(2015-09-22) Celebration - Bar Scene
Celebration - Bar Scene
Summary: A night of drinking and relaxation
Date: 2015-9-22
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The interior of the building has had a bit of a makeover. For starters it's been cleared out. A few tables and some chairs decorate the space. One even has an excellent view of the non-working beverage cooler, with its glass doors and empty shelves inside. Near the entrance is a long counter that is being used as a bar. Several well made stools sit in front of it. Lighting is provided by a few windows during the day, but during the evening its lanterns and candles. The former hanging from wall and ceiling, the later at tables and on the bar. On the wall behind the bar is a wooden baseball bat with the word 'Treasures' engraved on it.

The women have been returned unharmed, all the food is back where it belongs, the bandits, what is left of them, are fighting amoungst themselves and will probably be dispersed in a day or two, and everyone is alive! A number of great reasons to celebrate.

It's evening, the sun has set and a bonfire crackles outdoors. Campers mingle, drink has been brought out and it runs relatively freely, depending on who is pouring at the time. A few people have instruments and trade of playing tunes. It's a festive, cheery mood. One that has been seriously needed for a long time now.

The women have been returned unharmed, all the food is back where it belongs, the bandits, what is left of them, are fighting amoungst themselves and will probably be dispersed in a day or two, and everyone is alive! A number of great reasons to celebrate.

It's evening, the sun has set and a bonfire crackles outdoors. Campers mingle, drink has been brought out and it runs relatively freely, depending on who is pouring at the time. A few people have instruments and trade of playing tunes. It's a festive, cheery mood. One that has been seriously needed for a long time now.

Sophia's behind the counter, making drinks as needed. This is her element, and she's thriving in it. The short woman is in a tan top and jeans, hair pulled back into a simple pony tail. She's doing her best to lee everyone happy.

It's a cool night…or to Nora the native Californian it's freaking cold so she has decided to be inside…where it really isn't all that much warmer, really, but with all the bodies giving of thier heat it kinda feels that way. She leans against the bar nursing a glass of water. Water! This is a party and she's drinking water! What kinda whacked out girl is that? "Instead of a bedroom maybe you should think about getting a fireplace of some sort built in here." she suggests to the bartender as she watches another drink get poured.

Terry wanders in shortly after the party starts, dressed in his usual outdoorsman fare: outdoorsman shoes, rugged multi-pocket pants, sinfully-tight shirt, and a few other accessories. He's sporting the beginnings of a nice shiner on his left eye. He wanders over to the refreshment table and procures a glass of water for himself, settling in near Nora. "Nice party." He comments.

Holden opens the door and peaks inside. He furrows his brow a bit as he surveys the room. Slowly, he slinks in the door and as it closes behind him, he shoves his hands into his jean pockets and sighs. Finally, he begins a slow, casual walk to the counter, where he sits.

Sophia quirks an eyebrow, "What's with the long face, StarWars?" She then grins, throwing hims wink before mooing over to Nora and Terry, "Yeah. I thought about that. I'll need to ask if that will mess up the structure or whatever." Nora gets a small shrug and then laugh, "It'll keep it warmer in here." Terry gets a look, "What's with the waters?"

Holden tilts his head, "Um… Star Wars?" He purses his lips, squinting a bit at her. He sniffs, and then asks, "What um… What are you serving or whateveR?"

"Good call." Nora says with a nod "Don't want to accidently knock the place over." she sips her water and glances over as Holden slinks in "Heya Fanboy." two nicknames, how is he going to keep them straight. Terry gets a greeting to "And Buffy too." when Soph chides about her H2O she glances down in her glass "Habit? I was part of several sports teams that did drug and alcohol testing. You threw a dirty test and you were out…guess it's just stuck with me."

The doors to the bar open and Bob moves through them into what he is sure will be his new home away from home. Maybe home will now be his home away from home and this will be home? That line of logic will quickly confuse anyone who tries to keep it going (after all, where is your home away from home your home away from home?). So Bob settles quickly for making his way to the bartop, coming up to lean against it and offers a nod to the others gathered there, "Evenin'."

Natasha entered the room, eyes scanning the space as she took in the changes. She smiles, not really at anyone but more in general. Wandering over to the bar she nods to Bob, "Evenin"

The teen shakes her glass at Sophia after downing the water in it. "I guess new world needs new habits. Hit me with something." oh this should be fun. A teenage Nora who has never drank before having her first shot of whiskey. She glances at Natasha as she approaches the bar. She remembers the woman from the bee hive fetching "Hey there." she greets cheerfully

There was a time when underage drinking would have had Bob arresting bartenders. And teenagers. There was enough of that in barns turned bar in his jurisdiction. Still, former Sheriff's have no businsiness enforcing old rules of a dead society. So instead, Bob just lets it slide. "Whiskey. Neat." he states flatly.

