(2015-09-22) The Day After
The Day After (Before the Celebration Scenes)
Summary: The afternoon after the rescue, the broken pair run into each other
Date: 9.22.2015
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Administration Area

Following the road around the curve in it leads to a large area cleared of trees. To one side of the clearing is a parking lot, where several dust covered cars sit, one with it's hood standing open, exposing the engine to the weather.

Several building are in this area: Admin building, First-Aid Building, Restroom Facilities, a hand water pump is near the rest room, a few pails stacked nearby, and a large pole barn, which is always guarded by well armed individuals. Beyond those is the first of many campsites that dot the camp as well as a trail that leads to the river.

Across the clearing the road continues and there are several foot paths that lead in various directions.

It's been over 24 hours since the events went down, and Piper has done nothing but sleep. She crashed in first-aid almost immediatly and has been out since. Apparently she is finally awake, but only just. She stands in the doorway of first-aid, looking around in a state of mass confusion. A blanket is draped over her shoulders to block the chill in the air, and she has conceded to the changing season by donning a pair of woolen socks the kind with the grippy soles. That's as close to footwear as she will get.

Quinton's just coming back. He's the opposite and couldn't sleep. So he went and did something productive. his backpack is stuffed and he's moving slow as he enters the camp. It could be because of the two chains saws the man is lugging in. The cold weather at least graced him with the ability to wear a sweater today, although it looks odd with the hosted and gun onto. The weight, and lack of sleep have him blinking a few times as he pauses, trying to decide where to drop them off at. He'd rather not have chainsaws in his tent…or rat poison.

The sight of Quinton brings a deluge of guilt washing over the woman. It's enough to make her freeze in place for a moment, dark eyes staring at him…wait chainsaws? Why on earth does he have chainsaws? As if she wasn't confused enough. A few tentative steps are taken forward, and then a few more, as if she isn't sure her approach would be welcome.

Quinton sets one down, so he can change his grip on the item, which lets his eyes wander towards the FA building, and the approaching Piper. "Hi." Kinda hard to tell, his voice is laced with exhaustiveness. he nods softly, "How are you…doing?"

The words of greeting is all the woman needs. Piper rushes across the remaining distance, well as speedy as a pregnant can get. The blanket falls to the ground as it is flung off so she can launch herself…well not launch, she really can't do that either. There is arm flinging, hugging and mumbling apologies. Now what is she apologizing for? "I'm sorry." good thing he put down one of the chainsaws.

Quinton jerks the other chains saw in the opposite direction of Pier. That's all he'd need, get them home safe and then chainsaw the pregnant woman. Instinctively his free arm goes round her, "Shhh…it's….ok." It's not, but he understands that saying anything won't help. Or change anything.

She knows just as well as he does that it isn't, but they aren't empty words. After leaning on him for a few moments she steps away, rubbing her hand across her forehead "All fuzzy." which is probably a good thing as confusing as it may be. Without anymore words for the moment she leans over to pick up the other chainsaw and moves in the direction of the polebarn. A good place to store them until someone can find a use or get them working again.

Seriously? Seriously?!?! Quin frowns, reaching over and taking the chainsaw from her hands. She's 7 months pregnant and was just kidnapped. "You need…rest…Water…" He does move in the direction of the pole barn though. he has several small scratches on his hands, probably from digging around stuff. And they're fairly dirty, along with his jeans. "Eat yet?"

Piper is to confused and fuzzy to even try to stop him from taking the equipment away from her. "Yes." she says in agreement. Well she probably doesn't need the rest. She just sleep for over 24 hours, straight, but water and food, definitely "No. Not since…before." it sounds like her last meal was breakfast before the pair were taken, nearly two days ago.

That's not good for a normal person, but for a pregnant woman? Yikes. he huffs picking up the pace, "Drop these….get you …food…" How is it they've even let her out of the FA building? Quin shoulders open the door before setting the two chainsaws down. And then after a moment he shrugs out of his backpack and sets that down too. No need to bring that stuff into the kitchen.

