(2015-09-22) Celebration Break Down
Celebration Break Down
Summary: Not so relaxing around the bonfire
Date: 9.22.2015
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Camp Road - North

This dirt road heads north toward the river, though the water can't be seen. It's still to far and with to many trees between here and there, it can be heard though. Two buildings stand on the left side of the road and one on the right. One has signage that says it is a Trading Post, the other the Handicraft building. The latter just a long building with tightly shuttered windows. This building is guarded so must be used for storage. The building on the right is the typical rest room facilities with usual hand water pump and pails.

A quarter moon sits low in the starry sky. With no light pollution to dampen it, the wide strip of the Milky Way is clear to see. It's a sea of stars horizon to horizon.

Sitting at a safe distance from what was once a trading post but is now a bar, sit's a blazing bonfire, providing warmth in the cool evening and shooting sparks and embers into the night sky. Several picnic tables and lawnchairs have been brought near the large fire to provide places to sit.

The cheerful noise of revelry comes from around the bonfire and from inside the bar as residents of the camp celebrate power in the dining hall, the removal of the bandits and just living to see another day.

A party seems to be in full swing. It flows out of what is now the bar and outside to where the bonfire is…or is that the other way around? Either way, people chat, drink and someone even plays a jaunty tune on the guitar.

The quiet Pipe sits at the end of a picnic table, on it, not on the bench and divides her time between watching the people socializing and her little flock dance around to the music being played.

A party seems to be in full swing. It flows out of what is now the bar and outside to where the bonfire is…or is that the other way around? Either way, people chat, drink and someone even plays a jaunty tune on the guitar.

The quiet Pipe sits at the end of a picnic table, on it, not on the bench and divides her time between watching the people socializing and her little flock dance around to the music being played.

Quinton's sitting near the fire, nursing a bottle of some kind of him made booze. He looks tired but will offer small smiles to anyone that speaks to him. He went out earlier in the day and returned with two chainsaws, which seemed to be just as well received as rescuing the girls.

Better late than never! Kay had convinced the folks at the first aid post that she was able to get up and walk around today after resting for most of the afternoon, which is why she comes limping her way slowly up to the bonfire. She has a new pair of pants on, and if it weren't for the limp, she'd look perfectly normal

It seems that Piper knows the tune the musician is playing. Her foot taps to the rhythm and she humms along. She is always in better spirits when music is playing. Upon seeing Kayla arrive to the party, the pregnant woman slips of the table and immediately gives the taller woman a hug. Quite odd behaviour for the woman who is anti-touching, but considering what the pair went through together maybe it shouldn't be.

Quinton's eyes flicker over to watch the exchange between the two. He's a little surprised, but will cover it with another sip of alcohol. He's not been very talkative, or even present since the girls have been rescued.

Kayla smiles as she returns the hug, and her hands settle on Piper's shoulders as she looks over the other woman. "Are you okay?" As she finishes speaking, her gaze flicks past Pipes to Quinton, and then down.

Okay that's enough touching. She only lets the hands be on shoulders a few seconds before stepping away. Rome wasn't built in a day and Piper isn't going to be okay with touching in that amount of time either. She hand wobbles an answer. Her eyes, the pupils have taken over the iris, yup kinda creepy in her exotic face, follows Kayla's gaze to Quin and then she gives a worried glance back to the woman.

Another sip and Quin lets his eyes go to the fire. Maybe there's something really important rolling around his head, or maybe he's zoning out. He hasn't slept a ton this past few days. it's weird to see him by a bonfire without his guitar though.

Kayla inhales deeply before lifting her head, chin angling upwards and she forces a smile at Piper. "I'm glad." she murmurs before she shifts her weight off of her one leg and then twists slightly "I..guess I'm going to head inside."

Piper tilts her head at Kayla, giving the shorter woman a curious, questioning pose. There is some question there but it isn't vocalized. She is back to being completely mute. She gestures to the building and mimes a drink, then gestures around the outside area. Part of that was clear, who knows if the other part was understood.

The bottle is set down and Quin sighs, rubbing the stubble on his face. He leans forward, debating something in his head. To leave or stay? he know he's not the most pleasant company currently.

Kayla shrugs slightly as she looks to her brother again. "Maybe." She leans in and whispers something close to Piper's ear, "Spend some time with Quin - at least he'll look at you." before she straightens and begins to limp her way towards the Trading Post.

The whisper that is offered to her has her looking between the siblings with a mixture of worry and curiosity. Worry because Piper isn't sure she wants to get into the middle of whatever it is they are in the middle of. But despite her programming she is soft of heart and just nods as the other woman heads into the bar. After a moment she heads over to the bonfire to lower herself to the ground beside the poet.

A presence sitting next to him makes him look up, first at Piper then to the retreating form of kayla. he inhales, like he's going to call out to her, but the words get stuck in his throat. So instead Quin sighs again and rubs his face.

Crossing her legs before her, Piper holds her hands out to the fire. She has put on her oversize flannel longsleeve shirt, it doesn't button over her belly, but it covers her arms and the marks on her wrists. The sigh has her moving her dark gaze to him "Sisters." she says in a low tone, in that way that makes it seem like she understands and pitched so her voice doesn't carry past the pair of them.