Holden sits nervously for a long moment, offering a little nod and grin to Nora at her remark. He scratches the back of his neck, looking around again, as if disappointed someone isn't here. Finally, he slips off the chair to his feet, and he heads back for the door.

Sophia laughs, it's a warm, friendly laugh, "I'm serving drinks. What's your poison, Holden?" Seems she knows who he is, even if she's never mate him. The two new arrivals get nods and she pulls out glass tumblers. And then, n ever bigger treat, a bucket of ice cubes! "I don't got stuff to do anything fancy yet, but I can do on the rocks." Nora gets whacky on the rocks, realizing the girls age and admittance, Soph puts a few extra ice cubes into her glass.Bob gets his neat. Seeing Holden leaving though she just shrugs, she'll find out later.

Waving to Nora, Natasha says, "Hey Nora." She watches the cup waving, "That might not be the wisest course." She looks to Holden, "Slipping off"

Holden pauses at the door, looking back at Sophia. "I um… I don't really know what my um… poison… is." He smirks a little, and looks at Nora, "Yeah. I think so."

Natasha pouts, "But you just got here. Whoever you're looking for is a lucky person." She looks at Sophia, "I'll take a glass happily."

Bob offers a nod to Sophia, "Thanks." he then takes up the glass and takes a long sip from the glass. He swallows slowly, savoring the flavor. "Not bad…" he offers to no one in particular. After the rescue, the more whiskey he can find and partake of, the better.

Sophia's eyes narrow playfully at Bob, "Not bad? You know of somewhere else that's serving better?" Dark eyes watch at Holden leaves, mentally marking she'll need to expose the poor kid to a few different drinks.

Holden furrows his brow a little more at Natasha. "Who…" He tilts his head a bit, "I um… I'm not looking. For anyone, I mean." He stands a little straighter. "Why would you say that? What do you mean, they're lucky?"

"I…" Natasha finds her humor has gone flat and instantly regrets saying anything, "I'm s-sorry." This camp living sure has pulled out an odd side to her. Taking a sip of the whiskey she fixe her eyes on the liquid as it swirls in the cup, "Ignore me…"

Looking at the amber liquid that is now in her glass Nora gives it a sniff and wrinkles her nose. "This smells awful." she glances at the others "You people actually like this stuff." she glances at the banter between Soph and Bob a moment "I've been out there. There is nothing better." she takes a tentative drink then. The result. Gagging and eyewatering. "OMG. It tastes… like burning." she manages to get out a couple words at a time

Well, if Holden's staying, Soph pours him a very iced whiskey as well and holds it out for the man. "Lucky. You're one of the heroes." She laughs, "Go slow, Blessed Saint Nora. It'll warm your bones."

"You get used to it," Natasha says to Nora with a smile, "But not too used to it. You'll lose your stomach and your wits."

Holden is standing at the door, trying to leave, but it seems Natasha has his attention, as he's speaking to her. "No… You said… Why would you say that?" He glances at Sophia, "I never… I um… I don't drink."

She's been in first aid all day, but has finally convinced folks she is okay to go out. And so out Kayla is! She steps into the new bar, gait uneven as she favours her injure leg.

Natasha eyes Kayla and that doctor side of her goes into all fun sort angles. Putting it at bay she sips her whiskey and says to Holden, "Why would you be surprised that I said it?" Tugging a strand of red hair and pushing it behind her ear Natasha adds, "You're a smart lil cookie, and everyone knows brains are rare out here."

Another sip is taken of the whiskey, "Better than I've had in two months. Found a bottle of woodford in an abandoned truck." He offers a grin to Sophia, "You pour a good whiskey though." And then he glances at the glass poured for Holden, "Never drink? Son, if you can't drink when the world's endin, when the fuck can ya?"

Yeah Nora isn't having none of that. She sets the glass down and pushes it aside. "I'll stick to water thanks. At least I know it isn't trying to kill me." she chuckles at what Natasha says "I'll drink to that.." the glass of firewater is eyed "in a figurative fashion." she adds. She isn't touching that glass again.

Sophia tilts the glass at Holden, offering it again, "You should try it, at leafs once." But then one of the reasons they're celebrating walks in, "Kayla, what'll you have?" Bob just gets a finger point, "Best you remember that, muchacho."

Holden just stands there, suddenly in over his head. And then Kayla steps in. He turns, looking to see who was there and finds her. He smiles, swallows, and then offers, "Hey, Clutch." He glances back at Bob. "Um…" Then he looks at Kayla again."

It was only a flesh wound! Really - the bullet had only cut cleanly through a bit of muscle and the layers on top of it - nothing a few stitches didn't mostly fix! Sure, it's stiff and hurts like a mother, but it functions! After scanning the room, she smiles slightly as she spots Holden and begins to move in his direction. "Anything you got, Soph," she returns with a forced smile. "I'll take three. And hey yourself, nerd." is added to Holden.