Besides black and blue bruise that mars her face, Piper isn't injured, just confused, fuzzy and now that Quinton reminded her, hungry. Funny how that works. While he puts the chainsaws and his other belongings in a safe place, she frowns "Lost.." she gestures to her back and then mimes a rifle. If she means her backpack she lost anything that was in it too. Goodbye whiteboard.

Quinton watches Piper's hand motions and just nods, "..extra backpack…" he has extra of a lot of things. "…notebook…" it's not a white board, but it's what he can offer. he can't replace the gun, although the urge to go take a few of the bandits guns presses onto him a moment. He wonders if Bob took their weapons, or left them with the bodies. He gives his back a small stretch, again, the hosted and gun look strange juxtaposed onto of the sweater design. that's Quin now though, odd onto of odd. He motions towards the kitchen, "get you…food.."

There is a nod, though she is thinking, trying to remember if there was anything in it that she can't live without. Her flute is in her tent, so nope, she's good. "Thanks." she begins to make her way deeper into camp, grabbing the blanket she dropped along the way. Fall and the colder weather seems to have set in for good overnight "Kayla okay?"

Quinton pats his thigh, "Hurts…she'll be ok…" He the touches his own wrists, "Sore.." And that's all she's told him. if anything else is wrong with her, he's gonna go bandit hunting, real soon. He the rubs, with his forearm, his forehead. He's not shaved in a few days, the scruff is back, but at least it now matches the weather.

A wrist is held out, hers are still red from where they were bound together for so long. No doubt Kayla's look the same, if not worse. Of course her showing him probably doesn't help and she must realize this because she quickly folds her arms over her chest, hiding them within the confines of the blanket "She's strong." she gives a slight smile but it doesn't reach her eyes. "Spit in his face."

Quinton's pale eyes flicker down to Piper's wrists and a shadow crosses his face. he quickly turns away, not wanting her to see the guilt. "…Good.." He's silently damning himself, he shouldn't have listened to Sonny, he should have gone out right away. He tries to change the topic, "Water…or coffee?" they're almost at the building.

Piper doesn't remember much of yesterday morning. Walking, gunfire, screams, but it's all fuzzy and vague. She opens her mouth to say or ask something but when he looks away thinks better of it. She can ask Kayla…sorta. "Water." she doesn't think her empty stomach could handle coffee yet. When they get in sight of the building she picks up the pace a bit.

Quinton nod, he can do water. Once they each the door he'll hold it open before heading towards the kitchen. He's quiet unless she says anything, pulling up his sleeves to watch his hands before pouring her a cold glass of water from the fridge. he doesn't wait for her to say anything, isnead turns back to try to scavenge something to feed her. This part of the building is more a mystery to him, he's not got much talent with food, beyond eating it.

She doesn’t, though she does give the gramophone a long look as they walk through the dining area and into the kitchen. Water and food first. Following Quin quietly into the kitchen she takes the glass when it is offered and pretty much drinks it down all at once. Yes, she was thirsty. Piper isn't any better with the cooking, but she does know where everything is. She points to the pantry, giving him a hint of where things are.

Quinton manages something basic and edible, he did manage to feed himself for many years in New York on his own. Minus all the take out. God he missed Chinese food. What he's able to scrounge is handed over to Piper with a soft smile before she takes her glass and gets her more water.

And for once Piper is to hungry to be the picky eater she usually is. She begins to eat whatever was put in front of her, even the hard boiled egg which she usually avoids when she can. When you haven't eaten in two days everything tastes good. "Thanks." she offers again as she takes another sip of water. "Chainsaws?" she has to ask.

As she gobbles the food up, Quin will snag himself a hard boiled egg as well. He salts his before offering over the salt to her. His bangs flop as he nods, "Yeah…good haul today…" While Piper seems more talkative than usual, Quin isn't.

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