(2015-09-20) The Birth of the New Bar
The Birth of the New Bar
Summary: Virgil is helping Sophia set up the new bar
Date: 09.20.2015
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Sophia's been rather busy, trying to clean up the trading post. She's put out a few requests for help, even dropping a few hints that she would be very happy if folks would help her. She needs supplies, and if possible, stools, chairs…a table… A make shift bar isn't the easiest to create. She still has to find a padlock and liquir to lock up. and candles…and just everything. She's currently sitting on the counter, indian style and is glaring down at a pad of paper in her lap with a very long list. Very little has been scragched off said list. But the building itself looks very nice and clean…an empty.

Virgil has answered Sophia's prayers for help as he shows up. As for supplies, he's happy to create the things, if someone has the wood. He did get a few logs awhile back but it might not be enough. What he does have is carried as he steps into the area. "I heard you needed some help."

Sophia's dark eyes come up from the list and she smiles warmly, "Oh, Virgil! You're alive saver! yes!" The notebook is set to the side and she'll hop off the bar. That makes her lose a few inches so she has to look up at the man, "If we're gonna be stuck here all winter, I figured we'd want a place to go, right? A place for dinkign that's not our tents or the dinning hall." A bar, is what she's saying without using that word. 'I need stools though…and a table, like i was talking about for Poker…" She studies what supplies he has, unsure what he'll be able to do with they. 'Am I going to do better just going on a scavenging run, and hope for the best?"

Virgil grins and bows. "I do what I can." He offers to her. Running a hand through his hair and nodding. "True enough. It would be nice to have a spot to relax and have a drink or two." He says and will try to put any equipment down. "Have some wood or similar that I can work with? Then I am happy to try and help out." Shrugging at the last question. "Maybe. I'm not sure exactly what they have laying about here. I should be able to make a stool. A table we should perhaps try and take an old table then we can try and find a mat or something and get things set up."

Sophia just motions to the building, "This is it. I ain't got much." Just the lteral bare bones, really. "I wouldn't know what kind of wood to look for, anyway." She sighs, maybe this is a bad idea and she'll lean into the counter. "I guess a stool or two to start with is better than nothing, right?"

Virgil does notice the look she has, a small grin forming on his lips. "No need to worry. I'll get what we need. Or try to." Nodding about what to start with. "Unless Sonny might have anything laying around. I am sure I can make anything at all." H suggests, cocky and confident as usual. "Got a to do list? Then I can check and try and create the items needed." Stepping in a bit more. "I can work on something for now." Moving to do just that.

Sophia's smile brightens again, "Well….I'd like to eventually have shelves for the bottles." Which she doesn't have yet, but points to where on the wall, behind the counter she'd be sing for the actual bar. it's not ideal, but she's not complaining. "And then some stools…maybe a bench against the wall, and a table for poker." She then laughs , loudly, "And one of those a,ieln batteries so I can run poet to the fridges in here too!"

Virgil nods and smiles. "Yeah, shelves should be fine. Where would you want them?" He asks as he looks around, nodding about the stools. "A bench should be fine. Just make a bench instead of a shelf." He offers and shrugs. "The table, as I said, I will try and see if I can find an older one that we can repair." Smirking about the batteries. "One thing at a time, hot stuff." He teases with a wink.

Sophia dusts her hands on the seat of her jeans, "You asked, hombre. I'm just giving you the list." She then thinks about it, "I should probably also try to find some cards and poker ships then too…"

Virgil grins. "Fine enough. I think a couple of people have playing cards." He suggests to her. Trying to remember all the items she mentioned. "I'll start on something." He offers and does move to start on a stool, from the looks of it.

<FS3> Virgil rolls Woodworking: Great Success.

Sophia fiddles around, moving a few of the things she has and dusting off the cointer a few times, although it doesn't really need it. She lets Virgil work, the only time she pokes into the creating is to remind him that most folks are his size, not her's. Stools for men, is basically what she's asking for.

Virgil grins and will nod to her words. "No worries, will do. You'll just have to sit on their lap." He continues to tease. Not missing a beat as he works on the stools. Of course it will take some time but he does seem confident in what he does. "So. Got any booze or something to compensate me for this?" He asks with a wink.

Sophia laughs then, "I don't know if this camp could handle that…i may have to keep that for more private shows…" She sighs, "I have one bottle of tequila. That's it. I'm happy to give you a few shots from it though, if that's something you drink?" She desperately needs more booze.

Virgil raises a brow. "Tease." He offers and only throws a brief glance to her. Seeming quite amused though. "Sure. One shot. Wouldn't want you to run out." He says and does get a bit of sweat on his brow as he works hard.