Natasha grins and leans over, nabbing Nora's glass, "Nerds inherit the earth!" Natasha throws out as she pours the contents of Nora's glass into hers.

"But what nerd in thier right mind would want it?" Nora asks as she watches Natasha take her former glass and the contents within. which she has no problem with,

Sophia frowns, handing Holden's glass to Kayla. She just rolls her eyes at the banter between everyone. She then laughs, moving to clean the counter with a rag.

Holden rolls his eyes, "I'm not a nerd." It seems he's going to stay now, and he walks back toward the counter. "What um… So what is it you're drinking, anyway?"

The grin worn by Bob fades out moments after Sophia's attention passes on. He finishes the whiskey in one more long sip and sets the glass down. "Got enough back there for another?" And then he looks to Kayla, glancing to her leg and frowning a bit, "How's that leg doing?"

Kayla grins at Holden, far more naturally this time, before she takes the glass Sophia offers her. She glances down when Bob asks about her leg an she shrugs. "Hurts like a bitch," she assures him. There's only so many pain killers the camp has, an she's not hurt badly enough to want to take them from folks who need them more. "Going to for a while, they say." She limps her way after Holden, towards the counter

Natasha waves to Virgil as she sips her whiskey. She smirks at Nora's comment, there was a point to it, "At least the pain reminds you that you still have a leg to stand on." Natasha says to Kayla with a nod

Virgil does return the wave to Natasha as he steps inside. Glad to see people returned to camp, even if he was unable to help out. As for today, having been kept busy and only now comes into the bar. Greeting anyone that looks his way. For now scanning to try and figure out where his first stop should be.

Holden turns his attention on Kayla, "Hey, I'm sorry about the leg. I - I wasn't fast enough to get you before they shot you." He looks downward, "I'm sorry."

Sophia nods, pouring bob a second. "Got enough for that…" Virgil gets a motion and she'll offer him a whiskey.

"You can stop bullets," Natasha smirks at Holden, "Superman."

Kayla blinks at that and then lifts her hand to settle on Holden's shoulder. "Hush, none of that. You got us out. I'm still walking. YOu did great." She leans in and, if he doesn't stop her, presses her lips to his cheek.

"Appreciate it." Bob offers to Sophia. He hasn't met her yet, so the polite gentleman in the old fart offers a tip of the newly refilled glass, "I'm Bob, by the way. Don't think we've met yet." A glance is spared for Holden, and a faint smirk to go with it.

Sophia grins, leaning against the counter, "I'm Sophia. Nice to met you, Bob."

Holden doesn't pull away from her, but his cheeks do flush when she kisses his cheek. He glances away, coyly, a little embarrassed. He just nods a little, shoving his hands deep into his pockets.

Virgil does head for Bob and Sophia. If allowed, he'll offer a hug to both of them. "Why hello there. How goes?" He asks before offering a big grin to both. Taking the offered whiskey. "Thanks."

Kayla leans back and, kiss delivered, she tosses back the drink that had been handed to her in one go. Grimacing, she puts the cup back on the counter as the liquid burns down her throat. "Smooth," she gasps.

And then Bob is hugged. By a large man. For Bob, that's saying something, being no shrimp himself. At least he drinks whiskey. That's a positive sign. Bob takes a sip of his whiskey and eyes Sophia a moment before looking to Virgil, "We met yet, son?" Son? Really? He's not THAT old.

Sophia allows the hug, laughing and pouring Virgil a drink. "Here. You've earned this. You'll be carving me more stools if this keeps up." Bob gets a wink, before she turns to take care of anyone else that needs drinks, Incuding a second one for Kayla.

Natasha waves her glass, "I'd be grateful!" She looks about the room and smiles. It's a motley crew but a good one. Although she doesn't know quite everyone by name yet.

Virgil chuckles, "No clue, old man. I'm Virgil." He introcudes himsel. Not seeming to mind the way Bob speaks, for now going along with it. Grinning at Sophia as well. "Pleasure doing business with you." He offers and raises his whiskey before drinking quite a bit of it. Looking to study all the others around. "A lot of folks showed up." He points out.

"Bob." He offers to Virgil. Old man works just fine. Afterall, not many over forty still running around anymore. And then he looks around to the others gathered here. He takes another sip from his glass. Smaller sips this time than his first whiskey. Never get drunk in public, save that for your alone time.

Holden looks around the room one final time, seeing everyone now drinking and hanging out. He quietly slips away from those near the counter, and makes his way to the door.

Kayla is quick to drink her second drink before she sets her glass down and sighs. The party vibe is not what parties were before the end of the world. She watches as Holden starts to slip away and, with a quick look around, she slips after him. "Hey, hold up."

