds like I am getting the better deal in that bargain." fishing is a lot easier than building a cabin "But if that is the bargain you wanna strike who am I to argue." she holds out a hand to seal the deal.

Lincoln takes the hand and shakes it, nodding his head, "You say that now, once the roof is built it's built. Fishing is a long term thing afterall." There's a twinkle in his eye to match the grin. "No promises on more than a single room mind you. So you'll have to go outside when I change."

"So is the upkeep on that roof." which causes Nora to start thinking "You think there will be enough snow that the roofs will have to be shoveled off?" mid-west winters are foreign to her, probably to him too, but she asks anyway. She's quick on the uptake and she smirks at him "And what exactly would you be changing into? Hmmm?"

"I'm planning on finding a nearby walmart and getting myself a new collection of clothes at some point." Lincoln retorts with a stoic tone before his brow furrows, "You know, I never thought about that. The roofs and snow getting on them, weighing it down." His eyes get that distant look, the look of him thinking.

Bear Gr—Er, Terry hops down from his perch, checks and secures his weapons, and goes wandering into the nearby forest. A few minutes later.. a cry of "C'MERE, LUNCHMEAT!" cuts through the air, followed shortly by "GOTCHA!" Terry comes wandering back to the group, a bag hoisted over each shoulder, one large and one small. "Bullets being precious and all, I figured live-catching would be the alternative. Not feeling like much of a bow-and-arrow person today." The larger bag makes a series of frustrated cackling noises.

"And you will probably still have to wait forever in a checkout line to buy them." because everyone knows that is one of the things Wal-Mart is notorious for. Why should that little bit of hell change because the world is dealing with an alien invasion. "I'll be sure to cover my eyes when you need to change." she does so now but peeks through her fingers at him "Huh." she drops the hand when he admits that never crossed his mind "Something to think about, but I'm sure it's not a problem that you can't solve." the sudden shouting from the woods as her starting in surprise, Linc very nearly has a lapful of surfer girl, but just nearly. The appearance of Terry has her frowning at him "Ever thing of setting, you know, snares.

Lincoln jumps as well, not into Nora's lap but on the rock, slipping a bit and grunting as he does so. "Ow." The comment comes rather dryly under his tone before he looks at the surfette and then in the direction of the noise. "Easy now Nora. Sounds like dinner."

*SNAP!* .. Sounds like a trap's been tripped. "I do snares, too.." Terry responds, heading off in the direction of the trap. He returns a few minutes later, holding a note, which he holds out toward either of the two. "'Better luck next time. - Nutty D. Squirrel' … Oh, hardy har har.. Funny." He rolls his eyes.

A glance is given to Linc as he expresses some pain, making sure it's nothing serious her glance then moves back to Terry. Well it's someone's dinner, not particularly hers really. "I think I'll stick with the fish." which is what she usually does anyway. "Better luck next time." she reads and can't help but get a chuckle out of someone's sense of humour.

Lincoln for his part tilts his head to the side as if trying to process the joke before realizing that it is in fact a joke. A slight roll of his eyes occurs and the man slowly slides off the rock he was sharing with Nora. "That does remind me, I have a survey to finish." He chuckles after a moment though, shaking his head at Terry as the joke apparently gets funnier to him over time. "You'll see me before you leave?" He asks it to the girl.

His luck apparently running out, Terry decides to call it quits, for now. "I'll see you folks later. Stay frosty.." He offers a quick, informal salute, and heads off toward camp.

Nora watches Linc a moment, then nods at his question "Believe it." she answers immediately "Unless you have a tent malfunction and can't get out." she gives a wink as she teases him. A wave is given to the departing Terry and the girl slips of her rocky perch "I guess I'll go back to fishing then, with any luck I will have some to bring you later."

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