Sophia gives him a playful pout, "Oh…you have no idea." One, shot? She can definitely spare that. Out from under neath the counter comes a backpack. She'll rummage briefly, pulling out a fancy shot glass with the word Treasres imprinted on it. And then a bottle of top shelf tequila.

Virgil can't help but offer a wry grin to her as he sees that pout. "You'll just have to explain it then." Noticing the rummaging and the pouring of tequila. Busy with his own work however, so he isn't really staring. Unable to read the words from this distance.

Sophia moves over and set the glass down next to Virgil. It's a double. She leaves him alone though, so he can work on her stool. How exciting! She steps over to the counter to add something to her list she just thought of. paint!

"Thanks." Virgil offers along with a sweet smile. Then going on with the stool. Of course it does take some time. After some time he will down the shot. "Ooh, nice." He offers and grins over at her. "I might keep coming back here for that." He says as he turns back to his work. Unless she disturb him any he will go on to finish the stool and another one or two. Or at least do as much as he can of the frame. "I will try and finish the details until tomorrow." He suggests. At the moment they do look a bit fancy, having asked a few question about the style she wants. They do look quite professional, and not just boring stools. Though, as he said, they aren't completely ready yet.

Sophia grins brightly, "Shit…those are great. I'd have hired you to make them for Treasures, even." She laughs, looking at the details, or rather where the details will be.

Virgil smiles and nods. "Your old place, I take it?" Probably having noticed the name on the shot glass as well. "And thanks, glad that it's appreciated." Brushing them off a bit. "I will try and have them ready as soon as possible. Along with some shelves." Pushing to stand and stretch. "Well, I am happy to help aand make things at any time. One shot, or something of equal or greater value, is all I ask for." He says with a small smirk. Since alcohol might not be the easiest thing to come by these days.

Sophia gives a soft sigh before nodding, "yeah…It was mine." there's probably a story there. The innuendo is ignored or missed as she looks to a place on the wall, "Thing…think you can put two pegs there for my bat?"

Virgil nods and smiles. "It sounds like you miss it." He offers, seeming curious and giving her a chance to explain. Grinning and nodding to the question. "Sure thing. I think I can do that. What kind?"

Sophia inhales and then smiles, looking back up at the man, "Si..I do. I don't like being not in control of myself. It allowed me to have that. " She shrugs, Just something that won't hurt my bat…maybe wooden ones?" Pegs, that is.

<FS3> Virgil rolls Whittling: Good Success.

Virgil nods and smiles. "I'll try to make something for you to feel like that again." He offers. Another nod about the bat. Starting on some pegs. "All right, will do." Adding some details to it. Since pegs are a bit easier, and more whittling than actually woodworking. Humming as he works.

Sophia smiles, the touch of flirtation that's usually there is replaces with something warmer, actually gratitude. She lays a hand on her forearm, "Gracias. It's very good of you, to help me."

Virgil does seem a bit surprised as he raises a brow and looks at her before smiling. "Anytime." He assures her. "Or well, perhaps not anytime. But I'm happy to help out." He clarifies and smiles. "Sorry that I'm not able to make it all right away." Blowing on the peg to get rid of some of the dust. "Whatcha think?" If she looks, it seems it has a similar pattern as the shot glass. If it had any kind of details other than the text, that is.

More laughter, genuine, "that's great, Virgil. Thank you….What's your drink of choice, I'll try to get some sooner than others." The peg is examined with a smile and she'll take it from his hand. Her fingers run over the design, 'Si…this is perfect."

Virgil chuckles and smiles. "Thank you. Honestly, I'm not sure. Beer or long island ice tea, I suppose." He offers and grins. Rising and does offer a hug, since he forgot to earlier. "Glad you like it." Stretching. "Want more pegs, or something similar? Going to work on the shelves as well. The stools need to rest some before I can finish them up anyhow." Her genuine laughter does seem to have him ease some as well. Relaxing his shoulders.

Sophia can't help it, she laughs, "Long ISlands, huh? That may take some time…that's a lot of different boozes to mix." She'll hug him back, not afraid to let her body press into his. Stepping away to set the peg on the counter, "I don't know…Don't got a lot of decorations to hang just yet…"

Virgil smirks and nods, "Hey, just listing what I want." He offers in return with a wink. Hugging and offering a small squeeze. It's nice to have a pretty girl in one's arms after all. Not minding pressing back against her. As she steps back, so does he. "Well, I could try and make a wooden statue or something, if you want. Of course it will have to be something tiny, else the wood might not be enough for all the things." He offers and shrugs.

