(2015-09-24) Noble Intentions
Noble Intentions
Summary: Lincoln is busted making sure Nora makes it safe out of town
Date: 9.24.2015
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When it comes to small towns this one is the smallest. It is so small it doesn't even have a stop light. Sneeze as you go by and you just might miss it.

It is divided in half by the highway. To the south is a grain and feed place, with a long row of silos, a few large barns and a store front. There are railroad tracks just on the other side of that.

To the north is a small little restaurant as you enter the little town, a post office that doubles as a two pump gas station and convenience store. Beyond that a small residential area sits that only has a couple dozen houses.

The morning dawned, as it always does and it showed that today was going to be a good day weather wise. At least as far as Nora could tell. She wasn't often wrong about these things. With the camp drama over with, and all her trading done, she said her "See ya laters." never good-byes, those sound so final and headed in a northerly direction.

With her hiking pack strapped securely in place she pushes her mountain bike, with its kiddie trailer pulled along behind it. She's content with just walking at the moment. Letting her body get warmed up so to speak before she starts on the hours of pedaling she will be doing later in the day.

It wasn't spying really, at least that's how he justified it to himself. Lincoln was just going to make sure Nora got outside of the bandit range without getting harrassed before turning himself around and heading back to camp. He didn't want to be intrusive however so he kept his distance back and let his eyes follow the woman as she made her way along with the bike.

Oblivious Nora is oblivious. Of that cat other there cleaning itself, of the does that are making their away across the tracks to the south and of the fact that she is being followed. As she approaches the gas station she slows, leans her bike against a gas pump and heads into the building.

Lincoln stops after a bit when he notices that Nora has gone into the gas station, moving to post himself up against a tree nearby in order to observe. Checking around momentarily it dawns on him that she is probably far enough away from the camp by now and that the Bandits most likely haven't made their way to this region. The quiet of the day is unsettling for him and so he pushes back off the tree he was leaning against, a dead tree which was already rotting and following his weight and the push, the tree begins to totter to fall over.

The creaking of the dead tree and the breaking of dry limbs and cracking of the trunk as it crashes into the ground…even oblivious Nora, doing whatever it is in the gas station, notices that. She isn't stupid though, she peeks out the door investigating the noise. Of course that is when she notices she has company. She leaves the building, the crowbar in her hand hanging at her side "What did that poor tree ever do to you?" she asks him in jest as she looks from him to it and back. Then the serious question "What are you doing here?" she gets a coy look "Are you following me?"

Lincoln has that oops look on his face, the slight wince of self demeaning from the noise he made but then he manages to cover it up. Reaching his hand up, he momentarily removes his cap to wipe his brow before smiling far to sheepishly. "With all the bandit raids and them taking people I was just worried is all. Thought I'd follow to make sure you got out of the area ok." His eyes settle on the crowbar, "Shopping?"

Closing the distance between them, Nora gives an ohh at his forthright explanation, followed by an amused grin at his sheepish behavior. Is foot scuffing next? "I'm pretty sure the bandits have cleared out." she gives a shrug though "Or recovering from thier loss." either way she didn't run into any of them "Thanks. Though makes me wonder what you would have done if I had run into bandits?" its more of a rhetorical question. She figures there would be lots of running involved. "Oh this?" she lifts the crowbar and then uses it to gesture to the building "Checking my stash." which she is going to have to move now.

Lincoln glances at the gas station then nods, "Sorry. Didn't mean to sneak up on you while checking the buried pirate treasure." There's a bare hint of a blush on his cheeks at the statement before he glances around. "Bandits, other bad things, yeah, just… being cautious is all. If it makes you feel any better I was actually getting ready to head back in about a mile anyway before you stopped."

"Oh, so you weren't planning on following to the ends of the earth?" Nora gives an over-dramatic sigh "That's to bad. I here the weather is great there…and the pina coladas to die for." she then waves of the apology "It's okay. Nothing I won't cry over if it goes missing."

"The Ends of the earth are a pretty far walk, and I get tired easy." Lincoln's retort comes with a smile that is a bit more easy now for him. "And really walking after you even this far felt weird, felt like a stalker actually."

Another gesture back, but this time to the bike "You can ride on the handlebars." Nora smirks. Of course that wouldn't be following her per say. She is pretty much joking anyway "I suppose it was, or could be, stalkerish, but at least your reason wasn't creepy. That's what matters." she assures him.

"Yeah, good ol' Noble causes and what not." There it is again, that slight blush. "But like you said, you made it out alright, past all those bandits and the like. So, now that I know you're safe — at least for now. " That causes a frown to creep up again. "But you'll be back soon."

The blushing always makes her grin. "Isn't the path to hell paved with them or something?" she seems to recall hearing an expression like that from some teacher, parent or someone she would consider old. "The bandits aren't as prolific out there as people think. It's more Silencers, kamo kids and wild animals that I have to be watch out for." oh like that helps! "Soon yes. I don't plan to go to far this time. A week at most."

He looks a bit more relaxed when she says it'll only be a week, a sigh coming from him. "That's good… Camo kids… have you seen any more of them around?" Lincoln's tone has slipped from concern at that to more of a curiousity, that look in his eyes of the wheels turning becoming apparent.

"If I'm not back in two you can have my stash." Nora shakes her head. "Not around here recently. The last time I saw any of them was over near Fort Collins in Colorado. I stayed clear of them." she waves a hand in the direction that is "Sonny asked me to let him know of where and when I saw them. Even gave me one of the working walkie-talkies." not that she can use if more than a few miles away from camp, but at least she can warn when she is in the vicinity.

Lincoln nods a bit, "A ways off, but I've been to Fort Collins. Might have to take myself a hike up that way before winter settles." The commentary is made to himself before he looks back at Nora. "Be careful, right?" It's a rhetorical statement but he gives it anyway and with a blush, pulls his hat brim down some and turns to make his way back towards the camp.

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