Quinton just grumbles into his hand, agreeing. "…I…I need to…." his hand motions around his head, indicating he's feeling jumbled. he sighs, reaching for the bottle again.

A glance is given to the kids who have moved onto a game of duck, duck goose. Seeing that they haven't run off, or caught themselves on fire she glances back at Quinton. Does she know what he means? Maybe. If she doesn't, does she pretend she does? Totally. "Yeah." she sighs and then points to herself and then back to her picnic table perch "Go?" considering that she feels that she is to blame for his current mental state she isn't going to force herself on him despite what Kayla asked of her.

Quinton shakes his head, "no….only…only if…you want…." The poet finally turns to regard the woman sitting next to him, "Sorry..you ok?"

The woman stays right where she is then. She'd probably end up in the fire anyway if she tried to get up by herself. And no one wants to see that. "Better." he did see her state earlier and she looks more lucid than she did then. "You," she points to him and then toward the bar, "two okay?" she probably isn't asking if he is okay with the bar either.

Pale eyes study the door and eh inhales and then sighs, "..I …lost her, now…again….He rubs his face, still watching the door. "My chest…" He makes a crushing motion, but then shakes his head, "Won't listen. Never has…"

She listens to his words, those he says and those he doesn't. Piper's fingers flex a bit, but she refrains from contact for a few moments. She has so many words that could comfort, but she probably couldn't get them all out in a comprehensive fashion, she tries though, "Not lost.." is all she manages to get out and then she reaches out to put a hand on his chest "Not it's job." to listen that is.

Quinton's face crumples as he suddenly lets out a strangled sob, "…lost….broken…Empty…"A hand goes up to grab hers, although he keeps it pressed to his chest. His heart is beating hard.

Considering the noise and the fact that it's Quinon, Piper does't flinch or pull her hand away. Instead she puts her other arm around his shoulders and pulls him closer "No." she says in that same soft tone only now full of comfort and assurance "Misplaced…found…cracked…mending, not empty." she whispers to him. With all the drinking and revelry going around they are hardly noticed sitting by the fire.

Kayla is stepping out of the bar, beside Holden. "…ere heroic, and. Yeah. Thanks." She finishes with an impromptu hug, before pulling back. The sounds from the fire has her pausing, and slowly turning to peer in that direction as the smile fades completely from her face, albeit slowly, as she sees her brother and Piper.

Another sob, and then Quin crumples into the pregnant woman. There's a few mumbled , unintelligible words.

Holden again doesn't flinch when she hugs him, and he shrugs a little, "You don't have to say that. It's okay. I appreciate it, but it's okay." He shoves his hands in his pant pockets. "You're welcome." He turns his head, following her gaze out to the fire. He smirks, "See? Your brother hasn't lost it."

Her other arm goes around him, supporting his weight as he breaks down on her. Her expression is worried, but not alarmed. Resting a cheek on the poet's head she begins to hum to him.

"You're a mosaic, Quinton." Piper seems to say, but how she can humm and talk at the same time…that's some talent…though he might not notice.

"No…but he doesn't want anything to do with me, either." Kayla murmurs softly before she forces a clearly false smile to her face. "Good night, Holden." she finally says before she turns to limp her way off and away from the party. Maybe leaving first aid so soon wasn't such a good idea, after all.

Holden stands there, watching her go. He opens his mouth to say something, but then chickens out and closes it. He sighs, and then turns to walk the opposite way toward his own tent.

Quinton doesn't cry long, the humming and words seem to calm him. It doesn't hurt he drank half a bottle. Her hand gets another soft squeeze before he struggles to sip up. His free hand is on his eyes, either hiding them, or wiping. "…sorry…"

Loosening her hold him him Piper helps him sit up, but her arm stays around his shoulder for now. She looks at him with concern at first, "Don't." she says when he apologizes, they say that to often to each other. Then she smiles softly, "Mosaics Quinton." she repeats, assuming he knows what she means by that.

Kayla skirts around the edge of the gathering around the bonfire, her gait uneven. She keeps Quinton in her view out of the corner of her eye. She's glad to see Piper was doing as she'd urged, but…there's something else in her gaze besides the relief at that. She keeps quiet though as she heads off towards her camp.

Oh…Quin understands what she's saying, he just doesn't buy into it. "…poets aren't….fragmented." He gulps a mouth full of air before admitting, "Red..so much…" Family blood seems redder than other's, for some reason. Or maybe it's what he say?

"The best ones are." Piper replies back to him, she doesn't throw out examples though, like Plath. She gently brushes the hair from his eyes. Not knowing what he is seeing in his mind’s eye she isn't sure of the context of his words but she knows what he means vaguely. She glances around at the party goers briefly, then back to him "We should walk." she suggests this is not the place for either of them at the moment.

Purposefully fragmented is different. he would have loved this discussed a year ago, now? it just makes his heart hurt. He doesn't seem to be in a state to argue, so he just nods pathetically and starts to stand. it takes him longer than it should, and then he helps her up. Maybe this was a rouse to help get Piper standing? he bends over to grab the bottle. Waste not.

After she is helped to her feet, Piper will wait for him to grab his jar and then take his hand. Another glance is given around and she begins to head off with him into the dark of the night, using only the light of the moon and stars above to guide them.

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