(2015-09-20) The Bad News
The Bad News
Summary: Sonny informs Quinton about his sister and Piper
Date: 9.20.2015
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Admin Building
What was once was an admin building is still..well and admin building. The only difference is instead of admining a bunch of boy scouts now it is more of a planning area. Whatever decorations once decorated the walls have been replaced with road maps of not only Nebraska, but of the surrounding states as well. They have been marked up with where the refugees have come from, where bandits have been sighted and where other people have been sighted as well as anything else that could be if import.

Its morning, not all that long after breakfast and the camp is still standing. Not long ago when of the guards was sent out in search of Quinton to let him know what Sonny was wanting him, urgently, and that the leader could be found in the admin building. And so the man is, along with a few of the camp guards and enforcers. The tension in the air is palpable, all the men, agitated "Weapon yourselves up and get down to both locations twenty minutes ago. If one of those bandits so much as burbs I want to know about it." he tells the men.

Quinton makes his way over quickly, still adjusting the strap on his own hosted as he steps into the building. "What's…going on?" He's usually not the first to be called when it's a fighting issue.

The men being ordered, don't wait for any further instructions. They know what needs to be done. As they quickly file out they look at Quinton with sympathy one even gives him a pat on the shoulder in passing. None of which is encouraging.

Sonny runs a hand over his face, giving a frustrated sigh. "You may want to sit down for this one." Sonny says, pushing a chair in his direction. He doesn't wait for that to happen, he just says it quick, like ripping of a band-aid "Your sister and Piper have been taken by the bandits." he was afraid something like this was going to happen and it shows in his voice, he's angry and not a little bit worried and afraid of what is going to happen to the two women.

Quinton's worry increases 10 fold as he mentally tries to remember when the last time he saw everyone was. The man slowly starts working his way over to sit down, but as soon as the words register, he's turned and headed towards the door. It's hard to say if it's more panic or blind rage that's driving the poet.

Sonny expected that reaction. He probably had the exact same one when he was told, and only the prevailing of cooler heads keep him from rushing down into town with guns blazing "Whoa there Quinton." he hurries after the man, putting himself between him and the door "You won't do anyone any good going off fully cocked like that, least of all the pair of them."

<FS3> Quinton rolls Mind: Success.

"I won't?" Do any good? Quin's pale eyes are very sharp as they turn on the older man, "I'm going to go get them. Move Sonny." Quin will have no issue putting bullets into bandits head currently.

Sonny stays right where he is, "How are you going to do that Quinton? How are you, one man going to get two women from a group of armed bandits?" he gestures to the door behind him but he is actually indicating the men that must left "My men are on it. Bob ran here and told us immediately. From the sounds of it the abduction took place in the last hour. My men may be able to catch the bandits who did this before they get back to town and bring them back. If I know Kayla and Piper those two will do anything they can to slow the bandits up, and prevent them from moving fast." he rubs his face in frustration again "Just give my men time. If they aren't back I'll take you down there myself to rescue them."

Oh, the power of one man and luck points might be able to do something. Quin's entire body is tense, like he's ready to snap. It dawns on Quin why (at least in Quin's mind) Sonny wouldn't let him go and his face gets a very weird expression before smoothing and he takes a half step backwards. No words escape Quin as he then pushes past Sonny, although he heads towards his tent, not the front gate.

Sonny sighs as Quinton storms off. He doesn't know why he expected that to do better than it did. Hope maybe. Grabbing his own weapon he follows Quinton out, but the leader does head to the gate. Against his better judgment he decides to let the poet be, not even putting a watch on him to make sure he doesn't do anything rash. He'll have to make sure someone gets Quin a walkie talkie, so he can at least keep in the loop with what is going on.

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