(2015-09-21) Bar Talk
Bar Talk
Summary: Nora brings Sophia some hooch. Plans are made.
Date: 9.21.2015
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Trading Post

This used to be a little shop where campers could come and buy snacks, beverages and other little items that they forgot to pack with them. Now it is just an empty building with a wooden counter at one end near the door and a few refrigerator cases in the other end.

Sophia's busy working on the trading post. No one has told her no, so she's kind of claimed it. If the hippy and vet can claim the barn, she can claim building to make into an entertainment lodge..or sorts. It's wet outside, so she's doubly happy to have aloof underneath her head. there's splinters and dust all over the floor from where Virgil have made her two stools. And there's a baseball bat on the wall layer on two pegs that has the word "Treasures" carved into the side. It's almost as good as a sign…almost. Soph is humming softly as she sweeps, gathering the dirt into a pile to be pushed outside.

Nora wasn't sure what to make of the news that someone was building a bar in the camp. While she hasn't had the monopoly on the alcohol trade, it is how she manages to keep herself in enough food supplies that she doesn't have to sustain herself on fish when she is out wandering. She wanders through the door, backpack heavy with a days worth of scavenging on her back. Eyes wandering they fall on the other woman "Hey there." she greets a mingling of curiosity and cheerfulness in her tone "You the one starting up a bar?" she removes her poncho, hanging it on the doorknob so that when she walks further in she isn't dripping all over the place.

Sophia looks up and grins at the other, "Hola Chica, yes…bar, gathering…whatever people want to call it. We need a recreation place outside of the saying hall, or we'll go loco." Soph wipes her hand on the sea of her jeans ,r emoting on dust and then extending it out, 'I'm Sophia."

"I'm pretty sure bar covers it." the teen does nod though "I'm Nora." she closes the distance and shakes the offered hand "I don't live here." which should be obvious since she isn't a face seen at mealtimes "People here are crazy enough." there is a joking tone in her voice so she isn't all that serious about the comment "Good that you are providing a place to unwind and get a stiff drink. How's your supply?

Sophia nods, to both statements, "I've gotten some weird looks from people, so they can call it wherever they want. I really don't care." The older woman laughs, it's loud and warm. "That's try. They can get a little…agitated round here." She nods to the little building she's claimed, "This is kind of needed.' Even if they don't know it yet. The last question though has the woman groan, "Dwindling. I have a few bottles," She lied to Virgil when she said she only had the one. "Not many glasses….No peanuts or anything to snack on." She then laughs, "Besides my charming personality, there's not much to come in here for just yet." And the two stools. She has those!! "You looking for a drink?" Seems Soph's not going to be carding people. She's already moving towards behind the counter when she's got her backpack stashed, "I really need to get a lock for this place too."

Nora chuckles or is it giggles, it could be either depending on who you ask. But she is still young it is bound to evolve as she does. "Weird looks are a constant around here. I'd be rolling in the Benjamins if I got paid for everyone I got." her brow furrows in concentration as she listens and commits the needs to memory "Nah, but I have something you are looking for." she shrugs out of her pack, setting it on the bar so she can rummage through it. First one bottle of whiskey is put on the counter and then another joins it. "It seems I have a knack for finding hooch. I rarely have a day where I don't find at least one bottle."

Sophia's yes widen, "Ohhh! Blessed Saint Nora!" The bottles are picked up and examined. not so much judging, but more…just seeing what she'll have to work with. "Once I get things really rolling…and power to the coolers," there's a few in the back, "You let me know what you want and I'll have it waiting for you." The bottles are set down, and she grins at the woman, "You only come here every few weeks then?"

The whiskey isn't topshelf stuff, but it isn't crap either, she does have some of both, but not on her at the moment "Power is going to be hard to come by. I suppose you can talk to Linc. He got it up an running in the dining hall." she takes a moment to ponder the offer and what she needs at the moment "A better raincoat and some warmer clothes." she is still sporting summer wear and with fall here she is cold most of the time. "During the warmer months yes. Now that it's getting colder I'm not going out as far and return more often." or so she tells herself

Sophia grins, nodding, "I aint got much, but I cn poke around and see what I can find for ya." The girl is looked over, "I haven't actually talked to this Linc…i don't know how many alien batteries we got, and how many that will take." The wall of fridges, anyway. "Still….can't hurt to ask, right?" Soph's always been good at reading people, part of her job, "Well…I'm gonna make a small bedroom…if you wanna crash here while you in camp, you're more than welcome too. Wooden floors will be warmer than the ground." And that's only till she can figure out how to get a bed or hammock.

The stool she is sitting beside is given the eye "This safe to sit on?" she isn't sure by the looks of it. "Linc is the cute awkward one. You can't miss him, he always has a shoe hanging from his mouth." figuratively that is. "Yeah he will probably need more, which means a group will have to go out and shoot down another drone. If Soph is good at reading people she will read that there is some level of affection there, how deep it goes is harder to point, maybe the teen doesn't even know "Who sleeps on the ground?" well a lot of people here but not her "I have stingray tent set up down by the river. It's designed to be a combination of tent and hammock. Three trees and you're good to go."