Sophia gives a small, but playful shrug, "Sure! i'm all about supporting the arts." She'll laugh, looking at the walls of the small building, "Maybe I should ask an see if anyone paints or anything…get a while museum going in here."

Virgil laughs. "Ah, nice. I will make sure to come ask you for anything I want then." He teases, since she did offer support at least. Nodding about getting some paints. "Ah, yes. That would be nice. If we can find any colors." He offers and shrugs. Studying the other for a moment.

Sophia's nose wrinkles, but she's amused at his statement. he can try, anyway. She's got her head turned up, looking at the walls. "Don't have to be a lot. I'm not looking to get rid of the wood feel of the place, More…to make a sigh. or maybe a rules board. or menu…" Menu?

Virgil nods and smiles. Turning into a grin at her words. "Ah, I suppose some form of drink menu or so perhaps." He offers and shrugs. Leaning against the counter and watching Sophia as she explains and looks to the walls. Eyeing Sophia a bit.

Sophia nods, "Yeah…maybe some bowls, if i can get some snacks in here too…" She's either ignoring his eyeing, or too wrapped up in what can be. "I was thinking about getting a group to go to my old place…get all the stuff I stashed. If I go, you want to come with?"

"We've got bowls, right? Else I could work on that. But I suppose that priority should be near the bottom." Virgil says. If she's not stopping him, he will continue to watch. IT is a nice sight. Besides, she is talking at the moment. "Yeah, I'm in. I wouldn't mind joining to raid your place."

Sophia gives a shrug, "I'm sure they do. I don't think they'd just give me food to keep here, anyway…"Soph will need to think on this. His verbiage catches her attention and she turns back, frowning, "We're not…raiding it. It's mine. Everyhtign there is mine."

Virgil nods, "I know, sorry. I was just playing." He assures Sophia, as it seems to eb a sore spot. Sighing and leaning back. "I'm happy to help you gather some things up, whenever you want to go. Just come get me and I'll join." He assures her.

Not a sore spot, just…well, yes. It is. Sophie misses her place desperately. "Ok…may be a few days, i heard rumblings there's so drama with the bandits again.." She doesn't know that Virgil used to be one of them.

Virgil raises a brow. "Oh? What did I miss?" He asks, having been busy with other things. "Whatever the rest have done, I'm innocent." He says and grins. Perhaps giving him away a bit, if not completely. About having been one of the bandits. Stretching his arms to the sides.

Sophia blinks, her large dark eyes studying him and then it clicks. oh. "two campers hang come back, word is they got snatched." her voice goes even, some of the warmth leaving it, "Two females." She has little hope the girls will be unharmed if they are rescued.

Virgil frowns and sighs. "Dicks." He offers, tilting his head. "Have we sent any search group out to try and find them?" He asks. Trying to see why her voice went even. If it's the event or that he used to be a bandit. Studying her in turn with a raised brow.

Sophia just shrugs, "That's all I heard, hombre."It could very well be the admission he was a bandit. She's had run ins with different ruffians too. She's just alb to abrgin better and run when she had the chance. She ain't dumb. She moves back to the counter to start putting the bottle and glass away. She'll need to wash it.

Virgil frowns and nods. "Prefer if someone else work on your stuff?" He asks. Watching her. Perhaps slight disappointment. Pushing off to let her put the things away. "I could wash it in the lake, if you want?"

Sophia looks up, a hand going to her hip, "Did i say that?" her dark eyes roll and she'll shake her head, "No…I need to go to the kitchen anyway." Her bag is zipped up and then she pulls out her baseball bat. "You should…go help wight eh search and rescue. You may know more that can help them."

Virgil takes a step towards her. "No, but you suddenly didn't seem as glad to have me around." He suggests and shrugs. "I will. Not sure if I can help much though." Shrugging a tthat. "Want me to at least walk you to the kitchen?" He suggests, perhaps a peace offering.

Sophia looks the man up and down, he's big, has muscles…he could help. Esepically if he ran with people who would kidnap women. Especially a pregnant one! "If you want. As far as I know, camps safe still." And she has her bat on her shoulder.

Virgil nods, "I'll walk you and then I'll try to see if I can find anyone that knows more." He offers, at least seeming to want to help out. "Like what you see?" He teases, since she is studying him.

Sophia rolls her eyes, not in the mood for the flirting. "I as just thinking you had enough muscles to help go rescue them." The backpack is adjusted in her shoulder, the bat on the oterh one and she'll start walking towards the kitchen.

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