(2015-09-27) Drone Nerves
Drone Nerves
Summary: A drone sighting leaves Quinton a bit twitchy
Date: 9.27.2015
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Equestrian Center

Of all the places in the camp this is one of the few that is mostly used for it's original purpose. A large fenced off corral circles around a couple of large barns. At any given time there are a few dairy cows and a bull, eight horses, a few pigs and a flock of chickens. Both barns are used to store the items necessary to tend to the animals and the garden in the south field as well as house the animals at night. To the west is a large fenced off meadow where the cows are allowed to graze.

Quinton had gone out earlier, but ended up being pinned down for a few hours by some passing tones. So he's returned empty handed. Even his back pack looks pathetically light. The only think nice about the day so far has been the weather, in Quin's option. He's got some thoughts rolling around in his head, and has been trying to form a plan. But today is not going to be the day to get them figured out. He’s walked down here to maybe pet the horses and cows and try to focus a little. Who knows if that will actually help this afternoon or not.

The horses are out and roaming around the corral. The chickens are moving about to. One horse is being rode around by Caro. The riding lessons she has been taken are paying off. She is able to sit a horse with confidence and move with it easily as it trots around the corral.

Leaning on the other side of the corral fence is Piper, watching the young girl ride, with the infant Troy in her hip. None of the other children are about. Must be doing some lessons elsewhere. Seeing the approach of Quinton she gives him a wave and smile.

Quinton's wave back is a little hesitant. He takes his time, hands shoved into his pockets as he approaches and watches Caro and the horse before nodding softly to piper. The empty backpack is like a huge sign of failure for the morning. He's not happy about it.

The babe is shifted to her other hip, so Piper isn't having to look over his head to watch Quinton approach. Since he is taking his time about it she does watch Caro some too, waving when the girl waves to her. "You ok?" she asks, when he gets close enough. She can see his reluctance and looks at him with a bit of worry.

Quinton keeps his eyes on the riding child, lifting one shoulder in a shrug. His tongue darts out to wet his lips and he'll finally just shrug again before forcing out, "…drones…"

Just the word is enough to put Piper on edge. Her eyes lift to the sky as she looks around. Almost as if the word alone could summon them from out of the blue "Where?" she asks. It at least sounds like the ones he saw didn't come through camp. Her sudden pensive state makes the infant on her hip give a noise of protest, not a cry, just a few whimpers.

It's the noise from troy that causes Quin to look back. He doesn't say anything, just shaking his head and pointing towards town before raising two fingers, indicating how many. He then offers the wiggly fingers to the baby, to try to get his to smile and not make those upset noises.

Piper looks in the direction he gestures, a bit of a frown coming to her face at the number he indicates, "Hid?" she asks, even though it is probably obvious that he would have. The protest of the baby has her twisting a few times, a soothing motion, which puts the Troy in contact with those wiggly fingers. The tickling sensation the combination causes, gets the babe to definitely stop protesting. He burbles and giggles instead.

Quinton nods. Now that he's close enough, and Piper's probably looking, there's some smudges of dirty and dust on him, probably from where ever he hid. Troy gets a small smile, who can't smile at baby giggles. Unless Piper pulls away, Quin will keep playing with him, letting the babe grab at his fingers.

She takes silence and smudges and dirt as a yes. Reaching up she removes the remnant of a cobweb from his hair, hoping it wasn't occupied at the time. "Safe now?" a gesture toward town. She still hasn't been out of camp, and has heard that it's better than it was. And that's exactly what Troy does, grab the fingers and tries to bring them to his mouth, like babies do.

Quinton hesitates before nodding. It's as safe as it can be, he thinks. A smile finally quirks as she removes the cobweb, he hadn't even noticed. His fingers curl, so Troy’s at least just getting a knuckle, not the pads of his fingers in his mouth. His hand is wiggled again before he glances out to Caro and sighs. He guesses the day could be going much worse.

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