Sophia nods, "Yup, Virgil made them for me." Upon closer inspection, the stools are not only sturdy, but have some designs carved into them. The dark haired woman laughs, "We seem to have an over abundance of those around here. The doc is the same way, poor thing." Soph cocks an eye brow, then drops it, "Just an offer." She's not going to beg the kid to not freeze to death during the winter. "i'm gonna get a table, for poker or other games…" She points to a corner, indicating where she's wanting to put it. "Maybe a bookcase or something." It's not the type of establishment she had last time, but she doesn't think a strip club would necessarily go over well here…yet.

Taking the woman at her word Nora pulls up a stool and leans her elbows on the bar "Shocking really. Didn't realize the awkward ones were made of such sturdy stuff." to survive this long, let alone through the first three waves. "I'll keep it in mind." she probably things the offer is just for now and her trading visits, not for over the winter. A look is given to the corner "Poker could be fun. I've found some decks here and there. They are good for trade. Haven't found any poker chips though." she nods at the bookcase idea, it's not a bad one "What forms of payment you expecting for drinks?

"Different strengths. we all have something." the short woman just laughs, "Shit…I'm gonna put out a donation box, but there's no way to really expect anything in return. that's quick way o have people breaking in here." She then shrugs, stepping around the counter to lean on one side, "If i had to barter for every drink…" She shakes her head, letting her hip rest against the side of counter.

"Running." Nora says as she holds out a long well toned leg "It was surfing, but not much of that around here." that's her strength "And a nose that can sniff out the alcohol." she taps her nose. She laughes again "I'd be afraid to look in any donation box that was hung around here. No telling what you might find in it." she hmms in thought "Yeah, you would spend more time haggling than pouring drinks. Where's the fun in that. You'll come up with a system though. Even if it is sing for liquor,

Sophia just nods, "Running ain't a bad thing ta be able ta do now a days." Soph just shrugs, a hand going up in a what can I do motion. It's not like coin really matters anymore. She does give another warm laugh, "We got a lot of musicians around here?" She could arrange an 'open mic' type of thing. Give people something to do, instead of sitting around fires mopping about the end of the world.

Nora nods "It's totes, got me out of a few sticky situations. "So I've heard, but I don't think I have heard any of them actually play. It'd be good to get some entertainment going in here to go along with the booze." she holds up a hand "But don't ask me, I play no instruments and you really don't want to hear my sing. About all I can do is dance and even that is just club stuff."

Sophia seems amused and laughs again, her laughter is almost infectious. "Shit…I would love to get some decent music, but I'm afraid we'll have to just see what people can provide…" No club dancing just yet. "I'm thinking about getting a group to go back to my old place for supplies…if you're around, wanna come with?"

"Maybe someone can find you one of those hand crank record players like they have in the dining hall." Nora has no idea what they are called. Never even seen one before. "But I guess something that old wouldn't be easy to find." she shrugs a bit then grins at the offer "I'm in…where is this old place at?"

"Maybe they'd let me borrow it at night…I think the DJ may have left some records at treasures…we could have real music." Soph moves around to the back of the makeshift bar(She really needs to talk to Someone about building something better) and pulls out a water bottle. "It's a town over. Enough of a hike that i'd rather not do it alone again."

"Maybe, you will need a cart to move it back and forth though. That thing can't be all that light." Nora nods "Real music would be nice. All that have so far is old people music." she grimaces "You have something that was done in this decade at least?" that's a hope at least "Is that the one that is mostly burnt to the ground?" the town that is.

Sophia's nose wrinkles, the gramophone probably isn't gonna happen then. Ah well. A long sigh, "I know…right?" The music has almost been cringe worthy. Her eyebrow raises, 'My place was always onto of music. If they've not been destroyed, we'll be ok." Soph locked up tight, but that doesn't mean it's wasn't broken into. There's a brief, sad look that crosses her face and Soph just nods as she unscrews her water bottle for a sip.

"Would it hurt to have some Fall Out Boy or Imagine Dragons in the mix occasionally." Nora rhetorically asks. Albums were starting to make a comeback thanks to hipsters so there a lot of modern bands that cut one or two just to get a broader audience and more ka-ching. And there is the figurative shoe hanging from Nora's mouth "Sorry. It really sucks losing your home in a permanent fashion like that. Mine's sitting at the bottom of the Pacific." she does have a California accent.

Sophia laughs, "Well, if they ain't broke, I'll bring them back." Soph just shrugs and then smiles, "It's ok….It was…an important place, but I can remake it." And she's trying.

The teen makes a show of crossing her fingers. At least they will have some 'not old-people' music in the dining hall if that happens. She slips of the stool and then gestures out the door "Let me know when you are making that trip. I'm going to be around a couple more days at the least. I still have some trades to do. Which I should get to doing." she gestures around "Good luck with this place." she then heads out, grabbing her poncho on the way out the door.

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