(2015-09-29) All's Fair
All's Fair
Summary: Holden comforts Kayla after the incident by the river.
Date: Sept. 29, 2015
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They haven't been back in camp that long - just long enough to get the fire started and start to warm up. Kayla is still shaken by what happened, what they found, but she hasn't spoken much.

Holden sits on the ground by the fire, near Kayla. He tosses a little stick onto the fire. He hasn't said much either. He sits in silence nearly a full minute, and then he finally offers something. "Um… I'm sure, uh… you know, that the kids will be okay…"

"I hope so," Kayla whispers. She stares into the flames, and shakes her head "I guess I need to add a lesson about…" She sighs, heavily. "I don't know hwo to talk to them about it."

Holden furrows his brow, thinking, and then he looks at Kayla. "You talk to them honestly." He shrugs a little, "The world is different than when we were their age. They've watched the whole world around them die already." He sniffs, and nods a little, "They already know death."

Kayla's head comes up, and she lashes out at the fire, throwing a handful of dirt to the side. "And I -hate- that, dammit!" she says, heatedly, before she dros her head and burrows her face in her hands.

Holden opens his mouth to say something. Then he closes it. He looks around. Nope, no one else here to help. He slowly extends his arm, moving it around her but leaving it hovering a few inches above her, not quite sure it's okay to put it there. He looks around again. Still no help. He's doomed. He looks back at her, and then he closes his eyes, grits his teeth, and then lets his arm lay around her shoulders. Slowly, he opens one eye, making sure he's not about to get beat.

There are no fists swnging towards Holden, but there IS a Kayla leaning over and flopping into his grip. She is quietly sobbing now - she clearly ha been holding herself together while they were still out, and now that they are 'safe', well…llucky Holden.

Holden's eyes widen just a little as she falls into him. His eyes look around again - still just him here - and then he swallows, before wrapping his other arm around her as well and then just holding her tight. "We'll figure it out," he says quietly. "I promise."

For a long few minutes, Kayla leans there, sniffling as she likely dampens his shoulder with her tears. Finally, though, she wipes at her cheeks as she starts to sit up. "I want them to know 'normal'." she finally mutters.

Holden sighs, "This is normal now." He wipes her cheek with his thumb, "We can't baby them. If they're gonna make it in this shit new world, we have to be real with them." He shakes his head, sadly. "I hate it, too. They'll never even see Star Wars." Something about that seems a little ridiculous to him, however, and he lets out a soft little laugh.

Kayla sniffs, and nods before finally closing her eyes. "There's no spray parks, or cotton candy at the fair, or Christmas breaks to look forward to." she laments. "It isn't fair"

Holden grins, trying to reassure her. "There's no detention or bad TV shows, either." He does agree, though. "It's not fair. But, for whatever it's worth, Kayla. The world wasn't fair before, either. Believe me, I know." He looks at the fire a moment, and adds, "It's just different unfair now."

Kayla is silent for a long time before she nods, once, and huffs a heavy sigh. "I still don't have to like it," she pouts.

Holden shakes his head, "No. None of us do." He looks back at her then. "We have to never lose sight that it's not all bad, though. I mean, a lot of terrible things have happened. But it's not all bad." He gives her shoulder a squeeze and then he pushes up to his feet, standing. "I mean…" He shoves his hands in his jean pockets and shrugs, "If the world hadn't ended, I wouldn't have met you." He nods once to himself, and then turns to head to his tent.

Kayla lifts her chin up so she can peer up at Holden. He speaks, and she blinks, and then she watches him move towards his tent. Just before he enters, she calls, "Holden."

Holden pauses at his tent, turning to look back at her. "Yeah, Clutch?"

"Thank you." There's the hint of a smile on Kayla's face. Nothing more..

Holden returns her look with a full smile. "Sure." He nods, pauses another moment, and then slips into his tent.

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