(2015-09-20) Meeting the Boss
Meeting the Boss
Summary: Kayla and Piper meet the bandit leader
Date: 9.20.2015
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Hospital – Fremont

The stench in the lobby of the hospital is nearly unbearable. Unwashed bodies, smoke, burnt flesh, thankfully animal, not to mention other unpleasant smells that will go unnamed. The lobby was at one time quite nice, with a little sunken waiting area outfitted with a coffee bar. The sunken area has been used as a fire pit, all the windows that lined the wall on the other side of it busted to give the smoke a chance to escape. Broken furniture and other refuse litter the floor. The coffee bar is partially smashed in as is the large desk/counter area that served as the information kiosk.
An alcove to the left holds a bank of elevators, of course no longer working and near them the door to the stairs. To the right is a gift shop, also in shambles, beyond that doors that lead to the ER. Behind and to the right of the reception area are double doors that lead to other areas of the Hospital.

Hours have passed since the pair were dragged from the radio station and to the heart of Fremont and the hospital that serves as the main base for the bandits. Besides the initial manhandling the two women have been left untouched and put under guard. Not only so they won't get away, not that they could anyway, with them being back to back, their wrists tied to each other, and their ankles tied as well. The guard is also their to protect them from the other men. How nice of them. They have seen the leader a few times, the first time when he warned his men that anyone that touches them gets castrated, but since then it has just been him passing through.

Well, it's one less worry, with rape off the table, but…that has left Kayla to wonder what they really want with her and Piper. This isn't going to be good…she knows that much. Her hands have gone numb, from where the rope binding her to Piper bite into her flesh, and her feet have pins and needles. She hasn't spoken much, busy stewing in her own fears and worries. Finally, though, she murmurs quietly, "How're you doing Pipes?"

Well her shaking finally stopped, but there have been no sobs coming from Piper, but if there were silent tears, that's not easy to tell. Piper is holding onto the hands tied to hers though, but there hasn't been anymore feelings coming from her accidental or otherwise. In answer she squeezes the hands of the other woman, but who knows what exactly that could mean.

Kayla sighs softly and squeezes right back. The flash o feeling she'd gotten had been weird, but Kay had been able to write it off at that time, havng had bigger things to worry about. "If we can get loose, do you think you can make it to camp?" she wonders quietly, keeping her voice pitched so it hopefully won't reach the guards.

There is a shifting of the ropes and of Piper's shoulders as she shrugs at the question. "How?" is the question sent back to her. The tone is just as soft but seems more dropped into Kayla's head than processed through the ears. But that could be just from the echo that the building has or just the position the pair are in.

Kayla frowns softly before she gives her head a slight shake. Odd, but she is pretty damn tired. "I…don't know But if we keep our eyes open…oh, maybe if you tell them you have to go pee?" she suggests, helpfully

If that was supposed to make her laugh it failed miserably and is met with silence. Which is just as well since the leader seems to make a reappearance and is headed their way. As far as leaders go, he wouldn't be the first person amoung the bandits you would expect it to be. He looks no rougher or tougher than the rest of them "So how is our meal tickets doing?" he addresses the guard with his question and he glances at the trussed woman. His voice has a bit of a mexican accent to it.

It was a valid suggestion. And look…this is just the chance! "You can't keep a pregnant woman tied up like this! She needs to pee…and it's not healthy to make her sit like this!" Kayla makes sure her voice carries to the leader and his henchman, though she manages to keep most of the venom out of her tone. Most of it.

The exclamations and demands from Kayla make the leader laugh there is even a little humour in it, "What, you think this is the movies?" he says as he crouches down in front of Kayla "Healthy, unhealthy I don't care. You two are just a means to an end, and if that end doesn't work in my favor. Well there are other means we have in store."

Kayla glares at the leader as he crouches down in front of her. It may not be the movies, but dammit, she's going to let him know what she thinks about him. Her position is too awkward to actually hit him, but she is silent for a long moment before she spits towards his face. "This is NOT going to end however you think it is." she vows.

"Don't." Piper says again, this time vocally for sure. She tugs on the wrists tied to hers and then squeezes Kayla's hands again.

The leader wipes the spit of his face and he glowers a moment at Kayla, "Well is Matson in your camp is as smart a man as he thinks he is it will. You two are our meal ticket, food for lives. Really seems that they are getting the better end of the bargain." the man gets to his feet "Get them a bucket and take them behind the counter. If they have to pee bad enough they will figure out how to do it with both hands tied behind their backs." with that being ordered he leaves again to go deal with the negotiations.

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