Sophia snorts, "Can you make me a fireplace, Virgil? If you can, I'll be indebted." Or anyone, really. She'd like to be warm come winter. She's feeling a bit over joyed for the success of her first night open, so she'll top off the few that are within reach.

Virgil shakes his head. "Not sure. I might be able to make a framework for it. But not create with all the masonry and stone laying. But I could perhaps try it out. I mean, how hard can it be?" He asks and grins. Watching Holden and Kayla as they slip out. Looking back to Bob then. "Pleasure to meet you, old man Bob."

Holden opens the door to step out, but waits when Kayla asks him too. He's not sure if she's following him out or making him stay. "Yeah?" he asks her.

"I just wanted to say thanks," Kayla hooks her arm through Holden's as she joins him as they step out of the door, letting it close behind them. As it does, her words fade. "Your quotes were…heroic, and…"

"Well, hard enough where it'd burn the place down if it's fucked up." Bob comments off handedly. Not that he knows anything about building fireplaces, but he's seen enough places burn. He glaces over to the door as Holden and Kayla head out. "Huh…" he mutters to himself.

Sophia's nose wrinkles and she agrees with Bob, "I just got this place fixed, you better not burn it down. i'll take my bat to the side of your head if you do, muchacho." Bob gets a hopeful glance, but he doesn't add anything about know how to do it, so she just sighs. "I was also thinking about walling off a small part for a pale to sleep.." Much better than a tent, right?

Virgil nods, "That I can do." He offters about the last part. Shrugging about a fireplace. "Bah, I wouldn't burn it down." He assures her, grinning widely. Nodding to Bob, but just grinning still. "We'll just have to make sure that it isn't fucked up then."

"What's this we business, young blood? I look like a fuckin' mason to you?" Bob replies, smirking into his glass as he takes another sip from it. "Now, you need someone to maintain some law 'n order round here, I'm your man. Need someone to shoot some bandits? I do that too." Another sip is taken, "But build a fireplace?" he shakes his head once.

Sophia pouts, it's playful, but powerful. "Let's find someone who knows what the fuck they're doing then…" Bob isn't safe from the pout, "Maybe you can help get firewood . I'll need a lot of help…."

Virgil grins. "Oh, shut your trap. Everyone got to do more than just shoot. You could at least haul wood or something." He echoes Sophia and just grins at Bob. "Either way, I meant we, as the camp." Nodding at Sophia as she pouts. "Fine, fine. Now put that pout away." He teases with a wink.

Pout of DOOM <tm> or no Pout of DOOM <tm>, Bob isn't about to be cajoled. Police get all kinds of training to resist such tactics. Lots of training. So much training. Bob just eyes Sophia for few minutes, and then looks to Virgil. He sighs once, "Fine. Wood. I'll carry wood." And if he gets drunk enough, he'll play guitar. Badly. To that end, he takes another sip from his glass.

The pout does disappear, and is replaced with a beaming smile. She definitely has that certain something, "You are both just too perfect! I'll have a stool for each of you." that's saying something, she's currently only got two stools! Her laughter is almost infectious, "This is good…i think we needed a pale like this…" And she certainly needed a place to run.

"My own stool, huh?" Bob muses over that idly. "Used to have my own booth back home. It was my dad's way back when. The Albion Inn kept a booth for the Sheriff every night. Same one. Drink waitin for me, and a quiet place to sit." He grins to himself idly, "Those were good times." A beat pause and he looks back to Sophia, "If you can get a mason, I'll do what I can to help." another pause, "For a stool." Or a booth. You know. Whatever.

Sophia grins back nodding softly. That's a good memory. good memories are what's going to get humanity through all this. Well, that and bars. that's Soph's opinion, anyway. She laughs, but it's softer, a little more kind, and she nods. "That can be arranged."

"Excellent." Bob states quietly and finishes his drink, setting the glass on the bar top. "You got a still somewhere to make new batches when you run out, or are we runnin on scavenged booze here?"

Sophia shakes her head, her face going a little more somber, "Scavenged for now…but word is there's someone in camp that's brewing…I'd like to too. But I need the equipment. Couldn't carry all that.' She'll lean forward on the counter, comfortable with the amount of cleavage she's flashing, "I hide a bunch of stuff at my old bar…who knows if the fucking military found it or not."

If Bob minds the cleavage being flashed, he doesn't comment on it. "We could scavenge a few road houses off the highways. Maybe some bars, get you some stock to start." He considers her a moment, "How far is your old bar? Might be able to scout it out." He considers that a few more moments. Unwittingly, Sophia has set Bob on a path of planning a mission. A mission for booze. It's his two greatest weaknesses. Booze and planning things. In that order. If she doesn't stop him, Bob will continue for another fifteen minutes of mind wandering around this idea of improving the bars stash and getting the components for a still. Eventually he'll head out for the night, but first, he'll plot.

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